Ivy rose shows her sexy body and fucks her pussy

Ivy rose shows her sexy body and fucks her pussy
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(I DO NOT CONDONE THE USE OF DRUGS OR ALCOHOL ESPECIALLY BY MINORs, IT'S NOT OKAY!! ALSO, THAT'S GONNA BE IN THIS STORY,!!! AND DON'T DO!!!!) Friday in the Reed house was very exciting for all three of its residents.

Maria had another date with Mr. Forest, while Brook and Will were both going to go to a party with Lynn and Blane that night, and like all parties Lynn and Blane went to, there was bound to be the usual drugs, booze, sex, and other fun illegal things. Outside of the Reed house, Haley and Pierce were going on a date that night, their first one in over two weeks.

Pierce was nervous, though he and Will had gotten over the incident with Ms. Lewis, he was still locked up and unable to even touch his dick. Pierce, as we have already learned, was a chronic masturbator, going at it twice a day at the least, and with the chaste even restraining erections, he was on edge from the lack of sexual release. Blane arrived at the Reed house at about six. Though he was a freshmen, Blane was sixteen, and as we covered earlier he was not the brightest bulb in the bunch, which resulted in him being held back in the eight grade.

Will and Brook left the house, and got in the back of the four door sedan, Lynn was already in shotgun. "Bye, guys!" Maria yelled and waved as they left the house, "if you're going to fuck, I'll be home at-" "Mom!" Will yelled back angrily. The drive to the party was loud and laughter filled the air. About half way to the party, Lynn leaned over the arm rest in the front of the car and opened her purse.

"See this!" She said with joy, "This is called mama's little helper!" Lynn pulled a bag of what appeared to be dried, shriveled little brown lumps. "Yeah! All right, Lynn you got them!" Blane shouted, giving Lynn a high-five. "Lynn, are those shrooms?" Will asked, a little nervously. "Why indeed they are, Will!" Lynn went on, "They're fresh from the market and ready for some fun! But don't worry, not till the party!" "Lynn, I thought you said you didn't do-" "I don't!

That's why this is so exciting! Right Blane?" "Yep! I remember when I did it for the first time.well not really but you get it" "Just don't do anything crazy, guys", Brook spoke up, "Your our ride home!" Brook had never seen anyone do drugs before, and she had most certainly never seen shrooms. She wasn't completely ignorant though, she had heard stories about the drug, and she was very aware of the consequences that it carried.

She looked at Diana doll anal girl 1 for reassurance, and kelly divine and jada stevens get boned smiled back and held her hand, this made her feel a little bit better. The party was held by a group of sophomores Lynn knew from another school, and like any stereotypical high school party, loud rap music blazed from the house, cars were parked everywhere in the driveway and street, and once inside, what seemed like a thousand people were dancing and grinding to the loud music.

"Party!" Lynn yelled running up to a group of complete strangers, and allowing them to grind on her, she was shortly accompanied by Blane. As Lynn was busy grinding with one of the sophomores, she slipped one of the watch violent rape of virgins out of her purse, she handed it to Blane, before taking another out for herself.

Dropping them in separate cups of spiked punch, the two yelled cheers and downed the liquor and shrooms. Brook and Will went very tight teen babe gets all holes fucked by black men interracial pornstars to the backyard were things were a little less intense.

They were probably the youngest ones there, but they were still welcomed warmly by the other kids. "Hey, guys! You must be Lynn's friends!" One of the kids said to the two, "I'm Mark, here, have a drink!" Brook and Will took the plastic cups from Mark and smelt the bitter alcohol already within it. Mark obviously saw their looks and laughed.

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"Come on you, guys! Look, it won't kill you, just try it" Shrugging, Will put the cup to his lips and took a large gulp of the drink. When he swallowed it, he shook his head and felt a little tingly. "Shit!" He said, shaking his head back and forth.

Seeing Will take a drink gave Brook much more confidence. She looked down at the rich brown liquor, and sighed. Bringing the plastic cup to her lips, Brook next took a small sip of the beer.

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"Alright! We have a party!" Mark yelled, as the other people in the yard cheered and raised their cups in the air. Lynn was not handling things as well though. She was having fun, but at the same time, she was completely out of control. Blane, on the other hand, had done shrooms multiple times, and at this point, he was slightly tolerant of them, nevertheless, he was still on a trip, and was by no means coming down.

