Horny redhead takes a tour with her man before being banged

Horny redhead takes a tour with her man before being banged
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Train Ride The alarm sounded to get me out of bed to face another day, not that I needed it I was already awake and getting ready to head off to work after being woken by my daughter Sophia practising her piano. I did not mind, she was a great kid and she had a real talent on the piano. I heard Lina, my wife of 10 years preparing breakfast in the kitchen as I rose and made my way into the shower.

Some may have called my life humdrum but I was happy with my routine and more than content with my life. I was an executive in a large toy company with a gorgeous wife and a very smart daughter waiting for me when I got home every night from work. I hurried downstairs and grabbed the sandwich Lina had prepared on my way out of the house. "Hey" Lina called "Where's my kiss?" I turned and pulled her tiny frame up against me mom siliping small son rep xxx xstory japanese kissed her hard on the lips, turned and hurried for the door.

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"If I get caught by Mrs Sarno it's your fault" I yelled as I closed the door behind me. Laughing to myself I turned and ran down the stairs only to see Mrs Sarno standing at her gate waiting for me. I cussed under my breath and then greeted her. "Good morning Mrs Sarno" "Well hello dear boy" she replied "it looks like the late train for you this morning Bello" The dear old woman did not realise how much I resented that frequent statement of hers.

You see there was the 7:45 train that was an express from my station to the city with only 2 stops on the way that took 15 minutes to get to work. If I missed this train the next was at 8 and stopped all stations taking 45 minutes to get to work, standing up and getting me there just in time to start work with no coffee or time to relax before I started.

Sure the 7:45 got me there to early but I didn't mind catching up with work mates over a coffee after having a comfortable trip into work but on average this happened once or twice a week if lucky and I owed it all to Mrs Sarno.

She had made a habit of catching me nearly every morning for two years since we moved in to tell me all manner of stories. I didn't have the heart to tell her she was making me late and keep moving and so most of my days began in a rush. After hearing all about her eldest sons visit in the coming fall and all the plans they had made I ran to see if I could victorias teen pussy offered to get fucked make the 7:45.

As I flew down the subway stairs I was just in time to see the 7:45 speeding off into the distance. I couldn't help but cuss and take a seat to catch my breath for a couple of minutes before taking my place on the front of the platform with the slim chance that front position may get me a seat for my 45 minute trip.

The train arrived and I moved effortlessly into the carriage being pushed by the crowd more or less. As suspected I did not manage to be rewarded with a seat for the trip and so grabbed the overhead rail and tried to come up with a topic to occupy my mind until I arrived in the city.

I closed my eyes and thought about the upcoming holidays and the snow trip I had organised for my two beautiful girls. I had to be careful that the trains rocking and swaying did not put me to sleep as I planned the trip in my head. It was just after the train's second stop that i became aware of something pressing into the front of my pants. I was used to being squashed in between strangers and also quite accustomed to otherwise awkward situations being the norm on these trips into work as there was a severe lack of space and nothing anyone could do about it.

No one seemed to care much as they understood the situation and usually I did too. However this was different. I distinctly felt a fingertip running along the length of my penis on top of my trousers and then tracing it again before squeezing the now slightly firm tip between a finger and thumb.

I looked down but being a tall man of 6'5 could only see the tops of heads. I could not even put my arms down as I had a head nestled firmly under each armpit and was that tightly packed amongst the crowd that I was temporarily powerless do anything about the situation. I began to panic. What should I do? Who was doing this?

What were they thinking? I was a happily married man who had always been faithful to my wife and now someone other than her was groping at my genitals. My body began to betray me as the rubbing continued and then to my disbelief I felt my trousers being unzipped and my penis bobbed out of my pants into the cool air. I felt my eyes bug out of my head and my heart began to race.

I struggled to move away, to escape but to no avail.

Then in one paralysing move I felt the now swollen head of my penis slip into the warmth of my hot asian rides his hard cock min orientalsex and squirting mouth. I closed my eyes and dropped my head so as to not make a spectacle of myself. My head raced with thought after thought. Who was doing this? Was it someone I knew? Was it a young person or old? Was it even a female? What if it was not? Was the guy that was looking at me from in front of the door two 5 metres away aware of what was happening?

Was the fact that somewhere deep inside I was enjoying this indication that I was gay? My assailant moved clumsily licking and sucking my rebellious member as it grew to full erection. I hoped and prayed that it was not a male mouth wrapped around my throbbing knob. I hoped it was a lady, a beautiful lady. Perhaps a supermodel that was longing for a sexual encounter that was out of the public eye so to speak. What was I thinking?

I was trying to make this betrayal of my marriage vows acceptable. I was enjoying being fellated by a complete stranger, what kind of monster did this make me?

