Handsome guys get to please cute babes

Handsome guys get to please cute babes
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Misty sat on the hard wooden stands under the hot summer sun. Liberally oiled and sun screened, she looked cute in cut-off denim shorts and red, yellow and black Ferrari T-shirt. A matching red Ferrari baseball cap shaded face. Her eyes were protected by wrap-around Raybans followed the brightly coloured cars on the track before her. The noise was raucous even high up in the stands like she was. For a second she took her eyes off the race and looked at the empty seat alongside her.

Her wide mobile mouth twisted into a sneer, for a second. "Damn you Eddie!" She muttered. The race wasn't nail biting, after the first few laps of intense action and the usual knockouts at the first corner of the race, there had been little for the Ferrari clad Misty to cheer about, probably out of boredom, her similarly clothed boyfriend had great girl jenna ivory bbc fucked hard big black cock monstercock an argument with the couple next to them.

The couple were British and American, their accents noticable over the noise of the spectators but and were dressed in matching silvery gray tops and black jeans. The silvery satin shirts had McLaren logos and had irked her Tifosi boyfriend, and his often loud and bitter comments yelled at the top of his voice about Yanks and Nascar and their lack of knowledge about anything Formula One and only been able to drive on oval tracks had escalated into trading insults with the guy alongside him.

The insults began with their choice of driver and had eventually strayed into a full blooded damnation of everything American until he discovered the guy was British. Misty had to admit the Englishman gave as good as he got, Filipe Massa was condemned as 'hopelessly outclassed' Canada was damned as a Badge Engineered wusses, and Canada's staple diet Kraft Dinner, was described as white worms slopped in cum.

Both Misty and the Englishman's girl companion tried to calm the men down, but it was hopeless, the muttering and cursing increased tension until Misty forced Eddie to trade seats with her. He sat brooding alongside her, sipping beer and generally behaving obnoxiously. The last can of the six-pack of Coors Lite had been crushed and tossed back into the cooler between Misty's feet before she had the chance to even open one for herself. It was hot, the race had not come up with any excitement after the first few minutes and was winding down with no chance of the tight sexy booty dude is naked and showing his small cock to two horny tube porn Ferraris moving up into the lead except if everyone above 6th place all suffered mechanical failure.

Misty looked chubby girl gets dirty with a dildo her boyfriend. He was bending forward and staring at the boobs of the American girl.

They filled her silvery T-shirt well, she admitted to herself, very well! She nudged Eddie with her elbow and shouted over the howl of Formula One engines." Go get some Cokes, you've finished all the beers we brought, you are such an asshole!" She watched as Eddie made his way down the packed stand, and was dismayed to see the gray and black clad Englishman also making his passionate fuck leads to mouthful of cum down the steps on the far side of the grandstand.

She glanced at the girl who was looking at her with a mirrored look of dismay. "I hope they aren't going in the same direction or get into it. Stu is really a nice guy, but that fella is really pushing his buttons." She had to shout over the sound of three screaming V8's as they used every one of their revs to hurtle down the straight, before shifting up sequentially through the gearbox to second to take the hairpin bend at the end of the start finish straight.

Over the cacophony of engines, and others on the grandstand all having to shout to be heard, and or cheering or booing of the crowd, it was almost impossible for Misty to understand what the girl had said, from a seat away, so she lifted herself for a second and sat close alongside the girl and cupped her ear with her hand and held her head close to the woman's face alongside her, before shouting. "I'm sorry I didn't catch what you said!" The woman smiled, similarly cupping her hand around her mouth and repeated.

"I hope they aren't going to the same place." She shouted. Misty mimed drinking; her thumb aimed at her mouth and fingers holding an imaginary can, but burst out laughing when the American girl rose slightly bending her knees and bunched both her hands one in front of the other and held them at her crotch, half stooping in a parody of a man peeing.

Misty giggled and shouted. "We should be ok then." Both of them sat back and watched the race, cars following one and other lap after lap in some predestined plan by the organisers. As the laps wore down Misty began to worry, she kept looking out for Eddie, but now that the race was in its final stages, some of the unluckier fans whose drivers were already out of the race had began to make their way off the grandstands and troop towards the exit and metro station, the only way on and off the island that is the home of the Giles Villeneuve Race Track in Montreal.

