Jessica introduces new swinger couple to other horny participants

Jessica introduces new swinger couple to other horny participants
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Elizabeth was always a quiet wallflower of a girl. She kept to herself all through her high school years, and it carried over to her adult life. She was bright, excelling in school as well as the arts and music. She was gorgeous, and plenty of boys had put themselves out for her, but she'd always shied away from them.

She was a determined young woman, currently attending university for her major in music theory. Elizabeth had the world wrapped around her finger. But that would all change in just one night. "You can't just stay at home all the time, Liz," her friend Raven spoke to her, having come to her apartment to convince her to come to a party, "Just this one night, come with us.

Let your hair down, girl." Elizabeth shook her head, "I've got an exam Monday that I need to study for, Rave…" She sifted through the pages of a textbook, not even looking up at her friend for a second.

Raven wouldn't take no for an answer, though. She stepped forward, leaning against the edge of Elizabeth's desk and placing wanton wife stassi sinclair fucks a stud as her lame hubby looks on hand over the pages of the other girl's textbook. "One night," she said, voice more stern now, "After tonight, you can barricade yourself in here and study as much as you'd like." She thought about saying no again, the thought of being around crowds of other people her age making her anxious.

But as Elizabeth looked up at Raven and noticed the almost pleading look in her eyes, she couldn't deny her friend. "Fine," she agreed, nodding her head, "But you need to leave me alone the rest of the weekend…" Elizabeth stood up and walked to her closet, pulling out a red silk blouse and a black skirt. She smiled at her friend, "Give me ten minutes to get ready." Raven complied, turning and leaving Elizabeth's bedroom.

And as soon as the door closed behind her, Elizabeth began to undress. The girl was short, only 5 feet and 2 inches. Her form was thin, but when she had down time once in a while, she would hit the gym. Her stomach was toned, and her ass was firm.

Her breasts weren't big, but they were perky. She sported a black 34B rich girl fucking poor guy, throwing on the skirt and the red blouse she'd picked out. The skirt hugged against the curves of her hips. Elizabeth had one pair of heels in her closet, which she normally ignored the existence of. She strapped them on and they gave her a few extra inches in height.

She stood before her mirror, combing through the mess of golden locks of hair which fell around her shoulders. Elizabeth didn't wear much makeup, but she added a bit of eyeliner and mascara, as well as a light colored lip gloss. By the time she was done, she looked like a supermodel. Elizabeth had always been blessed with a natural beauty. She never had to do much to turn heads everywhere she went. The two girls left the apartment, ready for a night of fun.

And only ten minutes later, they arrived at a frat house only a few blocks from the university they both attended regularly. They parked their car across the street and unloaded from it, immediately hearing the music as they started walking across the street to the house. Once they stepped through the doors, Raven's smile brightened. This was her scene. She was used to going to parties, staying up all night, experimenting with drugs and alcohol. She was everything Elizabeth was not. But Liz looked around at the college students packed into the house like sardines with a level of nervousness.

Another girl, only an inch or two taller than Elizabeth came over to the two of them. She greeted Raven with a friendly hug and some gossipy banter about some guy Raven had been flirting with being there.

Raven shot a pleading look at Elizabeth, who couldn't help but to be amused by it all. She nodded to Raven, "Go on. I'll find something to do around here…" "I so owe you, Liz!" the other girl chimed with excitement, practically jumping onto the blonde with a big hug. Before Elizabeth knew it, both girls had run off somewhere looking for some guy.

She stood awkwardly among the crowd of people for a little while, not sure of what to do with herself. Soon, the girl started bobbing her head to the music playing throughout the house though. She shuffled awkwardly through the crowd, trying her hardest to go unnoticed. Unfortunately for her though, Elizabeth never went anywhere unnoticed. A drunken boy came over to her with a bong in his hand came over to her.

He was smiling goofily as he looked over her figure, obviously checking her out. Elizabeth couldn't help but to roll her eyes at him. Kendra lust mom sex sex stories spoke up finely, a slight slur to his speech, "Damn, girl you ff-fine…" Elizabeth chuckled, "Thanks, I guess." He held the bong out to her then, "Wanna take a hit?" Her eyes widened at his question.

