Exploited college cumshot and party anal deep throat challenge

Exploited college cumshot and party anal deep throat challenge
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This is the work of fiction, even if it says its real, its not, just use your imagination ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What can I say; I remember exactly how it began. It was when I was around 15 years old, every year as soon as we finished school for the summer my whole family would pack up and go to the beach for about a month every year it was great, swimming, playing games, staying up late hanging out with the other kids, you know the normal things you do on vacation, however that year it was different, very different.

I was a normal looking kid, I liked to read, go bike riding, hang out with friends, the big boob philippines girl fuck wasn't available yet and I was never that good at sports but I wasn't a nerd eitherI always considered myself pretty smart,I have two sisters Jessica who is a year older and Jeanie who is almost 3 years younger, also one half sister from my dad's first marriage Kat, boy she was trouble, she was almost 3 years my senior and was a hellraiser she didn't live sex cam xxx 18 school com us but she went to the same school, I guess one of the reasons no one messed with me in school was because of her, all the big kids knew her, and they knew who I was so, if someone messed with Kat's little brother there would be hell to pay.

That year our summer vacation would be different and ones that I would never forget, Kat was coming with us, she never came on a holiday or trip or anything with us, sure we hanged out, she was my sister and we were very close, I think I was closer to her then to my other two sisters even though we didn't live under the same roof.

Mom and Dad were always pretty cool and open, they trusted us a lot, they told us that Kat would be coming with us, because she had finished high school and was going to collage that yearand I think also because she was dating this guy dad didn't like.

So finally the day came and off we went to the beach house, a whole month of vacations It was a whole day's drive, on rout it was the usual, stopping the van to get something to eat, going to the rest room, horsing around in the car and fighting a little bit with my sisters, from the start Kat and me knew we would be sharing a room, and teaming up against the girls, the house had only 3 rooms and usually Charming bimbo stays in nothing but tan stockings performing the best quality porn action stayed alone but I didn't have a problem sharing my room with my older sister.

I admit I was pretty excited about that vacation in particular; it was the first time we were all going. We finally reached the beach house around 8 pm, we took out the luggage and I didn't even unpack, I just put some shorts on and a t-shirt and took off to my friends jimmy house, I wanted to see if they had gotten there, jimmy and his sister Marie were my vacation friends we did everything together and also Marie was my first crush, my first kiss my first everything, we made out all the time.

They weren't there, the house was all dark, we always vacation around the same time, but I guess we had just beaten them that year. I remember when I got back to the beach house dad and mom were cleaning a little bit, I told them that my friends weren't there yetdon't worry about it my dad said, they'll get here, in the mean time why don't you unpack and get settled in, tomorrow is a big day. What the hell I said I went up to my room to start unpacking As soon I opened the door to my room Kat was standing next to her bed wearing only her panties, I was speechless, my mouth open ,it was the first live pair of tits I had ever seen and let me tell you they were perfect, pink nipples nice size simply wow(my older sister Kat was a looker I didn't lust over her or anything like that, she had black hair, in those days she used to cut it a little bit over the neck, like me she had brown eyes, was a little bit taller than me in those days and wasn't thin but also wasn't a fatty ) I could just picture myself standing at the door with my mouth open, Kat just looked at me and said… nothing, she turned around and kept unpackingI remember thinking what the hell?, I just stood next to the door with my mouth open looking at my sister unpack, with her breast nude milf airi miyazaki pleases with cam sex in the open, I looked at her panties and could see the outline of her ass, I could see a tiny crack on the back when she turned around, they were very small panties, I check out her legs her tummy and also those beautiful breasts wow they were perfect finally I don't know how long after I turned around and left the room, I went past the kitchen and out the back, I was so confused I didn't know what to think also my cock was hard as a rock so I had to cool off, was I pervert for lusting over my sister?

How could she not have seen me, did she not notice she was almost naked? Only questions, I was very confused, I wasn't scared or worried because I didn't feel I had done anything wrong, I was just confused. After I don't know how long I went inside the house.

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There you are kiddo my dad said, "If you're not going out again close the door, were going to bed". I was kind of excited about going to my room again, I remember thinking if my sister would be naked again? This time in the full? but as soon as I opened the door Kat was already in bed, crap!! I stepped in to the bathroom brushed my teeth and went to bed.

Next morning I woke up with the racket of someone jumping up and down it was Jessica and Jeanie, wake up!! Wake up!! we're going to the beach, I looked to my left and Kat was still in bed under the covers, she looked at me and yawned, ok the both of us said almost at the same timeI was still stretching when the girls left the room, as I was about to get up Kat jumped out of bed, -me first- she screamed and ran towards the bath room, o no you don't, I got out as quick as I could and ran towards the door as wellshe made it first, I pushed myself in and suddenly we were both inside the bathroom, me wearing only boxers and Kat with just a long shirt, -I got to pee- I said,-me to get out-she said, laughing no way, I beautiful chicks are pleasuring each other nicely got to pee-,-Yeah?, but no dice- and she started pushing me out of the bathroom, I stood my ground and started pushing back, all this time it was just fooling around it wasn't serious or anything, I could see her nipples trough the shirt she was wearing she had no bra, also I think she had no panties, I could of sworn I saw her ass, finally I yielded and let her use the bath room.

I guess from that day on it was vacation as always, for the next couple of days nothing out of the ordinary happened, one morning I woke up and Kat was already in the bathroom so I stayed in bed waiting for her to come out, I guess I must of dozed of cause when I opened my eyes Kat was standing naked in front of me, god she was gorgeous her tits once again were perfect, this time I saw her pussy and she was completely shaved, her little pink pussy lips looked like a two little mountains with a river in the middle, god what to do, she saw me staring and completely ignored me, finally I spoke -What are you looking for?

- She stared at me and said -my light blue bikini, I can't find it- Gulp I swallowed looking at her search around the room, completely naked, she turned around I could see her perfect ass, she had some tan marks, but just a little, you almost couldn't tell unless you were a 15 year old boy paying a lot of attentionI could see her breasts moving ,suddenly she stopped in front of my bed facing me and put both her hands on her hips, one on each side kind of thinking and looking around the room hmmm- she said, then she looked at me and said, -randy why don't you go out back and see if I hanged it there to dry?-I said.Nothing I was just staring at her,-hey!!!

Snap out of it-but. But. your naked!- I muttered softly oh brother… -she said not in the sense that I was her brother but in the pain in the ass kind of way, she then went I bf assists with hymen physical and reaming of virgin teenie the bathroom and minute latter came out with a towel wrapped around her body,- better now?, can you please go out and see if I left my light blue bikini out there-I was about to get up when I realized I had a huge bonner I jumped out of bed and ran in to the bathroom, I moved the shower curtain and got in with my boxers on, I let the cool water calm me down, a couple of minutes later, Kat still wearing the towel walked in- I had to go outside wearing a towel to look for this-holding the bikini in her hand- thanks!-and with that she left.

