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One boy with 6 white girls of big bobs and beautiful bond
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Movie night happened every Sunday night for both Freya and Mariya. The identical twins made a point to get together and watch a movie or two and catch up on their week, especially if they hadn't seen each other in a few days.

And it was no different on this Sunday with the two curls curled up on the couch together, Freya's head on Mariya's lap affectionately as a movie played in the DVD player. It had actually just ended and with a sigh the younger brunette turned her piercing green eyes to her twin.

"So.what to do now?" She asked with a mischievous grin as she sat herself up so she was sitting across her sisters lap straddling the other woman's thighs. Mariya shrugged faintly as she adjusted her arms to be around her sisters waist affectionately.

"We could watch another movie, if you want" "We could." Freya nodded faintly as she shifted so her head was pressed against her sisters and their eyes staring into each others as they had done before.

She took her right hand and trailed it up her sisters side towards her chest, her eyes reflecting her usual mischievous twinkle as she pressed brutal anal punishment bondage xxx kinky nicole finds a good match hand against her sisters left breast and squeezed it gently and firmly. "Or we could go to my room and have some.more fun?" Mariya have her sister a slight smirk and then shifted her head so that her lips were just an inch away from her sisters.

Her tongue flicked out and licked her twin's lower lip and shook her head. "I have a better idea." She said, her hand squeezing her sisters ass firmly before giving it a light smack.

"Let's go to my room." The two girls hardly wasted a moment, and left their empty plates of nachos and popcorn where they were. They headed up to Mariya's room, Mariya following behind Freya as she closed the door to her room and came up behind her sister. She pressed her sister back into her own body as both of her hands began trailing down her sisters chest to the hem of her shirt.

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She quickly pulled it off. Freya raised an eyebrow, clearly surprised as her sister tugged the t shirt she had been wearing off of her body and exposed the hunter green lace bra she was wearing.

"Horny today or what?" She inquired as her sisters hands squeezed both of her breasts firmly and then repeated the motion to her soft brownish pink nipples. It didn't take long for them to grow hard in her sisters hands and she moaned quietly. "Its hard to fuck you with clothes on." Was the only reply as Mariya undid the front clasp of the bra and stripped that off her twin as well.

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She began kissing her sisters neck, licking and nibbling it gently before coming to stand in front of her sister and kissing her passionately. Freya smiled faintly "Point taken" She whispered as she returned the kiss her sister gave. Her tongue encircled with her twin's as she felt Mariya turn her around and walk her back towards the bottom edge of her bed. She didn't quite know what her sister was doing but if it was the bed Mariya wanted, She'd agree with that.

Her hands in the meanwhile worked her sisters shirt off and revealed a lace black corset with leather strings tying it up. That alone made her pussy tingle and dampen, soaking her panties lightly. Freya felt her sister lay her back on the bed and position her hands so they were by her head as she pressed her own body on top of her.

She found herself moaning softly as she kissed her sister again passionately. With Freya underneath her Mariya's hands made quick work of the bondage restraints tied to her bedposts. Before Freya even had a chance to realize what she had done, both hands were tied down above her head with Mariya on top. She smirked. "Now its playtime I think." She whispered as she sat on top of her sister and gently but firmly squeezed the nipples of her twin until she had the girl writhing beneath her.

She tugged the hardened nippled of the large B sized breasts before taking her hand and slapping the left one a little. "You like this don't you, Freya?" She said, her voice low and rather seductive. She leaned down as she heard her sister whimper tiny 'yes' and suckled the left nipple and then the right one.

Mariya smirked and gently bit the right nipple firmly between her teeth until german brutal hardcore angry boycomrades have no problem kicking their girlcompanions out was rock hard. She repeated the motion to the other nipple before standing and stripping off her pajama bottoms to reveal a matching pair of panties which she soon stripped off.

Her pussy was shaven completely, with only the tiniest patch of hair over the clit and she ran her hand down her body to touch the emerging clit for a moment before coming back to her sister and getting a blindfold from her night table.

"Night night, Freya." She said sweetly as she slid it over her twin's eyes. "Mariya.this isn't fair!" Freya whined as she pulled against her restraints a little.

She was horny as hell, she loved when Mariya tied her down really. Best sex she had had to date was with Mariya. And she knew that was the truth. "You won't be saying that in a few moments. The only thing that isn't fair is that you still have your pants on." Mariya muttered as she moved to her sisters waist and pulled the pants off alongside the panties and tossed them aside. Her blue eyes fell on her sisters pussy, which had a fine layer of hair on it shielding the clit from view.

"Tsk tsk.Freya. You haven't shaved it in awhile." "I was going for something different.

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I get bored." Freya answered as she felt Mariya's finger slide over her damp pussy lips. Her back arched slightly as she felt the sting of a hand slap over her clit. "I don't like it. I'm shaving it." Mariya said simply as she got up and headed to her bathroom.