She glanced at the woman alongside her whose worried frown matched her own. "They haven't come back; they have teen anya olsen begs for a punishing sex with bruno pornstars hardcore gone a long time." Misty yelled. The girl nodded and moved her face close to Misty's ear."Yes far too long, I hope they're all right." She balled her hands into fists and imitated someone boxing.

"I hope not." Misty answered over the noise of the crowd and cars below them. Her cellphone began vibrate at her hip, she grabbed it and flipped it open, reading the text message with dismay. "hlp arrested meet me @ the frnt gate" Misty pursed her lips, her fingers tapping the keys in a quick response." Wht did u do" The answer wasn't unexpected. "fight wth ahole next 2 us" Misty held the phone's display for the woman alongside her to see.

She took the phone back, and clicked a response. "wher othr guy" The answer followed in seconds. "also wth cops pls cum need u" Misty showed her the text message and they both gathered their belongings and started making their way down the grandstand.

Once down from the stand there was a long walk along a road that ran parallel to the main straight, and led to the bridge over the river, then through the myriad of concession stands. The walk to the stands earlier that day had been bad enough in the relative coolness of the morning, but at 3:30 in the afternoon the heat and humidity, it was hell.

Once clear of the track and the deafening noise the race generated, the American girl began to rant as they strode towards the police detachment close to the Metro station at the entrance to the track. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" She cursed. "The idiot can't keep out of trouble for a fucking minute without me holding his hand." She continued unabated.

"Such a fucking Idiot! I'm not his wife to look after him and wipe his nose every time he puts it where it doesn't belong." She fumed looking over at Misty.

"No disrespect but your husband should have minded his own business." "Not my husband." Misty corrected. "My dumbass boyfriend, and I'm sorry, we seem to be the same side of different coins. I'm Misty Shaver." She held out her hand.

As they walked they shook hands. "I'm Nexxia Rapson call me Nex. Under different circumstances it would have been nice to meet you."She said. Her handshake was firm. Misty could sense the aroma of sweat on Nex that her deodorant no longer had the capacity to mask. Slightly acrid and musky, it wasn't unpleasant. As they walked Misty glanced at Nex, whose hips swayed from side to side.

Even under these shitty circumstances she had such a confident demeanour; a quality Misty thought was cool, In high heeled western boots, and black jeans and the satiny gray-silver blouse that accented her large nicely shaped boobs, while inappropriate dressed for the heat, she still managed to look really good, add shoulder length loosely brushed and slightly dishevelled blonde hair, from wearing a McLaren baseball cap she looked sexy.

She flowed gracefully as she walked; even her walk was sexy, far sexier than the uneven steps Misty took in open toed sandals over the slightly uneven pathway. It took a good thirty minutes of fast walking to get to the entrance. A large Canadian flag flew proudly over the small brick police station.

Misty and Nex walked into the charge office. A uniformed police sergeant stood behind the counter. His uniform in disarray, one epaulette torn from his blood smeared shirt. Both girls spoke at once."I've come for boyfriend. Eddie Parsons-Stewart Gibbs." The last part coming out in unison. The officer's French accent was strong. "Ah yes, ze drunken pugilists, not a way to cement Anglo-Canadian relations, eh?" He gave a typical Gallic shrug; they will appear before a Magistrate in the morning." "But we, I mean my boyfriend and I have to fly back home to the States tonight." Nex remonstrated.

"The cop was unmoved, he began to reel off. "Drunk in a public place, fighting in public, assault on police officers, uttering death threats and resisting arrest are serious charges in Quebec, Mademoiselle, your boyfriend will be detained until he can be brought before a Magistrate, and now that you have told me he is a flight risk, there is no possibility of bail." He said officiously.

"Can't I pay his fine now?" Nex asked, taking a thin wad of currency from her purse. "Do not offer me money, maybe some other arrangement, could be agreed to." The cop sneered, looking at her well displayed cleavage. "You can't be serious, how much will the fine be?" Nex asked holding out a couple of ten US Dollar bills. "Surely if I pay what the fine will be he can be released and we can leave tonight, I promise he'll never come back to Canada." She continued.

"I cannot estimate what the Magistrate will consider adequate. That is for him to decide. For now, I will pretend sunny lone six story sex stories download you did not offer me cash, but please leave before I change my mind and arrest you for attempting to bribe a police officer." So sweet butt more babes on flirtsexlovecom francophone officer's obvious disdain for anyone not French, clearly clouding his judgement.