I must admit seeing girl completely naked affected me in some way I couldn't define, the fact that she was my sister didn't have anything to do with it, it was just seeing her, every time I closed my eyes I would see her naked, that day I was a mess, day dreaming waking around like a zombie, I didn't even go swimming I stayed under the sun all day just wandering around all alone, Jeanie asked me if I was sick she told me I looked kind of weird like spaced out, and Jessica joked out and said I was stoned, everybody laughed even my dad and mom, they knew meI wasn't the drug type, I just told them I was kind of feeling sick, around 3 o'clock when we were having lunch, Kat put her hands on my face and said I was a little warm, and that maybe I should stay out of the sun for a while, that night I dreamed and dreamed, very horny dreams, very wet dreams.

When I woke up next morning I was hard, and my bed was wet, but wet like if I had been sweating with a fever all night, Kat was still on her bed next to mine, Couples love to do some amazing swaps got up and stepped in the shower, the cold morning water felt great, I just stood there letting the water fall all over my body, with my eyes closed then I heard the curtain open and Kat was staring at me----what's up?

you feel ok?- she asked in a nonchalant way- yeah, just taking a shower-I kind of stayed facing the wall so she wouldn't see me completely naked but at the same time I don't know why I wanted her to see me naked- Ok- she said leaving the bathroom.

Over the next couple of days I was feeling kind of awkward around Kat but I didn't sense anything from her so I didn't give it much thought I did however keep seeing her naked in my mind. One night it was very hot, even with the windows open it was hot, I guess it must have been around midnight, I was wide awake and couldn't sleep, I could hear cat moving in her bed. -What are you doing? - I asked quietly -I'm taking my shirt off, it's so dam hot- -glup-I swallowed and immediately turned to face her bed, could see her silhouette perfectly as she sat on the bed and lifted her shirt and took it off, then she just laid there, I could see her breast, I could see her nipples perfectly I could see one leg was a little bit curved forming a triangle so I couldn't see if she was wearing panties or not, she was just laying on her back, breathing, god I was so hot, I was so horny, I wanted to masturbate right that instant.

-What's up with you-she asked quietly? -I can't sleep, it's hot!! -not that, I know it's hot, I mean in general, you've been out of it acting all weird and stuff- -ohh that- I said casually I didn't know what to say once again-I wondered if should tell her the truth, after all she was my sucking and fucking my stepsisters squirting pussy and I always felt our connection was pretty good even more than with the rest of the family, so what the hell I just spat it out, I told her how I was freaked out about seeing her naked, but at the same time that I was aroused, and that I thought she was hot, but at that same time I knew she was my sister so it felt kind of wrong, and that I was feeling attracted to her but that I didn't know if it was because I had seen her naked or because she was a girl or maybe I was just confused.

Oh- she said Oh? That's it?-I asked She told me that it was ok to feel aroused that she hadn't thought about being naked in front of me, that it just felt natural and that she never thought I would make such a big deal out of it, and that her intension had never been to make me feel uncomfortable or anything, and that she understood that I was 15 and that I was probably horny all the time, I must admit it made me feel better, we ended up talking for a while I ended up telling her about jimmy sister Marie and how we used to make out and all that, she told me about the guys she dated.

At the end before I fell asleep, I felt great with myself, and completely forgot that my naked sister was lying in the bed next to me. The next morning Jessica woke me up, she told me mom and dad were already at the beach with Jeanie and that when I went to join them not forget to take the cooler with the drinks.

With that she was gone, It took a minute or two of staring at the roof, then I got up and headed towards the bathroom, I heard the shower running, I stepped inside-who's there?- Kat asked, it me I told her just going to brush my teeth- Pass me the towel will you please?- she said, I grabbed the towel and without thinking I don't know why I moved the shower curtain and there she was my sister completely naked and wet, she turned off the water and took the towel out of my hands and started to dry herself,-I thought you were all freaked out about seeing me naked.I didn't say anything I was just staring at her-well?

She asked are you going to move or what?- -ups sorry I said-and then I don't know why I took off my boxers and stepped in the shower, my sister passed so close to me I could smell her, I was hard at once, she turned around and stared at me, I opened the water and let it fall.

After all day at the beach by night time I was beat. -That night it was hot again, I couldn't sleep I got up and could see that Kat was awake; we ended up talking that night as well Next morning was the same, I got up, this time it was Jeanie who told me not to forget the cooler with the drinks and to close the house, I was al sweaty and sticky so I went to take a showerafter a while under the water I heard someone inside the bathroom it was Kat asking me if I was going to take long, I told her not long, when I stepped out of the shower she was still inside the bathroom I started to dry myself and she took her sleeping shirt off, she was once again completely naked in front of me in a small bathroom, my hardness started to show and my sister noticed it, I was just staring at her when suddenly I asked: Can I touch your breasts- I don't know where I got the balls to ask her that but it was kind of normal, like asking for a glass of water or something No don't be weird, one thing is to see me naked another is to start fondling me-she said, not angry again just like a normal conversation - What's the difference, you let me see u naked but then chicken out and don't let me touch you?

It's not that she told me- it's just that it would be weird… and I know how guys can get Please I begged, it won't be weird I promised all this was happing while inside the bathroom, my older sister completely naked and me drying myself with a towel.

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She didn't say anything she was just looking into my eyes, I approached her extended my right hand and started touching her breasts. They felt like heaven, I touched and touched with both hands, I wanted to kiss them to bite them, to lick them, I began to feel that her nipples were starting to get hard, and then she pulled away, put the towel around her body and walked away.

What had just happened, I had no idea, I stepped inside the shower again opened the water and got in, Teen babe kharlie stone shared her horny bf with her stepmom was about to begin jerking off when the shower curtain flashed open, it was Kat, she was naked, she stepped inside the shower, came close to me grabbed my hand and guided it to her pussy-it feels really good- she whispered softly I started to touch her and then I put my middle finger in her, she started touching my chesttouching my body, she grabbed my penis and started to stroke it, I came immediately but was still hard, I guess it was one of the advantages of being 15 she didn't mind my semen was all over her legs and tummy, she just kept beautiful girl likes to strip down outdoors I kept fingering her and started kiss her, every where her neck her shoulders her breasts, they felt so good, I could lick them forever, in those days she was taller than me I was going to explode, I couldn't believe it I was in heaven, her pussy was so wether nipples hard against my tongue I didn't know what I was doing but I was having the time of my life, I have no idea how long we were in that shower, biting, touching, licking kissing, suddenly she started shaking and squeezed my cock very hard, crossed her legs and a pulled me to her, (later I found out she had an orgasm), she looked at me and kissed me in the mouth, a very long tongue kiss, than she whispered to my ear and said-no one can ever know about this, ever!- and with that she was gone.

Part II I remember it was a very warm day, I was walking towards the beach carrying a cooler full of drinks, drinking water and a couple of beers for my parents, I was still grasping with the facts of what just had happened, I couldn't believe it!!, I didn't feel bad about, didn't feel remorse or anything like that, I felt good, I felt like I was shinning, it was very hard to describe… As soon as I put the cooler on the sand under the umbrella Jessica was asking me about why I always slept till late and never came early to the beach, I just ignored her, my mind was somewhere else, I was thinking about my morning shower with my sister and about everything I had done, and also everything that had been done to me, most important if it would happened again??, I had to talk to Kat about it, see what she had to say about it .

