Sexual oral sex with strippers striptease and hardcore

Sexual oral sex with strippers striptease and hardcore
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Innocent sweetie stretches pink slit and gets deflorated have been talking to my wife for months about swinging and she would listen to me and enjoyed the fantasy but left it at that. I was fortunate enough, that my gorgeous wife was very understanding to the idea of swinging and she herself would fantasies about it.

I consider myself one of the very few very lucky men that can talk very openly about anything sexually with my wife and she would understand and talk back.

But all long my wife looked at it as a fantasy when I looked at it as a reality waiting to happen. I have shared the idea with my wife and she seems to like it but thinks it is a fantasy.

On many occasions she said that she is going to test me to see how real I am about the idea of watching her sliding another man's dick up and down her pussy. She never knew that I was ready for the test and I am passed that.

Time went on and I decided to take the incentive myself and put me to the test the way she would want to. I had to be very creative so she can agree without making her feel pushed to do this.

Sure enough I came up with what I thought would be a genius plan. I went on Craig's list and placed an ad with the title Black male needed for nude massage.

In the ad, I explained that the massage will be for a female and that both will be naked. I even offered $60 for half an hour and made sure to state that NO sex will be involved, just nude message. I could not believe the Horney guys out there that wanted to give my wife a nude massage. I received many responses with photos of faces, bodies and dicks. Few even offered to pay me. However one response stood out.

The responder was for a married professional masseuse. He stated he was responding because that is what he does for living and he has never done a nude massage but would not mind doing that.

He had a picture of himself and he seems to be very handsome and professional. I figured he would be my best bet because I would treat my wife to a great massage and at the same time I would treat my eyes to wonderful site.

Truthfully I also thought since he is professional, I know he knows not to try any games. Almost all of the other Responses sounded like they wanted to play with my wife with no limits. I called Steve (his name) and I told him that I would love to have him come over and give my wife a nude massage.

He sounded extremely polite and asked me the reason behind the nude massage. I was very truthful with him and that it was a test to see if I will get beyond jealous. Steve was very hesitant but he agreed to it stating bad economy is cutting at his income. The night Steve was coming, I told my wife all about the surprise.

My wife loves massages so it was her weak side. However, she was extremely shocked and unprepared for it. She strongly refused and got very angry with me. She was extremely upset with me because I did that without asking her for her opinion.

She said to me you know you are the panochas grandes culonas chichonas eyaculando man to see me naked and touch my body so why would you do that. I got so mad and I told her it is not like he is coming to fuck you, he is horny yr old lactating wife leaking milk riding husband saggyboobs and bigbreasts coming to give you a nude massage but forget it, he can just give you a regular massage and then he will leave.

I left the room thinking, oh well once he gets here I will tell him I am sorry, pay him the money and tell him to leave. Few minutes passed before my wife came to the room I am setting in and she started to laugh, I cannot believe you did this.

I smiled back and told her, I cannot believe I did this either. She came to me and kissed me and told me how much she loves me and that she loves me more for trying to please her. But she insisted that she will not let another nude man touch her in a sexual way. I told her that Steve is married and he will not touch her in a sexual way and I will make sure of it. One hour before Steve arrival, my wife went to take a shower and get ready for the massage and my heart started racing and my mind started to make all kind of ending to this story.

I was going to make sure to tell Steve not to take his clothes off and just give my wife a nice massage. My wife came out of the shower and she looked stunning. She put on light clothing and she had beautiful full face make up. Her eyes were magical and her lips were shinning like a glazed candy. She smelled like a gorgeous flower. I hope you know that this was your idea she said to me. I was glad it was my idea. My wife then surprised me by saying, I have changed my mind and I really want to test you…Let's have Steve get naked and I will not…&hellip.

and I want to see how you would react to a naked man rubbing on me. I loved the idea and I could feel a very pleasurable sensation running down my spine that my dick started to get harder. Ok, I like the idea. I didn't finish my sentence and the door knocked. I knew it was Steve and I ran to open the door while my wife went to the bedroom. I opened the door and could not believe how handsome Steve looked.

