First night saree removing sect story

First night saree removing sect story
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Some time ago one older lady convinced me to set up a web page with contact details and a bio so I could offer my services. She even measured my cock with a tape measure she 'just happened to have handy' while I had a full erection, while she was sucking me. Her girlfriend was watching and wrote down the measurements. "Wow, incredible, eight and a half inches long, and seven inches in circumference." After a wide range of experiences as a gigolo, I developed a preference for a certain type of client: elegant, sophisticated women aged around forty five years old, with bodies anywhere between size ten to fourteen and not overweight.

They were often a long way from home on business.

Almost without exception these women would be very good communicators, uninhibited and able to articulate their sexual preferences. And if they enjoyed what I had to offer and recommended me to others that was an added bonus. "I had you some time ago, and I told my sister Candice about it.

She lives on the other side of the country. Every time I speak to her she asks me about my experience with you. She will be in town next week and she has asked me if I can arrange a meeting with you." Edith tells me on phone. "She has always had a fetish about really well hung men, but says she has never had one. But I want to watch, would that be alright with you?" When I arrive at the uptown five-star hotel Edith lets me in and reintroduces herself.

"Candice is almost ready," she tells me as we make small talk. "I trimmed her pussy for her before we showered together. "I am not sure if I told you, but we had Spanish parents and she is a very typical Libran." "Venus, love goddess, they are usually very good," I smile Edith is not overly attractive, she is wearing glasses, but as she crosses and recrosses her legs for my benefit I remember her voluptuous body and what a good performer she was.

And how she is still the only woman I fucked while wearing glasses. Nice touch though. "I am really looking forward to watching you fuck bondage group humiliation and roman orgy xxx beach bikers sister.

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I have never seen her in action, but from sex with large tit honey pornstar hardcore she tells me, she has a voracious sexual appetite." Candice appears and makes a bold entrance wearing a shapeless black knee length dressing gown, which she is holding to keep it closed, large gold loopy earrings and white heels. "Not bad for forty-five? She smiles as I size her up.

Very well groomed brunette, suntanned, sixty-six inches tall, full size 12-14 body and she exudes sex appeal in spades. "Ever since my sister told me about you and how you fucked her, I have wanted you to use me as a sex object. "Did Edith tell you I have a big cock fetish?

And that I am a bit of a tease." "I need to take these earrings off before we start," she smiles. "Do you like my suntan? "Do you think it is an all over suntan? "What do you think I am wearing under my coat?" "I love sun tanning naked and fantasising about being fucked from behind while tanning my rear.

It has been too wet lately though. "So Edith sprayed it on for me while I was naked and she enjoyed it as foreplay knowing that she was going to watch you fuck me soon after. Very attractive and extremely confident I muse as I watch her fiddle with her earrings to remove them. As she does her coat falls open and I gasp at what a good body she has, highlighted by her suntan.

All over suntan on her very good skin, and the first thing my eyes focus on is her very black pubic hair, trimmed at the sides that extends upwards for three inches, then long legs, glorious very well formed thighs, a very slight tummy, though average tits. Finally the earrings are off and I am enjoying and being turned on by her teases. "Before I get completely naked for you, show me what Edith had, she can't stop talking about how you fucked her, and what you have for me.

"You have two horny women watching," she smiles I strip down to a pair of briefs, the exhibitionist in me enjoying the moment. "I can see you have the makings of an erection for me already. I hold her gaze as I pull my briefs over my semi-erection, leaving my cock and balls hanging out my very skimpy, female crotch-less g-string.

"Wow, that is what I call a cock. Magnificent, long and thick, very thick. My dream, I have fantasised about a cock that size for thirty years," Candice purrs as she fondles it. I can see Edith watching very intently and enjoying her sister's turn on. "Take your coat off, sis, show us your best features. You know you have an absolutely sensational arse. Candice turns her back to me and ever so slowly lifts her coat up over her wonderful thighs, then her arse cheeks.

"Like that, I love having my arse licked and kissed.

Forty-three inches since you asked." Her devil and miss jones 4 really is magnificent, suntanned with beautifully formed, dimple free twin orbs. "Kneel behind me and kiss my arse, both sides." I comply and reach between her legs with one hand and tease the sides of both her thighs. "How did you know I like that as foreplay?" Then I tease her wet cunt lips with my middle finger. "Love it, now lick me to orgasm.

I love having my clit licked and stimulated," Candice purrs as she turns so I am kneeling in front of her while she stands. As I lick and kiss her cunt I have my hands on her glorious arse cheeks while she offers encouragement.

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I really enjoy a confident and articulate woman who can provide a running commentary during sex. "I am watching your magnificent hard on while you are fucking me with your tongue. So is my sister. She is a real root rat." I can see that Edith has undressed down to very sexy black under wear; her bra and knickers are very brief.

As I glance she takes the bra off, much bigger tits than her sister, and teases her extended nipples as sex games by a wicked whore hardcore blowjob watches us. I can tell Candice is nearing orgasm as she forces my lips and tongue into her very wet cunt lips with her hands behind my head. I am almost suffocating but the vibe as this magic and very sexy woman nears orgasm on my tongue and lips is electric.

I can hear and feel her breathing very heavily and I am very pleased with myself at the sexual pleasure I am providing to such an accomplished sexual performer.

"So good, so fucking good," she groans as her whole body trembles as she orgasms. "I love being fucked from behind. "And I love the feeling of being used. "Edith told me you fucked her for an hour. "Do you think you can last that long with me?" Candice asks as she lays sideways on the bed facing her sister.

"I love that magnificent cock. "Use me with it," she groans as I grasp her arse cheeks in each hand and slowly, very slowly give her my full length. "You fill me up. That's heaven on a stick, fucking heaven on a stick," she tells me as she expertly moves her body and rotates her hips to heighten the sexual scandalous slit drilling session hardcore and blowjob for both of us.

As I fuck Candice from behind I can see her sister is now totally naked and obviously enjoying watching me fucking her sister while teasing her cunt lips with a vibrator. If she looks into the wall mirrors she can see me slapping into her sisters arse and the enjoyment on my face. "Love watching him fucking you sister. "So do I, never had anyone watch me fucking before. "A man watching would be even more exciting, especially if he was masturbating for me.

I can feel Edith's hands all over my back. "Awesome, fuck her for me, fuck her really good. "Can I have you after while Candice watches? Candice is urging me on with a voice somewhere between groaning and screaming, "Fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck me harder," repeatedly.

I can feel Edith's hands on my arse cheeks, a huge turn on while I am fucking her sister, and pressure from her fingernails, "Go on give her what she wants, fuck her harder." I turn Candice over on to her back, determined to maximise the sexual pleasure from the orgasm I am about to have and at the same time give maximum pleasure to Candice while she is groaning and urging, "Fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck me harder." Edith has changed her position and I can feel her hands on my arse cheeks in sync with my thrusting into her sister's cunt and pressure from her fingernails, "Go on give her what she wants, fuck her harder.

"You two are really turning me on." Candice wraps her legs around me and pulls my groin against hers so I am grinding into her while her sister is squeezing her fingernails into my arse cheeks. "Baby yes, now, now," she screams as she tenses, shudders and has a very wet orgasm at exactly the same time as me.

"Awesome, absolutely awesome," Edith smiles as Candice and I bask and relax in the afterglow with our hands all over each other. "Can Brooke and some friends shared a man have you while my sister Candice watches?" However, that's another story.