The two were now standing on a coffee table in the TV room of the house. Blane didn't know how, but he was shirtless, and Lynn didn't know this, but she had removed her shirt, and was now wearing her bra and skinny jeans. "This is so fuckin' weird!" She yelled, looking at everything, with wonder and amazement as she twirled and thrusted on the table. To her lights were green, red was blue, green was red, everything was spinning and everything was making a noise.

"Blane!" She yelled again, "This stuff is sssooooo awesome!" "I fuckin know!" Blane yelled back. He suddenly fell from the table and landed painfully on the ground, "oh!' He moaned. The crowd around him cheered and laughed as they continued to dance and grind. Grabbing him, an unknown girl pulled him off the ground and led him to the stairs. Tripping over almost every other stair, Blane barley made it to the upstairs bedroom the girl had brought him.

At this point Blane didn't know if she was hot or not, but something in him said "sex" so he went with it. The girl and him both threw their astonishing schoolgirl gets the teachers big donger off quickly, throwing them into the corner.

"Damn, you have a nice body, Blane! But tell me how much parting do you do?" The girl seductively asked as she pulled from the bedside-table a flat plate with two lines of cocaine lined up perfectly on it. Handing Blane a metal tube about two inches long, the two snorted their individual rows and leaned back in the bed, ready to have sex.

"A-are we gonna-" "Yes we are, Blane" The girl said, guiding Blane's hand to one of her exposed tits.Blane moaned as he felt her soft tits in his palm and began to squeeze and rub it gingerly. Smiling, she pushed Blane on his back. She next leaned over him and began to suck his six inch dic, which was fully erect. Blane cheered from the sensation, as the girl slowly bobbed her head up and down on the teen's cock.

She stopped sucking to stroke it a couple of times, licked the head, and next crept up on Blane's body licking his chest as she went. "Ready, Blane?" "Oh yeah!" he said happily, the world beginning to twirl and blur.

the girl laughed at Blane's response. She reached again for the bedside table to grab a condom sitting on it. She carefully pulled the plastic over Blane's throbbing dic.

as she next inserted his covered cock into her twat, she moaned with pleasure as it slipped in to her warm and wet twat. "Ooohhh!" He moaned form the feeling. "You want to fuck me, Blane?" "Oh yeah!" "Then Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Blane got on-top of the girl and expertly began to thrust his hips into her. She moaned with pleasure as the blond haired, blue eyed boy, humped her.

"Ahhh." Blane moaned again, enjoying every minute of the warm vagina he was now plowing into. The girl kissed his neck, sucking and licking, she thrusted forward as well to meet his expertly done humping. "Oh Yeah!" She moaned into his ear. Meanwhile, Lynn was beginning to loose all control. Other girls had climbed on the table, and she was readily grinding and mounting them, waving her arms around in the air, shedding clothing, and yelling unrecognizable words to the crowd who shouted "take it off" to the baked little girl.

"I think I'm gonna strip!" She yelled to the crowd which erupted in cheers. Mark had gotten Will and Brook to drink euro hottie jenny sapphire bent over in doggystyle first drinks, and now was busy laughing and talking to the two teens.

Brook had tried to steady herself, and had not even finished her first cup, but Will, on the other hand, was down to his fourth and was pass out drunk. "You know, Will, I think you may have had enough-" Mark said, putting his hand on Will's shoulder. "N-no! It's all good, Ma-Mark!" Will said slurring his words as he did.

He gulped the rest of his drink and suddenly fell back into a lawn chair, laughing loudly to himself. "Will, I think you need to just rest!" Brook said, she felt a little buzzed, but she could tell that Will was not handling the situation well at all. Suddenly the door to the house swung on and another boy ran out, holding a plastic cup in one hand he scanned the yard for Mark. Spotting his friend, the boy waved at him and yelled.

"Hey, Mark! Some asian chick is taking off her cloths inside!" "Shit!" Brook yelled. she rushed into the house yelling, "Mark! Look after Will, I'll be right back!" "Uh.okay?" Mark said in response, as Brook ran quickly into the house. Once inside all of Brook's horrors were realized. Lynn was almost naked, only clothed by her very risqué panties and bra. Lynn was also grinding with two other girls, one chest to chest, the grinning on her.

"Lynn!" Brook yelled at her friend. "WOOO!" Lynn yelled, she grabbed the girl she was grinding front to front with by the back of the head and began to passionately kiss her. As the two began to make-out, the male party goers cheered as phones were raise to take pictures. "Lynn! Stop! You have to stop!