She came back with a pair of trimmers and after pinching the clit of her sister for a moment got to work shaving the hair from her sisters cunt slowly and teasingly. She worked the hair off, occasionally running a thumb over her sisters clit and pussy lips, much to Freya's obvious delight.She shaved it all off until there was nothing left but her sisters smooth tanned skin.

The girl's pussy was dripping wet by the time Mariya was done, and a small wet stain on old dude euro teen jizzy young old european bed proved it. Mariya supposed having someone shave your pussy was a slight act of humiliation to some people, obviously, whatever it was, it turned Freya on.

With a smirk Mariya moved and put the finishing touches on her sisters freshly shaven cunt before sliding a slender finger into her sisters soaked pussy entrance. "Much better. Now I can see how wet you are and your little clit." She said as she shifted so she could see her sisters pussy better.

She flicked her tongue over the hardening clit and heard her sister gasp. "Oh Mariya." Freya whispered as she felt the warm wet tongue slide over her clit and then towards her entrance before sliding back up to her clit.

She moaned again as her sisters tongue lashed over her swollen and hard clit repeatedly, driving her high to the edge of pure bliss. "Oh Gods Mariya that feels so good!" She gasped as her back arched a little bit. Mariya chuckled faintly, hearing her sisters soft whimpers as she suckled the now hard clit until her sisters pussy was soaking wet and she could hear the girl moaning loudly in her ears.

She stopped just as she felt Freya reach the peak of her orgasm. She stopped and stoo up before she went to her closet to a locked chest. "Mariya no no no.

Please, make me cum" Freya whimpered, as her back arched even more in hopes of that final touch to send her into an orgasm. She got nothing and with blowjob games end with sexy fucking hardcore and creampie pink pussy on fire and her body trembling she had little choice but to wait and hope for release.

Mariya reached for the key, which was laid next to it and turned the lock, and took out a large thick dildo. It was a purple color, and 1.5 inches thick, but long, easily eight and a half inches. On her way back she took a pair of vibrating panties and knelt down in front of her sisters pussy again.

"Now.where was I." She murmured as she thrusted the head of the toy into her sisters pussy. "Oh fuck yes." Freya moaned as she felt something large and thick dive into her tight wet pussy. She moaned as her pussy lips parted, revealing her soaked slit to her twin as the toy rested with the head inside her entrance.

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"Fuck me, Mariya." She moaned loudly as she tried to thrust herself onto the toy cock. Mariya smirked and took the toy out of her sisters cunt as she tried to thrust herself on it. "Be a good girl Freya or you won't get anything at all." She chided. When she noted Freya had stopped squirming she thrusted the toy deep into the girls cunt until it couldn't go any farther. "FUCK! Oh Mariya that feels so fucking good!" Freya screamed as the toy was thrusted deep into her tight little body.

She moaned as she felt her sister thrust it in and out for a moment before sliding the pair of panties on the girl as well to hold the toy in place. She didn't turn the panties on yet, that would happen when she felt Freya had been good enough to deserve it. She crawled up her sisters body and positioned herself over Freya's headher own dripping cunt just inches from her sisters mouth. "Open your mouth Freya and lick my pussy." She ordered as she lowered her pussy onto her twins lips.

Obediently Freyas mouth opened as her sisters pussy lips entered her mouth. She began to lick and suck the wet lips until juices ran into her mouth. "Thats it Freya, suck it." Mariya moaned as she thrusted herself down on her twins face.

Her clit rubbed against her sisters nose until she moved so her sister could suck that as well. She moaned louder as she played with her own breasts, and squeezed the nipples as she rode on her sisters mouth. "Fuck yes Freya, just like that. Be a good little girl and lick my pussy." She moaned as she felt her sister lick her hard clit.

She only stopped as she felt her sister try to slide her tongue into her entrance. She pulled away. "Naughty girl, who said you had permission to do that?" She hissed as she got up off her twin's face. The sight, she thought, was hot as hell. Her sisters lips and cheeks were stained and sticky with her juices and she licked the girl's cheek a little.

"S.sorry Mariya." Freya answered, her voice portraying the hormones running through her body. She wanted so badly to be fucked, hard and fast.

She just wanted to cum. "You'll have to be punished." Mariya said simply as she stood up. "You can roll over. Do it." She ordered as she knelt back on the bed. Freya rolled over so she was face down on the bed, beautiful korean girl squirting masturbate and livesex pussy aching to be touched and fucked by her twin.

Once Freya had rolled over Mariya raised her hand. "You will count them and thank me for every single one of them." She instructed. She waited for Freya to nod before she brought her hand down swiftly onto her sisters ass.

Freya gasped as she felt the stinging slap on her ass cheeks. "One. Thank you." She gasped as she felt the stinging cause goosebumps on her flesh and cause her already burning cunt to tingle. "Thats a good whore." Mariya said as she brought her hand up again and brought it down on the other ass cheek. "T-Two. Thank you Mariya." Freya whispered as she squirmed a little from the slight pain of being spanked.

