Arya fae gave her boyfriend dylan a hot blowjob

Arya fae gave her boyfriend dylan a hot blowjob
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" Bandida peruana en story xxx hate her. I hate her. I HATE HER " I heard my son shouting in anger. In normal circumstances I would have thought his girlfriend had dumped him. But this time I knew he was talking about me. Tears were flowing through my face like unending raindrops.

" What did I do to deserve this ? My son who usually is calmcaringgentle and kind is shouting at ME ". My name is sharlie. My son's name is Charles. My husband who died 18 years ago in plane crash was a very wealthy man and after his death I had to take care of everything. I didn't have time for myself. so its obvious I didn't pay much attention to my son either. But he had grown into a fine man. He celebrated his 18th birthday yesterday. Actually he was born one day after my husband's Death.

I am 36. Got pregnant at 17. 126 lbps. Dark long hair. I still look like I am in my 20s. Having a nice bodyI often get the eyes from men.

About my son only 5 foot 10 inch long (don't know about the cock yet).

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Masculer bodyprobably bacause he plays soccer so much. 160 lbps. Has a beautiful face and basically he is good in everything he does. Now that the introduction is over lets get on with our story. On his last birthay my son invited his friendsboth boys and girls. It was getting late and I said hot lesbians get frisky out by the pool I am going to bed as I have office tomorrow.

Be sure to turn the lights off when u kids are finished and keep the sound low ". they agreed. I went to bed. But in the middle of night I suddenly woke up. Don't know why But I just looked through the window and saw something I really should have avoided. But I couldn't take my eyes of it. I saw them KISSING and ENJOYING each others touch. Its like everyone had a pair EXCEPT my son. He was sitting there lonely staring at the sky.

I know its no big deal to see teenagers kissing but for someone like me who hasn't been touched by man for last 18 yearsIt was the greatest turn on I had in last 18 years. SureI masturbated but due to my family condition it was probably only thrice in each week. I was so turned on that I had to take care of myself not once but four times. The next day while working I couldn't put my mind into it.

Yesterdays event was flashing my mind making me wet. I already changed my underware three times after coming to my office. So I decided to go to a bar and have a few drinks.

I thought probably alchohol will help me distract mysel from yesterday .Unfortunately I started having a little too much drink as I was really getting drunk and I was 10 times more horny than usual.

Because of that I couldn't stop a nice looking guy when he advanced towards me. I don't even know how it happened but I actually ended up inviting him to my home for HAVING FUN. I was having such an amazing time wih him in my BED untill I herad my son. Looking at the clock I thought " I must bepretty drunk. His college wont be finished untill two more hours ." I was moaning in pleasure saying " Oh yes ! more more. Hareder baby Harder. Oh noI am cumming again.

Oh ! No ". Then a kick on my door and it was open cause I forgot to lock it. or more impotantly even if I had locked itit would probably be broken. I saw my son standing in the door. The anger I could sense in him looking at US was enough to make me tremble. He rushed into the room like tornedo pushed the man away from me. Gave me a sheet and started beating that man to death. I never saw him Yelling at someone rather than now seeing him Beating to death. God he was strong.

His muscles were so much visible that I couldn't take my eyes off it. I was slapped back to the real world by screaming. The man was bagging him to stop saying " Please I beg you don't hurt me. I swear I didn't do anything". My son said "U bastardson of a bitchamong all the women in the city u had to come after my mother.

I am fucking gonna kill u. I will kick u till my legs are brokenu …&hellip. ". It was surprising to hear him say thatbut I couldn't let that man get hurt for my mistake. He didn't do anything forcefully. tammys big tits jiggle then her pussy drips from double creampie p

"Stop. That's enough Charles " - I roared. He stopped immediately. That man barely collected his clothes and ran before my son could hit him again. Suddenly I realized that I was naked as when I stood the sheet which was covering my body fell. And more importantly HE was staring at me. The anger in his eyes were gone.

" U are so so beautiful "I heard him mumbling. Of course I heard Yet I asked " What did u say ". I said that snap him into reality. Oh noI actually wanted him to say that again. " I am a pervert " I thought to myself. " Now get out of my room. We will talk about this later ".

After taking the shower I thought a bit about what to say. I could make up a story. But I didn't feel like lying to my only son. When I was getting downI saw him waiting in the table with a worried look in his face. " Now that is weired. He never sits so close to the table " I thought to myself.

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Whatever that's off little concern now. " Didn't you go to college " I asked. " When did u starting to bother weather I go to college or not. All u do is go to officeeat and sleep " he answered. It was obvious that he was angry that I let that man go. He doesn't talk that way. " Watch that tounge of urs. I am ur mother after alland about taody &hellip.

" I told him everything except I saw them having fun. I thought he would understand if I tell the truth. After I finished I looked at him. What the fuck. There was tears in his eyes.

Flowing like a river. That was not only unexpected but also broke my heart in many pieces. I never made him, happy or laugh. But I made him cry. . " How could u ? How could u do that to me. I loved u and this is what I get in return ?

" he stopped yelling. That's not something I expected. I thought he might be angry but this is beyond my expectations. He stood up started walking towards his room. I could clearly sere there was a tent in his pants. " Stop looking at that " I said to myself. He stopped before stepping in the stairs and said " I shouldn't have burge in like thatI am sorry. it was my mistake to interfare in ur business "he stopped for a while and then said " I need to tell u this final thingI HATE Ubrunette babe screwed in pussy and butt by black dicks interracial gangbang " then he went upstairs like a rocket.

Before my senses came to reality he was gone. he said he hated me. " if even he hates me then whats the meaning of my existance ? The only reason I continued my life after my husbands death was for him. He is all I have. If he doesn't need me anymore then why am I still alive ? " I started to have such strange questions. " He is just a bit angry.

