Tanned babe rides a dick wow pictures

Tanned babe rides a dick wow pictures
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Jason Day had the most incredible blue eyes; kind and curious and with a lively sparkle. His blond hair was somewhat short and wavy, his face still had its childish roundness but gave clear signs of growing up, and his body was that of a swimmer; washboard stomach and thinly built. However, even though he was almost fourteen, most people thought him younger. He was a boy one would call adorable and beautiful, and he was the envy of his classmates.

Jason, though, disagreed.

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Because whatever beauty he had, Brazzers story sex in sex storiesvom had also not reached puberty, and no one could ever call him ruggedly handsome or a young adult.

His body was completely hairless from neck to toe, not even a single straw of blond wisps. His penis seemed to be growing though, but he found that to be little comfort.

If anyone had actually seen it, he would've been told he had nothing to be ashamed of. Thick and long, it measured at least seventeen centimeters when erect, and had still more to grow. He wasn't circumcised either, though a small part of the penis' head could be glimpsed while soft. A meat sausage in every way of the word. And with such a size, even though his balls had yet to fully fall, surely some hair should have started growing.

As Jason looked forlorn in the mirror in the orphanage's bathroom, nervously clenching his hands, he wondered whether or not to see a doctor. He glanced downwards for a moment, sighed, and made his decision. He'd be bullied even more if he kept looking like this.

--- The doctor the orphanage kids used had a private clinic outside skinny asian teen has her pussy drilled town, several kilometers away. The area was rather desolate, and the nearest house from the clinic was almost two kilometer away. The sunny Californian weather made it a quite a chore to bike there, but it was better than asking one of the orphanage staff to drive him they were way too curious for their own good at times.

When he finally arrived, a young and lovely blond woman opened the door. If he had to guess, he'd say she was barely eighteen, and another brunette her age was standing behind her, both smiling sweetly at him and letting him inside. The doctor, a young man in his mid-twenties, was a black man, whose shaved head reflected in the lamplight above. His white smile was very inviting, and he waved Jason over to one of the more comfortable chairs, while asking him to describe his problems.

Jason looked around the office a moment, catching sight of the diagnostic table, which strangely enough had something similar to handcuffs mounted on each end.

Shrugging it off, he rather focused on his shaking voice, as it tried to spell out his problem in the least embarrassing way. The two women, who were looking at each other with pleased glances, lit up in happiness when the doctor gave them a nod. Jason didn't know what that meant, but was sufficiently distracted when the doctor, whose name he now knew was Munda, told him he'd have to undress. He just wanted to get over it, but glanced over at the two women all the time, as if hoping they'd leave.

They didn't. They were scanning his body eagerly as it was revealed, and Jason made sure to turn his back towards them.

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"Lay down sideways on the examination table, your stomach on the table and your legs on the floor." Thinking this would hide him sufficiently from the curious gazes of the women, he eagerly did as told, only to look up surprised when the women grabbed a hand each, stretching them out on the table and handcuffing them.

His surprise turned to horror when he felt one of the ladies grab his testicles, but before he could yell, some bondage-device was strapped over his mouth, keeping it open as if ready to have something forced down his throat. He flinched when a needle broke his skin, injecting something. But was also freaked out by how the woman was gently caressing his smooth balls.

"Just a large dose of anesthesia.

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For one, it'll prevent any pain, though it'll also have the effect of increasing feelings of pleasure. I am mainly using it to dull your memory, though. And with the dose you just had, you'll have forgotten anything happened at all by tomorrow evening and we'll keep you until then," the doctor explained huskily over his shoulder, and Jason now had an idea of what was coming. He just never imagined that he'd be raped by a doctor, let alone his nurses.

His body was trembling in fear.

Jason had never done anything sexual before, with the exception of his first wank last week. But as he felt the black hands caressing his smooth body, he began struggling. "Yes, just struggle. It's more erotic that way." He felt the thick, black finger enter his anus along with something slick some kind of lubricant most likely, while both girls were caressing him as if to tell him everything would be alright, even though he was freaking out and pulling on the cuffs in desperation and futility.

Then one of the nurses ducked beneath the table, and a second later Jason could feel her soft hands grabbing his soft member, slowly pulling his foreskin back and forth. Jason could do nothing as his erection jumped to life, and would have gasped if he could when the second finger entered him, both hitting his prostate.

He could feel no pain, but the pleasure was almost unbearable: a torture of unimaginable proportions. So focused was he on his own struggles, that he didn't notice when every one of them finished undressing, until the women collage indilon gril fuc would xxx their fingers in his open mouth and used the spit as lubricant for wanking him off.

The fact that his saliva was dripping uncontrolled onto the floor was weirdly embarrassing, and hardly that relevant in his current condition. Perhaps he just subconsciously didn't want to think about what was happening behind and below.

When he finally came, it was with a force that surprised and pleased his assaulters, and the amount of cum spoke of his inexperience. Still, they just continued.

Then he felt it, the cave of spit and softness of the blond woman as she gave him his first blowjob, and made him squirm in torturous pleasure until he cummed once more, his attention now on the third finger that had entered his behind. Yet the blow-job did not stop. "I've forgotten how pleasant it is to suck a naturally smooth cock," the blond murmured. Munda chuckled, and made a sound of agreement.

As the fingers finally left his ass, he futilely hoped it was over, but then he felt the large hands once more part his cheeks, and the large penis of Munda entered him with a slow but forceful trust. Something so violating should have been painful, but brought only pleasure because of the drug and careful preparation, and Jason came once more as the large cock hammered into him, and as tears slowly drained his eyes.

The anesthesia made him loose all strength in his muscles, and it wasn't long before they released him from his handcuffs. Cock still inside him, the black man lifted him up as he sat down in one of the chairs, with Jason in his lap, now humping his body up and down as dry orgasms kept coming from Jason's empty sack.

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The brunette now revealed her smooth pussy to him, and he could only watch in surprise and further horror as she went down on his cock from above while he was fucked from below. The blond on the other hand, kept her fingers in his mouth, playing in strange fascination with his tongue and spit, before using them to fingerfuck herself.

That's when they changed position. He was liftet up and and placed on his back on the examining table, while the brunette fit a large strap-on dildo to herself, and then slammed Jason onto it, making him orgasm in embarrassment, again.

While the brunette started fucking him from the side, the blond now had space enough to take her turn, and lowered herself on him.

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Munda, whose large cock now came into view from the other side of the table, forced his head backwards and put his cock into Jason's mouth through the ring that kept it open, and Jason could taste the musk and sex from it, leftover from being fucked in the ass most certainly.

His ben ten cartoon xnxx all were weak and practically lame from the drug, but he still tried to push Munda away, even though the man only laughed in amusement at his attempt. It didn't take long before the doctor came deeply in his throat, and Jason had to taste the salty liquid that he had hoped tasted worse than it did, if only to make it seem more wrong. The last words he heard before his shock saw fit to knock him unconscious, was "I think we'll keep you in the basement for further use."