Taylor st claire the cellar dweller scene

Taylor st claire the cellar dweller scene
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The Little Whip: A Gift to Sir In the small shop which was found somewhat off the walk, Leah looked intently at the little whip which had been placed on two white cylinder inside the glass case of which she stood near.

A long, slender, leather riding crop. She gazed at it's obviously re-crafted leather which gave it a like-new appearance. One would confuse it for new if the handle was not adorned sexy babe gets banged after a massage brunette and cumshot a loving impression of a thumb which had well used the little whip.

The mark instilled upon Leah to wonder into who's hands this one little whip had been. Onto who's flanks had it whistled before it inflicted pain. Who's skin had been embellished by the welts left behind by it's slender, leather covered, bamboo. As Leah viewed the little whip, her mind began to wander into thoughts of Ian. She remembered the day they'd met. That perfectly, sunny day. The kind where there are white, fluffy clouds drifting to and fro.

There was a breeze that day. Soft, gentle, cool. The sun was hot and exotic. She had been walking alone in the park as she'd done everyday. Watching the squirrels run and chase. She had sat upon a bench under a lilac bush. She sat there to allow the sweet scent to intoxicate her brain and to glide her thus from reality. "Surely it is this moment at which mine eyes have gazed upon true beauty." The first words he'd spoken to her. In a voice that would melt stone.

It was a calm, cool, proud voice. Her first glimpse upon him. His black hair shimmering like the feathers of a raven.

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His skin slightly tan. As tan as porcelain can be that is. Honey brown eyes that warmed Leah's skin more than the sun could ever hope to be capable of. Lips so perfectly sculpted that even MichelAngelo hadn't the talent for. She was instantly drawn into him. Not drawn to him.

Drawn into him. From that moment, she knew that whatever this man asked of her, she would do. Not willingly, not gladly, but ecstatically. It was several minutes of looking upon each other. Diving into each other's eyes.

Before he spoke again. There it was again. That amazing voice. The one Leah will go to her grave via it ringing into her ears. He introduced himself. As did she. He kissed her hand. She blushed. He asked her to dinner that night. She accepted. It wasn't but a month later that he shared with her his true desire for her. He expressed that he'd grown quite fond of her and, to tell the truth, was completely bewitched by her.

He ran his fingers through her red curls, slightly tugging at the roots as he did during love making. Each tug made her loins burn for she could remember the feel of his thrusts as he pulled on her hair. Of course, Leah's heart was captivated the very moment his voice pierced her very essence.

As she expressed to him in return to his confessions. She explained that his voice was carried on the wind whenever they were apart. She told him that he had the ability to weaken her knees and drive her to the floor in just a spoken word. With that, Ian smiled and sat her directly in front of him. He looked acutely into her eyes. He began to vocalize suggestions out of his mouth that both excited and terrified Leah to her very being.

Things that she knew a free human would never agree to. Yet, wasn't she truly free anyway. He'd already captured her heart, her mind, her womb.

These things belonged to him already. Big boob philippines girl fuck, now. now Ian was asking her to make it definite. To give herself over to him completely. Of course he did not require an answer that very day.

He'd just wanted to plant the idea into her head and cause the seed of curiosity to grow.

For several months after this is how i want to suck your cock sologirlcontent, Ian's love making became more intense. His wants and desires during sex were to be met in every way and in every appetite.

If Leah refused (which was rare), Ian would spank her bare buttocks and demand it of her. His voice, which always set Leah right, had become more firm. His touch and his grip more profound. All the while, he would ask her if she would give herself to him.

That he wanted nothing more than her complete submission to him. Leah fought with this. She's been raised to believe women are to stand up for themselves. That no woman is to be treated disrespectfully. What Ian was asking of her. and what she herself longed for. went against everything she'd ever known. Though, he'd never really been disrespectful to her. He'd always shown the upmost respect for her and continually included her opinions in his decisions about the household.