I must have been lying on the sand for a while. I didn't notice my friend jimmy was coming my way waving and calling my name.After I greeted him and catching up on things we ended up walking up to his house, I wanted to talk to Kat and see her but she had gone with my dad en Jeanie to walk around the beach and visit some friends of my old man. That's the way it was, everyone knew each other and when summer came it was like a large family.

Once I got to Jimmy's house Marie was there, she looked great, and had grow a lot in the past year,she was around my age, but definitely looked older, had a nice pair of knockers and everything. I spent that shave her pussy hairs and sxxx day at my friends house, swimming, talking, horsing around, you knowwhat you would regularly do on vacation, when it was darkit was time to go home, I told jimmy and Marie I would stop by after dinner so that we could hang out some more.

As I walked home I started to get nervous, I didn't know how to react when I saw Kat, I had to stay cool and act calm, at that age your parents can read you like a book. I got home and everyone was at the table, including my older sister Kat - What's up kiddo?, I imagine Jimmy finally got here- my dad asked. That's all I need, I cooled down and sat at the table I told them about the things I had done that day ,(minus of horny teen is taken in anus assylum for painful treatment the exploits of my morning shower) ,my sisters told their exploits of the day and even Kat told us about one of my dad's fishing buddy, she said he could have been 100 and was drunk like a skunk at 11 in the morning, we all laughedthat was the best thing about going to the beach house we had complete liberty and trustwe could stay out till late as long as they knew where we were.

I couldn't read anything from Kat, I don't know if it was because I was just a kid and couldn't tell or maybe that it was so natural that there was nothing to feel weird about. I told them I was going to my friend's house later that night, my dad told me to home before 12 and that was it.

Around 12 it was time to go home again, as I walked back to the beach house my mind started spinning again, it wasn't even a five minute walk, but at that time it felt like an eternity, I got home and all the lights were out, I went up to my room, I could see Kat was in her bed, I stripped down, put some boxers and went to bed, after a while of just lying there staring at the ceiling I finally spoke -Are you awake?-I asked quietly No answer, I waited a little while and asked again, nothing.

Suddenly I don't know why I got out of my bed and went towards Kat's bed, shook her a little bit and at once she jumped what's up she asked me, I told her I wanted to talk to her about what had happened in the morning. She sat down on her bed and told me calmly not to give it a lot of thought that what had happened was something she wanted to do for me because she loved me very much and that even though it wasn't normal for a brother and sister to act that way she didn't think it was bad, she asked me if I thought arousing schlong sucking pleasures hardcore and blowjob was bad and I told her I didn'tshe asked me how I felt and that if I had enjoyed it, I told her that I had, I asked her why she had let me touch her and why she had touched me, she told me she was curious and wanted to see how it would feel and also that she knew I wanted toalso that she knew I was curious and that she didn't think that there would be any harm in letting me do those things to her, she told me that what we had done was very intimate and that no one should ever find out because they wouldn't understand it, not even my closest friendsI told her that she could trust me, that I wouldn't tell anyone ever!!, she told me she did trust me and that that was one of the reasons we had done the things we did, she told me never to feel awkward about it and not to get nervous around her, that she wasn't going to bite or get mad at me, I laugh and I felt better.

I asked her if we could do it again?- I don't think so, consider it a onetime thing-she told me smiling. With that I kissed her on the cheek and went to my bed.

I slept like a baby that night. The next morning it was Kat the one that woke me up, she was already in her bathing suit and told me everyone was heading to the beach and that jimmy and his sister where already waiting for me.

I jumped out of bed went to the bath room and in 10 minutes I was already out the door with Jimmy and Marie That day we had a blast, and at the end when it was starting to get dark someone had the idea to have a fire at the beach, it sounded like a plan, my dad and mom even gave us some hotdogs so we could roastwe ate, drank soda ,told ghost stories, I guess it must have been around 9 alexis fawx and oldman cum inside when I realized the only ones that remained were Jimmy, Marie my sister Jessica and myself, I hadn't noticed until that moment that as I was making the moves on jimmy's sister Marie, he was making those same moves with my sister Jessica and he was winning!!!

they were already holding hands and heading out to a romantic walk on the beach, Jimmy wanted to show my sister something, yeah right!!!. I found myself alone with the very good looking Marie, after some moments of making a fool of myself she finally jumped me and we started making out next to the fire, it was great, we were kissing, and rolling around on the sand, I started to touch her breasts and she let me, I even put my hand down her shorts without any problem, I was full of confidence, I put my finger in her, she was like crazy kissing me, she grabbed my head and pulled me closer, she told me she wanted to do it… wow I couldn't be happier, I was ready to take of my shorts and start making it with her when I heard a sound, it was Jessica and Jimmy coming back from their so called walk, we pretend nothing had happened, we hanged out for a while put out the fire and agreed to hang out the next day, I was so frustrated and horny I wanted Marie and I wanted her bad, we said our goodbyes and parted separate ways.

That night Kat and me talked some more, me from my bed she from hers, I told her everything that had happened and that I was mad because I really liked Marie and wanted to have sex with her, she giggled and told me to keep trying, and not to feel so bad, that there were plenty of days left in the summer vacation.

I felt good to have that kind of relationship with my sister she was more mature than me in so many ways, not only age wise, she always had good things to say and gave me another perspective of things. Next morning I was the first one out the door, all day I hanged out with Marie, as soon as we were alone even it was for a couple of seconds we would kiss, hold hands, touch each other, just being close to her was great ,early in the afternoon we sneaked in to her house unnoticed, all her family members were outside at the beach, we went to her room and the moment she closed that door I was all over her, it must of taken a full 10 seconds for me to take of her bathing suit and danced my way out of my shorts I started kissing her breasts, they weren't as big as Kat's but I loved themI tried to lower her so she would suck my cock but she didn't want to so I put my finger in her pussy, it was tight not like Kat'sthings were getting hot so we moved to the bed, I got on top of her and a favor for a friend bangbros network mobile her legs at once, I grabbed my dick and tried to put it in her but I don't know if it was that I was nervous or if I was to exited, or probably inexperience, but I couldn't seem to find the right hole were to put in, I relaxed and finally as I was about to push myself in to the holiest of holies I heard rattling at the door, and then knocking- Who's in here, Marie you know how I feel about locked doors-crap!!

It was her mom, Marie told her something like that she was changing and I jumped out of bed, there was no were to go, those dam beach houses didn't have a big closet and the windows were some kind of awning windows and didn't open enough for me to escape, I don't know how I managed to get under the bed, completely naked of course, that instant Marie opened the door and her mother walked in they talked about the locked door thing and after a while they both left the room, after a moment Marie told her mother that she had forgotten something and ran back to her room, she told me she would leave the back door open and that I should wait a while before leaving.

After I don't know maybe forever I walked out of Marie's and Jimmy's house and made my way back to the beach where my family was, I ran in to the water and started horsing around with my dad and momalso my sisters trying to act normal and forget the incident. Before it started to get dark my dad told Kat to take the car and go to the Grocery store to get some things, I wanted to tag along so Long hard cock slipping into wet teen pussy did, it was maybe a 30 minute drive to the store it was in the town close by, on the way I told Kat about what had happened perfect czech girl was seduced in the supermarket and poked in pov Marie, about how I almost had been caught by her mom, how I was awkward and couldn't find her hole and I also told her that Marie had some bush on her pussy, she told me she had some hair down below as well but that she shaved it, I said I liked shaved better, she laughed.

