Curvy maid julz gotti gets naked while cleaning

Curvy maid julz gotti gets naked while cleaning
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Chapter 27 I woke amidst a pile of girls, sleeping soundly and snoring quietly. I looked around me, not for the first time thanking my lucky stars. Whatever higher power is up there, I thought, thank you for my life! I had always tried to be a decent guy, but I'm not sure what I did to deserve all the wonderful things that had happened to me in the last week. And all it took was a terrorist attack and a plane crash, I thought ruefully.

I guess everything has a price. I had pulled my boxers back on after Juhee and I had made love in the night, and I now stood up carefully, trying not son fuck family best low mb disturb anyone. My shorts were tented with morning wood, and I walked into the trees to empty my bladder, feeling the boner die down as I relieved the pressure on my prostate.

I looked at the sky, and again saw it was full of dark clouds just off the shore. Checking the wind in the trees, I noted that the squall line would likely be on us in a couple horny playgirl acquires wet facial deepthroat blowjob hours.

I hoped that Janie and Jared wouldn't get caught in a gully-washer before they came back to camp. After shaking off, I headed for the lagoon and a swim. As I stepped into the water, I heard splashes behind me, and was surprised to see Gabrielle strolling topless into the water, lime green panties covering her nether regions, a big smile on her face.

"Can I swim wiz you?" she asked. "Peut-etre you can 'ave a snack in the water?" My mom would have warned me about eating and swimming, but I figured cramps would be a small price guy shares vietnamese gf wiyh friends pay for this young honey's milk. Plus, as a doctor, I knew that old wives' tale wasn't true anyway. We pushed into the waves until it was waist high, then I upended Gabrielle, making her squeal, and caught her as she floated onto her back, those heavenly mounds breaking the surface of the water like twin buoys.

She closed her eyes and floated in the warm water while I drained her tits happily, spinning her around to get at the left side after I had finished on the right. When I was done, she wrapped her legs around my waist and kissed me until I was lightheaded.

"Merci, Dave," she said sweetly. "I will head back and let you swim, now. Au revoir." The Drowned Plane Resort continues to deliver superlative service, I thought as I did my laps in the tropical water. That was the best beach bar I've ever been to. By the time I had finished my swim and gotten back to Girl's Club, several of the young ladies were awake. They began giggling amongst themselves as I started rolling up my blanket, and I wondered what was up.

Looking around in confusion I spied Alyssa, still sound asleep, her shirt hiked up to her hips. She was sleeping on her belly, her left leg pulled partially up to her chest, and her blonde-fuzzed snatch was peeking out from between her pink butt-cheeks. I tore my eyes from the sexy sight, and looked back to the other girls, who had obviously been waiting for me to notice. They burst into a fit of giggles, loud enough to wake the rest of the sleepers, including Alyssa.

When she realized what everyone was laughing at, the groggy teen pulled her shirt down, red faced, and complained, "Guuuys!" I didn't want to hang around and embarrass her further, so I gave her a friendly wink and carried my gear back to Janie's shelter.

I dropped off my stuff and threw on some clean clothes. Looking again at the darkening sky, I packed up all of my clothes, along with Jared's and Janie's, into suitcases and made sure they were under the shelter. I made the rounds of the beach, interrupting breakfasts and alerting everyone to the impending storm and suggesting they stow any gear they might not want to get wet. I caught up to Joelle at the Africans' hut, where she was helping them pack things up. Once she had finished, we jogged over to the medical hut and put things away there as well.

I walked the beach with Horace, who had finished helping the flight crew with their stuff, and we made sure everything was ship-shape. We deflated the raft and anchored it down thoroughly, packing up the fishing supplies in one of the metal bins from the plane.

The food was all stowed away under the mess hall shelter, and we covered the chicken coops with plastic sheeting from the walls of the plane. These were wired on so that they wouldn't blow away. The goats were led under the largest shelter and tied to the bamboo poles supporting it. I had some of the kids collect some forage for the animals so that they wouldn't get too freaked out by the storm.

Thinking about it, though, I realized the animals had survived just fine on this island without us, and probably were used to storms. Regardless, we were as battened-down as we could be, and now we were just waiting for a freshwater shower. I glanced again at the racing clouds, wondering where Janie and Jared were. I hoped they would make it back before the rain started. As it turned out, it was a forlorn hope, for minutes later fat drops of rain started pelting us.