"What about my boyfriend?" Misty asked. "He too has the same charges. The case will come before the Magistrate tomorrow morning, until then, I suggest there is nothing either of you can do. Palaise de Justice; court will begin at 10:00. "Can't we see them.?" Misty began to ask. The police officer stared at the wall behind the girls, they could have been invisible. "They have already been horny whore likes to fuck on top japanese and hardcore to Central booking; there is nothing more you can do here." His radio crackled and he spat some French rapidly into his handheld radio.

"Now we are busy." It was as if a roller-shutter door had been closed. His eyes remained focussed on same point on the wall behind them. Nex was fuming as they left the police station. "Jesus, what a fucking mess. Our flight is at 6:00, our luggage is the Airport, and we've booked out of the hotel. My idiot boyfriend has our traveller's cheques; I have about fifty bucks on me. What the fuck am I going to do?" Misty took a deep breath.

"I guess all we can do is wait until tomorrow morning. Let me drive you to your hotel, maybe you can get your room back." She offered. "I guess so, thanks. We were at The Holiday Inn, somewhere near the airport." Nex said. "Oh yeah, I saw it just off the 401 when we came into Montreal." Misty answered relieved that she could find the hotel.

The boulevards and avenues of Montreal confused the heck out of her, but the highways, the on and off-ramps were marked the same as her native Toronto, and finding her way around using the highway was much the same as it was in her home City.

They drove in relative silence; Misty managed to pick the right off-ramp and a signboard every mile directing her to the hotel without a single wrong turn.

The hotel, the only multi story building surrounded by single story strip malls and family homes stood out like a beacon from the freeway anyway. Misty followed Nex into the hotel, and waited while Nex spoke to the concierge. "I'm afraid we are fully booked now, Miss Rapson the Grand Prix is in town, you know. As far as I know every hotel, h? priv?or bed and breakfast within two hundred kilometres is overbooked. I am sorry but we cannot accommodate you, nor can we suggest an alternative." Misty cleared her throat.

"You can stay with me, Nex, Eddie and I have a double room at the Ambassador, and Eddie won't need his bed tonight, that's for sure." "Are you sure?" Nex asked. "Yes positive, since the guys are probably sharing a room tonight, I don't see why we shouldn't." Misty responded. The drive from Nex's to Misty's hotel took a little more concentration, The Ambassador being on the shores of the St Lawrence River and it took a few twists and turns once off the freeway.

Nex followed as Misty went to retrieve her key-card and was handed a large manila envelope by the desk clerk. "Oh Ms Shaver, this arrived for you and your charming boyfriend." The clerk said. The envelope had the famous Ferrari Logo embossed on it. While walking to the elevator Misty tore the envelope open, inside she discovered an invitation for her and her partner and her to attend an after race function at the famous Casino de Montreal hosted by Ferrari.

Misty remembered how Eddie had literally forced her to fill dozens and dozens of entry forms for this event, telling her it was an "once-in-a-lifetime experience". With all that had happened, she had forgotten that she had won the prize. A meet-and-greet with both drivers and members of the Ferrari Team management. Complimentary Champagne and an open bar; followed by a formal dinner, dancing and gambling, dress formal, starts at 8:00; she read.

Two gilt edged invitation cards were attached, as were VIP vouchers and a complimentary limo service coupon. The VIP vouchers were stapled to a compliments slip with an introduction to the Casino's VIP brochure.

Misty read aloud. "You'll also feel like a VIP when you leave the Casino and don't have to worry about where to go for the rest of the night, strip-clubs and trendier venues are already taken care of and dozens of extras like bottle service and private girl-on-girl shows await you in your private or VIP lounges." She raised an eyebrow. "Well that's great, now, isn't it?" Misty asked, handing the envelope to Nex as the girls made their way to the elevator, Misty was leading and Nex reading.

"It does sound nice, especially the girl-on-girl shows." Nex answered, poking out her tongue. "Well I'm not going alone, so you are coming with me, there are two tickets." Misty said earnestly as the elevator door opened on the 5th floor and she led the way down a plush green carpeted corridor to room 57, which overlooked the river.

She fed the card into the slot and the door magically clicked open. Misty's air-conditioned room was chilled to a comfortable temperature. The room was about the same size as Nex's at the Holiday Inn. Misty flopped down on one of the two queen sized beds, and sprawled lazily looking up at the ceiling, hands beneath her head.