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On our way back from the store it was already dark, I started asking her for some tips and she started giving them to me!!, she explained with very graphic details all she knew, she told me that sometimes it was better to be gentle, specially the first couple of times, but that depending on the circumstances it was ok to go hard and quick, that girls liked to be touched and kissed, that she loved it when men went down on her and that oral sex was very good, I asked her if she liked giving blow jobs to guys, and she said it was ok, but that it had to be a very special guy for her to suck his cock, I told her I had tried to get Marie to suck my cock but that she didn't do it, my sister laughed and said not to worry that sooner or later someone would suck my cock-yeah right I said, maybe you would suck me one day- as soon as I said that her face changed, she was suddenly serious.

I got worried ,had I gone too far? -why did you said that?-she asked seriouslyI answered that I didn't know, that I didn't say it in a bad way, and that she had told me only a minute before that she liked to give blowjobs to very special guys and what more special than me, also that I didn't think that is was bad or worse than what we had already done, plus that I would love it and that I would love to see how it felt, she told me about the conversation we had the other day that what had happened in the shower was a onetime thing, well I thought that maybe one day in the future she could make an exception!!!she laugh and told me I was a smart ass, I laugh as well and started putting a puppy face saying in baby talk come on big sis, come on give me a little lick, please a little blow job… all this time we were both laughing hard, suddenly she slowed down and stared directly in to my eyes, and asked- are you serious would you like me to suck you?- -ye.ye.sss- I muttered, right that moment she pulled to the side of the road and turned cumshot on bed black suspect taken on a harsh ride the lights, she released her seatbelt and moved to my side-take it out then- I was shaking I was in shock I don't know if it was the excitement or what, as soon as I unbuckled my pants and put my hand down my pants I was hard as a rock.

Kat grabbed my supper stiff, super hard dick, and leaned forward, she started licking the head and then the shaft, with her other hand she was caressing my balls, then she opened her mouth and started sucking, up and down, up and down, she would take it out of her mouth and lick it, moving her tongue all around my shaft, she would look up to me and stare directly in the eyes, it was beautiful, the way I was feeling was indescribableI put my left hand on her back and the other one on her head caressing her hair, I stared moving my handand got it under her shirt and started to feel up her breasts her nipples were hard she was bralessshe started sucking faster and faster, then she started stroking it and looked at me with those big brown eyes that where a reflection of my own and asked me if I liked it?

I love it- I told heralso that it was the best sensation in the world, she smiled and went down to licking and sucking my cock, I kept on touching her breasts, after a while I was about to explode, I squeezed my butt cheeks and stretched my body, I guess my sister must of felt it because she started sucking quicker and deeper, and then it happened the volcano exploded, it was like no eruption I had ever had, it was amazing, I thought I was going to dry out, I still remember it, my entire body was shakingwhen I finally opened my eyes and looked down my sister was still sucking, slowly but still there, my cock was still rock solid, finally she took it out of her mouth and licked it clean.

Wow I felt drained, my sister stood up, still holding my dick and kind of playing with it slowly going up down with her hand and touching the head with her thumb every two or three strokes.

She asked me if I had liked it, I told her it was the best experience in my entire life, that it had been amazing, that I lacked the words to express how I felt she was smiling, she put my cock away in my pants, fixed her shirt and moved back to her side, started the car and got back on our way. After a couple of minutes once I got my bearings back I asked her if she had enjoyed it as well and that if she had swallowed all my stuff, she told me she had liked it and that the swallowing part was the special of the specials, that she never did that, we didn't feel weird or anything, I felt satisfied and sure that it wouldn't be uncomfortable, we got back home and no one was the wiser, everything was a ok.

Later that night as I lay in bed staring at the ceiling once again, I told Kat thanks, that It had felt so good, and that she was the coolest and best sister ever, she told me the same and said that I was the best kid brother finally I fell asleep, only to be waken about 3 hours later because of the heat, it was so hot again, I started twisting and moving around the bed ,I was sweating a lot, -can't sleep either?- my sister asked, -its so hot- I spoke in a bad tone as I got out of bed and headed towards the window to see if the breeze form the beach could cool me of, but it was useless the wind wasn't blowing, I must been standing next to the window for about 10 minutes when I felt Kat next to me not even a little wind- she said softly, I turned around and she was only wearing a cut of t-shirt without sleeves, I could see the outline of her breasts through her sweaty shirt at once I was hard and cause I was wearing only boxers you could tellI turned around and faced the window trying to cover my erection -that didn't take long -she said pointing out to my stiff, -maybe you could do to me again what you did in the car - I told her kind of joking she moved closer and whispered -dream on kid- we both laughed and stood there at the window talking for a while, then back to bed and to dream about the wonderful day I had just had.

There were only a couple of days of summer vacation left, and I was determined to have sex with Marie, but there were so many people around we just couldn't manage, we never were alone, and our usual hiding places were packed, it was very frustrating and at the same tame painful, I felt my cock was about to explode, every second we were alone we touched and kissed and I immediately got a boner always to be interrupted by someonesometime in the afternoon when we were all inside the water swimming and horsing around, my parents were there, as well as Maries, Jimmy and my sisters and a couple of other friendsKat was around as well, Marie got closer to me and told me that tonight we would break out from the group and go make love at the beach, boom!!!

I swallowed and was very excited, finally I thought!!! This was turning out to me the best summer vacations ever! I had seen Marie and my sister naked, I had touched them and fingered them both, my sister had given me my first and best blow job ever, and that night I was going to have sex!

How could this possible get any better. I was so anxious, I tried to remain cool but the nerves were killing me, Kat came close to me and asked me what was wrong, I told her that we should swim a little further, we did and I told her all about it, good for you she said, remember what I told you and to take it out before you cum so she won't get pregnant, Passion hd redhead alex tanner fucked hard on the massage table nodded, she told me to be cool, that everything was going to be alright -What if I don't do it so well?

- I asked kind of worried, she calmed me down and said not to worry about it that always having sex for the first time was kind of awkward especially since most brother help sister after breakup the parties involved didn't have a clue as to what they were doing, she told me not to pressure her for oral sex, that I should kiss her a lot and also that I should go down on her, I asked how?

Porn gril imogen dyer xxxc

And she explained that I should start using my finger like I did the other day but softly and then I should lick her down there, and to use my tongue a lot, of course I was clueless but still I nodded and kept on paying attention to what she was saying, she told me that it was probably her first time as well and that when I finally got to penetrating her I should first lick her a while so she would be wet I should do it gently and not to get worried if there was a little bit of blood, then she went to explain all about virginity and that she felt it wasn't a big deal but some girls did, we talked for some time while we were floating around on the ocean, what a great big sister I had, finally we got out of the water, and as we were walking on the sand vicky finger fucks her pussy on the couch were our stuff was I couldn't help but to notice my sisters great body, her light blue bikini slid down a little bit and I could see the crack in her butt, wow, I turned around and back to the water I went to cool off.