I pressed my eyelids down harder and tried to imagine that it was my wife with her mouth around my cock head. Sure it was, I mean it was our anniversary in 3 weeks and this was her present. Never mind that I had left her less than quarter of an hour ago in our kitchen and she had no way possible of making the train before me to set this up. A delicate little hand massaged my balls as the mouth now began sliding up and down my length, exploring my genitals. Gently touching and teasing it and then become bolder with every move.

It felt fantastic then horrible then marvellous then perverted. I was experiencing a once in a lifetime encounter that others only dream of but at the same time betraying my wife and family, betraying even myself if I admitted to even an ounce of pleasure from this attack. It seemed to go on for hours as my assault continued. Panic and guilt gave way more and more to pleasure as my assailant grew bolder and more skilful in their assault on my trembling shaft.

I felt a pair of small hands on my buttocks as my abuser increased their intake of my penis and pulled me into their mouth. I bottomed out in their throat but they continued to thrust my cock in and out of their hungry mouth. I could not help but make comparison with my wife's oral skill and was ashamed to admit that my attacker would be my preferred fellator if ever faced with the ridiculous choice.

My attacker increased the intensity of their assault stroking my shaft vigorously at the same time as sucking ferociously, hungrily on my throbbing cock head. Defenceless my body gave way and my treacherous cock exploded in my assailant's mouth. Temporarily I thought that this was at least some payback for the disorder they had brought upon my life until I realised it was more reward than punishment as they sucked and swallowed every drop of my seed sunny leone xxx back story their hungry mouth.

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Had I let go of the overhead rail I would have collapsed in a heap over the crowd. Just then I faintly acknowledged the name of my steamy blowjob in pov style along amateur pai being announced over the speaker. My assailant had returned my disloyal member to its place within my trousers and now I would find out who the perpetrator of this unwanted attack was. As the crowd poured out of the carriage doors I looked down and then left followed by right but my desperate search revealed no clue as to who my attacker had been.

There were many suspects but in reality everyone I laid eyes on could have been a suspect. It could have been the beautiful blonde that no doubt was a model or if not could be if she wished or it could be the young man with the impeccably matched attire that had been lost to his my vision as soon as the ride had started.

For all I knew it could have been the old Italian Lady that hurried away from the carriage looking back over her shoulder frequently as she left. I sat on a chair in the subway trying to come to grips with the events of the last half an hour. I tried hard to convince myself that it was all a bad dream the more I tried the more it seemed like a dream come true.

All day I struggled foolishly to get work done with no avail. A million thoughts raced through my mind. Should I go to the police? What would I tell them? Would they believe me? Why would they? Had I done something to somebody to encourage this attack? Was it after all a loving yet perverted gift from my wife? Over the next few weeks I got no answers and my questions became overpowering.

I frequently thought that I must have been attacked by an experimenting youth or a lonely housewife and that it was a closed chapter. I wanted to believe that it was my wife but after more and more snooping that option became more and more unlikely. Part of me wanted to know who and why so I could place myself in their path of attack again and feel the soothing warmth of their lips upon my aching cock once more. I chose not to go to the police and had all convinced myself that it was a one off event when it happened a second time.

I was late like the first time but had managed to get a seat. I sat between two old ladies with both of their husband's big old asses in my face wishing I had not got a seat and doing my best to breathe. The train ride started and then stopped just as suddenly throwing everyone on the train forward with a jolt. As the train was so packed there was not much of an impact I imagine however I myself was thrown onto my knees on the floor. When I went to return to my chair someone had stolen my seat.

I was livid, I could not move and so would have to remain on my knees for 45 minutes until we arrived in the city and I had banged myself up against someone's knees in the fall. The train started and I did my best to get m ore comfortable when all of a sudden a hand gripped the back of my head. "What the." I murmured as my head was drawn toward the knees that had been the cause of my throbbing headache.

Is my head drew near the knees parted and my face was drawn deeper and deeper in between the parting thighs until my face was hard up against this stranger's pussy. Once more I struggled to free my hands and brake free but Sunny leone xxx back story was trapped by the crowd.

It was question time again. Was this the same attacker? Why would someone wear no underwear on the train? Was this person stalking me? What had I done to them? My thoughts went back to the first encounter. I had struggled unsuccessfully and had missed some of the thrill this situation had to offer. I began to look at the situation from a different angle. If this was in fact my wife I owed it to her to satisfy her to the best of my ability and if not.

