Dude gets dick suck by two horny babes

Dude gets dick suck by two horny babes
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Chapter 15 I awoke the next morning to the feeling of lips around my dick and as often as this had happened in the last 2 weeks, it never gets boring. I felt Keiko's warmth to my right so I knew it was Tina without opening my eyes. I relaxed and just enjoyed the feeling for a couple more minutes before putting my hand on the back of her head and signaling her to go deeper on me.

At the same time I let out a moan loud enough to wake up Keiko. I turned around to her, kissed her and said "good morning, sunshine." While Tina was sucking on my prick.

Keiko needed a moment to realize what was going on but then decided to join in. While Tina was deepthroating me, Keiko started to kiss the side of my neck and run her hand up and down my chest. Then she started to kiss her way down my upper body until she was lying next to Tina and licking my balls. Tina let go of my cock and made room for Keiko who started to kiss it lightly as Tina went to work on the side of my black wife stretches her ass on cam. After a couple sex xxx veidos vids com seconds Tina put her hand on Keiko's head and pushed her down.

She put her mouth close to Keiko's ear and whispered: "He's past that sweetie." Before flicking out her tongue and giving a fast lick to the Asian girl's ear. As Keiko took the hint and started to take more and more of me into her mouth Tina slid close to Keiko on the bed so that their asses were side by side and lifted Keiko's hair from her neck.

She started kissing the exposed white skin and put her hand on Keiko's back, gently caressing the petite girl. But as Tina moved her hand lower and almost reached Keiko's ass Keiko darted her hand back and stopped Tina. She let my dick slip out of her mouth and said: "I told you yesterday that I am not into that. Stop it!" Tina looked disappointed but started to smile again as she got back to work on my dick. As Keiko continued to suck me Tina took one of my balls into her mouth and massaged it with her tongue while sucking on it.

I moaned at the unfamiliar feeling of having two mouths on my rod. Tina let the nut slip out of her mouth and started to lick the underside of my sack. She moved her tongue close to the dam, the thin spot between my nuts and my anus as Keiko was taking me deeper and faster. Then Tina went back up and pushed Keiko of my dick. Tina took her place and deepthroated me with one quick movement.

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I took Keiko's head and guided her to my balls where she took over Tina's work. They changed like that a fleshly and wild group fuck hardcore reality more times.

They were fighting over who would actually get me off but I had already decided at the beginning of this that Keiko would be the one to finish me. I just had to try that mouth for the finale so when Tina was letting go of my balls to go up to my dick the next time I grabbed her by the hair and pushed her to my balls again.

Keiko took that as a compliment to her skills and put even more effort into it. But she really could not match Tina in sucking. Tina on the other hand was just happy to get me off and do what I wanted her to do.

Soon I felt her tongue on my dam as her hands were massaging my balls.

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It didn't take me long until my breathing quickened and I already felt the point of no return whenever the tip of my dick approached Keiko's throat and it only took a couple more strokes till I was past it. "I'm about to cum." I managed women watching men masturbate in public say between breaths.

Tina pressed her mouth harder against my ass and I felt the wetness of her tongue spreading as her licking got wilder and wetter. I prepared for the spasm to start when I suddenly felt my dick leaving Keiko's mouth. I opened my eyes just as I started cumming and rope after rope of my jizz splattered against my stomach while Keiko was stroking me off. The orgasm did not last half as long as I would have liked it too and as it subsided and Tina came up to clean the mess up I just looked at Keiko questioningly.

"I do not like the taste" was all she said to this. We spend the rest of the morning in bed. I licked Keiko and Tina to orgasms but was kinda pissed. This was starting to look like a bad deal.

Keiko was not as much fun as I had hoped (Actually no fun at all for Tina) and was causing me double the work. But if I could keep this up for 4 more nights the commands would take and she would be as much fun as I could ever ask for. Just blonde amateur girlfriend outdoor action with cum in mouth more nights. Chapter 16 The next 4 days were good. Not great by the new standard set by Tina and me but good.

Keiko would not let Tina do her and she would not do Tina (she even refused to kiss Tina's neck or play with her boobs while I fucked her). She didn't take it up her ass and she not only did not show off around the hotel like Tina did but she even started talking about stopping to be with Tina and me after one of those events with Tina.

We even had to start wearing clothing in our room because that amount of nudity felt strange to Keiko. The only good thing about Keiko during those 4 days was that we had a cameraman for the videos we did.

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I could finally do something else then POV. But all things end and so, after 4 days my work started to pay off. One morning I send Tina off to get us something to drink and as she left the room. "Let me lay down the law." I saw by the look in Keiko's eyes that it had worked. It school girl and boy sxs kind of a gamble because 5 nights was the absolute minimum for the commands to work.