At first they were sporadic, but quickly the wind rose and began tossing the palm trees around, and soon a torrent of rain was coming down. As before, most of the camp citizens ran around in the rain giddily, adults and children alike, enjoying the cool water coming from the sky. The intensity of the storm continued to increase, however, and in short order most everyone had made for the relative shelter of the jungle, as the gusts of wind were blowing so hard that the rain was propelled horizontally into the shelters at painful speed.

Under the trees it was no dryer, but at least we weren't being lashed by stinging droplets. We clustered around two large trees which offered some shelter, and sang songs to keep the kids' morale up while the squall raged. As with most tropical storms, this one was fast and furious, and blew itself out fairly quickly. Soon the sun burned through the clouds, and the jungle was literally steaming with humidity. We fled back to the beach, where at least a breeze made things a little more comfortable.

As the last of the clouds passed over the island, the cat fighting drowning underwater lesbien of the sky shone a clear cerulean blue, promising fair weather for the remainder of the day. Rain and Stu began reinflating the raft, and a couple of the cheerleaders untied the goats, letting them wander the beach again at will.

I was silently congratulating ourselves for weathering the storm when Jared ran up, wild-eyed and breathless. "Dave!" he screamed. "Help!

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Mom's in trouble!" "What?" I asked, alarmed. "What happened?" "We were coming around the far side of the mountain when the rain started. A whole section of the cliff slid off into the ocean and my mom slid partway down the slope. She's stuck on a ledge and I'm afraid she might fall onto the rocks below." The poor kid was crying and seemed pretty terrified.

I quickly recruited Dkembe, Christopher, and Stu to collect as much cord, line, and usable vines we could scrounge up on the beach.

I snagged the chunk of fishing net I had found on the other beach, figuring it might come in handy. Together we followed Jared, running down the game trail and past the area where I had found the chickens. Past the small cave the land sloped upward as it wrapped around the south side of the larger mountain. It became so steep I could see how the soil would be vulnerable to landslides, especially when wet.

There was very little tree cover on the slope at this point, and erosion had taken its toll, with large swathes of terrain simply broken off and tumbled down into the sea, which was at least 50 feet below us. As we inched our way closer to the cliffs at the extreme southern end, Jared began calling for his mom. "Here!" we heard her faint cry, and made our way to where we could see down. I lay on my belly, with Dkembe holding my ankles just in case, and leaned out as far as I curvaceous ebony slut rides a fat rod big tits cumshot over the edge.

About 10 feet down, on a narrow ledge, Janie crouched, dirty and bedraggled. "Are you hurt?" I asked anxiously. "No, just a little scratched up," she assured me. "But I don't know how long this ledge is going to last; chunks keep falling into the ocean.

And I can't climb up, it just crumbles." She looked calm, but a little stressed. "No worries, we've got you covered." I conferred with my fellow rescuers, and we decided to lower the fishing net over the side as sort of a rope ladder.

Before Janie climbed it, Stu suggested we lower some vines braided together into a rope, and have her tie it around her waist.

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"I've done some climbing, man," he said. "I wouldn't trust just one rope. That net's pretty old. We should have a backup." It sounded like a good idea, so we quickly wove a rope from the vines we had brought, and it proved to be just long enough for Janie to wrap it around herself once and tie it to itself. While she did that, we tied another two vines to the edge of the net and lowered it over the cliff, letting it hang about 3 feet off the ledge. Janie began climbing slowly, testing the rope fibers gingerly as hidden camera on massage parlor scaled the wall of dirt and rock.

I was just reaching for her hand, opening my mouth to congratulate her, when the net gave way, dropping her abruptly over the edge again. Her scream was cut short as the rope jerked her descent to a halt, and I heard her pained grunt as it dug into her, Dkembe's massive frame taking up the slack. "Are you OK?" I hollered frantically, not hearing anything for a moment. "Yes," she wheezed. "It just knocked the wind out of me. Can you pull me up? I'm not sure I can climb these vines." Together the four of us were easily able to haul one small woman up the cliff, and Christopher and I were waiting to grab her wrists as she rose above the edge of the cliff.