People are taking pictures and- UGH!!" Brook yelled. She grabbed a near by blanket from the couch and jumped up on the coffee table. Wrapping Lynn up in the blanket, she led her outside to the backyard. Pierce held Haley's hand as they walked down the street of the Gas-lamp district. Haley leaned her head on Pierce's shoulder. The night was going well for the two, they had taken a cab, and Pierce had taken them to dinner.

They now walked down the busy street, cuddling and heading to the movie theater. As they arrived at the movie theater, Haley grabbed Pierce's arm, and led him around the corner ideal chick is gaping narrow pussy in close range and getting off the ticket counter and into a secluded theatre, that had a sign reading, "NO MOVIE SHOWING" "Brook had sex with Will." Haley thought to herself, ".All me and Pierce have done is kiss.should I-I try something?" "You okay, Haley?" Pierce asked, seeing her zone out and look at the ground.

"What? Yeah, I'm fine, Pierce." Haley responded. She looked up at Pierce. His eyes were beautiful, they were almost green, but still had a hazel tint to them, his face was also gorgeous.

There probably wasn't another boy as handsome as Pierce in all of California. Smiling, Haley looked into Pierce's eyes, "I love you, Pierce" "I love you too, Haley", Pierce said back, stopping and kissing her on the lips.

She returned the favor by putting her hands on his shoulders as the two began to make-out, Pierce felt himself grown hard. "OW!" he yelped as his dick was pinched by the tight fitting device. "You okay?" "Yeah, I'm good." Pierce said, as he and Haley continued to kiss. The special moment now ruined for him, Pierce tried not to think about brice bardot in alone with dick drone he was doing, nevertheless, his boner wouldn't go back down.

Haleyunaware of Pierce's chastity device, began to lower one her hands. She reached down and grabbed Pierce's dick gently, attempting to stroke it. "AHH!" Pierce groaned, his dick betraying him as it tried to expand.

"AH!" Haley yelped, feeling the device on Pierce's dick, "Wha-what is that!" Sexy lingerie lesbians fucks on casting stockings interview yelled in surprise.

She impulsively grabbed Pierce's pants and pulled them down, taking his boxers with them. Once his jeans and boxers hit the ground, they revealed the chastity device locked onto his genitals. "Haley!" Pierce yelled, pulling his jeans up quickly so as to cover his exposed boyhood, "Pierce! What the fuck was that!" Haley yelled in distress. "It-uh-it's kind of a weird story" Pierce spoke up, scratching the back of his head as Haley continued to stare with dis-belief in the direction of his locked-up dick.

"Alright turn here" Brook told Mark, as he dropped Will, Brook, and Lynn off at the Reed house, "Thank you so much, Mark, and when you find Blane, make sure he doesn't drive, okay?" "Yeah, no problem, Brook. Hey, if you or Will ever need anything just ask, this is my number." He said, writing it on the back of Brook's left hand. "Thanks, Mark, your the best." Brook said gratefully, stepping out of car while looking at her two passed out friends, "Do you think they'll be okay?" "Yeah, they should, let me help you with them." Mark said, putting the car in park and walking around to carry Will into the house while Brook carried Lynn.

Walking upstairs and into Will's bedroom, Mark and Brook lay the two down on Will's bed. "I would call her parents and tell them she's at your house" Mark said as he and Brook walked downstairs. "Thanks, Mark." Brook said happily back to him, "If they found out about this she would be screwed!" Brook thanked Mark again, and while walking him out to his car the moment he walked out the door, he stopped and turned to face Brook.

As he faced Brook face to face, Mark kissed her on the lips, slipping his tongue between her lips and into her mouth.

Not thinking, Brook allowed Mark to kiss her, and she and the boy she had just met began to make-out on the front porch. Brook leaned against the wall adjacent to the door-way and felt Mark's well developed biceps, as he continued to kiss her passionatly. Mark moved his hands expertly around Brook's body, slowly reaching under her shirt and feeling her soft tanned skin. Finding Brook's bra, he carefully slipped his hands under the piece of clothing, and felt the soft warm lumps in his hands.

Brook moved her hand down and felt Mark's hardening dick in her hand. He was much larger than Will, he felt like he was at least seven inches. Brook also loved the way he felt her tits. Not simply just leaning on them, or squeezing them like Will.

Mark was more or less, massaging her breasts in his hands, and the warmth between both her chest and his hands felt soothing and comforting to Brook. Suddenly reality hit Brook and blushing, she pulled away from Mark and stood still. She didn't know how to respond to the situation and let her mouth hang open. "B-bye, Mark!" she stuttered, darting inside the house and slamming the door behind her as she ran to the kitchen.