He was 6'3 and a thick man with wide shoulders and huge Chest. I could not believe how big his hands were when I greeted him at the door.

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He was super clean cut and had a nice smell to him and soft voice. I asked him to come in and showed him the way to the bedroom. We walked to the bedroom and my wife was setting on the side of the bed. I could see the sparks in her eyes when she saw Steve, but she said to him "thank you for responding to my husband's crazy ad, I hope you know it was his idea" Steve smiled at her and said there are much crazier things than that.

I pulled a chair and set in one of the corners to watch. Steve didn't seem to mind and he said "should we start" Sure…& wife responded quicker then I could.

Steve had a suite case with him in which he kept all of his stuff in, which was mostly massage oil. My wife was still setting on the side of the bed watching him. He looked at her and smiled walking straight toward her. You did not think I can give you a massage with your shirt on do you? My wife smiled with a blush and tried to left her shirt up but Steve was faster than her and he helped her pull her shirt off.

For me, her beautiful white bra covering her boobs seems more revealing than ever. I was watching everything in slow motion guessing what would be next. Steve was still standing looking at my wife admiring the beautiful full breasts pouring out of the bra&hellip. But without asking for permission he leaned forward and rounded his arms around my wife's breast and was trying to unhook her bra.

I do not think me and my wife were ready for this as she looked at me while Steve was trying to undo her bra and she had a shocked look at her face and made a funny face at me as to say what the hell is going on. Steve did not have a problem with the bra and once he unhooked it he continued to pull it off and in just few second a large strange black man was looking at my wife beautiful naked white breasts. She has never had a black man this close to her naked breasts and Steve was not shy at all to stare at them for a long time.

He even took her bra close to his face and complemented on the smell. "I hope you know you have beautiful breast" Steve told my wife. "Thank you" my wife replied with trembling voice. She was still facing Steve who was only few inches away from her. He was literally between her legs when he started to take his shirt off. I just remembered that this was supposed to be a naked massage and I never told him the change of plans. I was so excited about the whole experience that I did not care and I wanted my wife to call the shots.

Steve lifted his shirt up exposing his strong arms and huge chest. He was more fit to be a football player than a masseuse. Steve had broad shoulders, wide chest, big arms and huge hands. I was shocked to see my wife reach and touch his chest and arm as she smiled and made a shy statement "you smell good yourself too and you have a great body".

Steve thanked her and he started to unbuckle his pants. It looked more like strip show than a massage and I was getting more excited as I could not figure out what is going on any more. Steve unbuckled his belt and pants and then he pulled his pants down. He was not wearing underwear and his pants seem to get stuck when he reached his dick. He made few shakes and his pants fell down to his that adorable babe like to sit on his face squirting and japanese. He was still only few inches from my wife when his black dick just flopped out of his pants inches away from my wife's breast.

He had a perfect looking dick with darkest black color I have ever seen. His dick seems smooth and soft as if it was a fake dick. His dick was flaccid and It looked like it was about 7 inches long, but it was amazingly wide.

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His dick was curved and clean and he stood in front of my wife as a new era version of the roman statue. It just looks like a dick looks more erotic and vicious when it is black. I looked at my wife and her eyes were staring at the big dick that was within mouthful reach. She could not help put reach to it with her right hand and touch it with the tips of outdoors a place for a pick up fingers as if she was touching a silky soft kitten.

Steve's thighs looked like the thighs of a black stallion and he had a firm bubbly ass that was solid like a rock. Steve took to steps back and took his pants off totally and was naked in front of my topless wife. He was looking at her eyes while she was investigating his naked body.

The room was so quite that I could hear the heavy breathing from both of them. Then without any notice Steve went back right in front of my wife and reached for both of her hands. I was not sure what he was trying to do but it seems like he was helping her up. She took his hand s and she got up. As she was getting up, his dick accidentally got stuck between her boobs and she lifted his dick with her breasts accidentally until she was totally standing.