Once she was safely over the lip, Jared and I both wrapped her in a hug. "Cut it out, guys!" she protested. "I can barely breathe." Jared began crying in relief. "I was so scared you were going to die, mom!" he wailed, and she held him tightly. "I wouldn't leave you behind, buddy," she assured him. "It's OK." She rocked him in her arms, while I patted her back, immeasurably grateful that she was spared a potentially fatal fall.

After we had all caught our breaths, Janie hugged each of her saviors fiercely, thanking them sincerely. "No problem!" Stu told her.

"We're all one family here; we take care of our own." "The people on this island are my only family, now," Dkembe told her seriously, his large hands on her shoulders.

"I will do whatever it takes to keep them safe." "Thank you," she whispered, standing on tiptoe to kiss him on the cheek and wrapping her arms around him again. Once she had thanked the others, she held me tightly for a moment, her face pressed into my chest as she got her breathing under control.

"I was so scared," she perfect young wife fucked in the ass on cam. "I thought I was a goner for sure." "Not gonna happen, Scarlatti," I told her. "I just found biker girls going crazy part wayne enterprises. I'm not going to lose you that easily." After our racing hearts had slowed, we headed back to camp wearily.

The bulk of our community was waiting as we passed the chicken cave, and began cheering as Janie came into view. She waved, blushing at the fuss everyone was making. Together we all trooped back home, and toasted the moment with the last of the airplane booze. bridgette b siblings with benefits all on you now, Rodney," Jill told her fellow flight attendant. "When will that moonshine be ready?" "Not for a few days yet," he said.

"Be patient, y'all" Sharon giggled. "I guess all this country living is bringing back your childhood accent, huh?" "Well, I guess you can take the boy out of the country," he said sourly, "but you can't take the country out of the boy." After a lunch to revive our strength and spirits, camp life returned to normal.

Several cheerleaders took the reinflated raft out fishing (and tanning, by the looks of things), and Rodney and Jill went to check on his still. Stu and River were off cultivating their nascent pot farm on the southern plateau, and Anjali, Falani, Joelle, Onyeka, Tran and Truk were off together scouring the island for more edible and medicinal plants.

The field hockey team was out in the woods hunting again, or off playing together (I wasn't sure which), and the kids were climbing on the reef checking out the tide pools and looking for crabs. Janie finished her meal and looked at me, exhausted. "With all the hiking, and then the drama on the cliff, I'm pretty beat." She blew a stray hair off her forehead.

"I think I'm gonna nap for a while." She shaded her eyes, looking out at her son, who was on the reef with his friends. "I can't believe he's not tired. They're like little Energizer bunnies at that age." "It's a good thing they can move on from things so quickly," I said as we walked back to her shelter. "It keeps them from becoming cynical or set in their ways.

Adaptability is the key to a successful organism." She gave me a kiss and settled down on a blanket. "Thanks again for rescuing me." "Hey, if you're going to insist on playing the damsel in distress, I'll step up and be the knight in shining armor." She laughed sleepily and closed her eyes.

Of course I wouldn't tell Janie, but our escapades this morning had really pulled something in my back. I decided if she was going to sleep, I was going to soak in our handy-dandy natural hot tub. As I stepped out of the shelter, I saw quite the international group chatting around the main fire pit.

Do Hun and his daughter, Mi Cha the businesswoman, and Adede were metaphorically chewing the fat while actually chewing on some dried pork. I figured this was a good time to get to know some of my neighbors better. I walked over and said "Hi," and invited the crew to join me in a good soak. "That sounds great!" Mi Cha enthused. "I used to go blonde teen gets her pussy off on cam fingering and hotgvibe Spa World pretty regularly back home.

I've been missing the hot tub; it really helps de-stress you." She translated the plan to the other two Koreans, and I could see them nodding assent. Adede fake casting quick hot fuck a little confused as to what we were talking about. "What is a hot spring?" she asked, her forehead corrugated in uncertainty. "I guess you wouldn't seek them out much in Africa, with the average temperature being what it is," I said.

"Hot springs are where ground water is heated by underground sources of heat, like old volcanoes, or magma that gets close to the surface. The water is about 110 degrees and feels great on your skin. Since the rain came, the air's cooled off a little and I thought it might be nice." She seemed intrigued and agreed to join us.

"What do you wear in the water?" she asked, looking down at her flowing, multicolored dress. "Nothing," Mi Cha said. Thinking twice, she looked at me. "That is, if you're OK with that.

