Teen riley star getting his instructors huge dick

Teen riley star getting his instructors huge dick
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This is the continuation of a multi-part story involving the domination of Stacy the Asian pharmacist. I have also posted a picture of her in the "How to post pics" thread in the forum, so readers can have a visual reference as to what Stacy looks like. Held in a cold, darkened room with no idea where she is, Stacy the Asian pharmacist has been tied up and forced to ride the hardened cock of Duke, the leader of a group of horny frat guys who kidnapped her on Halloween.

Duke finally blasts his load, cumming deep inside Stacy, who shudders in unanticipated orgasm, unwillingly collapsing against his chest. As his friends cheer and clap, Duke runs his fingers through her hair and whispers to her what a good girl she is. There's the sound of the winch again, and the tension from the ropes returns to Stacy's arms and waist as she's raised up and her throbbing wet pussy is lifted away from Duke's cock.

Stacy shakes her head in disbelief; "Did that really just happen?" she thinks.and yet the moistness of the mingled pussy juice and semen dripping from between her legs attests to the reality of the situation: she's trapped, she's just been fucked against her will, and it's obvious this group of frat-house guys thinks of her pussy as nothing but a toy for their enjoyment.

Stacy struggles against the ropes holding her, trying her best to get free.but the tension in her arms, waist and now her shoulders demonstrates how useless it is. She feels as if she's about to dislocate a shoulder, so she stops, and the tears flow freely down her face. Another one of the guys--a muscular black guy this time--steps forward, his erection pointing directly at her as he appears out of the shadows.

Stacy shakes her head, begging to be set free, but he only smiles as he runs his eyes lasciviously up-and-down her body. He walks around behind Stacy, raising her skirt and cupping her smooth baby-buns in his hands. He's surprisingly gentle, even when he squeezes her ass cheeks.

He then turns to Duke and asks, "Do we really need this?" Duke and his buddies say no, and the black guy pulls Stacy's skirt off all the way, exposing her glistening pussy and tight ass for all to non stop joy for adorable babe with jugs naturaltits hardcore Stacy bows her head in shame, sobbing. He reaches around, fondling her tits as he rubs his hard black cock in between her legs from behind.

Stacy can't help it; the friction of his black hot blonde teen gives bj bandits of bondage rubbing against her engorged clit and seeing her own juices moistening his cock as it slides back-and-forth between her legs is turning her on, no matter how much she tries to deny it. "Please.no more." she begs, whimpering, and for a moment she's convinced he's stopped out of some measure of sympathy.

But he's only stopped so that he can pick up the chair and place it behind her.

The winch sounds and Stacy's partly grateful as she's lowered and the tension in her muscles relaxes slightly. The black guy sits down, his erection pointing straight up as Stacy's Asian pussy is lowered onto it, and to her shock, it actually feels wider and thicker than Duke's!

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Stacy cries out--in pain, shock, surprised pleasure--she just doesn't know anymore. And even as his black shaft fills her up, Stacy realizes yet again that his friends are standing by with their cocks in hand, readying to fuck her sweet pussy. She can't stand the thought of being taken again and again, and yet the idea of being desired by so many hard cocks, each waiting their turn, hardens her nipples to the point of soreness.

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The black guy reaches around, holding Stacy by her slender waist, her arms still tied behind her back(which rests against his chest) and begins lifting her up and down on his cock. The feel of his strong hands, the fact that she's so helpless to stop it, the pleasureful thickness of his hard cock inside her surprisingly warm and wet pussy, are more than Stacy can stand, and before she knows it, she's gladly keeping her legs spread over his own, allowing him to fully fill her snatch as he raises her up and down, her beautiful B-cup tits bouncing in unison.

Before long, Stacy's crying out "Yes!

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YES! YES!!" and she cums seconds before he unloads his sperm into her. Will the baby be white or black, she abruptly finds herself wondering.and as she gratefully collapses against his chest and he turns her head to bestow a kiss, for one brief moment a thought suddenly enters Stacy's mind about all the hardened cocks waiting in the shadows for her: Bring it on.!

The winch sounds again, and the black guy aids it in gently lifting Stacy off his cock. He stands, turns her on the rope holding her up and plants a deep tongue-kiss, which she returns only because she's in such shock. Stacy's never had a black dick in her life, and this was one of the more amazing things to happen to her, in spite of hot blonde bounces hard on a bbc helpless condition in which she finds herself.

As the black guy walks away, another white guy comes forward. "Hey, baby," he says pleasantly as he grabs the rope around her waist and tugs on it, pulling her toward the couch. Stacy glances up, and can now see the rope is attached to a pulley in the ceiling. As he slides Stacy over to the couch like a piece of meat on a hook in a butcher shop, she wonders when this will all end?

Stacy wonders if her husband has gotten around to missing her and called the police yet.she has no idea, thanks to the dizziness of the chloroform the guys pushed on her earlier at the small community store where she works, or how long she's been here, wherever chubby kim the real bukkake cum bucket gangbang and brunette is.

The new guy sits on the couch, and tugging on the rope, he unhooks it from the pulley and easily catches Stacy's 5'4" frame in his arms just as she starts to fall to the couch. He lays Stacy down, spooning with her, and she weakly asks him to please stop this.

Weakly, because while a part of her is worried about getting out of here, another part--that mysterious lady between her legs--is curious to experience all the different sizes and shapes of cock these guys have to offer.

He reaches around, grabbing firmly onto Stacy's tits and kneading the erect nipples and soft, sensual flesh between his fingers as he kisses her cheek and blows in her ear. Stacy closes her eyes, trying to fight the warmth between her legs, as her pussy stirs at the blowing in her ear. He releases one of her breasts and Stacy doesn't fight it anymore as he uses one hand to lift her leg up, and enters her pussy from behind.

Stacy moans, beginning to give in to her own lust, and through half-open eyes she sees another guy approaching the couch. This other guy half-kneels on the couch in front of Stacy's face, and her mouth opens automatically almost against her will, allowing him to slip his cock inside it. He gently holds onto the back of her head, guiding Stacy's mouth back-and-forth around his dick as she starts sucking it eagerly while the other guy fucks her pussy from behind and both men fondle her beautiful little tits.

"Mmmmm.mmmMMMmmmmm.MMMMM!" Stacy moans around his cock over and over, as she tries to take in the taste of every inch of it. The world fades away, all fears for her safety fades away.and to Stacy's surprise, even thoughts of her family's worry about her fades away as Stacy sucks and fucks for at least another good 30 minutes, happy to have both of her masters release their seed into her mouth and wet, warm(and happy) vagina.

(To be concluded.)