Facesitting nina hartley and sara jay

Facesitting nina hartley and sara jay
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On a summer day, in the middle of June, two friends after school go to work at their firehouse as volunteer firefighters, Victoria was a well built girl who had roughly 38 C bra size, nice round firm ass and great blonde hair and blue eyes to boot. Bill who had been bombshell harley jade gets nailed and facialized pornstars hardcore with Victoria since the 8th grade always liked Victoria.

Bill was strong, had a nice six pack and pecs, with biceps after the three years of being in the fire department. Today was different because it was open house at the fire station and Victoria asked Bill if she could come along. Especially because he liked Victoria how could he say no. We join them walking to the fire station.

" Hey Bill thanks for bringing me to work with you, it's cool to see what you do"- Victoria said as she was adjusting her bra under her t-shirt. " No problem Tor, its nice to have someone who actually wants to see what I do, plus were gonna be the only ones there, because chief Mike is at work. Anything you plan on doing when we get there" Bill was asking as he was walking along in his fire pants with boots.

" Well I don't know, it all depends on one thing Billy, how much are you packing?" " What do you mean by that? Haha" " How much gear do you have, like in those pants?" " Well I have my boots, my gloves, my jacket is at the station, and im wearing my helmet now because I have too, but pretty much everything is at the station. We have the ladder truck, and thats got the second most equipment.

And I'll give you the tour" " Oh ok, don't you have showers and bedrooms inside the station, so you can sleep there at night and shower after calls? Do you mind if I take my shirt off?" " Yeah we do, although the junior members have their own bedrooms so I get my own and yeah we have showers, obviously and were kinda in public, why would you wanna strip down in public???" " Bill its like 95 degrees out here and I am dying!!!

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How much further is it japanese matures fuck and cum full at the station?" " I know its hot Tori, and believe me if you could feel the back of my shirt its soaked, and its just up here. Here we are, anything you wanna see first?" " Yeah I wanna see you in action Bill, you always talk about how much fun it is getting suited up and going in the trucks. But if you don't have a call I guess I wanna see the big ladder truck" " Thats your favorite truck isn't it Tor, and yeah it is an incredible rush, remember when your math teacher's car went up in flames at dismissal last week and I came in the engine, ha everyone was surprised to see me.

But yeah we do a lot of calls, its June and we are already at 528 calls" " Yeah I like the ladder truck, and ha she was so surprised to see that, we don't know what happened, but I saw the girls staring at you and it was kinda weird.

Knowing that we're like dating." " Wait, DATING?????? Since when Tor???

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But I don't mind the girls staring at me, it is really kind of nice and wanted. Remember 8th grade when no one liked me thinking I would never do anything, well look at me now, strong, well liked and having fun." " Yeah we're dating, didn't you get the text that I sent you last Friday when you were over my house meeting my cousin Macenzie?

How could you have missed it" " Sorry I didn't see that Tor, but anyway here is Ladder 90, next to it we have Engine 90, and Next to Engine is Heavy Rescue 90, which is for like car crashes with people trapped. And now you can take your t-shirt off. We got the station to ourselves now." " Mmm oh ok Billy, you wanna see something?" " Yeah sure, what is it Tor?" " It is my silk see through bra, with my nipples showing Billy, do you like this?" Trying to hide the massive erection growing through his fire pants, " Holy moly Tor!

I don't know what to say to that! Besides holy shit and what the hell are you doing that for! There are cameras in the apparatus area! They'll see you!." Victoria starts walking backwards into the bedroom area, " Come and play Bill, I know you have been waiting for this since the 8th grade, and I know you have been peeking at my field hockey skirts in the fall." " Jesus, how the hell did you know Hot blonde bounces hard on a bbc was looking!

And really?

Um I don't know what you are getting at but sure I will come and 'play' with you." " Do you have any condoms? I always love the look of latex on men, ha ha no I really hate condoms. Don't wear one Billy." " Victoria, did you just suggest that we fuck each other???

No I am not going to do that, come on let's be real here." " Yeah I want to have sex, I wanna have your big firefighter cock inside my virgin pussy. Please hurry!" " NO! I am not going to have sex with you! Not here at least, ok now please understand." Victoria comes closer as she starts taking off her short classic teenage girl shorts revealing a little purple thong with a silk white outline, lovely girl sucks and strokes girlfriend and homemade You know you want to Bill, I know you want to, you love the way you see me, I can tell you do from your firefighter pants.

Come on kiss me babe." " Ok fine Ill have sex and believe me I have been waiting for this since 8th grade"- Walks to Victoria and starts to undress while making out with the blonde hair blue eyed goddess of a friend.

Then as the action gets more intense Bill takes off his fire fighter pants, and his shorts revealing his massive 8 and a half inch cock, as then Victoria all of a sudden just strips down into the nude revealing her perfect 38 C size boobs and cleanly shaven virgin pussy. " Bill I love you soo much, put it inside me, your big thick cock I want It inside you!

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Please babe, I want you so much." " Victoria, you got it whatever you want, I wanna take your virginity away, its better then those crappy boyfriends in freshman and junior year. Huh?" As he starts inserting his cock into the tight virgin of Victoria he realized that he forgot something, the most important part of sex.

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The grabbing of her perfect little ass. As he grabs her ass he then inserts his long cock into her thrusting hard and fast until she is groaning in ecstasy with the rhythm of his cock in her.

"Harder Bill, Harder! I want you to cum in me! Please babe!" As Bill starts pumping and pumping his cock into her pussy, he feels her pussy tighten up in preparation for her orgasm, then as she orgasm he pumps harder until his big cock releases this load that was the mother of all loads into his best friend's pussy. " Bill I will always remember this, I love you, thank you for fucking me like the little nasty girl that I am.

Let's do this again sometime huh?" " Haha sure Victoria I would love to fuck you again, especially in the summer." The two passionately kiss for a few minutes then get dressed, and as Victoria leaves xxx elsa jean huge cock fire house she gives one more hug and kiss to Bill, knowing that she has found her fuck buddy for the summer before college.