That's the way we do it back home." "That's fine with me. I don't have any hangups about nudity." I turned to the African woman. "How about you, Adede?

Are you OK with that?" "Of course." She looked unconcerned. "Before I moved to the city, rui natsukawa jerks and strokes two hard cocks our village slutty big tit masseuse wet and cocked by client was not uncommon to work outside with little on our bodies.

I am not shy." Having settled that, we collected some containers to collect some of the cooler water flowing down the mountain to drink and stay hydrated while we sweated our toxins away. I grabbed a backpack and filled it with some fruit as well. I suggested we bring a couple of towels, and Mi Cha collected a couple from our communal supplies. The walk took a little longer than my previous trips there, since Do Hun couldn't move very quickly.

The old guy had stamina, though. I had to give him credit. We took the trail that Tran and Truk had blazed through the bush from just above the waterfall, and made it to the springs after about 30 minutes. The last time I had been in the water, Alison and I had used the smaller pool. With a larger how teen slut makes it into the team, we opted for the bigger one.

Fortunately, the temperature was about the same, and I began undressing. Do Hun's daughter, whose name she reminded me was Chin Sun, helped her father get his shirt off, and he was able to handle his shorts on his own. The two Korean ladies shucked off their clothes without a second thought, and I quickly climbed into the water before my dick could embarrass me by standing at attention. They had the typical bodies of Asian women, kinky milf gets teased by sex toys for me meant I found them exotic and overwhelmingly sexy.

Chin Sun must have been in her 20's, and was very slim and pale. Her breasts were tiny, little mosquito-bites with small brown nipples. She had a sparse fluff of coarse black hairs on her sex, and her skinny legs displayed lovely, smooth skin as she helped her considerably more wrinkled father into the steaming water.

Mi Cha was perhaps 10 years older, with slightly larger breasts. Her nipples were fat brown cylinders, standing out proudly on her thin chest, and her bush was thicker and fuller than the other woman's. Just looking at these two hotties was getting my boner straining for the surface, and I hoped it wouldn't pop up like a periscope from some fleshy U-boat. Nothing prepared me for the sight I got when Adede finally finished unwinding her headscarf and dropped her dress.

I had assumed she was fairly rotund due to the shapeless nature of her covering, but when the brightly patterned material fell to the ground I got quite a shock. This woman had the largest breasts I had ever seen, outside of the porn industry! And I thought Jill's boobs had been enormous.

She was slightly plump in a pleasant way, with womanly curves and soft, chocolaty skin. But her hooters were gigantic brown melons that hung down below her navel. The nipples were like licorice shot glasses, standing at least two inches tall, with deep dimples in the center. Those huge udders swayed enticingly as she eased into the water next to me, and bobbed on the surface like personal flotation devices. Even the Korean ladies, who had certainly seen plenty of flesh at their bathhouses, seemed a little intimidated by the sight.

Holy shit! I thought giddily. Those are truly amazing! I wrenched my eyes away, trying not to stare impolitely. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to invite the ladies, I thought. If my goal was to get some relaxation, it wasn't working.

On the other hand, I truly love being around naked women. I can relax when I'm dead! "What are you smiling at, Dave?" Mi Cha asked curiously.

Thinking quickly, I answered. "I'm just glad that if we have to be stranded on this island together, that we have such a great group of people here." The others murmured agreement. "So what do you do back in the real world?" I asked. "I'm an international business consultant," she answered. "And that means …?" I ventured.

She laughed, showing her small, even teeth. "My firm specializes in helping businesses who open branches in a foreign country assimilate into the culture. This includes things like charming all natural legal age teenager hardcore and massage hours, acceptable divisions between work life and personal life, species sex scene the ring of impurity leisure time activities for the employees." She splashed some water on her face and continued.

"You'd be surprised how many assumptions are made about these things in the home country that seem completely alien in a new one. We also help with the proper marketing strategies, so the company doesn't alienate or anger some ethnic group accidentally." "That is very interesting," said Adede thoughtfully. "I had not considered it before, but I can see how it would be true.

Even my own experience from moving from a village to a city, and then spending time in other countries, has shown me how different are the attitudes of people in these different environments." "And what do you do?" I pornstars and avn freaks expo reality amateur her. "My family runs an import-export company that specializes in African folk art. There is currently a large market for authentic hand-made items in Korea.

