Dildo fuckin her sexy meaty pussy lips

Dildo fuckin her sexy meaty pussy lips
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We all got out of the spa and dried off in the sun on the lounge chairs. Bill had his camera and we all knew he would develop the pics and give us a set. No one had a problem with that. Of course there was more beer and and snacks and we were all having a great time, laughing, telling stories just enjoying the moment. I got up and Bill asked me where I was going and I told him I had to pee, and started into the house. Mike said he had to pee too and followed me inside. He was at many Thursday's fuck fests and peeing in front of him was no longer a problem.

I lifted the seat as usual and sat on the rim of the toilet and started to pee right away. Mike, with his cock almost in my face also started to pee and I knew he wanted me to hold his cock and direct his pee to my clit.

I did as expected and when he finished I got every last drop from his cock and licked him clean. He got the ice bucket and some warm water and poured it on my pussy and as I stood up he had a towel and dried me off. I got used to this and I really liked it. I knew Linda also had this from our Thursdays but didn't know about Lisa. We went back outside, and the others were talking about a schedule for the the next 3 days and nights. Obviously the guys had arranged what they wanted to do with their slut cunts, for the long weekend and we were about to find out.

Tonight we were going to a bar that had food and music for dancing. We were to wear our short dresses but nothing underneath. I've done this many times arya fae gave her boyfriend dylan a hot blowjob my husband and it is really exciting to me and him knowing that there is only that thin dress between me and being naked.

He loved watching the guys reactions as I opened my legs for them to see my pussy. These guys raunchy aliz gets nailed in a threesome it too,and we were told to get ready to show the guys at the bar what we had underneath the dresses.

Our mornings were free to do whatever we wanted (yeah right), but I was sure there was sex in all the guy's minds, and of course mine, and a game in the afternoon that would involve everyone and Thursday night out for dinner and home for more sexand spa. Friday afternoon was bondage time for the girls and a strip club at night. I wanted to use the spa every night if I could because looking at the stars and guys playing with my tits and pussy were at the top of my list.

And those jets!!! I just Loved that. Saturday was going to be whatever the six of us liked best. Sunday morning a group fuck fest then home.

lurid knob riding with wild adorable chick The dresses we had were just long enough to cover our pussies and that was the look the guys wanted.

They were different styles and colors but all very short. We got dressed and went out. We got to the bar and ordered food and drinks and asked when the music started and was told 10.

There were a few other girls there, locals I would guess and we got our share of looks walking to our table. After we ate the music started and we danced. On slow dances when we put our arms over the guys shoulders and we knew our dresses were being pulled up and our asses were visible to anyone who was watching. Another exciting thing for me. Look what you can't have. And of course we opened our legs whenever we were sitting to add to the excitement. We changed partners and danced with everyone in our group.

Around midnight a group of locals came over to out table and asked us to dance. The guys didn't hesitate, and they said sure these cunts will dance with you. We got up and started to dance. Since they heard our guys call us cunts they didn't worry as their hands soon made their way to our exposed asses and touching our tits.

I looked over to Bill and the he and the other two guys just smiled. They liked the idea of these guys using us just a little as sluts and getting a few free gropes. I could feel the guy dancing with me had a hard on and with one hand squeezing my ass he took the other hand moved his hand off my tits and started to finger fuck me. Again I looked at Bill and he just smiled. I was hoping that these guys would not be invited back to the house and was relieved when Bill told me later it would never happen as we were his cunts to play with and this was just innocent fun for the locals.

Linda and Lisa felt the same way as I, and let them have their way with us on the dance floor. It was finally time to leave and when we got back in the living room the guys drew straws as to who each one would undress us and get to fuck us first.

Mike got me and he took off my dress and I undressed him and after I sucked him hard he stared to fuck me. He called me every name he could,cunt, cock sucker, tease, fuck slut, I've heard them all before and it turned me on as the other guys were calling Lisa and Linda the same names too. After a few minutes he stopped and the guys switched and Bill pulled his cock out of Lisa, put it in my mouth to clean Lisa's pussy juices and started to fuck me.

All the guys did the same. Finally, Larry, with his cock "Clint", was standing over me and I licked the pussy juices off his cock and begged him to fuck me hard, and come in my cunt.

Fuck me hard he did.

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Clint shot his load deep in my cunt as my legs and arms were wrapped around him trying to give him the best fuck of his life. Lisa came over to me and said that was her cum and had me push it out of my pussy so she could lick it and swallow it. I had to remember that for next time.

I liked her tongue taking his cum from my pussy. Maybe I liked it too much? Everyone got with their guy and had pussies eaten until we came. I actually was cumming with one of the locals who was finger fucking me!! But that was my secret. I was tired, needed a shower and some sleep.

Bill told me he wanted one more time at my cunt and needed to see my tits bounce back and forth while he fucked me. I was on my back legs spread in the air and my cunt was ready for his cock and fuck me he did.

He loved seeing my tits bounce while he pounded my cunt. He took a long time, finally he pulled his cock out and rolled me over and said doggy style and I got on my hands and knees, spread my legs to open my cunt for his cock and he fucked me doggy style on the floor of the bedroom with my tits swaying back and forth.

He was in so deep but I was so wet and full of cum it didn't matter. With one final deep plunge he came inside me, his cock throbbing inside my pussy.

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He pulled out, told me to clean his cock and of course I did tasting his cum and my own. We took a shower together washing each other, went to bed naked and drifted off to sleep. My last thoughts were how much fun today was and what kind of games did the guys have planned for tomorrow.