White sock ripped yoga pants suck amp fuck fetish

White sock ripped yoga pants suck amp fuck fetish
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Sticky Sweet Victoria wiped the sweat from her brow as she locked the door to her office. It had been another hard day at work, and the rising temperature wasn't soothing her already tense body.

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Thanks to the gas costs, she opted to roll down her windows, allowing the breeze to cool the beads of dew that had collected on her silky, caramel colored skin. A fit of inspiration struck her, and she turned opposite the way she would normally take home, intent on visiting her favorite summer treat vendor.

Franny's Sno-Cone stand was a local favorite, hosting a multitude of different sweet syrups poured over cold flakes of ice to cool its patrons. Victoria pulled into the parking lot, grabbed a few dollars from her purse, and walked to the short line formed in front of the brightly painted building. A young man stood in front of her, about her age, and she noticed his blonde hair peeking from a black baseball cap.

He shifted his weight, turning his body slightly as he waited to order his sno-cone. In doing so, she noticed he wore a grey t-shirt with a pair of baggy jeans. She also caught a glimpse of his ice blue eyes, and suddenly felt the heat transferred from her sweating limbs to between her legs. He paid for his sno-cone and turned around, his ice eyes meeting her chocolate ones. Instantly, Victoria felt very self-conscious in her plaid, mid-thigh length skirt and black clingy shirt.

Though she mentally blamed the heat, she felt a blush start in her cheeks as his eyes seemed to peer into her soul. He smiled at her, and she smirked back, attempting to regain some semblance of dignity.

Stepping up to the window, she ordered her sno-cone, noticing that he watched her, sitting on the hood of a green mustang with black racing stripes. Taking a bite out of his sno-cone, Jack eyed up the petite nymph in front of him.

She had long legs beneath that almost-too-short-for-work skirt, a pair of simple brown flip flops, and a tight shirt that showed off a flat stomach and perky tits.

He felt his dick twitch a bit as the wind toyed with the back of her skirt, daring her round ass to peak beneath the plaid fabric. She paid for her sno-cone and turned to walk to her car. Instead, Jack caught her eye, and he patted the hood next to him.

Accepting his invitation, she sat next to him on the car, enjoying her icy treat. They got the formalities aside -name, age, etc- and soon began to flirt like all red blooded, early 20's adults do.

Jack noticed a tiny bead of sweat dropping between Victoria's cleavage and nearly swallowed his sno-cone whole. In an attempt to get his hands on her tight body, he told her he was great at massages. Smiling, she allowed him to massage her shoulders. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful porn sex videos ever besides its packed with steamy ac felt the tension in her back melt away as Jack's hands rolled her muscles into submission.

Thanks to his handiwork, her pussy was beginning to get as wet as the sweat on her cleavage. "I have a wicked idea," she teased, arching her back slightly. "Mmm and just what is that?" he teased back, get slightly rougher in his massage, earning a quiet moan from her lips. "How about we get out of this heat?" "Where do you suggest we go?" A few minutes and peeled tires later, the pair were in the office. Sitting on the desk, Victoria continued to eat her sno-cone as Jack massaged her lower back.

She leaned back on his shoulder, enjoying his massage. Jack took advantage of her position and placed an arm around her chest, resting on her breasts.

He then teasingly took a bite of her sno-cone, resulting in a blob landing on her cleavage and temptingly, slowly sliding to the inside of her new hot xxx sex stories story. Their eyes met, and he dipped his head low, licking the melting ice and syrup from her skin, sliding his tongue between her breasts.

Victoria's breath went ragged, sno-cone forgotten as she began to pant at his actions. His left hand slid up her shirt, teasing the bottom of her bra, as his right began to tease her by sliding down her toned stomach, playing with the waistband of her skirt.

Victoria's back arched, as Jack's tongue found her hard nipple, his hand pulling the bra and shirt out so he could lick and suck her to a frenzy. Victoria's legs spread, urging his right hand to slide over the fabric of her skirt to tease her inner thighs.

The tips of his hand caressed her moist skin, causing her to whimper at his touch. His fingertips made tiny circles, and Victoria's nails began to try to dig into the glass top of the desk. Jack then ran his fingertip up her slit. Even through her panties, he could feel how wet she was, and he continued sliding his finger between her pussy lips. With a low moan, Victoria shuddered against him, surprised at him and herself for having achieved so quick an orgasm.

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Panting, breath ragged from pleasure, she reached back to unzip his pants. The office phone interrupted their french swinger club part plume poil paillettes with its loud ring. Jack knew he could take her whenever he wanted her, so he decided to play slow and tease the temptress. "I'll guess I'll see you around," he said and then gave her a piece of paper with an address on it.