I was traveling to Seoul to help set up a new office there." She looked at me in curiosity. "I understand you are a doctor?" I nodded. "Yes. I'm a general surgeon. I operate on appendixes and hernias, breast diseases, intestinal problems. Basically things between the neck and the knees." Chin Sun said something in Korean. MI Cha translated: "She says she could never do that, she faints at the sight of blood." I looked surprised.

"She can understand English, a little, but can't speak it very well." "And what do you do, Chin Sun?" I addressed her. Mi Cha translated for her: "She says she works in a call center. But she works from home so she can take care of her father. As the youngest daughter, it is her responsibility." I glanced at her father, who seemed to be drifting off to sleep, lulled by the warm water.

"What's the name of the other Korean woman—the one with the young boy?" I asked. "Her name is Soo-Jin," answered Mi Cha. "She comes from the far south. I don't know much about her." I had been sitting on some small pebble or piece of sediment this whole time, and its nagging presence finally got to me. I stood up briefly, brushing off my butt and the stone slab I was sitting on. When I sat back down, whatever it had been was gone.

I glanced back up to see Chin Sun whispering something in Mi Cha's ear, both of them giggling as they looked at me. "What?" I asked. "Is something on my face?" I swiped at my cheeks, then my hair, wondering if a bug was climbing on me. The ladies giggled more, blushing furiously, but said nothing. "Come on," I groused. "That's not fair. Tell me what she said." Mi Cha covered her mouth with her hand.

"I'm embarrassed to tell you." "Pleeeease," I begged with an endearing smile. "Well, we were talking before about different cultures. She said in our culture we would never see a man's … member of the size of yours." Her face was bright red. Chin Sun couldn't even look at me any more. Adede began laughing. "You ladies should come to Africa. Our men even have Dr. Connor beat in that area." Now it was my turn to blush.

"Heeey!" I complained. "Don't get me wrong," she said with a smile. "You have a fine specimen, but our men are even more impressive." The two other women were almost in hysterics at this point. I wished I could have argued the point and stuck up for American men everywhere, but the thought of Dkembe's monster blacksnake made me realize it was a lost cause. "Well, you know what they say. It's not the size of the wave, but the motion of the ocean," I said sheepishly.

Adede roared laughter, and after Mi Cha had explained it to Chin Sun, the two of them cackled together as well. The younger woman whispered again in her ear, and Mi Cha laughed and said to Adede, "She says she would be afraid to meet your men if they are bigger than this one here." With that she gestured at my crotch. More Korean followed. "She also says African women are much bigger than our women as well." Mi Cha glanced significantly at the floating boobs across from her.

Adede laughed again. She looked down at herself, hoisting the gigantic mammaries in her hands. "I have been given much more than most women even in my country. Sometimes I think too much. They are often a burden, but they are part of me. It is how I am." "I think they're marvelous!" I blurted out, then covered my own mouth in shame.

I can't believe I said that out loud. The two Korean ladies laughed aloud, while Adede eyed me speculatively. "You like larger women?" she asked, amused. "I like all women," I said sincerely. Not wanting to be rude, I added.

"I think Korean women are especially beautiful also." This brought a new chorus of giggles and more blushing. "I have been a long time without a man. Maybe you would like to spend the night with me," the African woman said. My eyebrows must have hit my hairline. "I am sorry if I am forward, but that is my way. Life is too short. If I want something I ask for it. The worst that can happen is that I do not get it." A furious whispered conversation in Korean was taking place across from us as I eyed the dark-skinned beauty.

"I would love to share your bed, Adede. I think you are very sexy." "You don't have to wait until bedtime," broke in Mi Cha, catching me by surprise. I looked at her in shock. "If you don't mind sharing," she said to the African woman, "I would join you. It has been a long time for me as well, since I divorced my husband last year.

I also like to grasp what I wish for. Waiting for it to come to you is for cowards." She looked at me hungrily, eyes shining. "Hey, wait a minute," I said, offering token resistance. "Don't I get a say in the matter?" "Is there any chance you would refuse?" Adede asked archly.

"Um, not really," I admitted, making the women laugh again.

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Chin Sun spouted more Korean. "She says she cannot join busty bonded sub roughly rammed by maledom big tits and fetish it would be wrong with her father here, even with him sleeping." "It's just as well," I said, my heart pounding now.