They both smiled but I can tell both me and my wife did not know what Steve was doing. Again Steve reached with both of his hands around her waist and that is when I realized that he was taking her pants off.

Of course he would, I never remembered to tell him the change of plan. Once his hands were around her waist, he was so close to her that her breast pressed firm against his chest and his dick was pocking her belly. He was tall so her face was facing against his chest.

He slipped his hands down her pants and slowly felt her ass then he pulled her pants all the way down. He then bent over where his face was at the same level as her shaved cheerleader emily grey fucking basketball player pornstars and took her pants totally off.

I thought that my wife's first black cock will be tonight and it was unfolding in front of my eyes. I was getting very excited and I was full of jealousy at the same time. I wanted to see her have the time of her life and enjoy a hard fuck to the fullest. I realized that I forget to tell Steve that he does not need to undress my wife but then she never told him to stop either.

Steve stepped back and asked her to position herself down on her belly on the bed. She laid-down and her breasts pressed firmly against the bed. Her Breasts were popping from the side of her body on both sides due to the way she positioned herself. Her naked body was so beautiful and her skin was so clear that it looked like waxed mirror. Her white perfect looking ass was sticking up in a perfect round shape.

She has always had a nice round ass but for some reason it looked even more round today. Steve poured oil all over my wife's back and started to massage it back and forth and in all kind of motions and direction. She was moaning to his moves and the change in pressure being applied, as to encourage him for more. She would moan and say that it feels so good with a whispering exotic voice.

Steve did not leave a spot on my wife's that he did not explore. Finally he decided he needs to get closer to give her some deep strokes so he stood up on the bed and that is when I noticed that his dick was rock hard.

It looked like nine inches of pure hardness and the hard on did not make that dick any lighter in color. He spread his legs each on one side of my wife's bare body and then he sat down on his knees.

He was planting most of his heaviness on his knees but of course his ass was right on top of my wife's thighs. His dick seems to point down in the direction of my wife's pussy so he gently pulled it out and placed it between my wife's ass cheeks. My wife realized what is going on so she looked at me and she smiled. I will be lying if I said that I did not get jealous. Cute teenage amateur cocksucking and tugging reality just realized she is hospitable to the idea of being fuck by another man.

That was the first time that she has made known that she is serious about it when it was always me. I snapped out of it when Steve leaned forward with his body to massage her back. It looks as if his move was not well calculated so his dick plunged forward toward my wife's pussy. I saw my wife raise her ass slightly as to confirm that his dick was piercing her hard.

May be she was trying to make it easy for it to rest in a warmer more loving place. My wife's legs were totally closed and Steve 's dick could not go anywhere so it seems like the pressure disturbed him so he reach with his right hand and pulled out his black hard cock and positioned it on my wife's back.

What was interesting is that when Steve reached with his hand to free his cock from the tightness of my wife's thighs, she raised her body up as to make for an easier introduction to her pussy, but Steve did not take advantage of that. Steve continued to give my wife firm and deep massage all over her back with his large hands and fingers. Afterward he started to develop a elena koshka and silvia sage horny some in the bedroom interest with the area under her arms where her breasts were definitely pressed against the bed.

He place more oil on his hands and then reached around her upper back and started massaging her breast from the side. His dick was still very hard resting on my wife's back and ass cheeks.

But then he could not help to start a back and forth thrusting motion while he was decisively massaging the side of my wife's breast. His dick slowly went down my wife's ass check as he was starting to angle it in a descending direction. His dick would go between my wife's ass and with a saw motion comes up.

It seems as if his dick was getting stuck in the middle of the motion then he would push it harder to continue the up slide. The oil made his cock slide up and down with simplicity and the side of a big black cock between two beautiful ass cheeks was wonderful.

Steve was making himself very horney and my wife had her eyes closed with a precise smile on her face and all she can do is mutter during all of that action.

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Steve increased his rhythm of sliding his cock up and down and he pressed even firmer on my wife's breast that her nipples popped out from the side.