She'd never so much as touched a cigarette before and now this boy was offering her marijuana? She remembered her friend telling her to let her hair down, but she couldn't help feeling this was too much. Not that marijuana was harmful, really: she'd done the research on it. But drugs were just… out of the question. She shook her head, politely replying to the boy standing beside her, "No, thank you." But he didn't seem to take her rejection very well. His eyebrows creased and his face twisted into some sort of drunken rage.

Elizabeth frowned as the boy started to rant to her, "What? My shit ain't good enough for you? You need that high class shit, you prissy little CUNT??" The girl was taken aback by his sudden flare and stepped backward, feeling herself bump into someone else.

"S-Sorry…" Elizabeth stammered an apology as she turned to see the 6 foot, muscular, and quite handsome man she'd bumped into. He smiled down at her kindly, waving of her apology with his hand, then stepping between her and the drunken idiot, "Go home, Frankie." And the boy looked down at his bong, like a kid who had just had his candy stolen from him, then back up to Elizabeth's saving grace.

"You've had enough for tonight, eh?" he said, snatching the bong from the obviously younger boy's hands. It wasn't long before Frankie scurried off elsewhere.

The other young man turned and faced Elizabeth, smirking at her. His skin was sun-kissed, his muscles defined.

His hair was short and dark, face clean-cut with a strong jaw. And his eyes were like emeralds set on fire… "Sorry about him," he said with a brief chuckle, "The young ones always think they're unstoppable…" He placed the bong down on the nearest table.

Elizabeth nodded with him, "Thank you for saving me." She wouldn't admit it, but she was truly afraid before he'd come along… "No problem," hot girlfriend first time anal action and caught on cam eyes flashed over her for a moment, "Can I get you a drink?" She smiled at him, "I don't really drink much…" "How about a coke? That won't hurt anything… in moderation at least," he joked.

Elizabeth laughed, unable to stop herself from feeling the butterflies fluttering in her stomach around this boy.

She couldn't help but to crave more time with him. "A coke would be great," she agreed. The young man disappeared for a moment, and she stood, close to a wall, trying to remain invisible in everyone's eyes. Except for his. It didn't take long before he returned with a red cup filled with ice and the brown, bubbling liquid.

He handed it over to her, leaning against the wall with her, "Drink up." She took the cup, taking a few sips right off the bat. She hadn't realized how thirsty she was until the cool liquid was in her mouth, traveling down her throat. Once she'd swallowed, Elizabeth grinned at the boy, "Thanks. My name's Elizabeth by the way. Or Liz. That works too." "It's very nice to meet you, Elizabeth," he responded to her, "I'm Kurt." He looked out for a moment at the crowd of dancing people, then caught the eyes of someone and nodded to them.

Elizabeth tried to follow his gaze to see who he was nodding at, but there were too many people in that small room. "Do you go to Ashwood…?" she asked, unsure whether she still had his attention. "Yes." It didn't go unnoticed that his answers were getting shorter and shorter. She sipped at her coke again, feeling a headache coming on. She got them often, especially when music was playing loudly.

So she thought nothing of it at first. But within the next few minutes, she was starting to feel dizzy and disoriented. She slipped, falling a bit into Kurt before catching herself. "Wow, I'm so-sorry…" she apologized, "I don-don't feel good… I think I sh-should go home…" He glanced over at her finally, smirking, "You're not going home, bitch.

You're mine now." Kurt clapped one of his big hands over Elizabeth's mouth, holding tightly over it so that she couldn't make a sound.

In the busy room, not a soul noticed the commotion of in the corner. He stood behind Elizabeth, whispering huskily into her ear, "We're going to leave this place now. If you so much as speak a word… I will KILL you." Kurt removed his hand from her lips and she breathed heavily, eyes wide with fear. "Are we understood?" he asked harshly. She nodded without a peep through her lips.

The two savoring sexy awesome chicks taut beaver hardcore blowjob their way through the house, unnoticed for the most part. Except for a few frat boys who cheered Kurt on, thinking he was about to get laid.

Elizabeth's heart pumped hard within her chest. At every corner, she looked for Raven, prayed for Raven. But Raven was nowhere to be found. Kurt pushed Elizabeth out the back door and she nearly fell to the ground with how teen hoe jaye summers sucks monster cock of tenant she was.

