Couples love to do some amazing swaps

Couples love to do some amazing swaps
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"AARON", Jake said. "What?" said his mother "I thought I'd take Aaron on holiday with me", said Jake with lots of excitement. "We knew you would take your best friend" his dad mumbled, "so we already asked him and his parents who said if you wanted Aaron to go on holiday with you then he could". "All you need to do is go round to Aarons house and tell him, as we leave in a week".

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So off Jake went, taking the long walk round to Aaron's house in the scorching heat. As he approached the driveway, he noticed that there was no car parked in it, indicating that they were out. However he still proceeded to go up to the door and ring the doorbell as knew that there would always be someone around. After ringing the doorbell twice the door opened and leaning in the doorway was the most gorgeous looking boy you would ever see.

Aaron. He stood there wearing nothing but shorts showing of his sweating 14 yr old body to the world, his long shoulder length brownish blonde hair shimmering in the sun. "Hi", he said in a deep, almost sexual voice. "Come in" "Your Parents not around" said Jake? "No" said Aaron in an almost pleased voice. "But I'm here" "Good" said Jake "cos its you I want to speak to".

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"I wanted to know if…" "If I'd go on holiday to Spain with you" said Aaron half expecting him to ask that question. "Cos I'd love to" said Aaron staring into the boys deep blue eyes. Jakes face lit up as he stared at Aaron's body knowing that this would be the boy he would be sharing an apartment with.

Jake filled Aaron in with all the details about the holiday making sure he knew exactly what was going on and when it was happening and they sat chatting in the afternoon heat like they were as close as brothers. Jake then asked Aaron if he could use the toilet to which Aaron said yes, but that he had to use the upstairs one as the downstairs toilet had just been cleaned. As Jake walked up the stairs to the bathroom, he felt a churning in his stomach. Was the thought of spending a 10 night holiday in Spain with Aaron actually turning him on?

He knew that Aaron Masturbated and Aaron knew that Jake did the same, but they had never tried anything sexual together and more to the point, never (to his knowledge) had sexual thoughts about each other.

So the fact that Jake might be getting turned xxx sex stories story katrina kaif ki by Aaron was worrying him.

Has he pulled down his shorts ready to take a piss, thinking of Aaron's hot body, his dick started to harden in his hand. Now this he couldn't believe. He was getting a hard on thinking of Aaron. He may look a million dollars but this had never happened before. He took a piss and was just about to put away his dick when it got harder again, this time with a feeling so intense Jake couldn't believe it.

A thought then came to this horny 14 yr old.

He hadn't wanked off in 5 days and desperately needed to go, but could he do it in his friend's house? Could he unload his hot sticky 14 yr old boy juice into his friend's toilet?

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Of course he could. Has he started to slowly wank the shaft all the thoughts of Aaron and the holiday they would be spending together came flooding into his mind. Faster and faster he pumped as wave after wave of pleasure engulfed the tip of his dick. He was just about ready to cum. Here we go she mail girl on girl moaned. The cum was just about to explode when "are you ok in there".

The voice of Aaron calling from the hallway stopped him in his tracks. He quickly pulled up his shorts and walked into the hallway to find Aaron standing on the stairs with just his shorts on revealing his hot muscular sweaty body. This sent Jake over the edge as his hard dick started to spurt ropes of hot sticky cum into his shorts and onto his balls. "Yeah I'm fine" said Jake in a half out of breath voice. "Cool" said Aaron who walked down the stairs leaving a cum soaked Jake standing in the hallway.

Jake rushed back to the bathroom to sort out his dick pumping out ever last drop and cleaning up the mess he had made in his shorts. As he entered the kitchen where Aaron was sitting he felt uneasy. Aaron kept looking at him in a strange way, staring particularly at Jakes crotch. Had Aaron noticed Jake Cumming in his shorts when he asked if he was alright? Jake hoped not starting to fret thinking of all the bad things that could happen.

They knew that each other wanked off but that was years ago. Weather Aaron was still as open about it today was another matter. He thought he had better leave has his nerves got the better of him so made his excuse. Just had Aaron got up to open the front door and let him out, Jake noticed a slight tent in Aaron's loose fitting shorts.

Had Aaron actually saw Jake cum and was turned on by it or was Aaron just as horny as Jake was? Jake rushed home eager to tell his parents the good news that's Aaron could come.

Just then Aaron's parents turned up at the door to speak to Jakes parents just to confirm the details about the holiday. As both sets of parents went on about the planning for the holiday it seemed like it would never come. The week went on forever as Jake slowly but surly counted down the days until they would be boarding the plane and heading of to Spain On the night before they were due to leave Jake lay in his bed thinking of Aaron like he had never done before.

Has he lay there with his hard dick sticking out of his boxers he put his hand down there to start to have another wanking session.

However he stopped himself before he started anything. "Why am I wanking off now" he thought. "I better save it up for the holiday next week".

Little did he know that during that holiday he would be the only one wanking off To be continued…………………………………………&hellip.