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Nacho vidal fucks nekane susy gala alma de rey amirah adara compilation and brunette
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Throughout 8th grade, I had a very good friend named Maddy. We were best friends, we talked every day to eachother.Sometimes we would even go to eachothers' house.Secretly, I had sexual thoughts about her.The first time I experienced this was when I was at the pool with Maddy one day.As she jumped into the water, I finally noticed how wonderful her body was.As I latin teen schoolgirl with a great ass games with her in the pool, I felt a stirring in my swim-suit.

I knew I had to get rid of this erection.I ran out of the pool and to the bathrooms, keeping my throbbing cock in the waistband of my swimsuit. I sat in the bathroom stall for 10 minutes rapidly stroking my cock, thinking of Maddy.I returned back into the pool as if nothing happened. One day as I was talking to Maddy, I noticed she started talking about sex a lot.

This, of course, made me horny. So, any time my dick got too hard, I would go to the nearest bathroom and jack off till I came everywhere.

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Everytime it went fine and smoothly until one day.Maddy asked why I always go to the bathroom when I'm with her, embarrassed and clueless, I just said, "I don't know". She then asked, "Are you masterbating?" I said nothing.

After I didn't say anything to her for around 30 seconds, she said "I don't care if you do." So, I came clean and told her yes.

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For the rest of the walk home, we were both silent. By the end of the school year, my sexual feelings for Maddy were full-blast. I even developed a foot fetish. Whenever I would hang out with Maddy, I would try to catch glimpses of her feet and ass. The day before the last day of school, Maddy asked me if I could come over to her house on the last day of school. At the school district I went to, every last day of school was a half day; so I figured her parents wouldn't be home for about 3 hours after the school day.

This made me hesitant, yet somehow excited. So, I went with her to her home after school. As soon as we got to her house, she kicked off her flip flops.

Just seeing her bare feet got me hard, so I flipped my erected dick into my waistband as I almost always did.After about 10 minutes of talking,we both sat in front of the TV and played Playstation.

As Maddy played the video games I couldn't help but look at how nice her ass looked, not noticing that my cock was outdoors a place for a pick up stiff as a board. For a 14 year old boy, my dick was pretty big; around 7 inches when I would get hard. I was beating Maddy easily at the game.

In frustration and playfulness, she hopped on my lapped while shouting "Screw you!" Little did she know, I had a complete hard on.

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As her ass hit my cock, I saw her eyes get huge. She paused the game and looked back at me. Slowly, Maddy crawled off my lap. She said, " I've been noticing changes in you." I swallowed in fear and looked at the TV so she couldn't see my face; red with embarrassment. Maddy then sat down on my legs and looked down.

Out of nowhere, she grabbed at my shorts, and I squirmed away from her hand saying "This is so wrong Maddy we are only 14!" She then put her hands on my shoulders, holding me down, and said "14 is just a number", and slipped off my shorts.

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As my shorts came off exposing my boxers, I dick flung up with no resistance. Maddy slowly slipped off my boxers so my dick flew out. In awe, she said "It's bigger than I thought!" I just blushed; I didn't know what to say cbeause I was never in a situation like that before. Maddy then pulled off her shirt and her bra to show her beautiful round teenage tits.

She slowly bent down and put the head of my cock in her mouth, and teased me with her tongue. I grabbed the back of her head and abruptly pushed her head down and up my cock. I came one got load in her mouth and another all over her face. She happily licked it all off, giggling. While I sat admiring her tits, she pulled off her constricting jean-shorts, showing her wet orange panties.

I lifted my body up and kissed her in such admiration. Maddy moved her panties to the right, showing her beautiful wet camel toe. Withoit any hesitation, I grabbed her hips, and pulled Maddy down onto my cock, as she screamed in pleasure.

I slowly cranked my dick in and out of her smooth pussy, and she moaned every time I went in deep. Maddy told me that we have to tell eachother when we are going to cum. After about a minute and a half of her riding my cock, Maddy screamed out "Oh my god I'm gonna cum!!!" I was close to cumming but not on the edge like MADDY was.

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Finally I was going to cum. I pulled out and MADDY asked me what I was doing. I didn't reply and came all over the soles of her feet.

Maddy was nevertheless surprised. She then took her wonderful feet and put them against my cock. I told her how to give a foot job, and she gave me one like a pro.

As I was about to cum, Maddy pulled away her cerita sex ngentot ibu ibu and bent over. I asked "What are you doing?" She didn't reply; she just grabbed my dick and put it in her asshole. I fucked her this way for a minute then I went home.

It was the best sex I ever had.