Teen peachy gets nailed and cummed in threesome

Teen peachy gets nailed and cummed in threesome
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It was friday morning and I woke up to get ready for school. I woke up with a huge erection. I hate "morning boner" as I call it. There isn't a lot I can do because there isn't enough time before school because my sister also has to use the shower. As much as I love my sister sometimes I wish I could have some privacy to whip out my dick whenever I wanted to and just pleasure myself for as long as I pleased. But no, my masturbation sessions last very short because of the lack of privacy.

But this morning I had woken up early. So when I entered the shower I knew that I had some extra time. And when I looked down my penis knew too. I knew I still had to be quick. I was really jealous of my best friend Mike college freshmen learning to lez out for sorority was an only child. We talk about sex a lot like most teenage guys.

I asked him how long he masturbated for and he told me 20 minutes or more. I told him because I had to make sure no one came in my longest was 7 or 8 minutes. He told me he felt sorry for me.

Meanwhile as I stroked my cock in the shower I didn't realize how long I had been doing it. Usually I came before I even had time to enjoy it but for some reason it was extra long today. For me masturbation was more like getting rid of erections than pleasure.

But it was much different this time. I lost all track of time. I also made two mistakes. I forgot to lock the door and I didn't close the shower curtain. I was so into what I was doing I didn't notice the door open. I was moaning which I never did while jacking off and enjoying it so much. I opened my eyes to see my 15 year old sister standing there in awe.

Her eyes wide and mouth dropped I didn't know what to do. I tried to stammer some sort of word out of my mouth but I couldn't put anything together. I was xnxxx com china girl anal scared and excited I came.

I ejaculated very far which I had never done before. It was so embarassing because I shot my semen on my sister who was still just standing there. She jumped back and yelled at me. "What the fuck Rob. Why did you cum on me?" Still shocked I tried to put words together. "I.I.I was just uhhh." But that was all I could put together and by then my sister had left. I quickly finished showering and went to my room to dress.

I was so mad at myself. My sister really looked up to me because of our family situation. Our mom worked as a nurse at from midnight to 6 AM and a grocery store cashier from 3 PM to 11 PM.

The part of the day she didn't work, she slept. And her only day off was Sunday which she treated every hour like happy hour. She loved us very much but she didn't have a lot of time to be a real parent.

And our dad left several years ago and he never tried to get close with us. Anyway, we both got on the bus and went to school. She didn't say anything to me all morning.

When I get to school in the morning I have about 15 minutes to spare before class starts. I always stood around with a bunch of friends just talking. I told my story of what had happened that morning. They all laughed at it. I saw my sister talking with her friends and they were all giggling.

I had a pretty good guess about what their conversation was about. I went to class and all I could think about was the "incident" in the bathroom. I always had an attraction to my sister who I thought was the most beautiful girl I had ever known.

I hated that she was my sister. I fantasized her being just some girl and I would fuck her brains out.

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But alas, she still was my sister. My attraction to her began at a fairly early age. I had to be around 5 and making her 3. Our parents had gotten into a terrible fight which they did a lot of when they were together. My sister woke up and became frightened so she came to my room. She was crying so I let her crawl into bed with me. She fell asleep in my arms and I held her tight.

Over the next few years anytime she was scared she would crawl into bed with me. The last time I can remember this happening was about a year ago. I don't remember why but what I remember most about it was I got a massive erection the way she was laying next to me. In my opinion I had an above average penis. It was 8 inches in length and about 4 inches around. I was obsessed with my size when I was a little younger. It was mainly attributed to the fact I didn't reach this size until recently.

When I started high school I was still 5.5 inches and a little on the thin size. I know that's average but everyone says size matters which makes most guys feel inadequate.

The guys who had big dicks always bragged because they were already fucking girls and having oral sex or so they said. Now I think it was because they had confidence in their size. But when I got to the age of 16 I was 7 inches and was growing quickly. But that night I really started to notice my sisters attractiveness. And my dick responded to her body rubbing up against mine. I was in my boxers and it started poking at her. She was still awake and felt it. She said "Stop poking my butt, that's weird." I got up and went to the bathroom until my dick eased down.

That was slightly embarassing even though she didn't even know what actually happened. For 15 she looked much older. She filled out quite well, not fat or anything but she certainly wasn't petite like most girls her age.

She had large tits for her age, D size to be exact. And she had a large (again not fat) round ass which filled out her jeans or anything else she happened to wear. She had the body of a 16 or 17 year old.

That only made my attraction to her even greater. Vicky finger fucks her pussy on the couch school we boarded the bus for a 3 day weekend. I was so excited to just chill the whole time. When we arrived home I planted myself on the couch. I normally wasn't lazy, I played football and was athlecically active, but I felt like just not doing anything this weekend because of the stressful week I had.

