Doctor fucked his bosses hot wife housewife hospital

Doctor fucked his bosses hot wife housewife hospital
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just an idea, maybe u like maybe you hate maybe you dont care. maybe a chapter two.PS i wont care about people that go 'use spell check' cause i do and somtimes the words they offer are not what i want. i am not looking to make money or fame this is just a vent for me.

did a re edit 2/5/14 I walked through the thick woods, the night was so dark i couldn't see a single pace in front of me. Three days I walked this trail, it was the only one I had despite how cold it had become.

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That was in till I heard it, the moans of a man and woman in the middle of fucking. Not love making not sex, not even pleasure just simple rough animalisic fucking. I quickened my pace but made sure not to make noise, the prey I hunted was dangerous and rabid, I did not wish to alert it. As i moved i finally saw the fire's light breaking the darkness and as I drew closer the sounds changed, the moans of the man were pain and distress, even fear.

They grew quieter as the howls and the cries of the woman grew louder, she at least was enjoying it.

Slowly I walked into the clearing and like always i wasn't shocked, in fact I hadn't been shocked in a long time. Around the fire were the bodies of five men, they looked to be about a hundred years old they were shriveled dry husks, on the other side of the fire was the last man he was chained to a tree hands above his head as he sat on the dirt he had a woman straddling him riding him hard.

She was beauty in flesh her body had every curve men desired, she rode him as if she had nothing else to do for the rest of her life screaming and moaning. " please.don't" the man begged fear coving his face.

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"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" "YESSSSSSSS!!!!!" the woman screamed as the blueish light began to glow and started to enter her body all the while the man aged his crys and moan soon quickly died down with the rest of his body and tamed teens ass destroyed by two huge cocks a minute before laid the body of a healthy logger now sat the dried aged husk of her last victim.

"mmmmm.that wasn't bad, wish these humans could last longer, i haven't gotten off in close to 80 years." the woman said as she stood up running her fingers through her cunt before licking the dry. "Why?" I asked calmly watching her jump as she turned to my voice "why can't you succubi ever learn, you fuck and fuck and fuck humans yet you don't seem to learn, you need a demon to fuck you if you want release, all this dose" and i waved around at the camp. "is make you unsatisfied and wanting" Stepping forward and starting to circle her drawing my short swords, she smiled and stepped closer swaying her hips and rubbing her body as she began to close in.

"You seem stronger, care to play?" she smiled showing her fangs as she slipped her hand down and slowly fingering her self in a way i was sure she had used many time to capture her prey. Stronger was an understatement, i was close to & feet tall and very large at 350lbs.

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of almost pure muscle, she slowly stopped as I smiled I knew she was watching me studding me. I wore a chainmail shirt and heavy dark brown pants, the long dark leather coat would touch the dirt as i moved.

"I don't play with demons, I kill them," i replied as i leaped she dodged but i still caught her by her hair, smiling as i watched it change colors, blonde to black double pounding for the hot alysa gap green to red.

"And you are worth a lot of gold dead" "Demon hunter, how can a mere human think they could ever kill a demon?" she screams as she hit, i will give her credit she was stronger then most succubi I have met.

she broke my grip and attacked again scratching my face with her nails that seem to grow, the gashes bled alittle and she smiled, that was until she watched them heal quickly not even leaving a scar. Then she finally saw my eyes and i knew she figured it out they were blood red with black cat like pupils.

"Demonoid, father a demon and mother a human" I replied to her calmly smiling reaching and gripping her wrists behind her back pulling her to me she stood maybe 5'8" so i had to look down. "so will you lisen or will you the others" Fear covered her face, it is very rare to see a demon fear and succubi fear even less. "Lisen" she replied as i through her down on her stumic, and kneeled behind her as she got up on her knees.

opening my pants and pulling out my cock i grabbed her hips and thrust deep in her cunt, it was dry and felt tighter then a virgin, another sign of fear for a demon like her.

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he scream was deep and full of pain, she knew what was happening as i began to fuck her, rough hard and deep thrusts gripping her hips tight so she fely every inch. I fucked her close to five hours like this before she gave a moan and i felt her cunt become wet, she tried to fight the pleasure, the release for she knew i would own her if she came.

i reached around and rubbed her clit as i slowed my thrusts rubbing her clit as i fucked her slow and deep her body started to shake as she moaned louder, "Ple.please." she cried as I began to massage her back with one hand and finger her clit in time with my thrusts.

" let me cum" she cried as he body shock and she tried to push back on my cock. i smiles and slowly started to pull out she screamed and begged me not to stop. "please what?

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i asked as the head of my cock was slowly leaving her shaking body. "NO.PLEASE FUCK ME MAKE ME CUM.PLEASE MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!" she begged and i thrusted my hole cock deep in her and fucked her fast hard and deep. "cum for master.slave" and she did hard with a wild yowl as she came squirting on my cock as i came with her filling her till she leaked my seed.

There was a small but bright blue light flash and as i pulled out i saw a new tattoo on her shoulder it was a demonic symbol that showed the world she was now owned.