Finally it was getting dark, I was almost jumping up and down with the emotion, we were going to have a barbeque with Jimmy's and Maries family, along with some other friends and neighbors, but that wasn't the reason I was excited, I was going to get laid!!!, I was mentally and physically prepared for it also I had the best ally possible, knowledge of what to do!, I wouldn't be a blind kid not knowing what he was doing I had a plan with all the tips my sister had given me, I was going to have a good time.

Nothing would go wrong tonight. Then the unexpected happened.

It began to rain, mature woman doesn t want the foreplay just any kind of rain, it was pouring, with thunder and lightning included.

I was pissed I couldn't believe it!!, my plans foiled again, but there was still hope maybe it would calm down… Around 8.30 my dad dropped the towel, there was no way the barbeque was happening and no way was I going to have sex eating sister like hot fresh buns night. Crap was I depressed. We ended up playing monopoly on the kitchen table (pathetic right?) probably until ten, but I was definitely not in the mood, all my plans for sex had been washed away with the rain, and still no end to it, it was still pouring and pouring and pouring.

After we picked everything up everyone was ready to go to their respective rooms, when the power went out, great what else could happen I thought. My dad handed out some flash lights and some candles, there was no use staying up so we departed to our rooms I gave my flash light to Jessica, Kat and me could manage a candle, once I got to my room I took of my shirt and got in bed, boy was I miserable, Kat walked in a little bit later, I felt her get in her bed, after a while she spoke and told me there go your plans for sex, I agreed and dozed off.

I don't know what time it was but I woke up with the sound of thunder, it was raining even harder and the power was still out, I saw that my sister was standing next to the windowI got up and went to her side, I asked what she was doing and she told she was just staring at the rain, it was pouring hard, I stood there for a while and she asked me if I was still pissed, I said I was but the worst part of it I told her was all the planning that had been involvedI was finally going to have sex with Marie, and nothing had happened!!

-What were you going to do?-she asked me nonchalant I told her I was going to take her to the beach, walk a little bit holding hands, then we would kiss and I would touch her all over, after a while I would start kissing her body and then remove her clothing, we would lie down on the sand over some towels I would of taken and after a while I would lick her pussy exactly as she had told me and that after a while when she was all wet and ready I would have penetrated her, and we would make love for hours and hours.

It could've worked if it wasn't for all this rain I added. -well don't feel bad at least you had a plan-she said Yeah I told her I was really looking forward to having sex also to licking her pussy I was curious of how it would taste, and maybe she would suck me of, like you had done, I told her, we both chuckledsuddenly I realized Kat was only wearing her sleep shirt, she leaned a little bit forward to look out the window and I could see her ass, It was perfect, I could've sworn I saw a little bit of her pussy, I got close to her and put my hand in front of her and touched her pussy, I passed my two middle fingers around her slit and felt it was wet!!, all this took a few seconds -what are you doing she asked?

-Why is your pussy wet?- I whispered She told me quietly that girls got aroused as well and that she felt a little excited to hear all the things I was saying that I was going to do to Marie, I put my hand on her mound againand slid my middle finger in her wet pussy, I moved closer and told her that if she wanted I could lick her the way she had told me, she didn't answer, she was just standing there with her back against the border of the window with her hands on her sideher head tilted back and her eyes closed, I took that for a yes and dropped to my knees and with both hands parted her mound and began licking my way to heaven.

I licked and licked, and licked some more, I put my finger in, I put my tongue in as far inside as I could, I pressed my lips against her beautiful pussy, it was glorious it smelled good It tasted goodafter a while at it I guess I was doing a good job cause my sister put both her hands on my head and pulled me closer, she kept caressing my head as I moved my tongue, the faster I moved my tongue the more she squeezed my head, then she lifted one leg and put it on my shoulder, she was bigger than me in those days but it was ok I could take it, I now had an open view of the greatest shaved pussy of all times, then with one of her hands she parted her lips and with her free hand pushed my face in to her, both my hands had made their way to her butt cheeks and where now holding them ,they were hard and soft at the same time, I don't know how long I had my face buried in my sisters middle but when she finally let me go I dropped to the floor gasping for air, all my face was full of her juicesI could make her out in the darkness and she was leaning against the window breathing quickly she was completely wet I could see her boobs through her shirt, we were both panting and then we started to laugh I don't know why we were just laughingme on the floor and she against the window ,we laughed and laughed.

Part III Nothing else happened that night, we both went back to bed and that was it, we didn't even talk about it. Next morning the day was grey, it wasn't raining or anything but it was very cloudy, I left the house and headed at once towards Jimmy's and Maries house, they weren't there only their mom was home, sexy slut evelin stone sits on big cock of plumber told me they had left along with their father towards town to do some things and probably wouldn't be home for the rest of the day, well that was that, I said my goodbyes and went back home, everyone was having breakfastI sat down at the table, and joined them, we were talking and suddenly Jessica said I heard you guys last night-I froze and looked at Kat, she however was the Ice queen, she was as cool as ever I was amazed because my room was the last room of the house, it was the smallest one and the only one with a bathroom inside I think it was originally intended to be a service room or something like that, still I was almost shitting myself,-you heard us what sweetie?- Kat asked in a nonchalant way,- I heard you laughing, you were killing minx receives smacked pornstar and hardcore laughing a lot- I relaxed I think I was holding my breath all that time, Kat told her that we couldn't sleep because of the thunder storm and started telling jokes, now I realize that was very quick thinking, that was the end of it, we kept eating and make small talk.

After we cleaned up there was nothing to do, the beach was out of the question because it was cloudy, so we kind of hanged around the house playing board games and just messing around, in the afternoon it started to rain again, not a lot but still it would start and stop, before it started to get dark it began to pour again, my dad stopped reading the book he had and told us to get our bathing suits on we were going to play outside in the rain, everyone was happy to finally get out of the house, even Kat joined us.

We had a blast and after some time playing in the rain, my Dad commanded us inside and to take showers so we wouldn't catch a cold, I ran to my room took my shorts of( I never used a bathing suit, always shorts or beach shorts) wrapped a towel around my waist and was about to go inside my bathroom when Kat ran in and beat me to the Shower, she closed the door behind her, at once I started knocking I knew the door was open because it didn't have a lock, I was just messing around, my Dad came to my room when he heard the racket,-come on kid give your sister a break I know it's hard sharing your room with her but she's never around- I agreed with him, he grabbed teen hoe jaye summers sucks monster cock of tenant head and asked me if I was going to let my hair grow, it was getting a little long, I told him maybe I wanted to get a pony tail, he laughed and said that my grandpa would have a heart attack if he saw me, He told me if we were going to stay up late again telling jokes that we should close the door instead of leaving half open that way the noise wouldn't wake Jessica and Jeaniebefore he left the room he told me it was his turn to make dinner and it was hotdogs night.

I went inside the bathroom and Kat was still in the shower, I stuck my head in and just stared at her nakedness for a while, she looked at me and kept showering, when she was done she told me to pass her a towel and that later tonight we would talk, she got out, I got in to take a shower and started jerking off thinking of my sister, now it was just pure lust.

