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Step sis maya bijou gets pussy stretched with cock
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The Picnic a story by LePhantom © 1997 The bright red Sebring convertible rolled down from the ferry onto the dock.

The disappearing fog muffled the sounds as it rolled through the gravel parking lot. She sat softly in the right seat, with her sandal'd feet curled under her allowing the sun to gently warm her exposed thighs. Her sparkling blue eyes, flashed with laughter as the breeze ruffled her red hair. His eyes glanced from the road, down to her legs, traveling slowly up over her body, watching her nipples harden as she sensed his gaze.

Quickly out of the village, they rolled down a slightly soft and muddy road, passing through the deep sea grass. In the distance, the widows walk of a long abandoned light house rose above the greenness. Sunlight flashed briefly on the tin roof. The soft grassy meadow dropped gently away to the soft sand of the beach. A long abandoned dock stretched out into the rolling sea. Farther offshore, the rusting hulk of sex sani liyon xxx com ancient ship adorned the rocks, attesting to the need for the light.

Silence filled the air, broken only by the flutter of the Monarchs wings. and her soft breathing. "Lets explore," she whispered, as if fearful of breaking natures code of silence. They walked slowly through the meadow, closing on the light.

afraid of waking the ghosts of keepers past. Fingers entwined. pulses raced at the mere touch. their hands rubbed together with nervous anticipation. The light stood empty, surviving the onslaught of civilization. In the center of the great room, a spiral stairway led to the light. "Come on," she whispered and began her ascent. His eyes traveled from her feet slowly up her shapely legs, his gaze disappearing beneath the softly fluttering sun dress to glimpse tiny bikini panties.

She glanced down, catching his gaze and smiled, knowing that her choice of lingerie for the day had been good. Busty latin babe gets banged in the park for some money hardcore blowjob broke from the dark interior into the bright sun of the old widows walk.

Her shape outlined in sunlight inside the thin dress. She turned slowly towards him as he stepped onto the landing.

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Her left hand resting gently on her thigh. He froze, caught by the image before him, unable to go further. A soft smile played over her lips as her hand gently moved across her thigh, pressing gently against her growing heat.

Their eyes locked. riveted together as she slowly drew the hem line higher, her fingers pressing through the soft material, so sensitive that she could feel the texture of her lace panties. Her nostrils flared softly and her chest heaved with each breath, nipples hardening. "Watch me" she whispered with such intensity that it became a command rather than a request. And her soft fingers pressed into her growing heat feeling the moisture build between her thighs. Her right hand flashed to her breasts, caressing as it slid towards the line of buttons.

Slowly, sensualy, she began the odyssey, her eyes watching his widen with each button. The creamy skin of her breasts slowly kissed the sun as the sun dress parted, hiding her nipples quietly. Her fingers passed down, over her stomach, leaving fresh creamy skin at each stop. Her gaze never left his as her left hand pressed deeply into her soft mound. guarded only by the remaining dress and the tiny lace panties.

The final button surrendered to her fingers as a quick gust of wind caught the dress as if to aid her. The thin straps slipped from her shoulders and the wind carried the dress down, towards the grassy meadow. and the sun reflected from her skin like light through fine china. Gently her fingers slipped inside the sheer lace of her panties.

searching. finding. Her teeth bit gently into her lower lip as the first sensation passed through her, like the surf beating against the dock below. "Watch me." she whispered, no longer commanding. His eyes traveled the length of her, from her tiny sandals up over her legs, taking in every detail of her body until he ended with her sparkling Irish eyes.

Her finger gently entered the soft fold of skin that guarded her causing a gasp of pleasure as she touched her hardening pearl. "Oh." she whispered almost unheard. And her finger traveled deeper. Her legs trembled and she grasped the railing for support. His eyes traveled back down. following the gentle curve of her arm as her hand disappeared into her panties. Her back arched slightly against the railing and her eyes softly fluttered closed.

Deeper, her hand slipped, searching, seeking and finding her wetness. A gasp escaped her lips, "Fuck me!!!" she implored. His hands moved quietly to his chest, fingers brushing the buttons of the silk shirt. slowly, one button at a time, his fingers moved down the line. with each button, her eyes widened, snapping blue ice cold water punishment tube porn, piercing his soul.

He felt her eyes enter his giving him a direct path to her mind. Her passions flashed through her eyes, connecting with his. Six buttons. gone. The shirt slid from his shoulders as he kicked the soft leather docksiders from his feet. Her fingers hooked gently in the elastic of her tiny panties, pushing them softly down over her hips. Gently they slid the length of her legs, pooling at her ankles. Her soft mound of red hair sparkled in the crisp morning sun as her fingers moved quickly back.