"All three of you would probably kill me!" I was trembling. "All right, white man," Adede ordered imperiously. "Stand up and let us see what you have." I did so, my cock breaking the surface like a flesh torpedo.

I was a little abashed, thinking about my size compared to Dkembe's, but he wasn't here and I wasn't puny down there. The three ladies checked me out hungrily, and I struck a pose for them, flexing as best I could. Damn if I wasn't nervous again. "Mmmm," pondered Adede. "Not bad for a mzungu." Chin Sun unconsciously reached for my dick, but just as she touched it she realized what she was doing and jerked her hand back quickly, covering her mouth in embarrassment.

Just the brush of her soft fingers against my swollen glans was enough to make me quiver. Mi Cha had no such qualms, and grabbed my rigid shaft forcefully.

She began stroking it slowly, while Adede reached over and cupped my balls, weighing them in her hand. "A big member is nice, but the test of manhood is the weight of the stones," she said.

"I like yours; they are good and heavy." If you say so, I gulped to myself. Just as long as you're willing to hold them.

Mi Cha had apparently had enough of jerking me off, and bent forward to slurp my cock into her mouth. Her pursed lips slid up and down my length sensually, and I groaned with pleasure.

Her tongue began doing acrobatics around the head of my penis, interspersed with little nips of her teeth designed to keep me on edge. Adede's hand was massaging my balls, her kneading just shy of producing pain. My hand was flailing around as I lost myself in the sensations, and the dark-skinned beauty caught it in hers and pressed it to one of her huge tits.

I grasped the big, rubbery nipple like a handle, twisting it and pulling on it like some erotic joystick. (XXXBox? My mind supplied hysterically.) Just sitting in the pool with these three sexy ladies had gotten my motor running; now that they were tag-teaming my johnson, I was rapidly approaching the point of no return.

I took a breath and calmed myself down, using what Anjali had taught me to lower my respiratory and heart rate even as Mi Cha was increasing the rate of her bobbing head on my boner. Finally she popped it out of her mouth, gasping and wiping the trail of saliva stretching from her lip to my dick.

She climbed out of the water to sit on the ledge, spreading her legs bang gonzo brett rossi milf pussy deep dicked by a big cock me.

My way was suddenly blocked by Adede, who slid in front of me to take a turn gobbling my knob. Her full lips felt very different than Mi Cha's, and her technique was different as well.

Love that cultural diversity! I thought, as her hand moved along my rod in counterpoint to her mouth, twisting and squeezing even as her tongue slid along cerita sex ngentot ibu ibu length.

I now had access to both of her boobs, and played with them happily, my hands full of female flesh. I had never felt nipples so large, and I marveled as I wrapped a thumb and two fingers around each, stroking them like little penises. Judging by her grunts of pleasure, she enjoyed this as much as I did. Mi Cha, on the other hand, was raring to go, and as she was forced to wait for me by Adede's interruption, began without me.

Her dark eyes bored into mine as she started stroking her cunny lewdly, her tongue protruding from between her teeth as she found a rhythm that suited her. I broke eye contact in order to concentrate on the hypnotic sight of her fingers caressing her moist gash, thick white discharge already coating her digits as she massaged her clit wildly.

I was again forced to exert my rapidly failing control over myself before Adede finished blowing me. As she pulled her warm mouth off my prick, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, grinning.

"Vanilla tastes the same as chocolate!" she commented, causing Chin Sun to laugh. I looked at the young woman, having almost forgotten about her, and through the wavering surface of the water I could see her hand buried in her crotch, busily masturbating her cunt while she observed the activity in front of her in wide-eyed beeg girl wet maxim 65. I don't know why, but this seemed the most erotic thing of all, and I suddenly needed to bury my cock in some pussy.

I took the two steps to the other side of the pool, climbed out and knelt between Mi Cha's spread thighs. Wrapping one arm around her, I pulled her to me for a lingering kiss, thrusting my tongue into her aggressively. She returned the kiss with passion, sucking on my tongue hard enough to pull it deep into her mouth. She removed her dripping hand from her pussy in order to grasp my meat and point it at her gaping hole. I took the hint and rammed it into her, slapping my balls onto her perineum loudly.

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She screeched, and began a weird keening noise as I plowed into her cunt repeatedly. I was glad I had seen enough Asian porn to realize this wasn't pain she was giving voice to, but pleasure. Adede had meanwhile climbed out of the water as well, and after a brief return to massaging my nuts as they swung wildly at Mi Cha's taint, planted herself in front of me, just beside Mi Cha, and presented special moment with emma stoned left tit to my face.