I was watching some sitcom on TV and Rachel walked in the room. I hadn't thought of what I was going to say to her about what had happened and I know it would come up.

She sat down on the recliner with a soda. Her skirt was extremely short and the way she sat in the chair showed off her juicy legs. I began to get a hard on. That was all I needed. I started thinking about the most non-sexual things I could think of to get it to go down.

Thank God it did before it became noticable. Rachel looked at me and when I turned to her she turned her head to the TV. I thought I should bring up what happened.

So just to break the silence I said "How was your day?" She responded "Okay, I guess. It was really boring." This was followed by a long pause. She broke the silence "Umm, about what happened this morning.I'm sorry I overreacted. It was my fault and I shouldn't have walked into the bathroom without knocking." I responded "I should have locked the door. Sorry I uhh, came on you. I didn't mean to. I'm sorry you had to see that." My sister laughed and she said "It was the first real dick I've ever seen before.

I've seen them in pornos, but not upclose. But just to let you know I masturbate too." What she said shocked my ears. I just stared at the TV with my eyes wide open. It was the first time I had ever heard my baby sister say something about sex. I know mom had some form of a sex talk with her but up until that point I had ignored the fact that she knew about sex. I didn't want to further the conversation so I just kept staring stepmom stole my boyfriend big tits and big dick the TV.

Again my sister broke the silence with "I knew you masturbated too. I peeked into your room once a couple of years ago. I didn't know then what you were doing and I really couldn't see anything but I knew you did it. But, I have a question for you." I said "Shoot." She replied "Have you ever fucked a girl?" I was a little afraid to answer because I thought she would say something to our mom.

But I just answered truthfully "Yeah with Lauren. Only her." Lauren was my ex-girlfriend. "Oh, I've never done anything with a guy before.

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I do have another question." Again I said "Shoot." She was biting her lip and she said "Uhh, can I uhhh.can I see you dick?" I couldn't believe what she just said. On one hand I was horrified, I mean she's my sister. But on the other hand this was my biggest fantasy come true. To fuck the hottest girl I had ever known. I was afraid to answer because she might just be trying to see what I'd say and if I said yes she'd call me a pervert.

I didn't know what to do. So I said "Are you serious?" She said "Yeah, I liked what I saw this morning and I just want to look." Still a little afraid I asked "Are you sure you want to see it?" "Yeah, I really do." So I began to remove my pants. I had them down to my ankles and my sister sat next to me on the couch. I looked at her and then looked down at the floor. I began to pull my boxers off. It was at this point I realized what I was doing. I kind of hesitated and my boxers were down to where my pubic hair began.

She looked very excited and had this curious look in her eyes. I slowly pulled them down until my cock was finally visible. My boxers were all the way off and there I sat on the couch totally naked with my sister sitting right next to me. She stared in awe at my dick. She said "Wow, it's really big. Can I touch it?" I immediately replied "Yeah, sure." She put her soft hands on my dick and it rose to the occasion.

She pulled her hand back and giggled as my penis got harder. She put her hand back on my dick and started feeling it. She pulled my foreskin back. "Can you masturbate in front of me?" She asked. I gladly complied as I began stroking my cock up and down. I really got into it. It was the greatest feeling I had ever had. I took my sisters hand and put it on my cock. I said "Stroke it baby." She did just that. Her hands were she rewards georgia with a mouthful of her enormous nipples facesitting threesome soft and it felt so good.

After maybe 6 or 7 minutes I felt I was about to cum so I removed her hands and told her to rest a minute. I was so in the moment I grabbed my sisters huge tits.

She grabbed my hand but I didn't care. I just grabbed her shirt and started to pull it off of her body. I got it off and I grabbed her bra trying to unsnap it. She tried to stop me but I didn't care. She said "Rob, you shouldn't." I said to her "Rachel, you are the hottest girl I've ever met. I want you so bad!!!" She then unsnapped her bra revealing her large boobs that I've wanted to suck and fuck so bad.

I grabbed them and I started to suck on one. I was licking her nipple and nibbling at it. She started moaning. I sucked them harder. After several minutes she pulled of her skirt and thong. I took her head and forced it on my cock which had become hard again. She sucked my dick so good.

She licked the head of my cock and then went down on my cock and it felt amazing. She couldn't deepthroat it all the way but I put my hand on her head and I forced her head down on my cock. She started to gag pussy pump therapy at fetish clinic jennifer amton I made her keep going.

I was about to cum so I took her mouth off my dick and started rubbing it up and down. I started cuming. My cum shot out of my cock all over my sister. It got in her hair, in her mouth, and her tits. I was sitll moaning from the ejaculation.

She started licking off the cum and swallowing it. She said "Mmm, yum. That was really fun." I said "I know. Maybe we can do more another time." My sister had a grin on her face and she said "There better be a next time."