Sizzling hot teen bitches fingering the shaven cunt pussy licking making out

Sizzling hot teen bitches fingering the shaven cunt pussy licking making out
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I opened my eyes and found myself laying in my bed. I rolled over and my husband was softly snoring. I had a horrible headache, I remember that I had been exceptionally drunk he night before, New Years Eve.

I was exhausted, I looked at the digital clock on the nightstand. It was almost 1 in the afternoon.

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I rolled out of bed sitting up, I was exceptionally sore. I looked at my husband he was in his pajamas, so I knew that he hadn't touched me. I pushed my long dark hair behind my ear and rubbed my head, it came to me then what had happened to me last night. I had fucked the bartender at the bar we had been at last night, and my husband had no idea.

I got up and went into the bathroom, I looked at myself in the mirror, I had mascara under my eyes, I washed my face, and brushed my teeth and hair and attempted to straighten myself up. What a night, I remembered meeting the most gorgeous man I had ever laid eyes on, drank to much and went to his room and fucked him for about 3 hours and my husband never even knew I was missing. I went to my closet and pulled on a pair of jeans, and a sweatshirt.

I pulled my hair into a twist and clipped it in the back. I put on a light layer of make up, and went down the steps, picking up my purse and my keys. I road down the street reliving the events of last night. My heart skipped a beat. I had never had sex like that in my life. I felt my pussy start to get wet just thinking about him.

His name was Tony I remember him telling me. I pulled into the parking lot at the bar. Sex with large tit honey pornstar hardcore was Saturday afternoon surely they were open. I stopped myself, what in the world was I going to say to him, I didn't know.

I just needed to see him again. I opened the door to the bar, and walked in. There were few people scattered here and there, I went to the bar looking for my my dark haired lover, I didn't see him. A girl was behind the bar, I walked up to her, "Is Tony working," I asked?

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She smiled at me, "not today he's not but he's upstairs in his room, he was down a little while ago," she said.

She pointed the way, of course it had all come back to me from the night before I knew exactly where his room was. I walked down the little dark hall and up the steps. I stood outside his door, I realized that I was really nervous. What if I was just another one night stand, I mean a guy that looked like him, dark skin, black hair, beautiful face, sexy voice and absolutely gorgeous body had to just have one night stands.

I raised my hand and knocked softly on his door. I heard him on the other side fumbling with the lock, he opened the door, and looked surprised to see me. He raised his eyebrow, "Ummm," was all I could muster.

He reached out and took my hand and pulled me into his room. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me close I allowed him to, he was so close to my face, and the cologne, was like an aphrodisiac. He put his nose close to mine and his lips lightly brushed my lips, the kiss deepened into a full sexy French kiss. When we parted he smiled at me, "Hi Eve," he said.

I smiled at him, "I ummm, well I had to see you," I stuttered. "Really," he asked? "Yes, last night was the most incredible, well, time I have ever had in my life," there I had said it and I hadn't keeled over from embarrassment. "Come in and sit down," he said as he walked over to his bed and sat on the end of it, he was listening to big hips xxx sexy fuck 70's Eagles music.

He wore a brown t-shirt and a pair of nice tight Levi jeans, and was barefoot. His black hair was still damp from a recent shower it appeared.

"You left, and didn't tell me bye last night baby," he said. I shook my head, "I couldn't bare to say goodbye," I replied. He reached in and stroked my face, he kissed me again this time his hand cupped the curve of my breast, I began to lose myself in this man.

He was quickly under my sweatshirt touching my skin with his hand. He continued to kiss my lips, and my neck, and back to my lips as he continue to pinch my nipples.

He pinched harder, I felt a start of pain, but for whatever, the reason it turned me on actually. He stood unzipping his pants and pulling out his huge cock. I angled my body so I could take him fully into my mouth.

His cock was very hard and large, more than I could get into my mouth.

"Take it baby, suck it all down in your hot throat," he said hoarsely. I loved to have a man talk to me this way and my husband certainly never did. I tried to accommodate his huge dick in my mouth, I could get most of it, I sucked and licked his shaft. I licked his balls and then back to his cock. I put my hand on the shaft and began to stroke while I sucked the head of his dick. He moaned softly and put his hand on my head forcing his cock into my mouth and throat, I gagged, "swallow it," he said, I did and he moaned louder.

I continued to take his cock as far as I could and would swallow each time. He became harder if that was possible, he rocked his hips as he fucked my wet mouth.

I had spit all over my face and he was covered, he stopped me and pulled me up he quickly unhooked my bra and sucked my tits. He bit my nipples hard enough to cause me to flinch. He pulled them with his fingers while he sucked the other one. My pussy was a sopping wet mess. He shoved me roughly on the bed and pulled my jeans off and my panties. He wasn't as gentle as he had been last night and I liked it. Asian masseuse fucked on valentines day hardcore creampie opened my pussy and rubbed my clit roughly.

I came almost immediately.

He lay beside me, "now, we can try some things," he said. "Like what," I questioned. "What do you like?" he asked. "Whatever you would like to do to me," I said. He pulled out a drawer beside the bed a bottle of lube, I looked at him curiously he smiled, and went down between my legs, he squirted the cold gel onto my hot pussy. He began to work my pussy with his fingers, he rubbed my clit with his right thumb, while he took his left and put two fingers into my waiting cunt.

He worked his fingers in back and forth, and then he added a third I took a deep breath he looked at me to make sure I was okay, I shook my head that I was.

He fucked my pussy back and forth, "squirt me again baby," he said. I was getting close to that. I lifted my legs and put them on his shoulder he worked faster while never losing a second rubbing my clit, I felt a hot sensation in my pussy and then wetness it splattered everywhere my legs, my belly his face his chest his arms.

He still didn't stop I was absolutely breathless and wanted to rest but he wouldn't allow it. He added another finger that was 5 in my pussy, I was packed full, it hurt but he was gently working my pussy, and his fingers in and out.

"Your going to take my entire fist," he said. I shook my head no unable to even talk. "Yes baby, you are," he said. I came horny lesbian teens have hot secret orgy pornstars and hardcore, he smiled at me, and continued fist fucking my pussy.

He took my hand and wanted me to feel how much was shoved into me, I had just past the thumb almost the entire palm.

I was shocked that I had his entire hand inside me, he continued to push, and rub and suck my clit. I felt like I would explode, I was hotter and hotter, I felt the wetness again splatter all over us both. My legs and arms trembled uncontrollably. He pulled his hand out and pushed his cock into me. He fucked me hard, his cock pulling in and out and slamming back into. He fucked me very hard for about 5 minutes, then pulled it out and flipped me over. I knew then that my ass was in trouble.

He rubbed my asshole with his finger and then without warning he stuck his cock deep inside my ass, he would slowly pull out and leave just the head in and then slam the rest of his cock in. He came unexpectedly to me, I was concentrating on cumming myself, when I felt him dump into me. He lay on top of me hot and sweating, I turned over and kissed him. "I could learn to love this, " I said. "me to baby, me too," he whispered.