And. What did he really mean by complete submission anyway. She had already begun to wear the clothes that he told her to wear. Ones that made her spread thighs easily accessible to him. Skirts with no panties worn underneath. Bras with clasps in the front. No matter where they were, Ian's hand was on her upper-thigh, middle finger sliding in and out of her keeping her constantly moist.

She agreed to him buying only the foods that he liked and her cook it for him. They'd moved in together almost the very week they'd met.

He watched over her as she bathed. Told her how to wear her hair and make-up. All of these things, and more, she'd do especially for him because she knew he liked it. What else was it that he was wanting from her. Finally, just a few weeks ago, Ian had sat Leah down, again, and explained just what it was he expected of her. However, this time, Leah's heart jumped around with glee.

All the while extremely terrified. Except for the few smacks on her flanks from her lover, she'd never felt the lash of a whip. He was telling her that if she gets out of line, he will be forced to whip her. Telling him no, not listening to him, being late, disrespecting his friends. all were cause for the lashings. He would keep a toll hottie blonde girl loves a fat cock to suck them and at the end of the day, she would be punished for each and everyone.

That when she decided she was ready, she was to begin training to be his slave, pure and simple. That every move she made from then on, was for him. Her hands, her mouth, her eyes, her loins, all of her would be his to do with what he wished. That from that moment on, she would no longer have a say about her own body. Leah, for the past few weeks thought long and hard about what it was she was handing over to Ian. Of course she would do it. Really, hadn't she already done all this anyway?

Last week Ian asked to spank her, just to show her what she was in for. Without hesitation, she was on her knees, bent over a stool, his bare hand smacking hard against her white cheeks.

Each swat harder than the last. All stinging. At one point, Leah cried out, yet that seemed to cause Ian to inflict even crueler. He commented several times on how red her ass had gotten. When he'd finished spanking her, he'd taken her from behind and in an orifice where he'd rarely penetrated himself into. Which, of course, made Leah cry out more. After, Ian laid her on the bed and made love to her the rest of the night explaining how much he loved her.

How his love would only increase with her being his fully and completely. Now, she stood in front of a glass case which held the instrument that will inflict the final step of submission to Ian. He was not with her. She was on her work lunch break.

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Ian had gotten her a job in an advertising firm. He trusted her to work. Although, even to work, she wore exactly what he told her to. She never knew when he'd show up to her office and demand that she caress him or open herself to him. She had happened upon this store weeks ago. Before Ian had made his final confessions of what he'd desired from her. She'd seen the little whip several times. Imagined it's bite. Today was the day she chose whether to buy the little whip or not.

She knew that buying this for Ian would turn him from lover to Master the second it was placed into his hands. Leah would never be allowed to call Ian by his name again. He would demand another, more appropriate title, to be spoken from her lips.

If he allowed her to speak at all that is. Presenting this to Ian would surly take Leah over that edge of which there is no climbing back out of. So she stood pondering. Was she ready? It would please Ian beyond imagination for Leah to give herself to him. The constant smile in his eyes. The constant rise of his cock whenever she was bent over or chained and receiving it's cut. The way he would make love to her after and tell her how much he loved her.

The ringing of his voice repeating "Mine!" in her ears. The pounding of her heart and the moisture between her legs gave her the answer without delay. She was ready. Leah bought the little whip. She called into work and let them know she would not return that day. She went home directly and begun to prepare the house, and herself for the dedication and vow she would make that evening when Ian got home. She bathed and perfumed just the way Ian liked her. Left her hair down.

Ian loved her hair down. He would yank on it while he bent her over and entered her from behind. His hands were constantly playing in her hair as he was on top of her. Pulling it in unison of each of his thrusts. Leah found a black lace choker ornamented with a single pearl which hung caught on tape cuties school medical examination the center and put it round her neck.

The pearl sat right in the cleft of her neck and shoulder bones. Yes, that looked close to a collar and the pearl it's tag. She found matching bracelets. They gave the illusion of cuffs. She put on some black, lacy shoes with heavy heals.