Nex sat daintily on the corner second bed.

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"There's no way I can go with you." Nex explained. "Firstly my clothes, mostly jeans and tees, are at the airport. I have about a hundred fifty Bucks to my name, and a boyfriend in jail." "You're not letting me go alone are you?" Misty asked.

Nex waived the prize brochure. "Says here, dress formal. I didn't bring an evening dress, and I just said all my stuff is at the airport." "You're about the same height as me, and I brought along two, I wasn't sure which to wear for this thing, so you can choose." Misty said walking to the closet, opening it and pulling out two silk gowns, one was red, and the other one yellow.

"I was thinking of silver, actually, but it being a Ferrari shindig I felt turning up in McLaren colours would be a slap in the face of the organisers." She held out both gown, you choose, I really couldn't danni ashe and lorna morgan up my mind which I wanted to wear, that's why I brought both of them." She explained. "You're kidding right?" Nex asked.

"No I'm serious, if you don't go, I won't go and then it will have been wasted. Look our boyfriends are in jail, neither of us could help that. At least we know where they are, and that for now they are safe. They'll get a few hundred Dollars fine and you'll be on your plane tomorrow. I bet if you asked your boyfriend he would say 'go for it', I know if the roles were reversed I'd go." Nex was a pretty girl; cute would have described her better.

Her arms were slightly pink by the fierce summer sun but the black cap had protected her face from any serious sunburn giving her exposed skin a rosy, healthy aura. She couldn't have been much older than Misty. But from that point, they were about as different as they could be. Where Misty's hair was a nondescript reddish brown, Nex's was blond, almost Platinum.

Like Misty she had a lithe, athletic figure, sexy babe gets banged after a massage brunette and cumshot breasts, however, were surprisingly large for someone who was otherwise on the slender side, and Misty wondered whether she might have had implants.

Whether they were natural or store bought it was obvious that Nex was proud of them, because she showed off a considerable amount of cleavage in the silvery V-necked short sleeve top.

Her skin-tight black jeans accentuated her legs nicely. The silvery-gray and black outfit she wore seemed to give her skin an almost translucent pinkish glow from the newly acquired tan.

Her slivery-blond hair was still slightly awry and darkened from wearing a baseball cap. The phone began to buzz discretely. Misty picked up. "Hi, yes, yes, ok? Eddie, no, it's cool. You're a stupid jerk, you know that? Don't you? Asshole! Um, yes she's here." She held the phone to Nex. The conversation was similarly brief. "Well the boys are having fun." Nex sniffed.

"Oh man what a jerk.

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I can't believe I'm in this situation." "Kinda, if life gives you lemons make lemonade." Misty answered, draping the yellow dress in front of her. She offered Nex the red dress. "I think you'll look stunning in red." Nex took the dress and held it against her body; the silk was cool and inviting to the touch.

She had to agree with Misty, the red dress definitely looked good against her slightly tanned complexion. Silently she agreed with Misty, the red dress suited her.

She half cuddled the beautiful dress against her. She smiled. "Do you want to use the shower first?" Misty asked. "I'd love to, thanks but we still have a problem, I don't have any underwear." Nex answered, blushing slightly. "It's cool we can rinse out what you have and dry it with the hair dryer." Misty said, pointing to an efficient looking hair dryer attached to the wall.

"That's the problem, there's nothing to rinse out and dry." Nex blushed. "Ohhhh." Misty breathed in reply. "Look that dress screams 'I'm not wearing underwear!' anyway." She grinned.

"Tell you what, if you go without, I will too." The grin was infectious. "Come on it'll be our night to be daring. With our men in jail who knows what will happen. Now, go shower!" Misty ordered.

The sound of water beating against Nex's skin in the bathroom put Misty on edge, she needed to pee, and was having difficulty coping. Eventually she couldn't hold it any longer, and she tapped on the door. "Nex, sorry I really need to pee, can I come in?" she pleaded. "Come on in Babes." Nex replied. Misty entered the steam filled bathroom. She almost ran to the toilet, she ripped down her shorts as she sank down onto the seat.

Relief was instantaneous. She looked up. Nex stood naked in the tub. Her blond hair had been darkened by the water, and hung down framing her face. She was not covering herself, her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and her vaginal lips clearly visible and she seemed to be inviting Misty to look at her. "I used your shampoo, body wash and moisturizer." Nex smiled in explanation and apology. Her breasts were gorgeous. They were large and perfectly shaped, with coppery pink nipples, standing to attention.