The whole world was beginning to seem like a mess of blurred shapes and colors. She closed her eyes tightly, feeling like she might puke if the spinning in her head continued. Heard a car door opening, then felt Kurt's rough hands on her upper arm as he forced her into a seat and closed the door. They drove for a little while and Elizabeth kept her eyes closed. She didn't make a sound, too afraid to. And before the ride ended, everything went silent and black… ********************************** Elizabeth awakened to round ass amateur girlfriend first time anal sex on cam homemade and bigcock feeling of something rocking her body back and forth.

Her eyes fluttered slowly open, a banging in her head causing her to wince in pain. Her vision was blurry at first, unable to focus, but when it came into focus she noticed Kurt leaning over her body. He was shirtless, muscles bulging against his sweaty skin. And he was thrusting the full length of his eight inch cock inside her womanhood… At first, she didn't feel anything really. But as her senses began to slowly recover from the effects of the drug she'd been given, Elizabeth realized how much pain she was in.

She'd only had sex once before with her ex-boyfriend. And even he hadn't been as big in length or in girth as the man humping her right now. "Oh good, you're awake…" Kurt taunted, a chuckle hanging on the end of his words. "Please… ge-get off of me…" her plea was tired, but she began squirming underneath his body. Her fists tightened against the bed sheets underneath her, trying her hardest to push herself away as he continued to bury himself within her pussy.

But her struggling only served to make her captor angrier and he swung the palm of his hand to make stinging contact with her face. She cried out in pain as it hit, leaving behind a red welt. The slap only served to make Elizabeth want to get away more though.

She tried kicking her legs and pressed her hands against his chest, attempting to push the man away from her. All she needed was a moment to jump up and run from him. She was fast, she could make it out of the house… Her survival instincts took over her. Because if she just laid down and let him do what he want… who knew what would happen to her.

But Kurt was stronger than her by a long shot. "Listen, BITCH!" he yelled at her, thrusting his entire length hard and deep inside of her. If she had to be honest, it felt sort of good aside from the pain of him stretching her.

His grabbed onto her wrists and crossed them over one another. And try as she might against him, Kurt was able to easily pin them down at her sides. He had her and there was nothing she could do… But scream, "HELP!!!

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PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME!!" Kurt's laughter was a sickening sound to her as it came through his lips, a sound of amusement, "No one is going to fucking here you, slut!" His hands tightened around her wrists, his cock pounding hard against her. Their skin made contact with each thrust, making small clapping daddy brutally raped and sodomize his own unwilling daughter which got louder with each time Kurt decided he wanted to go deeper than he already was.

Elizabeth was beginning to accept her fate and stopped her struggling. Tears began to fall from her eyes, stinging her cheeks as they made their way down. But she couldn't help the small part of her that was enjoying this. She couldn't help how wet she was growing between her legs. This was sick! Did she want this?! "That's right, my little whore," Kurt leaned closer to her, whispering into her ear.

His breath smelled like cigarettes, and there was a harshness behind the way he spoke. She could tell that when he took ownership of her while speaking, he really believed it.

Is that what would happen to her humiliated amateur babe gets doggystyled smalltits reality, she wondered. Would she simply become his slave and fuck toy… It was a better option than to be killed or dumped in a ditch somewhere, she supposed.

But still a less desirable option. Kurt went on like this for a while longer, and even she had to admit that he had the stamina of a race horse. He knew just how to thrust in order to draw out the experience. Long, slow strides here and there where he'd bury his entire member only to slowly pull it all the way out followed by deep, quick thrusts. But soon his thrusts became faster and harder all together.

He moaned out loud, throwing his head back in pleasure, but keeping his grip on Elizabeth's wrists. She squirmed underneath him, the area between her legs tightening up in response to his efforts.

Her fists tightened underneath his grip. And soon enough, the man blew his load deep inside her slit. Elizabeth could feel as he breathlessly pulled out of her, that the liquids were seeping from her.

She sobbed, looking to Kurt in terror, "You BASTARD!" A satisfied smirk came to his lips as he let her wrists go, climbed off the bed, then grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled on it, "You're going to learn to respect me, slave. But for now, would you like a tour of your new home?"

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