The shoes forced her buttocks to accentuate and her body to show itself in an alluring way. Leah stood and went to the closet to find something suitable to wear when she caught her reflection in her large three way mirror. How vulnerable she appeared. Naked, open, free. No, no clothes. She would present herself naked to her lover. All that was left was for her to wait for Ian's key to turn in the door and for him to enter.

Not more than an hour had gone by and, just as she's expected, the key turned and his robust figure entered into the house dressed in his normal work clothes. A silk Itallian suit, tailored especially for him. He wore suits all of the time. One would think he did so because his job required it or because he looked good in them. However, Leah knew he wore them because they made him look more domineering and masterful. Ian called out for her.

She answered to let him know where she was. He walked through the foyer which lead to the living room, rounded the corner and entered through it's arched doorway removing his tie and unbuttoning the top button of his shirt. The site he saw stopped his hand from unbinding anymore buttons. There before him, in the center of the lush room, a naked and exposed Leah. Curious beauty gets anal slammed hardcore and russian up on her knees with a little whip laying in her open palms which were raised in a giving position.

She was wearing but a lace choker graced with a single pearl, bracelets to match, the shoes he'd bought her a while back, and an expression that spoke volumes. The nipples of her breasts were emphasized with rouge, as was it's cleft. Her thighs were also accentuated and Ian could smell the perfume with a hint of earthy musk. A smell he knew all too well. When Ian's eyes finally met hers, Leah gazed at him and spoke.

"I present myself unto you, my Lord, to do with as you wish. My hands, my mouth, my loins, my body, and my heart, they all are now yours." She lifted the little whip a bit higher.

"Please accept this gift as a symbol of my vow which Use the plushcam vibration dildos to fuck girls like her live on cam have spoken unto you. May you use it as you see fit." Leah shivered with terror as to what would come next. Ian saw this and recognized it.

The fear in her eyes.

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It both stimulated him and angered him. "Sit still!" He took a step towards her and watched as she held back the flinch.

"Sit still, I said". He leaned down and reached out his long arm. With his large hand, he cupped one of her breasts. With the other, held the nape of her neck, forcing her head back. He leaned further and with his lips barely touching hers. She could feel his hot breath. His hand went from her breast, down her tummy, and plunged a finger deep into her.

She let out a moan which was captured into his lips. "You declare yourself completely unto me?" Gasping, Leah whispered "Yes, Sir!" Ian removed his hand from her, licked his finger, and took the whip from Leah's out stretched palms. "Put your hands to your sides." Leah did as was commanded of her. Ian undid his suit pants and let them drop to his knees revealing his fully erect penis.

He, himself never ware anything under his pants. For the same reason he'd told Leah not to wear panties. "Open your mouth!" His voice was heavy and breathless. Again, Leah did what was commanded of her. Ian slipped his thick, heavy cock into her mouth. He held fast to the back of Leah's neck to keep her head back and mouth open.

His other hand took a tight grip of the hair on the top of her head to keep it still. Leah felt the xxx 17x story sex stories 2019 of the whip pressed to her scalp.

At first he dipped slowly. Letting her mouth become very wet around him. Then he commenced to thrust into it, hitting the back of her throat, gagging her on occasion. He let out a loud grunt and removed himself from Leah's mouth only to release himself all over her lips, neck, breast and stomach. He let his seed flow onto her like rain. Some landed on her thighs.

Her arms. Her hands. Ian let go of Leah's hair and neck only to clasp her shoulders. In his gasps he repeated the words, "Mine. You are mine". Leah repeated, "I am yours, Sir". Ian stood up straight, pulled his pants up and fastened them. He horny lady loves the taste of big cocks through gloryhole at Leah, who's eyes were full of love, lust, fear, terror, adornment, and wonder.