She was obviously very proud of them She sauntered past Misty and casually took a towel from the rail and began to vigorously buff herself dry. She took another towel and turbaned her head.

"Shower's all yours Babes." She said over he dominated by pretty alex blake and xianna hill shoulder as her hips swayed out of the steamy room.

Misty's shorts, top and underwear were added to the pile of soiled clothing already on the floor. Misty's shower seemed more physical, her fingers spread the body wash over her skin, the tips of her fingers enhanced the sensuality she was experiencing. By the time the shampoo was rinsed from her hair she was totally aroused. Without even realizing it, Misty had allowed her hands to wander down to her breasts and she began to pinch her hard nipples as she massaged in vanilla fragranced moisturizer.

Then her hands drifted further down, across her belly until they reached the curve of her mound. As her fingertips traced her lips lightly, she spread the cream over her mons and along the outside of her sensitive labia, massaging it in before going to her clit, who begged for attention.

Before she even realized what horny hot teen kimber lee teases and fucks the vacuum saledude happening, a familiar pounding, pulsing stirring took control of her.

A tiny burst of pure pleasure emanated from her core and flowed upward through her belly and was amplified by her spine. The final spasm took her breath away and she had to lean against the shower wall to keep her balance.

Her teeth had bruised her lower lip. It was an amazing orgasm. Misty took her time leaving the bathroom. Similarly clad with a towel wound under her arms and one turbaning her hair, she re-entered the room, however no amount of time could disguise a very noticeable afterglow. Nex was sitting on a bed, drying her hair with the hairdryer. She was also using Misty's brush.

She lowered the drier. "Was it good?" she asked smiling. Misty blushed crimson. Her knees turned to jelly and she stumbled onto the bed next to Nex. "I hope you don't mind, I'm using your brush." Nex looked up. "Are you okay Babes?" She asked. Misty's voice was lost, her brain just refused to function. The tingle between her legs intensified as Nex's hand touched her shoulder. She lost her grip on the towel, it slid down, cool air conditioning added to her woes, the chilly air contracted her still supersensitive nipples, the tips rosy and wanton refused to follow any half hearted commands to subside, her breathing became shallow and noisy.

Nex looked at her new friend anxiously. Her hand reached over and caressed Misty's shoulder. She looked into Misty's eyes and suddenly it all became crystal clear. The drier slipped from interracial cuckold revenge fuck facial cumshot girlfriend fingers, and she leaned over, gravity allowed the towel covering her chest to slip down, and her arousal, like Misty's was evident, her large nipples were contracted into pink rosettes.

She leaned in, scooting closer as Misty slumped into her arms. Their faces touched, their lips met. Their first kiss was soft, hesitant, their eyes were closed while they both explored one and other's mouths with inquisitive tongues.

Nex was bolder and her fingernails trailed across Misty's shoulder and neck, bringing a soft sigh from Misty. The intensity of their kiss deepened and they both grew more demanding, almost trying to force dominance on one and other. Nex managed to push Misty down, or Misty artfully allowed herself to be pressed back onto the bed, but she drew Nex down on top of her. Nex opened her eyes, Misty lay beneath her, their mouths were locked, and their tongues flitted and fluttered; tasting, touching and teasing each other into bolder and more brazen acts.

Nex broke the kiss, she used both her arms to push herself up from Misty's shoulders. Misty's eyes sprung open, her pupils dilating in panic.

She looked up at a smiling Nex, who lowered her head to Misty's hard little nipple, of Misty's left breast, she latched her mouth over the sensitive mammary and began to suckle. Misty's back arched, as Nex drew the whole of her breast into her mouth. Her tongue probed and teased. Misty was breathing through her nose in hot little snorts. Her hands were all over Nex, her shoulder, her neck, and her chest and across her back.

Misty's breast popped out of Nex's mouth. Misty lay back and watched as Nex looked deeply into her eyes and she shifted slightly so their lips could meet again. Their eyes closed when Nex's hand slid down between them and her hand cupped Misty's hot pussy. She squeezed. Misty gasped and strained below her but unwilling to let Nex's lips leave hers.

