Charming lesbian babes bree and mercedes in a hot lesbian sex daniels carrera

Charming lesbian babes bree and mercedes in a hot lesbian sex daniels carrera
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The Virgin I had Just made a wrong turn into a driveway as my friends car, who I was supposed to meet was parked across the street from where he lived. I had gotten out and had walked up to the door to inquire, and had just knocked, when this beautiful young dark headed girl answered the door. I was so taken by her and was trying not to be so obvious as I looked her over, thinking to myself wow she is really nice.

As we talked she said my friend parked his car in there driveway a lot and would be back shortly. She then had invited me in, and the conversation went on to the fact that my friend and I were both in the service, and that I was going to new saxy storys big bol a car from him the next day.

I think that I had innocently asked her if she would like to go skating the following weekend, and was surprised when she said yes.

She had worn a light blue gray short skating skirt with bottoms of the same color, this was before pantie hose had become so popular, later on, with beautiful young bare legs and a pair of skates, they had made these thigh's and caffs look even more incredible.

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There is just something about a woman's legs in a pair of high skating boots that really brings out the the best. These tight little bottoms under this very short skirt looked more like panties, but was about the only thing that could be worn back in those days that was not considered gorgeous zoe masturbates with a sex toy masturbation brunette be that revealing especially if it was the same color as the skirt, as we were after all, going skating and this was, suitable attire for such an event.

She was 17 at the time and I was a man of the world at 19! I had belonged to a rather colorful motorcycle club before going into the service,and had seen a number of very interesting things that had gone on, at the age of 16. I had also spent time on Okinawa and Japan and had just recently returned. The next date we had I do not remember where,or what we did, but I do remember that setting in her driveway that evening after bringing her home, and in the front seat of my old Dodge.

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I was really hugging and kissing her until I just could no longer stand it, I had been skillfully squeezing and sucking on her jada stevens taking care of businessman young and well developed 34" breasts. When I had gotten her skirt up and her panties off and had somehow been able to maneuver my way down in between her soft young thigh's and had begun sucking on the most tender and juicy sweet pussy that one could ever imagine, it was one of the most pleasurable and enjoyable things that I have ever done and she too, had really responded.

I still remember it to to this day.

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It was not to long after this, when no one else in her family was home. That we were in her bedroom, and on her bed, the same squeakily one her mother had caught her masturbating on as a young preteen, and had told her that nice girls don't do that.

I, had her on this bed, still wearing a dress and at first had unbuttoned all of them down to her waist and had pushed her bra up and out of the way and was again sucking and squeezing these soft beautiful things, I had her skirt up, and had been pushing my hard cock up against her virgin slit as she still had her panties on, thinking that this will do and that by doing it like this there is no way I can get her pregnant. This of coarse did not last long as the urge to touch flesh with flesh was so overpowering, and was thinking I can just push them panties off slightly to one side, and I wont really stick it in, I will just get close.

So, you now have two young really horny people that are more in lust than in love and are not really trying to stop what is about to happen, as you get electrifying ramrod riding joy hardcore and blowjob and closer to that wonderful opening, you are hugging and kissing you feel her against you, this warm soft young girl as your very hard cock just barely starts to open the lips of this wet tender treasure, you do not have to guide it in, you want it and she wants it, you are in the most perfect position it could not be any better, as it slowly slips in she gasps slightly as you feel the tightness of this virgin place, and that no other has had this wonderful pleasure, she is so turned on and you are so turned on that it only take a short time before you can no longer control yourself and have the most memorable sexual experience of your young life.

you do not want it to end as you lay on top of this incredible young woman, that has easily given herself to you and that you have easily taken what she has surrendered. You stay right there and continue to experience this wonderful feeling of her against you, and you inside her, although she is still wearing her dress panties and bra it has been no hindrance at all in keeping you from enjoy her, and you can easily feel her warm female sexuality through her clothes as if they aren't even there.

You do not want it to stop and the next time is every bit as good as the first, and maybe even better, as this time you are able to savor and really enjoy what a beautiful young woman can give to her man!.

this was one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened to me. I really loved the experience, but more than that I really love her!!!.

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At the time, I had no idea she had masturbated quite regularly and had done so since she was a very young girl, and that she had these deliciously erotic fantasy's.

The lovemaking and all the the things I did to, and with her over the first dozen years of our marriage, were things that would fill numerous pages bottomless japan wife storyss femdom with cfnm face sitting erotic writings.

After being married for this period of time, late one night I was awaken by the soft sounds of my girl enjoying herself as the bed was moving she had been trying to do so as not to wake me up, and this was only several hours after some, of what I thought was a very heated and prolonged session of lovemaking. I had laid there and listened for some time and had slowly rolled over and grabbed her, she was at first terrified that I had caught her doing this so forbidden and sexually stimulating thing, and was so embarrassed, that in tears had stated she had done this since she was very young.

She was so worried that I would be mad at her for doing this. She also went on to say that not only did she do this! she fantasized about all sorts of very awful,degrading and sexually kinky encounters that her girls, the ones in her fantasy's had to endure.

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She was so ashamed, and thought that she was a terrible person for having these thoughts and that she was not normal? I assured her that this was not the case and that other women as well as men had these as well as even more devilish thoughts and that most people especially women were afraid to share them with anyone, even there spouses.

For me this would become one of the most wonderful parts of our incredible sex life. I would watch her do this while she told one of her stories, or I would go down on her as she would talk about what one she mail girl on girl her girls would be experiencing it is and has been a wonderful game that we still play.

I have been married to this woman for over 40 yrs and it has been wonderful. We have played all sorts of kinky sex games over the years and I still want to do her!