His pants slide to the floor exposing his hardness, as her finger gently parted velvet lips, brushing against the hardened pearl of her clitoris. Her teeth bit into her lower lip as her eyes squeezed tightly shut, hips thrusting forward as if seeking her hand.

Her left leg drew up slightly exposing her to his gaze. His eyes traveled down to her feet and then up again, kissing her skin with his deep blue eyes. He throbbed, his hardness jumping as if startled at the sight of her.

Her eyes never left his as she stepped delicately out of her sandals and stood before him exposing her graceful curves to the warming sun. Her nipples stood hard on her breasts. Her lips parted as her tongue ran slowly over them.

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Slowly, her knees bent as she sagged slowly to free porn teen sex stories gate hole lock story floor of the widows walk, her eyes never leaving his. Weathered with the feet of 200 years. On her back, the boards felt damp and cool from the morning fog.

He moved slowly towards her, anticipation causing every muscle to twitch, his breath to come in gasps. "Fuck me." she whispered almost plaintively, her voice soaring through the air like a butterfly.

"Now!" His knees bent as he knelt softly between her waiting thighs, her legs parting in welcome. He throbbed at the sight of her as her teeth dug into her lower lip. She reached for him, her fingers closing around him as he moved closer to her, guiding him towards her. She pressed him against her, slowly stroking the tip across her velvet lips and down, caressing the soft skin below her opening.

A moan of passion escaped both their lips as she reached down with the other hand to open herself for him. His eyes caressed her body softly, moving from hers downwards culminating in the point of their passion.

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His hands grasped her hips and slowly drew her up onto his legs, pulling her down onto him. She shuddered and gasped as her pulled her tight to him, driving himself deep into her. She quivered and rippled around him as she felt the beautiful diva gets ass and mouth gangbanged beginning to build deep inside her.

A moan began to develop, clawing its way to the surface as she felt him throb and swell inside her. Her finger slowly caressed her hardened pearl. Their eyes locked and slowly began their dance, gently fucking each other in the warm sun. Their concentration was centered deeply, totally at the point of their passion.

The world around them no longer existed. Each lived to coax the passions from the other, drawing them out, building them to supreme intensity. Every nerve in their bodies connected and charged as if awaiting the approaching onslaught. He felt her tiny ripples, grasping him, stroking him, bringing his closer to his peak as she approached hers. Her left hand grasped his right, drawing it to her breast. He felt the upward thrust of her nipple into his palm as her body twisted.

Deep inside him a roar developed, likened to a freight train gaining speed. A tiny whimper of pleasure escaped her lips as she tightened her legs around him, drawing him deeply inside her.

The bones of their pelvises pressed together as her hips thrust up. His hands slide down her arms to caress her fingertips before drawing her up to him. mouths meeting for the first time. tongues driving deep into one and then the other, dancing in frenzied passion. her hard nipples pressed against the dark hair of his chest. mouths full and passionate. each seeking the other with building intensity. her fingers dug into his back as she felt his hands slide down, grasping her rear, pulling her to him.

Moans and whimpers built and blended in the sea air. Gulls circled overhead. Their mouths parted as her back arched. His lips moved down her throat. arms tightened around her pulling her down as her thrust up into her. They erupted simultaneously, each crying the others name in their passion.

The ripples of her orgasm drew every drop of fluid from him, pouring deep into her, filling her to overflowing, shudders of passion racked their bodies. each driving harder to the other. Suddenly, it was gone. spent. and a wave of euphoria swept over them both. A soft giggle escaped her lips. "I love you." each whispered at the same instant.

Naked, they descended the steep spiral stairway, each carrying the remnants of castoff clothing. Out into the warm sunlight, she gathered her dress and panties as he slipped his shorts and T-shirt on. Clouds of Monarch butterflies rested silently in the nearby bushes. She softly slipped her hand into his as they walked slowly through the grassy meadow towards the rolling waves. Her wispy sistar brsdar xxx story sex stories fluttered in the sea breeze.

Their arms entwined as she rest her head on his arm. The grass gave way to soft smooth sand, hard packed in the night by the rolling tide.

They strolled the length of the beach, carefully examining the shells and sea life washed ashore for their benefit. At the far end of the beach an ancient ship listed in the water. its anchor chains carefully holding it where it had ended its last voyage. Cat fighting drowning underwater lesbien kissed, there by the waters edge, softly, passionately, their hands roamed free, each aware of the passions awakened by their touch.

Tongues caressed and danced. Bodies burned with fire. Her back arched into him, pressing herself to him as he pressed to her. Tiny moans escaped her throat with each thrust of his tongue, His hands slid down over her back, pausing to gently caress the scar through her dress. His right leg raised slightly, pressing tight between hers. He felt a tiny sag as she returned the pressure. Her fingers slid under the shirt, nails raking his back gently.

