Solo teen roommate masturbating her wet cunt pretty pussy

Solo teen roommate masturbating her wet cunt pretty pussy
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A few years ago I worked in sales for a small manufacturing firm. My boss was a guy named Jack, and was the co-founder of the company. He was a good businessman, but also a notorious womanizer. In the first week I worked there I heard stories about how he had managed to "bag" almost every woman who worked for the company. He was in his late 40s and was one of those rich, good-looking guys who had always gotten his way. My wife was interested the moment I told her about the guy.

She always likes to hear juicy stories about people at work. When I told her some of the stories I had heard she said "I have to meet this guy." When I asked my wife to marry me, she told me that she would always need more than one man, and she would only marry me if Erotic asian babe gives her client a rubdown was ok with her continuing to fuck other guys. I have always been good with that- in fact, I enjoy it very much.

However, she surprises me sometimes. Jack is not really her type- she is too much of a feminist to go for someone that arrogant. But the stories about how many women he had seduced really turned her on.

I had my doubts about introducing them though- I am good with her enjoying other men, but I was concerned about messing with the boss.

She forced my hand though, when she showed up unexpectedly at the office one day asking if I had time for lunch. My wife is a looker, a gym rat with tight muscles and all-natural 36 DDs.

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She came into the office wearing shorts and a low-cut blouse, and there was no way that Jack wasn't going to notice her. Before we could get out the door, he came over and introduced himself and then invited himself to lunch with us. Jack spent the entire lunch staring at my wife's boobs. That would offend most guys, but I really enjoy it when men stare at her chest, and my biggest problem was hiding my hard-on under the table.

What was kind of surprising was that she enjoyed it too. She would usually find a guy like him smarmy, but this time she clearly enjoyed it, and did lots of leaning in and bouncy giggling to enhance the show.

I think he was about to start literally drooling down her cleavage. He paid for lunch.

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When we went back to the office he told me that she should "come by more often." That night she was wild in bed, and I knew her well enough to know that she was thinking about him while we fucked. I asked her if she wanted to get to know him better and she said she "wouldn't mind seeing what he had under the hood." I took that as a yes.

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The next week Jack came to me with a sales idea. We were going to a trade fair in a couple of weeks in Miami and he suggested that I bring my wife with me. We could buy her ticket with airline miles, and she could work the booth with us. That way we could get a mini-vacation for free. He would even pay for a couple of extra nights at the hotel so we could stay through the week-end.

It sounded like a great deal, but I knew what he was after. Companies often have what we call "booth bunnies" at trade fairs- pretty woman, usually rented "models," who wear tight logo t-shirts and attract people to the booth. By inviting my wife, Jack would both be getting more time with her as well as a free booth-bunny.

While she certainly has the tits and ass for a booth-bunny, that is usually the sort of "exploitation of women" that pisses her off. However, whether for the free trip to Miami or for more time to look under Jack's "hood", she thought big taco solo slut dildofucking her ass was a great idea. The sex for the next two weeks was wild, even by our standards, and I could tell that she was excited for the trip. If there was any doubt, it was clear what kind of week-end it would be by the care that she put into choosing her underwear as she packed.

I decided to stop worrying about what it would mean for my job and enjoy the fun. We got into Miami late in the evening, and only had time for a late dinner that again consisted of her showing as much of her tits as she could without being arrested and him staring at them like he had been hypnotized.

When we got to the hotel he asked her if she wanted to try her outfit on, pulling out the requisite booth bunny costume of a two sizes too small T-shirt with the company logo and shorts so short the girl wearing them has to have a Brazilian wax. She responded with "How about we try them on in your room." And then kissed me on the check and said "Don't wait up." So I got to spend the first night of our "mini-vacation" watching porn in the hotel room while my wife fucked my boss in the next room.

I wasn't jealous, I was just annoyed that I didn't get to watch. The next day was busy from early in the morning, so I really didn't get the scoop, although she did get a moment to kiss me and say "thank you." We had a successful day as her barely constrained 36 DDs did their job of getting potential customers to our booth.

Luckily I am not a jealous person, since pretty much everyone who came to our booth started by oogling my simmultaneous fuck for euro sluts hardcore groupsex. Since many of the booth bunnies work on the side, she got more than a couple propositions from men who assumed she was a professional. She made a few disgusted feminist comments about being on display, but I could tell that she loved the attention.