"Oh! OH, BLANE!" The girl moaned. "Ahhhh! Ohhhh!" Blane moaned as the mystery girl continued to ride his dick with her wet pussy, "Ahhhh! Ohhh! YES!" HE moaned loudly, feeling his dick being overwhelmed with an orgasm. The girl pulled his dick out herself, pulled of the condom, and engulfed his cock in her mouth. She twirled his circumcised dick in her mouth, licking the head and twirling her tongue around it, while stroking the shaft with her free hand. She felt his body filthy lesbian sluts suck and fuck one big hard cock and his balls retract up to his dick, and she knew he was about to blow.

"Ahhh.oooohhhhh." Blane moaned squirting his load all over his chest, as the girl pointed his cock towards him, quickly stroking Blane's dick as he let the orgasm take him away. She kissed him on the cheek as he began slowly feeling more and more tired, form the ordeal.

The girl stood form the bed, leaving Blane dazed and content with his orgasm. She walked downstairs, through the crowd of still grinding kids, and into the driveway of the house.

Starting her car she pulled out her cell phone. "How'd it go?" "Good, he snorted the substance while I snorted the sugar. That cocktail of drugs should wipe him out, especially since you had one of our agents sell that, Lynn, girl those mushrooms this afternoon.

Besides, during sex, one's heart rate increases so much that that deadly mixture will circulate through his whole body, I think he'll be dead before tomorrow morning, sir. By the way, why are we killing him? He has done nothing to our organization?" "Oh, Hayden. Yah see, to ruin someone's life, sometimes you have to ruin what's close by them, it just makes the process more agonizing for the target." "I understand, sir" Hayden responded, in her robotic like voice once more, "I understand completely" "So, she'll be there tonight and tomorrow morning?" Ms.

Chung, Lynn's mom, asked Brook. "Yes, ma'am, she will." "Well that's find. Just tell her that tomorrow she has to be home by five, we have company a six and I need her help to make dinner." "I understand, Ms. Chung." "Thank you, Brook, your such a polite girl!" Ms.

Chung said, before she hung up her phone and went back to bed. "Dammit!" Brook thought to herself, "I am so stupid!

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How could I do that? But it's okay, it's okay, no one saw me do that, I should be alright." Brook my bitchy girlfriend needs her daily anal and cumshot back and forth in the kitchen, shaking her head and sighing to herself, she thought, "Will was a handsome boy, but Mark was a handsome man. He had wavy black hair and blue eyes, he was tall and broad shouldered, he had a supermodel face and a little bit of well trimmed chin hair.

And besides external beauty, Mark was also respectful and he was incredibly nice. He was the perfect boy. But what about Will? She and him had been through so much, and they had some much in common. She had opened up to him, he was her emotional crutch and she was his. But still, Will was slightly immature and he had given into other girls multiple times. Also with Mark, Brook could defiantly tell that he had both experience and skill when it came to woman, something Will was only learning" ".GOD DAMNIT!" Brook finally yelled to herself and shaking her head, "Why!

Not this!

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I hate having to do this!" A few hours later, at about twelve, Maria returned home. Waving goodbye to Kevin from the front-porch she came inside to see Brook skulking while sitting on the couch a lone, watching TV.

"You okay, Brook?" She asked, taking off her shoes and coat. "Yeah, I just.well here's the thing. We went to that party, and Lynn got really high, and Will got really drunk, and so-" "What! Were is he! I'm going to kill that little-" "Maria! Calm down! Look, Will and Lynn are fine, they're upstairs sleeping it off." "Yeah! Sleeping it off! I swear! Tomorrow will be absolutely awful for him! I'll make sure of that!" Maria spout out. She was furious, but looked back at Brook and forced herself to calm down, "I'm sorry, Brook.

Mother's instinct. Now as you were saying?" Maria said, with slight anger in her voice as she attempted to calm down for Brook. "Right, so this kid Mark drove us home, and he's nice and funny and really really cute!And he even helped me get them upstairs and put them in Will's bed. But then.when was walking him out.when he-well.he kinda-kinda.kissed me" "Well it's not your fault.

I mean, I know Will would forgive you for that-" "That isn't all! I kissed him back! And I-I." Brook couldn't finish the rest of her sentence, there was no way she could tell Maria that she had just let Mark peculiar lesbos fill up their oversized bootys with cream and burst it out a feel on her.

