Xxx cot com gals new story

Xxx cot com gals new story
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Into the darkness part two. I stood outside her house. I was wearing a black hoodie and jeans. I had no idea what to expect.

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The text message read "Come to me now. The hour is nearly upon us." What could that mean. My master had summoned me here. It was about 3am with a full moon in the clear night sky. I took one last look towards the heavens then pulled up my hood. I walked towards her door. I could see a red glow coming from her hallway.

There was a note. "Thanatos, you may enter. Come to me. Follow your instincts and you shall find me." More riddles? I opened the door and saw the most elaborate hallway. I had visited her a hundred times but never saw this. The walls were white with intricate black markings that I did not recognise. There were white pillar candles leading up the hallway. I stopped, I smelled sweet incense in the air. It was intoxicating. I felt myself becoming hot, a stirring developing in my loins.

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It went deeper, to my very core. Something was slowly pleasuring me from the inside in the most indescribable way.

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I heard laughter, a playful seductive sound that drew my eyes to the bottom of the stairs. There was a sudden flicker. The walls flashed red and suddenly there was a woman standing behind me, between me and the door where I had been standing only moments ago. She was a vision of beauty wearing a black robe with a red mask covering her eyes.

She was tall, about 6ft but slender. She opened her robe to reveal her naked form.

Her skin was a pale white but was covered in intricate black lines and symbols that again I did not recognise. She smiled and let the robe drop.

Her lips were full, irresistibly so. In my mind I had visions of all the pleasure that she could bring with those lips wrapped around my cock. She walked towards me. Something wasn't right. I just got a naked men group sex hot amazing chicks that this was too good to be true. I wanted to believe but my mind wouldn't let me. "Stop, I commanded.

Where is my master. This is her house, where is she?" She chuckled. "Why have her when you can have me?" She purred and moved closer.

"No, I was summoned by my master and not you. Where is she?" She slid her fingers across my chest. "She has commanded me to please you." She said licking her lips. "If she did, she would have commanded me.

I will not have you if I do not hear the command from her lips." The room flashed and she was gone, I turned to find my master standing at the other end of the hall smiling. I would recognise those tits anywhere. She wore a black skirt but was topless with a black sigil drawn upon her breast. She was wearing black high heels and a white mask covering her eyes.

"Strip," she commanded. Without question I did. "I see you have met my friend." Suddenly she appeared again along side my master.

She kissed my master full on the lips then their tongues touched so I could see. She ran her hands over my masters body then sank to her knees in front of her.

She liked up my masters thigh and all the way up to her pussy. I could see her tongue slide up to cover her slit. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. "You shall watch for now." I watched as my master was pleasured infront of me.

Two of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. I was hard but could not touch myself. After what felt like an age my master clicked her fingers.

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Her friend moved towards me, dropped to her knees and sank my cock to the back of her throat and proceeded to bob back and forth. My god, she was amazing. The technique effortlessly perfect. "Stop," my master commanded. She walked forward, my cock still buried in her friends throat but she stopped moving. My master wrapped her arms around me from behind. "Lexi, bend over," she commanded. She immediately did as she was told. "My apprentice, you shall put your cock in her arse and fuck her hard." I did as commanded.

Here I was my cock balls deep in a strangers arse at the command of my master. I heard the slapping of our skin, smelt the scent that only comes from fucking a beautiful woman. Suddenly without warning I came deep inside her. Lexi vanished immediately.

My cum flew across the room to fall onto the floor. My master smiled at my puzzled expression. Did you enjoy my creation? I made her from the very air that you breathe. At the appointed time and lunar phase I can summon my creations to physical form. You will be able to do this too in time. I needed to show you the type of power that can be yours." "You have also impressed me, you waited for my command. If you hadn't she would have torn you to pieces.

My creations are fiercely loyal." My mind was racing. Before I could think of a response she kissed me. I felt something in that kiss that reached deep into my very soul. She pushed me against the wall, pressing her naked chest against me. She turned around and lifted her skirt. She bent over and slid my now rock hard penis deep inside her.

She pushed me back into the wall and ground her sopping wet cunt on my cock. She was milking my cock with her insides.

Suddenly she stopped and without warning slid my cock up to my balls in her arsehole. She impailed herself again and again on my cock until we both exploded, our juices covering the floor and wall. She slid to the floor and sucked my cock dry then I lay down beside her. "You have prime cups busty russian gets rough ass to mouth lot of learning to do my apprentice, I have prepared a list of texts for you to study.

Study them long and well. It may be a few weeks till we can begin our real work. Use this time wisely." She sat up and handed me the list.

"If you need my advice on anything we can discuss it by telephone before our next meeting." With that she pointed to my clothes. "Time to go," she said. "And by the way. nice cock," she said with a wink.