Steve took his huge fingered and softly grabbed my wife's nipple between his thumb and index finger and started very gently to manipulate them in rolling motion. She was moaning harder and just when I thought Steve might go for it, he stopped and got up with his legs still on each side of my wife's body. He asked my wife to turn around so he can give her massage in the front. My heart started pounding harder just imagining what could happen if he continued with his plan.

My wife did not hesitate and she turned very quickly and laid flat on her back. Steve was standing with his hard dick pointing down toward her pussy. He was looking at her beautiful large breast with oil stains on her nipples. She was looking back at him with a smile on her face. He then started looking at her pussy and perfect thighs. My wife pussy had as much hair as a 5 clock shadow. She had shaved her pussy 4 or 5 days ago.

I noticed that Steve's dick had so much precum that he started to drip. He sat down again on his knees but this time since hid dick was so hard, he held it with his two sensual sluts share a massive cock brunette cumshot hand so it does not thrust in any wrong area.

He sat on his knees with his ass on my wife's front thighs and he rested his balls right on top of the tip of my wife's pussy and his dick along the middle of her pussy. Flexible kamasutra babes licking pussy and dildoing leaned and grabbed more oil and poured it all over her breasts, belly and pussy. All I could think of is that he is trying to make those areas very slippery so when he decides to make his move he would not make my wife uncomfortable.

He then took his huge hands again and started to massage her breasts' and nipples. Her nipples were shinny and rose like two beautifully puffed-up sweet cherries. She was arching her back with pleasure and anticipation while Steve's breathing was getting heavier as if he is going to have a stroke.

He could not fit her beautiful white breast in his large hands so he would clutch them from the bottom and move his hands in upward and circular motions and ends up with the nipple only between his fingers. He leaned forward so his balls went back word and now the shaft of his black cock was resting on the opening of my wife's pussy. He restarted his thrusting motion and that is when I observed that his cock was leaving trails of precum with his back and forward motion.

He had started with slow motion and then increased the speed and could not help but to adjust his knees and push them backward. Steve persisted to massage my wife's breast and forgot all about the rest of her body. He was desperate to touch her pussy so he pushed himself backward any drove the oil with his hands toward her pussy. He placed his right large handover her pussy and pressed gently. His black hand covered all of my wife's white shaved pussy.

My wife bet her lower lip and moaned while arched her back even more. He started to feel the pussy from the outside and his heavy breathing would not slow down. He then took his right thumb and placed it on her pussy gap and just massaged it up and down from her opening to her clitoris. I could see his finger slightly inside her vaginal lips and the pink color of her inside blending in with the black color of his large black thumb.

Few seconds later Steve decided to go back to massaging her breasts. He pushed himself forward but this time he stayed further back so the engorged head of his thick dark cock was right between the lips of my wife's pussy. His massive erection was only an inch or so higher than my wife's pussy opening. I can see his dick with streaks of precum dripping wet onto my wife's pussy and down on the sheets. My wife was totally into the action and she continued to moan erotically letting Steve take totally control of the situation.

I was looking at that black cock slightly buried into the soft white lips of my wife's pussy when Steve turned around and looked at me. His eyes looked straight at my eyes and I knew that he was asking me for the go-ahead.

I had a shiver go down my spine and I knew that one thrust and his massive dick will be few inches contained by my wife's pussy. For some strange reason that I still do not understand, I did not pretty hawt beautiful gal hardcore and bondage for him to go for it but rather I shook my head from side to side as to say do not even think about it.

Steve then nodded his head back as to say that is fine. He leaned forward toward my wife and gave her a kiss on the cheek and got up. She was still smiling and reached for the blanket to cover her naked body. Steve put his pants on and he still had a massive hard on but continued to get dressed. Once he was done I gave him the money and escorted him to the door. He left with a huge smile stating that he is looking forward to serve us more.

I went back to my wife and we talked about the whole thing for few minutes before we were having the wildest sex of our lives yet.