"Oh!.Well I won't tell Will. I'll leave that to you, after all, I know, you know, and Mark knows, so just deal with those people first. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to go what is the name of this movie bed, good night, Brook!" Maria stated as she walked out of the TV room and into her bedroom down the small hallway.

"Good night, Maria", Brook yelled back. She walked upstairs to the guest room and plopped down on the bed, "Oh god." she thought to herself, "What the hell was I thinking!" "What is that thing, Pierce!

Why are you wearing that-that thing!" "I-I-I can't tell you, Haley! If I do-If I do Will's mom could get fired, you and Brook can get expelled, and I'll be humiliated!" "What the hell are you talking about?!

That doesn't make any sense, Pierce!" Haley yelled, she was confused, terrified and shocked at the thing she had just seen, "is someone making you wear that?" "Ye-yes, Someone is! But listen! I can't do anything about it! They can have Ms. Reed-" "Look! I just want to know, why it's on you, how it got on you, and who the hell put it there!" Haley yelled frantically as the two lovers argued loudly in the un-used movie theater.

Pierce sighed, he hated that he was such a push over, but he felt like he should tell Haley the truth, "Look, Haley", Pierce sighed, "This thing is on me so I don't-umm-well." "So you don't what, Pierce?" Haley asked, crossing her arms. "So I-I, so I don-don't.uh.masturbate." "What?" Haley responded, raising an eye-brow as she looked strangely at Pierce, "What do you mean by that? DO you even masturbate, Pierce? It's such a weird thing to-" "Haley!" Pierce yelled back, blushing as his 'habit' was pulled into question again.

"I'm just asking! I know your a guy, and so you must have masturbated, but still, thinking of you masturbating is-" "What are you saying?" Pierce asked, feeling suddenly looked down upon. "You know, Pierce? You seem so-so-innocent! I mean, do you masturbate, Pierce?" "Well I-uh-kinda.yeah, I do.but it's normal, Haley!

All guys do it and-" "So you must do it a lot, I mean whoever put that thing on you to torture you must know you do it a lot" "Haley, that's kinda personal!" Pierce yelled at his girlfriend.

"Fine. Well then, who put that thing on you?" "I-I.it was Ms. Lewis, the new English teacher." Pierce stated in a defeated manner, "She's blackmailing me and Will to do things, weird nasty things, or else she'll get Will's mom fired, and you and Brook expelled." "What?" Haley asked. She knew Pierce wouldn't lie to her, but it was still such a strange story to hear.

"Ms. Lewis? Wait a minute." Haley thought to herself. She thought about Amy Lewis's behavior around Pierce and Will. She defiantly acted like she knew something when they were around her.

She also remembered the first day of school, how Amy had blushed and left the room when she saw them, "Oh sweet baby Jesus." "Haley?", Pierce chimed in, looking at Haley's face. "Look, Pierce, I think I know what your talking about. Whenever I see her around you two, she always makes this weird face. Like she knows something.

Tell me, Pierce, what has she made you do?" "Oh, Haley.I-I really don't want to talk about it.", Pierce said as though he was depressed. He thought briefly about niki anal prolapses and squirts from a brutal dildo masturbation squirting Will's cock in his mouth, and he shuttered.

He hadn't ever even considered the possibility that he and Will would do something like that. "Pierce, come on! I'm your girlfriend, and you know I love you. Whatever it is, I know you didn't want it or like it, but just-" "She made me suck Will's dick!" Pierce blurted out. He sat on the steps of the movie theater and began to quietly cry, putting his face in the palms of his hands.

Haley sat next to him on the stairs and put her arms around him. She kissed his cheek and rubbed his back, "it's okay, Pierce. it's okay." "No it's not! Before that she put this-this thing on me! And before that she put this weird cream on my dick, and it stung really bad, and I had to go the entire day, and-and-I can't handle it!

She made me put Will's cock in my mouth! In my mouth, Haley!" Pierce shouted, still shedding tears as Haley rubbed his back. "Don't worry, I know we can do something about it, Pierce, we can find a way." .TO BE CONTINUED.BUH BUH BBBBUUUHHHHH!!!! :) HEADS UP!! NEXT CHAPTER IS SIMILAR TO THIS ONE, DRAMA AND PLOT, NOT TO MUCH EROTIC STUFF!!!! SORRY! BUT SOON THERE WILL BE SOME SUPER EROTIC STUFF, JUST WAIT!!!!