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Their bodies ground together in near-ecstasy. Her shoulders twisted from side to side as she pressed her breasts against his chest, her nipples swelling until she thought they might explode. His huge hands caressed her butt as he slowly raised the hem of the dress fully expecting to feel the lace of her tiny panties.

His fingers touched soft bare skin. "Surprise" she whispered with a tiny giggle. Her arms encircled his neck as her tongue pressed into his mouth. Her warm breath expelled in a moan of delight as his fingers gently traced the soft cleavage of her rear.

"Yes." she whispered. His hardness swelled, pressing against her stomach, caressing her with every movement. Her teeth sunk into his neck as he lifted her up. Her legs wrapped tightly around him, ankles crossed to hold her to him. His hardness pressed against her mound as she ground herself into him.

Their tongues passionately fucked in the warm sun. Hips rolled as she pressed herself to him searching for contact, begging for release. Hands roamed cum in pussy 20 min rear end, unable to stop. His right hand slipped again into the cleavage tracing gently down over her tiny muscle, deep, caressing the warm velvet skin. "Oh God," she moaned as the pressure of his touch raced through her body.

His finger found her opening, wet with passion, eager for his touch and quickly darted inside. "YESSSSSSSS," she screamed as the wave struck from nowhere crashing against her inner walls, sending giant tremors through her passion wracked body. Every muscle tensed as the wave rolled on. Her cry diminished into a soft whimper as he separation anxiety for son big tits handjob the journey back along the beach, her body limp in his arms.

On the soft blanket she dozed, the warm sun caressing her body, the remnants of the days lunch lay in the picnic basket. His head lay resting on her stomach. Overhead the cry of the seagulls broke the reverie of the day. He stirred, careful not to wake her as he gained his bearings. They had slept, exhausted from lovemaking and their lunch.

Carefully he eased his head from her body, feeling her stir softly in her sleep. His name came whispered from her lips and then she dozed again. He drew his legs beneath him and sat quietly, watching her sleep, her breathing soft and gentle.

She stirred again, this time sliding her right foot slowly up the calf of her left leg and then down again. A smile crossed her lips as if touched by an unseen lover.

Her soft dress had ridden high on shapely legs, exposing a soft tuft of red hair. He rolled onto his stomach, stretching out full length on the blanket, his face inches from the hem of her dress. His eyes wandered over her body slowly, kissing it with his gaze.

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His face dropped to her mound, gently burying himself in her. The scent of her filled his lungs, making his heart swell with joy and passion. In her sleep, her hips thrust gently upwards, knowing full well, even in sleep, her lovers touch. She stirred again this time opening her legs softly as if to accept him, a faint moan rolled through her throat.

He felt her fingers sift through the hair at the back of his head as she gently pushed his face deeper. His tongue flicked out, parting the soft fold of skin that guarded her pearl of passion. with a studied familiarity, his tongue caressed her, recognizing the texture of her most secret parts. Her hips thrust up imperceptibly as he probed deeper into her. "Yesss." she whispered from her dream. He turned his body, settling softly between her creamy thighs, his face buried deep hardcore sex in doggie big butt mature her hair.

her fingers grasped him, pressing down, holding him as his tongue gently sought her. Her hips thrust up in silent longing and her legs open more. In her dream state her body twisted gently as his tongue caressed her clitoris, softly urging her closer. Her teeth bit down on her lower lip as her eyes squeezed tightly closed. His tongue gently explored her. darting quickly in and then out again. circling her clitoris and then back again in perfect rhythm with her hips.

His hands caressed her hips beneath the soft dress as over and over he drove his tongue deep into her only to withdraw and travel down over the velvet skin below her opening. Through her dream state, a tiny whimper of passion escaped, growing stronger with each thrust of his tongue. His hands roamed free caressing her smooth stomach, feeling the ripples from the building wave deep within her. Her dress rode high dildo fuckin her sexy meaty pussy lips her body, soft flesh accepting the warm summer sun as it accepted his ministrations.

His hands slid higher seeking her breasts, feeling her nipples swell in anticipation. Her fingers dug into he blanket as if seeking some grip on the world. hips rolled in passion as his tongue caressed the tiny muscle of hr rear. His tongue drove deep into her drawing her closer with each thrust. And the wave grew stronger threatening to engulf them both. And then it was there. out of control. crashing against her inner walls.

flooding them both with her unspent passions. Her hips thrust high as the whimper turned to a scream of pleasure. "OHHHHHHGODDDDDD." she screamed as she flooded his face, soaking them both in the flood of passion. Later. in the car, her head rested gently on his shoulder, the wind ruffling her red hair gently. "I love you." they both whispered in unison. -30-