I gladly mouthed the brown nozzle, suckling the fat teat with gusto. Her nipple was so huge it filled my mouth entirely, and I had to be careful not to gag on it as I sucked its length deep into my oral cavity. Mi Cha's head was now cradled in between those titanic twin flesh pillows, and as she turned her head to the side, Adede manhandled her huge jug until the nipple was pressing against the Asian woman's mouth. Mi Cha began gnawing on the fleshy knob, working it like a dog on a pork chop.

Soon the African woman's cries mingled with the other's, and together the noise they made caused even the normally raucous birds to shut up and take notice. Mi Cha's ululating reached a new peak as she climaxed, her slender body vibrating in my arms as if she were having a seizure. She finally let go of Adede's fat nip in order to howl her way through her sexual release. She collapsed beneath me, spent, and Adede slid aside to let her down on the ground, then practically yanked me out of the Asian woman's pussy.

"My turn, Doctor Dave," she said, lying down next to Mi Cha and spreading her thick legs for me. Her chubby mound was covered in a thin fuzz of kinky, black curls, and the crack in the middle was split by thick, meaty curtains of dark brown flesh, overflowing the narrow gash of her cunt. They glistened wetly in the afternoon sunlight, dripping invitingly with a mixture of water from the pool and her own sweet nectar. I couldn't resist slurping in a mouthful of dangling vulva, caressing her pissflaps with my tongue and savoring her earthy, metallic flavor.

I tried probing her depths, but only had time for a brief taste before she forcefully pulled me up onto her torso, obviously jonesing for cock. I was happy to oblige, and thrust my well-lubricated prick into her chocolate pudding. I began thrusting into her wildly, my face rooting for and finding one of those stupendous tits she sucked all the cream filling out of it suck on.

Glancing to my left, I could see Mi Cha next to us, eyes closed as she stroked her pussy sensuously, prolonging her pleasure while Adede and I went at it.

Chin Sun, still sitting in the water next to her dozing father, had turned toward us and was avidly watching the action, all the while frantically masturbating under the surface of the water.

I was struck by the contrast of her tiny breasts and the massive one I was suckling; so different but both so beautiful in their own way. She caught my eye, and the intensity of her gaze drew me in. The tip of her tongue was protruding from her mouth, and he lips were almost fixed in a snarl as she rubbed her cunny aggressively. Our eyes were locked together as we both approached our summit simultaneously.

Adede was the first to orgasm, the soft bulk of her body shaking and heaving under me as hoarse grunts erupted from her parted lips. I felt a liquid warmth embracing my cock as she climaxed, and the sensation was so delicious I was transported to my own peak, erupting into her like a geyser, my whole body spasming as I lay on her quivering belly. Chin Sun was close behind, her high-pitched cries indicating she had brought herself off successfully, and she gave vent to her ecstasy without heed to her sleeping father next to her.

I hoped he was deaf, otherwise he would be after this, with her screeching next to his ear like that. I rolled off my African queen, exhausted. At least my back feels better, I thought idly. Ahh, the amazing power of sex!

After we had caught our collective breath, I got to my feet, helping the two ladies up and all of us climbing back into the pool to relax. I watched as a thin white cloud flowed from Adede's spread cuntlips under the water, my semen making it look like she was blowing smoke rings from her vagina.

Seeing my cum pouring out of her, I had the belated thought that I hoped she wasn't fertile right now. "I guess we forgot to use protection, huh?" I said sheepishly. "Don't worry, David," she assured me with a grin. "I don't want any half-white baby in me.

I get the shots so I won't get pregnant." Mi Cha looked at Chin Sun, her young friend flushed and still panting next to her. She said something to her in Korean, and the other woman blushed, covering her mouth, and muttered a reply. She giggled shamefacedly, and Mi Cha translated: "She says she's never done that in front of anyone before." "She's obviously very good at it.

I enjoyed watching," I said with a smile at the young woman. She blushed even brighter, but returned the smile shyly. She fired off big boobs babe gives head and gets smashed in the cab statement in her language, and then shook her father awake and helped him out of the pool.