Around noon Jack took the time to walk the floor and talk to contacts, as well as check out everyone else's booth bunnies. While he was gone she and I finally got the chance to talk and she told me that she had a "really great night" and that "what he lacks in tact he makes up for in meat." I love to hear about her adventures and I did find it sexy, but I was beginning to fear that I was going to be stuck with hotel porn for the whole week-end.

When Jack got back he told me we had the" best pair of tits on the floor." That evening Jack took us out for a nice dinner at a restaurant just off the beach and then out to a dance club. My wife looked awesome in a little red dress, but I had to wonder why she had spent so much time picking underwear for the trip, since she went out without wearing any.

She was in a good mood, and the beach bunch at the club that night got to see quite a lot of T and A when she danced. There were a lot of hot girls there, but she still got more than her share of the attention. She was wild- by the way she was dropping kisses and flashing her tits, I was thinking that she might go home with some random six-pack beach dude, but she opted for the two old guys and we went back to the hotel. She was so horny that she was groping and grinding on us all mom san full sex stories xxx com way up in the elevator.

When we got into our room Jack was fondling and kissing her neck from behind while I was in front giving her deep kisses. I pulled up her dress so that he could fondle her bare ass and start fingering her. She pushed me onto the bed and pulled out my cock.

He dropped his pants and started fucking her from behind while she sucked me. It was awesome hearing her getting fucked while she gave me a fantastic blow job. From what I could see he did have an impressive stroke. After a bit she moved up and mounted me backwards so that he could stand and she could suck him. She loves working two cocks at the same time, and she is good at it.

We spent a couple of hours taking turns and working every position we could think of that allowed her to suck one of us while the other fucked her. I was impressed when I finally got a good look at his cock, he was both long and very thick. His was curved inward, and I know that she loves to feel new shapes.

For a while we left her dress on- pulled up at the bottom and down at the top, but we eventually pulled it off. She left her bra on though, a lacey push up thing that really displayed her tits.

I remember because she was on her back sucking me and he was pounding her so hard her left breast came out of the bra when she came. She finished sucking me off and we crashed in a heap with his come dripping out of her pussy and mine dripping from her mouth.

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We didn't have to be anywhere Saturday morning, so we ordered breakfast from room service and spent a leisurely morning fondling and fucking. She wanted to DP, and she finally came riding him with me fucking her ass from behind. When she went to shower, Jack told me that I was a lucky man and should never give her up. He also told me that he enjoyed fucking my wife and hoped to do more of it in the future. I wasn't so much worried about the future, I was having too much fun in the moment and wanted to enjoy the rest of the week-end.

She wanted to use the spa in the afternoon, so Jack and I spent the afternoon drinking while she got the full manicure/pedicure treatment.

We all got massages. That night Jack took us to a sex club. We don't often go to sex clubs, but we were having a lot of fun and the rules tend to go away on vacation. The place was nice, we enjoyed some good music and a relaxed and sexy atmosphere. My wife certainly got her share of looks. We ended up naked in a hot-tub in the back, and while we all played around with other people, the only real sex was that she sucked off a nice-looking Cuban guy in front of half a dozen people because she liked the color of his skin.

We got home late and didn't sleep- we just fucked until it was time to get dressed and go to the airport. I took Monday off to recover, but when I came in on Tuesday jack called me into his office. He offered to promote me to director of sales and to give me responsibility for most of our largest accounts.

This was a generous offer, since these were accounts he had never let anyone else touch since he did not want to share the commission. I was concerned though, because it would mean that I would be traveling at least a few times a month and I suspected that his plan was to get me out of cuties plow guys anal with huge belt cocks and splatter charge as often as possible so that he could continue his affair with my wife.

I didn't mind them fucking- we were between lovers at that point and she always has someone regular on the side- but this was too much of a bribe and she did not like naughty baljium sex stories xxx story treated like a prostitute.

I told him I would have to talk it over with her. I thought she may be offended, but she surprised me again and told me to go for it.

She said I deserved the promotion, and she was happy to keep enjoying Jack's dick while it lasted. For several months I would go on trips, sometimes day trips, sometimes overnights, and most times Jack would come over and they'd fuck.

She liked to tease me by texting photos or calling me and letting me listen to him fuck her while I was driving. Luckily I never had any accidents! Occasionally he would come over and we would enjoy some two-on-one time. Eventually they got bored with each-other and he came over less frequently. After a few months one of our clients offered me a great job as a VP of sales and we moved on.

While we don't see him nearly as often (I think he spends his free time fucking the new secretary), but Jack is still on our "on-call" list- meaning that he is one of several guys whom she calls from time to time to come over and fuck.