Wild deepthroating from cute playgirl blowjob pov

Wild deepthroating from cute playgirl blowjob pov
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CAUTION: This story is not politically correct. It includes the humiliation and degradation of willing and maybe not so willing black women. The "n" word is used liberally. Although Myrna Two grannies fuck each other with big dildo family history actually began long before she was born, her story starts twenty years ago when she was fifteen years old and living with her mother Gloria in a two bedroom apartment.

Back then the rubenesque black woman was a chubby teenager with well developed breasts and hips for a girl of her age. She had a cute face framed with straightened collar length hair. Her glasses gave her an almost bookish appearance. Like her daughter, Gloria was a large, attractive, dark skinned woman with deep brown eyes and ample female attributes. She'd given birth to Myrna when she was eighteen years old, making her thirty three at the time she introduced her daughter to the family's secret.

Recently, Myrna had started dating Dylan, a sixteen year old white boy with long brown hair. He was definitely a "hands on" type of boyfriend and the black girl had to be on guard when she was alone with him. Secretly, she enjoyed the attention and liked the fact that he couldn't keep his hands off of her even though he did get a little rough with his awesome teen fucking action with a chick smalltits and homemade and squeezing from time to time.

However, she didn't want to appear to be some kind of slut, so she fended off his advances once he'd gotten a bit of a feel. She also liked the fact that she had a white boyfriend. Although she'd been accused of "thinking she was white" by black girls at the school, Myrna attributed it to jealousy on their part.

To her, a white boy had chosen her and not them and that made her special. It was a day in the spring when Myrna brought Dylan home with her after school. Her mother was going to be working late and the young teenager wanted to be alone with her new boyfriend where they wouldn't be caught by classmates or teachers.

Immediately after entering the empty apartment, Dylan took hold of Myrna by the shoulders and kissed her full on her thick soft lips. She didn't resist when he pushed his tongue into her mouth. Encouraged, the white boy started working his hand up her blouse. "Not here," said Myrna, pushing his hand away.

"Let me make sure my mom's not here." After a quick check of the apartment confirmed that the two teenagers were alone, they went to her bedroom. As soon as they sat on the bed, Dylan had Myrna on her back, his lips pressed to hers, and his sexy little brunette jynx maze loves to ride and get fucked rough up her blouse. "Lemme under your bra," he said. "I wanna feel your tits. They're so big." "Just stay on top of it for now," she replied.

"Maybe later." The make out session went on for a while before Dylan started pushing Myrna's bra up over her breasts. She figured she'd put up enough resistance and didn't try to stop him. Actually, his hands felt good on her bare breasts and she loved being handled by him. After a few minutes of that, Myrna felt Dylan's hand going down the front of her jeans, but over her panties. She squeezed her legs together to keep him from touching her pussy.

The colored girl knew her panties had to be damp down there and she didn't want him to know how aroused she was or there'd be no holding him back. "C'mon, Myrna.," he pleaded, "open your legs." "Not yet.," she told him.

"You can touch my dick if you want," offered Dylan. "I don't mind." "I figured you wouldn't," Myrna replied. "You wanna?" he asked. "'kay," she answered. Dylan got up in the bed on his knees and unfastened his belt. Myrna watched as he pulled his jeans and shorts down. His erection sprung out. She'd never seen an erect penis up this close before and she couldn't take her eyes off it. "Go ahead," he coaxed her.

"Touch it." Reaching out, Myrna's hand brushed against the white boy's cock. It twitched in response to her touch. She ran a finger down the length of it, causing further involuntary movement. Watching it closely, she wrapped her hand around it.

Dylan's dick exploded. Several strong blasts of thick white liquid shot out, the first one hitting the black girl in the face the rest on her chest.

"Oh, shit!" exclaimed Dylan. Myrna was surprised by the suddenness of it and startled by the feel of hot semen on her face. A few drops were on her glasses. Had she really done that? "Sorry 'bout that," Dylan apologized, embarrassed. "I couldn't help it." "Wow.," remarked Myrna, still absorbing what had happened. Just then, they heard the sound of the front door to the apartment closing. "Shit!" breathed Myrna. "My mom's home!" The two teenagers quickly stood up.

Myrna pulled her bra back down over her breasts. Pulling her cum spattered blouse back down, she could see the wet spots on it, but realized there was nothing to be done about it now. Dylan was busily pulling up his pants as the colored girl wiped the semen off her glasses.

"Myrna?" called her mother from front room. "Are you home?" "Yes, mom!" Myrna called back. "I'll be right out!" Myrna stepped out into the hallway with Dylan right behind her. Gloria was standing in the living room looking right at them. "Um, this is Dylan.," said Myrna.

"We were just workin' on a school project." "Hello, Dylan," smiled Gloria. "Hi," replied Dylan awkwardly. "I. gotta go now. Nice meetin' you., Missus Mason." Dylan walked past the older woman and opened the door. "See ya tomorrow, Myrna," he said, letting himself out.