After eating dads famous hotdogs it was game night again, it was still raining, not that much but rain was rain I sure hope the sun comes out tomorrow- I said, -it better- mom said we only have a couple of days left owww everyone around the table said, mom explained that dad had to go back to work and that we kids would still have some time off before classes started, I guess everyone felt terrible, my parents thinking about work, my sisters about school, Kat about collage and me about sex.

I was lying on my bed again staring at the ceiling, I had waited around two hours to make sure everyone was a sleep, I got up and closed the door in fullwe always left half open o ajar, and walked to Kats bed, I leaned close to her and asked -Are you awake?-nothingI shook her a little bit and she opened her eyes-what's up- she asked?

I told her that she told me she wanted to talk and this was the perfect time, she sat up and told me again about not saying anything about what had happened and that Bubble assed attractive gal impaled on wang had to be cool, I couldn't get spooked about everything or people would suspect something was up, people can read you if you're nervous or anxious they know you are hiding somethingon the other hand if you show confidence and are sure about yourself people won't know, so be cool!

I agreed and told her that I got nervous that's all, she told me not to be, that I should think about the things we had done as something natural like playing baseball or surfing, it's not the same I told her, she laughed and said of course it wasn't the same, but if I made a big deal about it, it would be a big deal and that would be trouble for both of us.

She also said I was more mature for my age than she had imagined, I asked her if she liked to fool around with kids, and she said she only liked me, with that I got closer and kissed her in the mouth, she kissed me in return and before I knew I was making out with my older sister in her bed. We were kissing and kissing, I had done a lot of things with Kat these past days but kissing was not one of them, it felt good, my hands started moving all over her body, she was wearing her sleeping shirt, I was touching her breasts her legs, her neck my hand found itself to her mound and she was wet, very wet, I started fingering her we were kissing madly and touching ourselves all over, I kept on fingering her suddenly she broke our kiss, she stared at me directly in to my eyes that where a reflection of her own, I took my finger out of her pussy and took her sleeping shirt off, she was completely naked in front of me, all her body just inches away, I leaned forward and started licking and kissing her breasts, I grabbed her butt, it was a great butt, she wrapped her arms around me, I kept kissing her and kissing her, every once in a while I would rub her pussy and finger her, then I would kiss her mouth, then her breastsit was like we were in sync she guided me with her body, she would mover where she wanted to be kissed and I obliged every time, we were both kneeling on the bed, -I want to lick you between the legs I whispered to her ear- wait- she whispered into mine ,she pushed me back a little bit and pulled my shorts down, I stood up and danced out of them, now we were both completely nakedshe grabbed my full stiff and started jerking at it a little bit, she then looked me in the eyes opened her mouth and began to suck me, she sucked and licked and tongued and kissed my 15 year old cock, once again I was in heaven, after a while I don't know how I managed to get on her bed and move her so that we were both lying down side by side me in front of her beautiful wet pussy, all this while she kept on sucking me, we were both giving each other oral pleasure, and a lot of pleasure!!

we were both moaning quietlyI licked and licked, and so did she, I started moving my body back and forth, back and forth, she did the same, we were both doing it quickly I could feel my dick going in and out of her mouthand she was moving fast as well my hands were hugging her waist and holding her butt cheeks, she had her legs openI was licking her furiously, suddenly she squeezed my head with her legs and stopped moving, at that same moment I relaxed as well and exploded in her mouth, I got free from her legs and stared at her she was still suckingshe stopped took it out of her mouth and passed her tongue around the tip, she put her lips on the head and sucked a little bit, she looked at me, and came to my side, we were both sweating, wet and our body were shaking, I was lying in her arms, remember in those days I was smaller, I was caressing her and she doing the same to me, we just laid there in the darkness in each other' s arms in silence.

After a while I finally spoke, -I want to have sex with you- I spat out softly, -I was afraid of that-she said We've done everything else I told her, she agreed but said that sex was a very huge step from fooling around and giving each other oral pleasure, I want to do it with you I told her truthfully, it just feels so good when I'm around you I don't feel awkward or afraid or anything, she said she understood but had to think about it, we talked for some more just naked in each other's arms she asked me about Marie I told her how frustrated I felt about not getting any sex at all, we laughed and as I was dozing off she told me I should put my short on and go to my bedbefore I did, I kissed her, her lips returned the kiss, I hugged her and could feel her nakedness against my body, of course I got hard at once, I broke our embrace put my short xxx 17x story sex stories 2019, opened the door a little bit and went to bed.

Next morning the sun was shining, my dad declared that the barbeque that was previously foiled because of the weather would be happening that night. I was able to see Marie at last, we talked hanged out, kissed and agreed that we would have sex that night after the barbeque or during, or as soon as we had a chance to be alone, it would happen, I was thrilled; finally I was going to have sex.

The day couldn't go slower, night time never came, I was anxious, I remember wishing time would go faster but it didn'tit was still around noon time we were about to have lunch when my dad said he was going to town, he was buying some stuff for the barbeque that night, Kat, Jeanie and me tagged along with dad, we had the van ,the one we used to drive from home to the beach house, and an old car we used around the beach house, the same car in witch my sister had given me my first and best ever blow job, I don't know why I was smiling all the way to town, during the drive, Kat looked at me and smiled also like telling me I know why your smiling.

Finally at the store Kat and me were alone, I told her once again about my plans for the night, I told her without bullshit and completely speaking out of my heart that I wanted to have sex with Marie, but I wanted to do it with her more, all this while pushing a grocery car around a store, she didn't answer, I wasn't mad or anything I was just a dumb horny kid, she didn't answer at all and the drive home was a quiet one.

Finally it was getting dark, everyone was doing their part for the barbeque, as I was setting the chairs in the front of the house and looked at the dark ocean I was sure of one thing, that night I was having sex.

Everything was going great, friends and neighbors were starting to get to the barbeque, finally Marie arrived with Jimmy and her parents, kids to one side, parents to the other it was time to begin the fun ,Jimmy and me started talking, he asked me for a huge favor, he wondered if I could distract Marie while he took my sister Jessica for a walk, he wanted to ask her if they could go steady as boyfriend and girlfriend, Sweet I Thought this was going out perfectly, I couldn't have planed it better, we started to eat and drink, my dad even gave me a beer!

I deserved it, we were all close and Kat looked at me and smiled, she mouthed go for it and looked at Marie, I felt so good and full of confidence, I moved Jimmy to a side and told him it was time to make his move, he nodded and walked to Jessica, I grabbed Marie and the four of us started walking towards the darkness of the beach, we went separate ways.

Finally I was alone Marie we were holding hands and walked a little further at once we started to Kiss, we kissed and kissed, I started to touch her, she touched me back, I lifted her shirt, she still had the top of her bathing suit on, I lifted it and started kissing her breasts the same way I had done with Kat, I moved my hand and started felling her butt, then I slipped my hand under her shorts and started playing with her young pussy, I was making great time, before I knew it I had taken her shirt of and was pulling her shorts down, she slipped out of them and remained standing up, I had forgotten the towels, I took my shirt off and sat her on top of it, we were kissing and touching, I got lower and lower following her neck, her breasts, her navel, and finally to her pussy, almost repeating the pattern I had done before with my sister, the one she had approved with satisfaction, finally I reached the holy land, and started licking and licking, she was super wet, in those moments when I was licking I thought to myself I can't believe this is finally happening, I got up pull down my shorts and grabbed my shaft and was directing it towards the final destination, this time I wasn't looking blindly I knew where it was going, I had the head of my penis touching her, I was about to push in when I heard someone yelling.

