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Blonde milf loves dildo fucking her whore
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Thinking Back !! As I sat in the bar having a cold beer and THINKING BACK on where my life was headed, a sadness came over me that took me back to a time a little more than a year ago. My wife Tina and I had just finished renovating our dream home in the middle of 50 acres of the most lovely land in Virginia.

We completely remodeled the house, built a 6 bay garage, added a lovely pool and deck and landscaping and were just starting to live out our dream life.

But two weeks later my world came crashing down when the sheriff came and knocked on my door with devastating news, Tina was involved in a fatal auto accident, a drunk driver had crossed over and hit her head on and she had been killed.

I had a really hard time, as we had been friends, lovers and husband and wife for as long as I could remember. I spent a lot of time at home just trying to decide how to carry on without her. I had dated a few women but none seemed to be what I was looking for, and none compared to Tina, maybe a description of her and I might help here.

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Tina was 32 about 5' 10" and 120 #, she had long dark hair to the middle of her back, dark brown eyes, 36c breasts and an ass that was beyond compare. Quickie with mom while dad in the shower on the other hand am 6" 2" about 220# and 39 years old.

I work out several times a week and try to stay in shape, and no I don't have a giant cock, it's 6 and ¾ long, a bit on the thick side, but has a strange bend that seems to hit women right on their g-spot. Just an average guy trying to cope with life. To help with this I went and bought a new motorcycle and had been out riding on this nice spring day when I ended up in this little bar having a cold beer.

Being in deep thought had made me miss the couple that had come in shortly after I sat down, until I heard them arguing and realized they were getting kinda loud.

The bartender made them leave and as they were leaving the young girl looked my way with a small smile and a look of desperation in her eyes. I watched as they left and noticed she was very attractive with a great looking ass that made my cock twitch as she walked away. I finished my ebony couple fuck on counch backshots moaning and headed down the road, I had gone about 20 miles when I rounded a curve and seen an old truck sitting on the side with the hood up, so I decided to stop and see if I could help.

I pulled the bike behind the truck and started walking towards the truck when low and behold out stepped the girl from the bar.

Well next came her boyfriend wanting to know what the hell I wanted, I just told him I had stopped to see if I could help, and with that he began to cussing and raising hell. The girl tried to calm him down and he pushed her and told her to get in the truck. She stepped back from him and with that he grabbed her by the arm and started to take a swing at her, that was all I could take, I grabbed his arm as it came down, spun him around and landed a shot on his jaw that knocked him on his ass, he came back up and the next punch landed square on his nose that made the blood start flowing and him on his ass again, I guess some guys never learn, with that he decided he had enough and stayed down.

I just walked away and got on the bike, but when I looked up the young girl was watching me with a look that seemed to be saying, take me away, so I held out my hand and she walked over and got behind me and we rode off, never speaking a word until maybe half hour down the rode where we stopped beside a roadside picnic table. We sat and talked and I learned her name was Jenny, she was 24, and she had been involved with her boyfriend off and on since high school. As I looked at Jenny I realized how attractive she was, long blonde hair, that I was to later find was natural, about 125 #, 5"9", with a great ass, as noticed before, and tits that looked to be kinda big for her frame, I was to later find out that they were 36DD, with the most special nipples ever.

Jenny sat there shivering and telling me the story of her abusive life. I reached out and put my arm around her and tried to comfort her, she kept saying how thankful she was and how could she ever repay me for taking her away.

I'm not really sure what happened next but Jenny looked up into my face and kissed me with as much passion as I had ever felt in my life. Her kissing had made my cock instant hard. Old rod rams juvenile snatch and mouth began rubbing my cock thru my jeans and trying to get my zipper down. I wasn't sure what she was doing, but I didn't want this to be some thank you fuck, so I stopped her. She looked confused, so I explained to her how I didn't expect anything from her, I just couldn't leave her there with that asshole.

She started crying and held me that much tighter. She again looked in my eyes and said, please don't stop me I want to do this. With that Jenny slid off the table, and onto her knees, unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out.

She started kissing just the head and making circles with her tongue right behind the head. She next started down on my cock and didn't stop until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. She slid my cock in and out of her lips with such passion I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. I pulled her head back and she looked at me and spoke one word, PLEASE, so I let her go on sucking my cock a bit more.

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After a minute more I was shooting cum down her throat with so much force I thought she might drown, but Jenny never made sound, except maybe a moan, and never spilled a drop. She let my cock slid out of her lips and got back on her feet, reached up and kissed me again, damn this girl could kiss, within seconds she had my cock as hard a steel.

I unzipped her jeans, slid them off along with her thong, sat her on the table tattooed busty milf suck a big cook began to lick the sweetest pussy I could ever remember tasting in a long time.

Jenny was thrashing and bucking as I licked and sucked her pussy. I probed inside her cunt with my tongue as far as I could get, which had her really close to cumming, so I took her clit in my lips and started sucking on it. Jenny started cumming in an instant.

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I let her finish and calm down from her orgasm before I stood up and slid the head of my hard cock into the tightest pussy I had ever encountered. Jenny looked up at me and asked that I be careful, she told me her boyfriend had a really small cock and just the head was stretching her pussy already.

I was amazed anyone could be this tight, so I gently slid more of my cock into her and stopped to let her adjust to my size. I started sliding my cock in and out of Jenny's pussy, each time seeming to send her into mini orgasms. But when I reached under her shirt and took her nipple between my fingers, she went into a major ground shaking orgasm.

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She locked her legs around my waist, pushed her pussy onto my cock as far as it would go and started shouting, please cum in me, like I had much choice, because when she started cumming her beauties dont know who is fucking em tightened up around my cock with so much pressure I didn't think I would have room to shoot my cum in her pussy, it felt like she was going to rip my cock from my body she was so tight.

As we both calmed down, Jenny looked at me and said, sorry, I should have warned you about my nipples, all it takes is having them touched and I start cumming. We both got our clothes straightened out and sat and talked for a while longer, telling each other a little about our lives. Again Jenny started crying, I held her close and asked what's wrong, thru the tears she explained she didn't have anywhere to go as she lived with her boyfriend in his house and now that was gone.

I raised her chin, kissed her and told her that wasn't a problem, it was the starting of the summer and I would really like to have a riding partner. Jenny kissed me and said, Let's Ride !!