For Tina I had used two weeks with the tapes to make sure it took before actually trying it out. "Strip and kneel down. From now on until Tina and I leave you will obey all commands we give you and you will enjoy whatever we have you do or decide to do to you.

Snap out but stay as you are." I looked at Keiko as she was kneeling on the floor with a look of pleasant anticipation on her face until Tina came back.

"I have good news" Quickie with mom while dad in the shower said. "While you were gone Keiko has told me that she always had the fantasy to be dominated by somebody but was afraid to try.

But after 5 days with us she trusts us enough to try." "Are you making fun of me?" "Try it." With one motion Tina pulled the dress off over her head. She was not wearing any underwear so she was now standing naked in the middle of the room.

"Come over here and lick my pussy." She said to Keiko in a commanding tone. Keiko obediently crawled over to Tina on her hands and knees and started lapping at Tina's cunt.

"She's actually not bad for somebody who is not into it." "How about you two get on the bed and I check what else isn't bad about her?" Tina smiled knowing exactly what I was talking about. Tina got on the bed and lay down on her back with her legs spread far apart. Keiko got into a doggy position between Tina's legs and started licking the caramel brown pussy of my girlfriend as I went for the lube.

I let a big glob of it on Keiko's tight pink asshole but did not bother working it in or stretching the girl out. It was enough to avoid tearing and that was enough. Tina grabbed Keiko's head and pressed it firmly into her dripping pussy as I put the tip of my cock against her girl's anus and pushed into her hard. I heard her scream as my dick stretched her asshole suddenly but the scream was muffles by Tina's cunt.

I pulled out a bit and pushed back in. This time there was no scream, just the uncontrollable flapping around of Keiko's legs and random contractions of her sphincter as the nerves sent random signals through her body. I asma from peshawar hayatabad xxxn story in deeper which forced a high pitched squeak out of the girl in front of me.

I pulled out again and looked at the gaping ass in front of me. "She's even tighter then I had hoped." I said before pushing back in. Soon Keiko stopped squirming and struggling and I watch violent rape of virgins into a steady rhythm in her backdoor.

Tina let go of her head and started playing with her own boobs as she enjoyed the Asian girl's tongue. I looked into Tina's eyes and she looked into mine. It was like we were not enjoying the girl between us but rather having sex with each other and she was a form of conduit between us.

Tina looked at me, I moaned and she smiled at me as she pinched her nipples harder. Tina let go of one of her boobs and pushed Keiko's head down towards her ass. She wanted to have the girl's tongue at her asshole because I was fucking her ass. Then she put the hand on her clit to rub herself to orgasm. Keiko started moaning and playing with her clit.

Her ass had gotten used to the stretching and she was starting to enjoy it. I briefly started to wonder if she would manage to come before Tina and I finished but quickly lost interest as I looked into Tina's eyes again. She was only half there now, completely caught in the feelings from her ass and clit.

But in a moment of clarity she realized I was looking at her and returned the look. We locked eyes and once again wee breathing and moaning in unison.

I started to see the ripples on Tina's stomach and knew that she was only moments away from orgasm. I saw the hand that was still on her breasts move to Keiko's head and again she pressed the girl's face firmly into her, this time into her ass. And then Tina closed her eyes and her back left the mattress.

She let out a groan that changed midway into a scream of pleasure and then she was silent, her body rocking with the contractions. The way she came and the way she used our new sexslave while she came triggered my orgasm and I started flooding Keiko with my cream. I kept moving in her with my eyes closed until the waves of my orgasm stopped. And when I opened my eyes again I saw Tina looking at my face. Her orgasm was over, too, and she had let go the best homemade video of anal fucking Keiko's head.

The girl had lifted her face out of Tina's cunt and was looking back at me, her face smeared with cuntjuice. Not just the area around her lips but her whole face was glistening because she had practically had her nose in my girlfriend as she was licking her asshole. "There's one more thing I have wanted to have our little playmate do for the last 5 days" I said as I pulled my softening dick out of Keiko's ass with a loud plop.

I moved up on the bed until my dick was just inches from Keiko's face. "So what was that about you not liking the taste of cum?" Without hesitation Keiko closed her lips around my cumcovered prick and cleaned my juices off.

"How about you two hit the showers and clean off and then we can have a rest. And in the afternoon we'll go to the beach. Always wanted to take a walk along the beach with one topless babe on each arm." Tina smiled at the idea and got up. She helped Keiko, who was still wobbly on her legs up and they went to the bathroom. And just as they rounded to corner I heard Tina say. "And if you are a good girl and really nice to me under the shower I'll let you lick me clean after Thomas has filled my ass tonight!" "Damn, I can't wait to see that" was my last thought before I collapsed on the bed, exhausted but happy.

It was again a great day to be me and it was not over yet.