Well I convinced myself that it was and dove in hungrily. If this was my wife she had shaved since I had last seen her pussy. I could not see much but my attacker was soft and sweet smelling, she was clean and tasted delicious. She tasted of berries and was very small and tight. I knew it was not my wife now but chose to believe it was. I circled her lips clockwise and then back in the opposite direction with the tip of my tongue. My reward was nectar purer and sweeter than any I had ever known.

I drank of it and then went in for more. I could tell that my assailant no matter how young or old was not use to the service I provided as she came easily again when I thrust my tongue in black woman sucks off and gets slammed by nasty driver pornstars hardcore out of her sopping wet slit. I sucked on her turgid clitoris and flicked it with my tongue bringing about her final orgasm before we reached the city.

As I clambered out from between her legs I caught a glimpse of a small tattoo on her ankle that was a heart with a name on it. I guessed it may be a friend or a relative that had passed away and tried to rise and see her face before she escaped but one of the fat assed Italian men got in my way and again my assailant escaped. But I had narrowed it down to a blonde airline stewardess obviously making her way to work, a nerdy looking college girl in a letterman jacket and a small woman with long silky black hair down to her backside with a hat on.

They were all attractive in their own right but what was I doing? I was becoming more comfortable with this mystery mistress. I was becoming less of a victim and more of an adulterer. At work all my thoughts were dominated by this mystery assailant, at home I grew more distant from my wife and daughter.

I arrived late at work after taking an extra train ride hoping to bump into my mystery lover one more time. I was forced to take a couple of weeks off to sort out my affairs which I planned to do without my wife's knowledge.

I caught trains all day and all night and got home later and later. I told my wife work had picked up but the extra hours would not be forever. My deceit was my obsession and my obsession was becoming my downfall. I wasn't eating but was drinking heavily. I had lost weight and looked like a wreck.

Then it happened as before, I was on the morning train that would normally take me to work. I was standing in the doorway surveying the crowd on board. There were many women that could have been my anonymous lover but none of them looked suspicious.

The train moved off and I made sure my hands were above my head as was my practice these days. I did not want them to be pinned at my side. Although I was jammed tightly amongst other passengers I was sure I could not be trapped as before. There were only male passengers around me which frustrated me as I knew it meant nothing would happen today.

The train reached the first of many beeg ebony aawaj me sex stories xxxx and the doors opened. A few more sardines squeezed into the can and the doors closed tightly. This was the biggest crowd for a while and I was finding it hard to breathe. One of the men in front of me turned side on and his ass pressed against me, or so I thought.

Like the first time I felt a hand rubbing my cock through my trousers. My heart felt relief and my cock began to rise.

My unknown lover freed my cock from my pants but who could it be? I looked about and realised that again my hands were trapped above my head and my assailant was not visible to me. This is what I told myself, this is what I believed. My cock was now resting on the soft smooth skin of a stranger's ass. A hand grabbed and guided my cock between their cheeks. A silky smooth pair of pussy lips kissed the tip of my prick and hesitated.

The train whistle blew and the train slowed suddenly at the next stop. Unexpectedly my attacker was impaled on my cock and her ass dropped as I felt her legs buckle and her body shudder.

She composed herself and our bodies rocked back and forth in time with the movements of the train. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride. I filled my assailant with my seed once and then continued.

I barely began to shrink before the thought of what was happening and the feeling combined made me rock hard again. My lover came many times and refused to stop pumping. Then as quickly as it happened the doors flung open at the last stop before the big man fucks a little girl and she was gone.

I quickly zipped up my pants and ran out of the toying lesbian teens finger pussy on webcam. I was just in time to see a familiar hat and long black hair disappear off the top of the escalator and tried to run but was stopped by the crowd.

I went to wipe the sweat from my face but noticed the blood on my hands before quickly exiting into the first bathroom I came across. I cleaned myself up and then sat in a cubicle. How old was this girl? Why me? This had gone far enough and would only end in disaster it thought. I decided to head home and tell my wife everything and then I would go to the police and report it to. I headed across the platform and caught the first train back home very shaky and scared.

I had been a fool but it was over now. I even felt better as I neared my house and walked up the steps. When I went inside no one was home so I went upstairs to clean up. I put on some washing then showered and went to put on some fresh clothes.

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As I walked past Sophie's room I caught sight of something that sent a chill up my spine. I walked in and across the room and from under her bed I saw part of the same familiar hat. I pulled it out and attached to it was a long black silky wig. The tattooed ankle flashed in my mind only this time I could see what was written clearly. It read 'Daddy'. Om my god what had I done. I sat on the edge of her bed with my head in my hands but did not know she had come in until I smelt her.'berries'.

She walked across the room and pressed my confused and grief stricken face between her beautiful perky naked tits and said "It's ok Daddy, I will look after you. Everything will be fine"