Mariya brought her hand down again, her spare hand toying with her own cunt as she spanked her sister three more times for her naughtiness. "Be a good girl or I'll get a whip." She warned as she reached for the remote to the panties and turned them on high for a moment. Freya moaned loudly as the panties vibrated on her cunt and caused a fresh wave of juices to coat the brother help sister after breakup. The bliss ended just as quick as Mariya went to her toy chest and got a strap on after stopping the vibrating panties.

She slid it on, the cock on the strap on was almost two inches thick, maybe a little more and about nine inches in length. She tied it on herself so it wouldn't slip, a smaller dildo in her own cunt and reapproched her sister. She stood behind her and pulled the girl to her knees, the panties and dildo still buried inside the brunette as juices ran down her pussy and onto the bed and on her thighs. Her voice broke the heavy breathing in the room mofos little tease danielle steele sucks dick she pulled the elastic on the panties and snapped them firmly against Freya's skin, causing a red mark to appear.

"Beg me to fuck you." She demanded as she pushed the dildo deeper into her sisters cunt. Moaning from arousal Freya could do little but nod. Her hair fell over her cougar slivia and izzy shared with a huge dick a little from her new position and her voice was trembling from arousal itself. "Please Mariya.please fuck my pussy." She whimpered softly. "And how am I supposed to fuck you?" "Like a whore Mariya." Freya moaned as she felt the toy thrusted into her deeper.

Her pussy was soaked, burning, and in need of release. She just wanted to cum, and she was willing to beg her twin to simply fuck her senseless like a whore, if that was what made her desire happen. Mariya nodded, squeezing her sisters ass. "good girl." She said simply as she stripped off the panties and took the dildo out of her sisters cunt.

She roped her sisters legs apart so each one was tied to a bed post and positioned herself behind her sister. She toyed with freya's pussy for a moment, edging the cock in on her entrance only to pull away and rub herself against her sister clit. "Oh God Mariya pleaaasseee just fuck me." Freya whimpered as she felt the cock endless prod her entrance and rub off her clit.

Mariya chuckled as she heard her twin beg her once again to be fucked and this time she consented. She drove the cock deep into her sisters cunt and began to thrust it hard and fast into her sisters pussy. Her hands went to her sisters waist to thrust her onto it. "Mmm thats right Freya, take the cock like a good little girl." She moaned as the toy in her own cunt rubbed against her g spot. It was an attachment on the harness she was wearing.

Rayven's idea, and Mariya had to admit it was a good one. She shifted her hands to reach for Freya's nipples, which she tugged on firmly and then moved to repeat the motion on the very hard clit of her twin. She pinched it as she thrusted the toy cock into her screaming sister, moaning herself as she feeling. "Fuck Mariya, that feels good. Faster please.please fuck me faster and harder." Freya whimpered as she felt her sister plunge the toy deep into her cunt again and again.

The force caused her own body to move forwards a little and then back again but she wanted more. Her pussy juices trickled down her thighs and onto the bed as she neared even closer to her climax. Mariya nodded, and slapped her sisters reddened ass a little as she fucked the helpless girl harder and faster until the entire toy was entirely into Freya's cunt. She turned a switch and the toy began to pulsate and vibrate inside of her, pressing against her twins g spot.

Freya screamed as the toy pressed against her spot. "FUUCCK Mariya! That feels so fucking good, fuck me just like that" She screamed as she thrusted herself onto the cock wildly as her orgasm approached. Mariya continued her thrusting, and turned the toy up higher to vibrate as she thrusted into her sisters cunt. "Thats right Freya. Fuck the toy." Tiffany watsons pussy fuck doggystyle by kyle pornstars big dick whispered as she continued to thrust into her twins pussy roughly.

Freya moaned again as she felt her cunt tighten onto the toy. She let out another scream as her pussy spasmed on the toy and her orgasm hit. "Fuck me, Mariya.fuck" She moaned loudly her orgasm struck and her juices streamed out over the toy as she thrusted onto the toy even more.

She moaned and whimpered as the toy skipped into her pussy and rubbed that spot inside of miss italian teen awaits you with her whip in her and then deeper still and Mariya's skillful fingers rolled over her sensitive clit, making her cum even more intensely.

"Thats a good girl Freya. Cum all over my toy." Mariya purred as she slid a finger into her sisters tight ass for a moment before returning to pinch the girl's clit. She continued touching it, and slowed her thrusts and demonstrations only when her sisters climax had died down. She withdrew the toy and took it off, before kneeling to kiss her sisters soaked cunt. She undid the ropes on her sisters legs and hands as one hand toyed with her own hard clit. Once she was untied, Freya rolled herself over, catching Mariya's eyes with her own as she took the blindfold off.

A mischievous smile crossed her lips. "Your turn."