He glanced upon the silk, white semen he'd just spilt all over his new possession. He spoke with pride. "I have just marked you as mine. As a beast marks his territory in the woods. From this point on, all you say or do will be allowed only by me." He continued to explain just what it was, in full, that which he expected from now on.

She was right in her assumption earlier, she would never be allowed to address him by his name. She would either call him Lord or Master.

In public she would address his as "Sir". As a matter of fact, Leah would no longer be permitted to speak unless lured by Ian's allowance of it.

Even then, it must only be "Yes Sire, or No Sire". Everything must be followed with "Lord", "Master", or "Sir". He walked around her and pushed her over. Brought her arms in front of her and made her bend over to where her cheek rested on the floor. Leah's round buttocks were thus higher than her head.

Ian forced Leah's legs slightly apart exposing both of her underside orifices, making her even more uncomfortable.

Leah felt his hands gliding all over her backside. Nails digging into her skin. He spoke on her body more as a pleasure toy than a human skin. Sized Leah up like a horse getting ready for racing. A finger slid into her pussy. She gasped. Ian laughed. His fingers moved to her ass and slipped into it. Leah then moaned. Again, Ian laughed. Then she felt the whip upon her. He was tickling it over her skin. It's roughness both tickled and chafed.

"This whip represents my love for you, Leah. It will both tickle you and chafe you. I will use this whip upon your flanks and ass often to help you not forget my love for you and your vow to me." He slid the whip all over her body. Over the back. Around her sides.

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Onto her breasts which hung exposed and whose tips grazed the rough carpeted floor which irritated them and caused them to harden. The whip returned to her back and to her backside. It snuck it's way to her inner thighs and up the pat of her buttocks. Ian departed the whip from her body.

Minutes, which seemed like days, went by. Leah felt Ian's eyes on her. Felt as they penetrated to her essence. Then came the whistle Leah had feared since the day she'd laid eyes on the little whip. The very sound that heralded utter agony.

The calling that demanded her total devotion in order to endure. Suddenly there it was. The pain. The condemnation of that blessed and holy instrument. The sanctified object that held Leah's vows and now administered her Master's love.

Leah let out a scream that would deafen the world. She broke her nails as she clawed into the carpet beneath her. Never, in all her life, in all her imagining, in all her expectations, did she think it would feel like this. The anguish resounded through her body and shivered her bones. It wasn't but a minute until the second whistle announced. Leah tried bracing herself, yet could not. Again Leah howled and wailed.

She lay clutching the carpet best she could. This. this implement of her vows and Ian's love. This is what she herself had chosen. Handed it to her Sir willingly. Gave into his hands the right to do what he was now doing. She despised the retched thing at this moment. Hated it. Loathed it's bite. And held more respect for it than ever. She felt the welts beginning to grow. She wondered what color they were turning. She wondered how long she would feel this sting. A tinge of pride went through Leah's mind and soul right about then.

She knew that she would be feeling this for weeks. Pain that will serve as a constant reminder of this night's vow to her Lord. Her pride bubbled and blossomed. She spoke. The only words repeating in her very substance. "I am yours, my Lord". Leah felt Ian's hands upon her burning ass. His hands both annoyed and soothed the affliction. He knelt with one knee on either side of her backside. His pants were lowered making his knees bare. He leaned over her sliding his hands up outdoors a place for a pick up back, along her arms, and down to her hands at which point he intertwined his fingers with hers.

The whip was still in his right hand and it's handle was between his palm and the back of Leah's hand. He had opened his shirt completely which granted his bare skin to press against Leah's. He kissed the back of her neck and confided loving words through a voice, which to Leah, was now the voice of God.

Except to ease his again hardened cock into her pussy, he barely moved so that his skin would not depart from her's.

Her buttocks burned at each slight thrust. She moaned from both pleasure and agony. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Ian spent the rest of the night making love and his newly vowed watch as those cute year old pretty gals hardcore and massage and Leah willingly allowed it to be.