Gold digging slut is convinced to take a wad of cum for a wad of cash

Gold digging slut is convinced to take a wad of cum for a wad of cash
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Maybe Im Gay Chapter 1 I was 14 when this happened, not long after my 14th birthday. I'd found out about wanking a year ago and did it a lot thinking about pics I saw in the Sun and Sport newspapers, and beautiful chienese girlfriend loves her mans hard cock hardcore brunette at school. I never tried anything with guys at school cos in my school just like being THOUGHT you might be doing gay stuff is to get beaten up.

I look a bit geeky anyway with my braces. I just had loads of wanks on my own. I'm not a geek I play football and cricket and swim, but I'm not too bad at school either. I like get by, not bullied but not the top guy either. Thinking about girls and sex gets me horny real quick. I wank in bogs too reading horny stuff on the walls. I keep on wanking loads of times a day.

I guess I'm like horny a lot. I get out of the house much as I can to play football or just hang around or do stuff on my own. I got a bike so I can get about a bit. Means I can nip in a bog if I want to have a wank. Well this day I was like out and bored, so I thought I'd lock my bike up and go through a wood near me to where there was a lake, and see if anybody was fishing. I done a bit of fishing, but not loads, just something to do.

I walked through the woods and I saw a mag on the ground; and it had naked women on the front. I had a quick look and got a stiffy right off so I thought I'd like go deeper into a quiet bit of the wood and have a read and a wank.

I found a place that seemed quite secret and hidden, and looked through the mag, and pulled out some pages and hung them on the bushes round me. I got my dick out and stared having a good wank. Suddenly I heard a voice behind me, the way I had come into this hidden bit, "You want me to do that for you" It was a bloke about 50 with glasses, and not a lot of hair. He was quite tubby too. "Fuck you mate I'm not gay or nothing. I don't do gay stuff" "I never thought you were gay, but it has got to feel better if somebody else does it for you.

If it was your girlfriend it would be ok, but because it is another guy you reckon it is gay. If I wanked you off it might mean I am gay, it might not, but it won't mean you are" "Yeah you reckon I'm stupid? You just want to get your hands on my dick you perv" "Why is that such a big thing? If it was one of those women you are perving over you wouldn't mind would you. Just close your eyes and pretend. If you don't like it then I'll stop" This like sort of made sense and my dick was still hard and I was still horny, and I was thinking with my dick not my head.

"A guy like you, what are you 15/16, I expect you are horny and hard most of the time. It will just be like some hot woman making you feel good" Hell he thought I was 16?

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That made me feel good, and important. Maybe I could like just let him feel it, just for a tiny bit. I couldn't get away too easy cos he was between the only way out of this little place in the bushes, and me. "Look you can just feel it, no other crap, just a feel and then stop.

I'm like not gay and don't do gay stuff. If I say stop you stop ok?" "Of course I wouldn't want to do anything you didn't want me to. I'm not like going hotel room hot sex english assault you or anything. As soon as you tell me to stop I will stop" "Ok then, I'll close my eyes and you have a quick feel, that's al,l ok?" I closed my eyes and heard him move, so I sort of peeped through one part open eye just to make sure.

I saw he had his dick out now, and it was a bit longer than mine and a lot fatter.

I saw his hand reach out and I screwed my eyes up tight. I thought about the pics on the bushes and then I felt his warm hand go round my dick. Oh god it felt good. I couldn't believe it. He moved his hand up and down very slowly. I guess he heard me moan.

"See it does feel good doesn't it?" "mmmm" He moved his hand up and down a little faster, and I could feel my dick jerking in his hand. I never felt anything like it, totally awesome. I was going, Oh, Oh, all the time. I heard him move, but kept my eyes closed. I wasn't thinking of the pics on the bushes now, I was just like seeing my dick, and then his dick in my head.

His hand slipped off my dick, but before I could open my eyes I felt something wet and warm round my dick; and it felt even better than his hand. I peeped through one eye and the git had my dick in his mouth!!!!!! I was just starting to pull away when he sucked on my dick and jesus it felt good.

I just went with what he was doing and let him suck me; cept now I was actually watching him and I could see he was wanking himself at the same time. The feelings were so awesome I could feel I was gonna shoot and I said "I'm gonna cum mate, I'm gonna cum" He never took my cock out of his mouth he just sucked more and licked it with his tongue and I shot the biggest load I could remember into his mouth, and he swallowed it.

I couldn't believe it, he had swallowed my cum!!! "You swallowed it!" "Yes, it is a wonderful taste, young boy spunk" He stood up and he was wanking himself like crazy and then he gave a huge groan and shot his load, some of it went onto my trainers.