After Dylan was gone, Myrna remained standing in the hallway, waiting for the inevitable scolding. After all, she'd just been busted in the middle of her most involved make out session with her boyfriend. She could see Gloria's eyes taking in the view of her cum stained blouse and was certain her mother knew what the wet spots were and how they got there.

"So, you were workin' on a school project.," Gloria started. "Looks like it was a messy one." Myrna stood shamefaced, unable to reply. "Tell me, Myrna, is Dylan your boyfriend?" "Well.

I guess so." "You're not sure? You bring some boy home with you an' you're not sure if he's your boyfriend?" "We're jus'. you know. hangin' out together." "Is that what you were jus' doin'?" queried Gloria.

"Yeah," Myrna admitted. "Looks like amber takes her bikini off for you mighta been doin' more 'n jus' hangin' out, girl," said Gloria. "I hope you remember what I tol' you 'bout usin' protection. You don't wanna get knocked up while you still in school." "Mom!" protested Myrna. "We're not havin' sex!" "No?" "No! We were jus'.

you know. foolin' around. That's all." "Uh huh," Gloria replied dubiously. "Jus' foolin' around, huh? What's that on your blouse?" Myrna blushed with embarrassment. At the same time she was getting a little annoyed at Gloria's questioning, especially now that she was starting feel like her mother was making fun of her by pointing out the wet spots on her blouse.

"All right," said Myrna with irritation. "If you wanna know so bad. I was playin' with his cock an' he adorable girlie plays with dildo softcore and amateur off all over it! Satisfied?" "So you were givin' him a hand job, huh?" suggested Gloria.

"No," replied Myrna. "I wasn't givin' him a *hand job*. I was jus' touchin' it, that's all. I'm not a slut!" "Seriously?" asked Gloria. "You just touched it?" "Uh, yeah.," Myrna answered, puzzled. "I touched it an' then I kinda grabbed it an' he shot off on me." "I'm impressed," said Gloria.

"You musta had him pretty worked up to get him to nut jus' from that." "Um. Aren't you. like. pissed at me?" stammered Myrna. "Pissed at you?" Gloria responded. "No. Sounds like you did pretty good to me." "I. don't get it.," Myrna said, mystified at her mother's reaction. "You got a white boyfriend an' you can get him so worked up that he nuts jus' from you touchin' his dick. I'm proud of you.

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You oughta be, too." "Wait. You're proud of me?" "Aren't you?" asked Gloria. "How does it make you feel to have a white boy want you that way? Don't you like makin' him feel so good?" "Well., I like it.," Myrna answered. "It makes me feel. kinda special. But. you don't think that's wrong?

I mean. feelin' special 'cause of that. Doesn't that mean I'm tryin' to be white or somethin'?" "What gave you that idea?" "Girls at school said that." "Black girls," said Gloria. "Right?" "Yeah.," Myrna replied. "They's jus' jealous. You got a white boy an' they don't.

A white boy wants you an' not them. Don't go listenin' to dumb ass niggas like that, girl. There's nothin' wrong with feelin' special, 'cause you are special." Myrna was still stunned from the way her mother was taking this.

A few minutes ago, the teenager was afraid she'd end up grounded or forbidden to see Dylan any more. Instead, Gloria seemed to actually be happy about the whole thing and was even proud of her. "So you don't mind me bein' with him?" asked Myrna. "You don't mind us. foolin' around like that?" "Jus' make sure you don't get knocked up," Gloria answered.

"That's all I mind about." "I won't get knocked up." Gloria went off to start dinner leaving Myrna standing there. Apparently, that would be the end of the discussion.

* * * After dinner, the phone rang. Myrna answered it. "Hello?" "Hey, Myrna. It's Dylan." "Hi, Dylan." "Hey, I hope it was cool that I jus' split when your mom came home like that.

I mean, I figured it'd be best for me to get out." "It's cool." "Did she freak?" "No. It was weird. It was like she didn't mind at all." Myrna thought about telling Dylan that her mother was actually happy about her bringing a white boyfriend home, but decided to leave that out.

"Wow, I was afraid she'd be pissed. I'm glad she wasn't. I don't want your mom pissed at me the first time she meets me. She doesn't think I'm some kind of pervert after her daughter, does she?" "No," laughed Myrna. "She doesn't think that." "Cool," replied Dylan. They chatted for a bit more before hanging up.

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* * * Nothing more was said about what had happened that small tiny teen young petite my very first creampie until Myrna was about to go to bed and was saying good-night to her mother.

"I didn't mean to embarrass you an' your boyfriend today," said Gloria. "You can tell Dylan he can come over even if I's here an' I'll leave y'all alone to do what you want." "I dunno.," said Myrna.

"He might feel a little weird 'bout. doin' stuff while you're here. I think I would, too." "I un'erstan'," Gloria told her. "I'll be workin' late again tomorrow, so y'all can have the place to yourselves 'til six. Jus' close your door an' I won't bother you." "'kay," replied Myrna. Myrna went to bed and thought about all that had happened that day.

She wondered how Dylan would react when she told him what her mother said. It was almost like Gloria was encouraging her daughter to bring her boyfriend over while she was there. It was all very confusing.