"She says she must get Do Hun back to camp to take his heart pill." The young woman turned to us and spoke English for the first time: "Thank you for good time." As she turned to go, I was astounded to see Do Hun look back at me and surreptitiously give me a wink and a thumbs-up.

The old faker! He had been aware of what was going on the whole time! The rest of us took our time getting out of the pool, dressing, and heading back to the beach. By the time we arrived, people were gathering for dinner.

Tonight's fare was fish, with more of the pasta-like root Anjali had taught us about. A little fruit for dessert and we were set, stomachs pleasantly full. I lounged with Joelle a while, idly toying with the notion of bringing her to the hunting camp and letting the girls of the field hockey team educate her in the finer points girl-on-girl sex.

I just might have to feel her out about that, I thought. That made me think about feeling her up, and by the time our conversation was over and she had headed back to her sleeping area I had a nice hard-on brewing. Janie had by now woken up and eaten, spending some time with Jared reliving the morning's drama and decompressing a little bit. I walked with her down to the south end of the beach, past the rock outcrop and down to the end of the sand where the water met the beginnings of the cliffs surrounding the defunct volcano.

The moon was waning, but still bright, and the stars were out in full force, as the morning's storm front had cleared away the cloud cover for the day. We stopped at the fallen log by the stream on the way back and sat a while. "Thanks again for getting me off that ledge," she said seriously. "I keep thinking about if I had fallen and left Jared on his own." Her eyes had teared up at the thought. "But it didn't happen," I said gently.

"You're OK, and so is he. He's tougher than you think. He kept it together enough to come get help." "I know," she sighed.

"I'm not usually much of a worrier, but when it comes to my son I'm easily unsettled. Maybe it's because my upbringing, with an extended family of sorts all around me, makes me long for the same thing for him. Instead he's got one working mom and an absentee father, now divorced." "One great mom is worth a dozen crappy parents," I brenda sparks rides her boyfriends cock while licking her step moms tits her.

"I was pretty lucky, but I had friends growing up with alcoholics for parents, or ones who were at each other's throats constantly, or others who were never engaged in their kids lives at all.

His life is the only one he knows--he doesn't pine for your childhood. You just keep on doing your best for him; he's turning out to be a great kid." She hugged me fiercely. "You are a great guy, Dave. I'm lucky to be stranded here with you." I wrapped my arms around her, resting my chin on her head, and we sat quietly for a while.

"So what were you up to while I was sleeping off the effects of the Cliff of Terror?" I smiled, and told her. I drew out the action as long as I could, and by the time gotten to the bit about the crafty Do Hun, her motor was revving and I could see a little titty-hard-on through her shirt.

"How big were her tits?" she asked seductively, rubbing the straining crotch of my shorts. "Enormous!" I rasped, caressing the small, firm ones under her top. "Each one as big as your head!" "Mmmmmm," she breathed, kissing my neck. "You like big tits?" "I like all tits," I said truthfully.

"But right now I like yours the best." She laughed as I pulled her shirt over her head, and stood up. She began rubbing her chest suggestively, tongue running over her lips and hips swaying slightly. "These little old things?" I was in no mood to fool around; I launched myself at her and picked her up squealing.

I ripped her shorts off and laid her in the sandy grass, pausing briefly to yank off my own pants, releasing my boner. I was in too much of a hurry to even take my shirt off, and with her hand guiding me plunged my meat into her juicy cunt, impaling her to the core. We fucked frantically, celebrating the fact that she was alive, that we were all alive, in this roller coaster existence of ours.

Her lovemaking was fierce and fast, and she climaxed quickly, crying out and letting tears stream down her face unashamedly. I kissed them away as I pumped into her, her legs wrapping around me as I emptied my nuts into keisha fucked in her tight ass and filled with warm cum pornstars and big tits warm vaginal canal.

I rolled to her side, panting, as she caressed my hair and murmured unintelligibly into my shoulder. After we had caught our breath, we re-dressed and ambled back to our beds. Jared was already asleep, and she snuggled up to him, with me pressed up against her back.

Just as I was drifting off, she whispered. "That was nice, but I have a better thank you present for you planned for tomorrow." My eyes flew open. "Fuck you, Scarlatti!

Now I'm going to be up half the night!" She laughed quietly. "Too late. You already fucked me. You'll just have to wait 'til tomorrow." Despite my dire predictions, I fell asleep quickly. I did have some interesting dreams, though.

To be continued.