Big booty with leggings pov blowjob and sex cristall gloss

Big booty with leggings pov blowjob and sex cristall gloss
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Hello, this is my very first story so please dont be to harsh but feel free to leave some feed back. I'd like to remind you guys this one was COMPLETELY typed on my cell phone (Motorola droid 3) so im sorry for any formatting errors, If i notice any, I'll be sure to try and sort them out next time.

(completely fictional, just a fantasy of mine, all names have been changed) the night was cold, my room was quiet and the house felt dead. That was the exact opposite you see, my mom was in her room sleeping as far as I knew. You see my mom isn't the the prettiest mom in the world, but she's always been the center of my thought when I was growing up and learning how to master bait.

My mother (Kathy) stands about 4' 6" with jet black hair that comes close to 4 inches below her shoulders, she's equipped with a mildly firm pair of C36 breasts and a firm rear I would just LOVE to squeeze. Now a little bit about myself, (Jim) I'm 18 years old and will be entering high school soon, I stand at 6' 2" and have a medium build, im not fat but nor am A very hottie zoe could not help but fuck her lover pornstar creampie a hulk, my father died when I was 4 and now me, mom, step dad and my sister live in a 3 bed room house.

On with the story though. My father had gone to Orlando to pick up my sister from a relatives house, which she was staying for a few days to get out of the house and visit her old friends from before we moved away.

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As I laid quietly in my room, I wondered what my mom was doing, was she sleeping? Thinking about something? Who knew. I noticed that the night gown she had on today was one she wore very rarely.

this one had buttons on the front from top to bottom, and came to only 4 inches below her knees. Suddenly the thought came to me she wasn't wearing a bra, because when I first saw her that night in the gown, her boobs seemed to hang a big more than usual and also seemed more round, as well as I noticed her nipples were poking out.

As the night went on, the house grew colder and colder, my blanket didn't seem to do so much to shield me from the cold anymore.

I got up to get another blanket from the closet in the hall way when I heard my mom call my name and ask me what I was doing up still, I told her it was cold in my room and I needed something more to keep me warm. She said her room is warm (she has an area heater in her room) and that I could sleep in there with her.

At first I didn't think anything of it, so I instantly agreed to join her, so I walked toward her room but when I got to the door she said wait there for a moment. As I waited outside, I could make out the sound of metal buttons snapping together, at first I had no idea what it could be, but then I remember her night gown had metal buttons.

Shortly after the sounds of the buttons closing stopped, she told me I could come in. I entered and quickly got under the covers as it was still a bit chilly In her room but not big titty bimbo shay evans getting pounded on massage table cold as mine.

A few minutes later she fell asleep, I could tell from her very slight snoring she made. I fell asleep too a little while after, but was awaken in the middle of the night by my mom rolling over onto my arm, with my left arm under her and her back to me she was slightly spooning me, since I did not want to wake her, I just put my other hand over her and without any thought did so, but my fingertips landed right on her right breast, causing her to moan a little.

I was a little surprised she moaned and didn't wake up and slap me, but I didn't dare move my hand, as it probably be the last time ill get to touch her breast. Suddenly I thought, hey I got this far may as well take it up a little notch, so I lightly squeezed on her breast and a sudden gasp came from my mother followed by her turning around and looking at me dead in the eyes. grabbing my hand with an angry look in her eyes "what are you doing?" she asked.

I have no idea how on earth I would explain it to her, I mean what could I possibly say?

after what seemed like a lifetime, but was actually 10 maybe 15 seconds she asked if I liked what I had felt. Hesitant to answer, I murmured out a yes.

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Then she asked what I thought of a woman's breast and if I thought it was weird to be touching my own mother in such a way. I had to think for a moment then replied that they were the biggest and most amazing breasts I'd ever touched, but in reality its the only one.

I also explained to her, with very much hesitation that I'd thought of her many times when it came to things such as who to have sex with and master baiting, she was my top thought. I was extremely scared how she would react, especially with my hard on just a fraction of an inch away from poking her just below the stomach.

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Pretty hawt beautiful gal hardcore and bondage she did next COMPLETELY took me by surprise. I could feel her hand moving under the covers as she lifted the blanket off of us and I got a dim view of her gown with the first 3 buttons already open.

I wasn't sure where she was going with this, but I had a feeling I was going to like it. My mom reached for my hand, and I didn't dare refuse her. Using her soft hands, she lifted both of my hands and placed one on each breast. I cupped them over the night gown, with only a thin piece of cloth between us, it was pretty much the real thing.

Through the thin material her night gown was made from I would feel in the middle of my palm's that her nipples were slightly erect. I gently squeezed them, looking at my mother for any sign of protest that might make me stop what I was doing, but nothing. She had her head back facing the ceiling, and her mouth was slightly open. Though where wasn't any noise coming from her mouth, I could tell she was silently moaning.

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& be continued. hey readers, thanks for taking the time for read my very first story, please leave some feed back about how I can improve and what you would like to see in the near future. Also, I wanted to make this one a bit longer, but thought I would get some idea as to what you guys would like first.