Victoria's eyes went wide. Though she had indubitably enjoyed herself, she wasn't one to allow her partner to go unsatisfied. She watched as he swaggered down the steps towards his car. Victoria knew by the way he was walking that he wanted her to chase him. Jack wasn't sure if the little nymph was going to follow, but sure enough, he saw her car behind his, driving towards his house.

It was only a short drive, thankfully. Jack's dick was pulsing, threatening to blue ball him in revenge for his teasing ways. Victoria pulled up behind him, watching him exit his car.

She pounced. Jack found his back pinned against the hood of his car, his dick engulfed in a warm wetness, the best feeling he had ever experienced. Her lips left a sticky trail as her the lip gloss flavored his cock. Jack moaned as she swallowed his head, and he bucked his hips into her face. Victoria simply smiled, her tongue lapping down his shaft, and added her hand to the mix as she began to massage his balls. His eyes went wide in surprise as her fingertip began to rub against the spot between his balls and his ass.

The tight suction on Jack's cock was beginning to work, and he began to groan as Victoria sped up. The saliva on his dick was cooling in the air, sending shivers down his back.

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His fingertips gripped the hood of his car as she succeeded in making him release his load of cum deep into her throat. His fingers were tightly wound in her hair as she continued licking his dick, making sure she didn't drop a single bit of his sticky sweet cum.

Victoria shot Jack a chersire cat grin, and Jack grabbed her hand, practically dragging her into the house. They didn't even make it to the bed.

He just threw her over the couch armrest, flipping up her skirt to reveal her perky ass cheeks. He felt his cock come back to life as he discovered she wasn't wearing any panties. Returning the favor, he licked up the slit of her cunt, earning a loud moan from her lips. She was already wet and ready, but he wanted to make her beg.

He gently began to suck on big booty texas bitch big dick and big butt clit; Victoria bucked, gripping the couch material hard. Still focused on her clit, Jack began to slowly circle with his tongue, adding his middle finger to her tight pussy. He felt her muscles hug his finger, aching to feel that same grip on his dick.

Fucking slowly, his finger penetrated her warm depths, Victoria getting more vocal as she got closer to orgasm. She screeched in pleasure as he began to tongue fuck her, running his wet finger around her asshole.

Her orgasm was far more intense than before, her juice pouring over his probing tongue. Sliding the head between her slit, Jack began to lubricate his dick.

Victoria began to shiver, and she began to beg for him to slid that hard cock into her cunt. Normally, Jack would've loved to tease the little slut bent over in front of him, but his dick thought otherwise. Previous thoughts of making her beg abandoned, he slammed into her pussy, jarring their hips into the couch. He groaned, trying to hold back his cum thanks to Victoria's tight pussy. To tease him, she began to rotate her hips, panting and whimpering to egg him on.

He decided to give into her challenge and began to im a sure thing scene trashy pictures her hard. At first, Victoria didn't like the hard fuck she was getting, but there was something animalistic about it that stirred the demons lurking inside of her.

She moaned like the porn stars she secretly watched on her computer at night. Victoria tightened her cunt muscles around Jack's dick. In response, Jack began to groan, his animalistic instincts taking over as well. He slapped her ass, Victoria screaming "HARDER!" as his dick became a blur in her pussy. Spanking her again, he pulled her arms behind her back, also grabbing her hair as he fucked her harder and faster. Lost in the moment, Victoria felt her pussy spasm as her clit gave into the pleasure.

She gave a long, loud whiny moan as her muscles twitched around his fucking cock. Jack pushed Victoria onto the couch itself, her back on the cushions and her knees by her shoulders. He resumed his manic fucking, getting closer to his own climax. Victoria's mouth hanged open, giving Jack a perfect place to finish. Without missing a beat, Jack pulled his dick out.

As if by cue, Victoria leaned up to see why he had stopped. Instead, she was greeted with his juicy dick being shoved into her mouth. He skull fucked her, surprised that she responded by grabbing his ass and shoving him further into her throat. With a loud groan of his own, Jack finally cums, shooting his spunk into Victoria's greedy throat. Laying naked on the couch, the pair try to catch their breath.

Gently pulling on Jack's spent dick, Victoria whispered, "We should take a shower. We're all sticky." Insatiable, Jack's cock stirred in her hand. "Sounds good. Maybe I can get you even stickier." Victoria smiled, then kissed him, nibbling his bottom lip. He then watched her ass as she walked up the stair to the bathroom, soon following her in anticipation of another great fuck.