No, no no I thought this can't be happening what's wrong, someone was calling my name, crap, we quickly got dressed, it was my mom's voice calling me, I yelled back saying I was on my way, Marie was very nervous her face was red and her hair was a mess I told her to get it together and fix her clothing, calm down I kept repeating to her, no one has seen us and no one knows what we were doing, or what we were about to do, one thing is to suspect another is to know, she calmed down, finally we got to where my mom was, she was with Jeanie.

What's up?- I asked Where were you?-my mom asked I could see she was pissed about something,- walking down the beach with Marie why what's wrong?- I was as cool as ice, I had a good teacher the ice queen herself my sister Kat, my mom immediately dropped her guard she could read me like a book and this time the book said nothing was wrongas I wasn't nervous or shitting myself she must of thought I was really just walking down the beach, she told Marie that her parents were on their way home and she should join them, that was odd we never had curfew on the beach, I told my mom I would walk Marie home she told me ok but not to take long, as we walked together past my house I could see my dad and a couple of guys talking and drinking, the music was down to a low volume, I felt tension on the air, what the hell had happened, Marie asked me what was wrong I told her I didn't know, she squeezed my hand and said she was impressed, that she thought we had been caughtwe laughed a little and kissed some more, I dropped at her place, and walked back home feeling like hell, what had happened, I was so close, again I thought it's the second time its happened I was so close.

Finally when I got home things were kind of tense but I didn't know whydad still had some company, I saw Kat and she rolled her eyes and pointed to the kitchen, I was puzzledsuddenly I saw Jessica run to her room crying and my mom coming out of the kitchen she was on war path, I simply turned around and went outside, Jeanie was ready for bed saying her goodbyes, I grabbed her and asked what the hell was going on, she said it was a secret, I told her to tell me, I got closer and she whispered in my ear -Jessica and Jimmy were doing it and mom caught them- -Holly crap!!- I yelped I couldn't believe it all this time I was thinking I was going to have sex, and Jessica was the one having it niki anal prolapses and squirts from a brutal dildo masturbation squirting this time.

No wonder mom was on the war path, I went to were Kat was and asked her what she knew, she told me the same thing that my mom had caught Jessica and Jimmy doing it, I asked if they were doing it or just making out, doing she assured me, double crap, what about you did you get some, no I told her with a frown, I'll tell you about it tonight.

I went outside and hanged out with my dad for a while then Kat and me helped him tide things up, and then it was finally time to go to bed, two days of vacation left and still no sex, I always used to trust my feelings was it possible I wasn't going to propertysex tiny tight body blonde fucks some big landlord dick sex after all, I lied on my bed looking at the ceiling once again.

This time it was Kat the one who woke up and came to my bed to talk, she told me about what she knew had happened with jimmy and Jessicaapparently it was Jeanie who saw that something was going on and told mom, the little snitch I said, we both laughed, I then proceeded to tell her what had happened again with Marie, and about mom calling us and about me being cool, I told her I put the licking moves she had kind of thought me on Marie, she said she gracie may green in never been fucked since nam proud of me, after a while I told her I was so frustrated, I couldn't believe it, I was so close, I told her how I was inches and seconds away of finally putting it in, she told me not to worry that tomorrow was another day and that I still had time to do it with Marie, I held her hand and looked at her eyes knowing they were the same as mine.

I started touching her leg got closer and looked for her mouth, she met it with a kiss, we started kissing, at once I was over her I completely forgot about kissing her breasts, her neck her navel, I didn't even think about giving her oral sex or fingering her ,I had only one target and I was heading towards it, I was on top of her and I don't know how but my shorts were already on my knees and my sisters legs where wide open, she didn't have any panties on, only her sleeping shirt, she grabbed my hard dick and stroke it a couple of times, she whispered in my ear- are you sure about this?

There's no going back- I answered her with a kiss, then it finally happened. She guided me to her secret place, I felt the tip of penis touch herthen I pushed and didn't feel any resistanceshe was very wetKat gasped and bit my lips, she grabbed my neck and looked me in the eyes, I shoved myself all the way in, I started moving in and out, in and out, I was in heavenit felt so good and warm I couldn't believe it was so good, I was having sex finally and to top it all with my older sister Katherine, I was losing it I started to move faster, and it escaped from her grab, she found her missing piece and put it back amateur girl knows how to pleasure boyfriend by riding on his cock where it had always belonged, all this time Kat hadn't broken eye contact, she told me to go slowly, enjoy it, don't go so fast, get a good rhythm, I followed her lead, she then tied her legs around me and started moving as wellI got my arms sexy sweetheart get nailed hard hardcore massage her and hugged her ,she did the same, I was on top of her and she was whispering in my ear- good, keep going, you're doing fine, don't stop- she started to moan, finally I said I think I'm coming I told her,-its ok, just take it out before- and I did, I pulled out and came so much, all over her tummy, her legs her shirt, she sat up a little bit and grabbed my hard still erect penis, and stroked it a little bit, she kissed me again, got out of bed, and closed the door, it was still part open, she took of her shirt and cleaned herself with it, I could see her body perfectly, it wasn't that dark and the moon was coming thru the window, Kat came towards my bed and pushed me a little bit until I had my back against the bed, she finished taking my shorts off, grabbed my cock, stroked it a little bit, put it in her mouth and told me I was going to like this, she guided it toward her pussy and sat on it, she started riding me forward and backwards, up and down, I could see her tits bouncing up and down, I put my hands on them to calm them down, her nipples were so hard, she put her hands on my shoulder and Reema khan xxx story boy could see she was enjoying herself, she was smilingshe told me its my turn ok- I nodded, she grabbed my hands and guided them to her buttocks I squeezedthen she moved them to her legs, then up to her breasts again, then around her neck, I was just following her lead, -come closer, sit up- she said, I did as I was told, I moved to the edge of the bed, all this time my sister was still straddling me, she wrapped her legs around my back and put her tits in front of me-lick them, you know how- she commanded, I did, she was breathing hard close to taming dudes demanding shlong hardcore and blowjob ear, very exited grab my ass and guide me, yes that's it use both hands and push me in and out- I did it and it felt good, she was hugging me so hard I almost couldn't breathe her arms where holding my head and playing with my hair, -that's it maintain the rhythmdon't stop- se kept on whispering at my ear, we were both soaked I could see her body was bright of sweat reflecting on the moon light, she started moving faster, and fastermy hands were still on her ass holding tight suddenly then she squeezed me and held me tight, moved deep two more times and it was over, she let go and we both fell back to the bed, Kat on top of me, we were exhausted, panting and completely soaked, we just laid there for a while, we started to laugh, we kissed and she asked me if I thought I had a little bit more of energy left, of course I repliedas soon as she put her hands on me I was hard, she got on four legs on the bed, and I knew what to do, I got behind her and guided myself in her wet pussy ,-that's it go on she told me,-grab my waist, I kept going, she was helping as well, she told me not to stop, I was amazed to see my cock go in and out in and out, her pussy tight around my shaft she started to move faster and told me that she was going to come again, and after a while she did, I stayed inside her and she laid completely on the bed.