Nex's hand opened and her palm pressed downward towards the junction of Misty's thighs. Her thumb found Misty's clit, her finger and thumb tweaking it out from beneath her hot and humid hood. The ball of Nex's thumb squished it from side to side, almost grinding it against Misty's pelvis.

Misty squirmed, her mouth open and her tongue trying to find Nex's tonsils. For new lovers it was surprising, they moved as one being, or a couple who had choreographed their moves over and over. Misty crabbed under Nex, sliding sideways on the bed, while Nex lifted herself up on her knees and climbed over Misty's body. They settled, Misty strained her neck upwards, her mouth finding Nix's pussy, she, herself began to gush as tiny tics, almost like an electrical current began to pulse along her widely stretched out legs.

Nex in turn craned her neck down, and her mouth closed over Misty's proud little clit, her teeth grazing the sensitive bud. Misty shivered beneath her as her nose pressed into Nex's folds finding Nex's rubbery clit very slippery.

Nex pressed herself onto Misty's face their bodies moving together in perfect harmony. Their breathing was noisy harmonious grunts. Both girls were racing each other to climax. Nex crooked her two fingers and pressed them against Misty's g-spot.

Her fingers probing the spongy magic spot until Misty began to move in rhythm with Nex's touch. Nex used her tongue to tease Misty's swollen clit, tracing no holes left unfucked doggystyle and deepthroat one side of it, up and down, before moving it to that magical spot above her clit, her tongue slithered from side to side.

With each new touch Misty moved her hips faster, pressing them upward as if to beg for more of Nex's touch. As she lay beneath Nex's pussy, her hands slid around Nex's ass pulling her onto her face. Nex began to pant, her breath hot against Misty's pussy. Sensing that Misty was close again, Nex straightened her two fingers and began to plunge them in and out of Misty's tight, wet cunt, over and over.

Faster and faster. And each time, the heel of her hand pressed hard against Misty's clit. Neither girl cared who would orgasm first it was a race to the finish. Misty felt her muscles tense and every nerve ending in her body seemed to be concentrated between her legs.

Her pussy began to throb and clutch at Nex's invading fingers, and as she let go liquid gushed. The muscles in her both legs strained. Misty again bit her lower lip, trying to keep from yelling, lovely girl know what a guy likes it was impossible. She had no control and gave herself completely over to the orgasm.

"Oh, god!" she screamed. "Yessssss. . yesssss. yesssss! Oh, fuuuuuuuuck yes!" But it wasn't just one orgasm, after the first massive contraction several lesser ones rolled baby baby xxx story play her loins combining with the other, taking her over the edge, time after time, like a roller coaster, lessening then peaking again.

It was unlike anything she had ever experienced. She threw her head from side to side, writhing, never wanting the pleasure to end. Misty's mind was a blur, as the pleasure began to subside she knew she needed to return the pleasure Nex had given her. She drew breath and blew into Nex's pussy hovering above her face, eliciting shuddering moan.

Her arms slid back down from Nex's back and her fingers and tongue probed the inner slickness of Nex's pussy, and that wonderfully sensitive spot between pussy and ass. She pressed her finger and thumb into both openings, teasing as the tightness around her finger and thumb relaxed began alternating fast and slow movements. Nex responded with her own frenzy; she moaned and panted, her tone and language changed, pleading obscenely; begging Misty to fuck her.

"Fuck me Babes, oh, yes, my cunt; just there, oh fuck your finger feels so good in my ass, more, more Babes. Always more. And Misty didn't think she could possibly get enough of Nex's inner slickness or hear the sounds she was making.

Misty lifted her face, Her mouth grinding onto Nex's pussy pressing her chin almost into her pelvis, her tongue found her clit poking itself out from its hood the tip of her tongue flicked questingly up and down, Nex's fingers were wound into Misty's hair and she screeched, but Misty was not going to be denied. She worked Nex into one frenzied orgasm after another until Nex pleaded, in a weak but reluctant voice, "Please, Misty, no more, please no more!" Nex collapsed on top of Misty as Misty's talented tongue slowed to a stop with a long self satisfying lick, their bodies hot and slippery.

The scent of their sated bodies permeating their nostrils, their breathing laboured. Misty lay back Nex's pussy still inches from her mouth. "You do know we need to shower again before we can get dressed for the ball' don't you?" She asked. Nex began to giggle. "I bet my orgasm in the shower was better than yours." She bragged, as she slid off Misty and stretched languidly beside her.