He had my cum dribbling down his chin. "You got cum on your chin mate" "Oh thank you". He ran his finger up his chin and got my cum off it and then he suddenly leant forward and rubbed the same finger over my lips.

I opened my mouth to say stop and his finger and my cum went in and I tasted my own cum!! "Why you do that, it's teen suck first time compeers sisterly love it taste horrible, or was it ok?" "It was ok I guess, but gross" "You should taste your own spunk when you wank.

It is quite a nice taste and you should know what it tastes like. Do you know what pre-cum is?" "Nope" "It is the clear liquid that oozes out of your cock when you are wanking, before you shoot. It is a lubricant and that tastes much sweater. You should taste that too" "Gross" "Look did you enjoy what I just did to you?" "Fuck yeah it was awesome" "I didn't lie to you did I?

You don't feel gay now, anymore than you did before I sucked your beautiful young cock. Believe what I have told you; when you are 13/14 you should taste your own cum and pre-cum" "You said you thought I was 15/16?" "That was when I was trying to get you to agree. Boys your age react to being flattered about how old they are, and like to think they look older than they are.

At my age it's the other way round" "You tricked me?" "You might put it that way but I like to think I was just helping you to get over your inhibitions and let me do what deep inside you wanted me to do. Would you like somebody to do it to you again, now you know what it feels like?" "Fuck yes please" "What now? Could you get hard again now?" "I'm like half hard just thinking about it" "Ok then but let my slip your jeans down so I can do it properly and not risk getting spunk on them" He knelt in front of me and undid my belt and zip.

Then he slid my jeans down to my ankles and my boxers too. It felt weird, but my dick had gone real hard again, so I never said anything. He held my balls gently in his hand as he took my cock in his mouth. He ran his tongue round my knob end and put the tip in my pee slit, as he gently fondled my balls.

It felt totally wonderful and I realised I had my hands on his head. He sucked my cock in and out of his mouth running his lips up and down the shaft. I could hear him making little moaning noises, but I was making much louder ones. He kept sucking but let go of my balls. His hand slipped between my legs and onto my bum. I was now sort of pushing into his mouth like I was sort of fucking his mouth.

I felt his finger touch my bum hole and went to shout no, but it just turned into a sort of groan, and a wonderful feeling ran between my bum and my dick through my belly. Just the tip of his finger went inside my bum, and the feelings on my dick went like crazy. I was like so close again.

I fucked his face a few more times then shouted out really loud and shot my load into his mouth. He swallowed it again, every bit. I sort of fell forward over him and he quickly reached up with both arms and grabbed me, or I reckon I would have fallen down. "Hey you are exhausted, not surprised, but you shouldn't shout so loud or you will attract other men here.

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You enjoyed that didn't you?" "Oh fuck yes, it was totally amazing" "Would you like to meet me again sometime so we could do it again?" I didn't realise until much later that I never hesitated. "Oh god yes please" "Well ok then let me have your mobile number and I will give you mine and we can arrange it.

It would be nice if next time you could wank me for a bit. Nothing more, just wank me a bit in return for being sucked off twice. But you must try to keep quiet or you will find other men finding you and wanting some of your beautiful body and cock.

Is it a deal?" Again I replied yes without hesitation. I guess I was like feeling too wonderful inside to really think right. I had just agreed to wank off a guy of about 50!!!! "What you mean about other men?" "You honestly don't know do you?

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You really are an innocent. This is called a cruising ground, a place where men come for gay sex. Didn't you wonder why there were cars parked at the entrance?" "I thought they were fishing or walking a dog or something." "They are not walking a dog and the only fishing they are doing is to catch a man, or even better a sweet young boy like you.

So be careful. Now let me have your number" We swapped numbers and I told him when I was most able to get there. Then he left, wandering off through the bushes.

I waited a bit then followed him but went back to the main path to my bike. I unlocked it and went to get on and realised that there were men sitting in a couple of dad poran foll sex stories 2019 cars and they were staring at me. I rode off quite quick. I had my tea when I got home and then went to my room to do some homework, and have a wank remembering the feelings I had today, and I had the picture of his dick in my head.

I finished my homework, watched some telly and then went up to bed. I had just got into bed when my phone pinged with a msg. I guess it was from one of my mates. It wasn't! "You have a beautiful young cock and I can't wait to meet you again and get it in my mouth and feel your beautiful soft arse and teach you some more.

I so want to feel your young soft hands on my cock too" My cock got solid like right off and I had to wank again before I went to sleep, but I sent back a message "I can't wait either" [email protected]