He really doesn't hate me. YesHe did say he loved me. He cant hate me. Theres no way " I said to myself. I could hear him saying he hates me from downstairs. 15 DAYS LATER. I got a call from his friend. " Ohhey aunt. How are u ? Where is Charles now ? He hadn't come to college nearly 15 days.

If he doesn't come to college tomorrow then he wont get the admit card to go to exam. Is he alright ? " He kept talking without waiting for a reply. " he babe elsa loves lick lexis juicy ass alright now. He was a bit sick last few days. don't worry. And thanks for caring for him " I replied.

" Ok bye aunt " he said and caut the line. I must talk to himthinking this I made my way to my car and head home. when I reched home it fealt like a ghost house for no reson. I knocked his door 5 times but no answer. just when I decided to burge inhe said " Who is it ? I don't need breakfast. I said it already. just let me sleep and go away ". " Charles come to the table. We need to talk " I said and went to the table to wait. Our maid gave us our food. I hired her after that incident as I was ashamed of talking to him.

I told her that she can go home as I will be staying home today. He came and he was still in him pazamas. " what is it …&hellip. MOTHER ! Why are u at home ?

don't have something more important to doin ur office or probably in ur bedroom ? " He asked. " Controlling my anger I saidno. I took a vaccation. I heard u didn't go to college for last 15 days.

why is that ? If u are still sad about that incident yhen u should forget about that. I did say beeg girl wet maxim 65 " I said. " What ever " he said angrily. " Watch that tounge of urseven aftereverything happenedI AM ur MOTHER. don't talk to me in that tone " I said rather harshly. " U shouldn't say that to me after what u did. Did u even know how hard it was for me to share u with DAD.

I had to tell myself that it happened before my birth. the thought of u loving someone else other than me is enough to get me a heartattack. And u were exposing urself to a low class human like that guy. And more importantly u don't even know him at all. If u needed someyhing I could help.

Or is that I am not enough for u ? Seeing u like that destroyed everything in my life. My hopedream and my LOVE " he said and ran away. I was speechless. I couldn't say anything. He loved medidn't he. I just ruined everything for him.

there was a evil growing inside me telling me " Don't u understand. He cares for u more than a son should care for her mother. He loves chastity lynne was always a horny gal like a true LOVER. that's why he doesn't want to share u. If u go to him then he is all urs " that evil said to me. " Nou shouldn't do that. he is ur son after all " the mother inside me told me that.

" why don't u put ur hand between ur legs and find out who is telling the truth ? " my evel side said.

I don't know why but I didand to my surprise I was WET as hell. How cold I get wet by my son. I couldn't believe it. I wanted to run to his roomrip off his cloth and fuck like a maniac right then.

But I decided to think about this for a while. I had to take care of me many times in only few hours. I was surprised to see him during supper. I couldn't help but notice how beautiful man he has turned into.

" Theres no way He would think of me that way " I said to myself. " Why don't u ask him then. After all that has happened wahts the problem ?" my inner self said brazzer stepmom step son in hotel room me. I decided to test my luck. " Do u love me Charles ?" I asked. " I did" he said looking at me. " I mean as a &hellip.a … a WOMANnot as a mother.

. " I managed to ask. "What if I did ? What would u do then ? Can u take back what u did with that man ?" he askedhoping for answer. I didn't say anything. After eating we went our separate ways. " see I told u that he is urs" that evil said to me. " So what if he loves as a woman. Most teenage boys is like that.

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that doesn't mean their mother gives themselves to their son" the mother inside me said that. " Don't listen to her. She is just jealous. Go and claim what rightfully belongs to u. U know u want him and u want him bad" the evil said to me. I couldn't hold it sexy blonde masturbates for old guy and wants fucking me anymore. I went towards his room.

I entered in his room without knocking. He was asleep. I woke him up and placed my lips on his before he could say anything. we stayed that way for a while. he didn't protested at all.

then removing my body from him I said " U love meright. Then will u accept this shameless old body of mine ? will u take care of me like ur father used to ? Will u love me till my death in the same way ?". He kissed my lips and said " u r not old. U r sexy and beautiful. But I wont take care of u like father. I will take care of u in my own way and I will love u like this forever ." We didn't need any more words to be spoken. Our kiss became aggressive. we invaded each others mouth with our tounge.

our tounges were dancing toigether. it almost made me cum. then I felt his hands inside my bra. it was softtingeling and I never felt anything like that. soon we were undressed and loving each other touch. When I grabbed his cock I was surprised. it was like 7 inch long and a very nice grip as well.

He started to moan. When I licked the pre cum in his cocks head it tasted like haven. " I want to taste urs mother" he said. we were locked in 69 position for at least 30 minutes. We both lobed the way we were. When he locjed my clit I came.

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He made me cum 1 more time by only licking. He let his tounge enter my love canal I was in haven. But there was more to come. He got over me in the missonary position and placed his cock in front of my canal and said " Are u sure about this. U will be mine after we do this and there is no turning back ." I replied that by tightening my grip on his neck and pushing the tip of his cock inside me. He groaned. His cock was bigger than anything I ever took inside me.

I was in heaven. I started to say " Oh yes baby. Fuck me. Fuck ur mother and make me cum. Fill me with ur juice. Make me urs ." " I am gonna fuck u mother till u cant take it anymore. Oh I have dreamed about it so long ." " I am cumming … oh yes &hellip. Cummmmmiiingg…" "I am cumming to mother. Oh GOD its so wonderful inside u. I love u mother ." " I love u too ." WE both came together. we fucked in many different position that night.

Its been 4 years since that day and I couldn't be happier in this last four years. I am so happy that I have such a caring son .