-What about your butt-I asked? - What about it she responded with a question. -I don't know I told her should I put it in it? I asked, - I don't know-she said-I guess if you want to, I've never had newbie amateur skinny freak slobs and fucks pov sex-ok I said, -ok- was her answer, she got on all fours again and told me to go slowly, I took my cock and pointed toward her ass, I pushed it in to no avail, I did it again and this time it started to go in, owe owe, my sister complained go gently, I asked if she wanted me to take it out, -no no -just to go gently, I did, I was probably half in when she complained again, it was a tight squeeze, I started to go in and out slowly, each time it went in a little bit more, - is it all in- Kat asked, I told her almost, ok she said, I kept on going in and out in and out, slowlyand then a little faster and faster, before I realized it I she was moving as well ,she wasn't on all fours any more, she was almost completely flat on the bed except her ass witch was on an angle, I started moving faster and I told her I was about to finish, she told me not to take it out if I didn't want to, I obliged after a couple of minutes I finished inside her, I stayed that way, over her for a while, when we broke free, we just stayed in each other arms for a while, kissing and touching softly we were both exhausted.

After a while of holding each other we started to speak, I asked her about the sex, she told me it had been good, I thanked her for the tips she was giving me during, she smiled and said that it was her pleasure, she said I did pretty good for our first time, I filling sweethearts mouth with a willy blowjob and amateur her about the anal sex, and she told me it was painful and that we shouldn't do It again, I asked her about the sex if we could do it again, she told me that only time would tell, she asked if It was everything I had expected, I answered truthfully and told her it was better than expected, we were both smilingI told her if I should keep on trying to have sex with Marie, and she said I should, I asked if she felt jealous, she said she didn't and that I shouldn't either, we were always going to be brother and sister, that's it never boyfriend and girlfriendI asked her if she had had sex with me because she felt pity for me, she said never, she had sex with me because she wanted to and it had been good, and also that she didn't regret it, with that we kissed she went to her bed I stayed in mine, as I lay there thinking, best vacations ever.

Epilogue Now that I look back at that vacation I think it was the best vacation ever, eventually I did have Sex with Marie, and after that summer in particular many more times, My relationship with Kat never changes she was always my cute blowjob and cute fuck homemade cumshot sister and I her kid brother, we kept on having sexand no one ever found out, sometimes I would initiate contact, sometimes it would be her, after we got home she went back to her moms place and then to collage, in the time she was there we must've had sex a couple of times, when Christmas vacation came we did it in my room, while my parents and sisters where down stairs, every time it was the best sex.

It was different between us It was love, weird but love still, I felt it and I know she felt the same way because she would tell me all the time, as I got older the age difference didn't show that much, it had its advantages, we could sometimes pretend to be a couple, but we were always carful when it came to displaying affection specially in public places, everyone who knew we were brother and sister always thought we were kind of close, but that was it, we never let them get any other impression, my girlfriends never got jealous and neither did her boyfriendsthey just thought we were cool to each other.

After I started collage and moved on by myself, our encounters stopped for a while, it's just that we didn't have time, we were always busy. Sometimes she would come and visit and we would stay in bed for the whole weekend, sometimes I would go visit her. One special thing happened that I think its worth mentioning when I was in collage I started dating this crazy 18 year old girl who was up for anything, Kat and me had always talked about wanting to have a threesomeso I told my at the time crazy girlfriend that an old ex of mine was in town and was game for a good time, she agreed, I invited Kat to my place, the three of us had a couple of drinks to break the ice and then it was down to businessit was my sisters first lesbian experience so she was a little nervous, I started by kissing her and the other girl who was a blonde just watchedKat I don't know why in those days had dyed her hair redit suited her, we kissed then started to undress, and after a while of nakedness, licking sucking and touching we started to have sex, it was so exiting doing it in front of another person specially because of the fact that we were brother and sister and not ex boyfriend and girlfriend we were both very aroused exited and happy, nothing sets the mood like having a big secret, I must have been 21 in those days and by that time I was bigger than Kat, I wasn't the 15 year old virgin kid anymore, after a while of Kat riding me, the blonde undressed and came to my side, we started kissing and she started touching Kat, her breasts, her legs neck and ass, she tried to kiss Kat on the mouth but at once I could tell my sister didn't want to so I moved and pulled the blond to kiss me instead, after some time of kissing and touching Kat dismounted and the blonde lied down on her back, Kat opened faketaxi big cock fills a big mouth blonds legs sucked my cock a couple of times for good luck and guided me into that 18 year old and completely shaved pussy, she stayed by my side for a couple of minutes kissing me, grabbing my cock, licking it and putting it back in, she would just stare at me fuck this very young girl, I would kiss Kat, touch her and finger her, Kat would hug me and whisper to my ear that it was so hot watching me fuck this girl, the blonde was a looker no doubts, skinny but a looker, my sister was still very hot, then Kat sat on the blonds face and was facing me, I could see in to her brown eyes, we were kissing, I stared amazed as my sisters pussy was eaten by the same girl I was penetrating it was great, we changed positions again, this time I was doing Kat on all fours while she ate up the blonde, Kat was on fire, she couldn't have enough of me, at one point she stopped and told me to fuck the blonde so she could watch, I did as I was told, after a while it was a mess, everyone was touching everyone, everyone was kissing everyone, it was just flesh and pleasure, a couple of hours later we laid exhausted on my bed, my crazy girl friend at the time who's name I can't even remember, had to go home, apparently she still lived with her parents and had to be home before 12, I'm a scumbag I know.

That night Kat stayed with me, we talked had sex again, and slept, had sex again in the morning and then she left, we knew the threesome was a once in a lifetime thing, we just had to try it. On another occasion, I was just about to finish collage and Kats boyfriend canceled on a vacation they had planned for the Caribbean at the last minute, so I took his place and ended up going with her, we had a great time together and we went as a couple, It was good to pretend even if was only for a week.

After some time Kat got married and had a couple of kids, so did I, and so did my sisters, Jessica ended up marring jimmy of all the people in the world and moved away, I guess there is something like true love. After collegemarriage and family, we stayed in the same town, we would go out together sometimes with our respective wife's and husbands ,sometimes with the whole family and sometimes just the two of us, we would hit a bar, have a couple of drinks, sometimes we had sex, sometimes we would just hang out, we never felt jalousie for our personal relations and we never considered our thing whatever it was cheatingit's like baseball we used to joke, it's just natural, my wife always used to tell me that she envied the kind of relationship I had with my sister, she wished she could get along with her brother as well as I did with Kat, I always laughed she never understood why ,eventually her husband became a good friend of mine and my wife became a good friend of Kat, we ended up taking vacations together with all our kids, we never engaged in any kind of hanky when we were with our family, only when we were alone, like I said it was always natural we weren't over each other like two horny teenagers, we had a great time always my sister and Idon't get me wrong I also had a great relationship with my other sisters and their respective family's, but at family reunions they always said it was me and Kat against the world, if they only knew how right they were.

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