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School girl and boy sxs
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Diane stepped into the shower and Madison came in after her closing the glass door. Diane turned on the hot water and the cold water and stood under the spray of water. Madison smoothed her hands over Diane's breasts as she dipped her head and sucked a nipple into her mouth, stroking it with her tongue. Diane moaned loudly, cupping Madison's head, she lifted her face and kissed her open-mouth, sliding her tongue inside Madison's mouth and stroking her tongue with her own before kissing each lip.

Madison smiled as she picked up a bottle of body wash and squirted olgun kadn alexis fawx sevgilisiyle doyasya ilikiye giriyor good amount into her hand. She held her hand under the water for a second before lathering it together and began sliding the suds along the curves of Diane's breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples slightly.

Running her hands down her flat stomach, she slid her hands around to the mounds of Diane's ass. She squeezed and kneaded them before sliding her fingers between her cheeks.

Madison began to probe her tight hole with her index finger. "I want your finger in my ass! Please! Fuck adorable babe experiences backside fuck hardcore russian dirty little hole with your finger!" Madison did as she was asked and pushed her finger inside Diane's rectum making Diane moan.

She began to work her finger in and out of Diane's ass. "Yes! Yes! Harder! Harder! Fuck my ass! Fuck it good for me!" Madison brought her other hand around to Diane's pussy. Sliding her fingers along her slit, she thrust one inside and then another and began to simultaneously fuck both Diane's holes with her fingers. "Fuck! Fuck! Yes! Fuck my ass harder! Make me cum! Oh! Oh God, Madison! Yes!" Diane moaned. "Fuck! I'm coming!" Madison felt Diane's cunt juice squirt all over her fingers and brought them up to Diane's lips.

She sucked each one of Madison's fingers clean. "Thank you, Madison. You made me cum so hard." Madison smiled. "That's what BFFs are for, right?" Diane laughed. She rinsed herself off and let Madison step under the spray to wash off. Diane picked up the bottle of soap, squirted some into her hand, and began to work up a lather of suds she covered Madison's tits in.

She began to knead and massage Madison's breasts the way she had hers. Madison leaned back against the tile wall, enjoying the sensations running through her.

"Open your legs for me." "Why?" "A BFFS is always supposed to return the favor," she said with a wink. Madison braced her thighs apart and watched Diane knelt on her knees. Spreading the folds of Madison's pussy apart, she began to lap at her clit with her tongue, sucking and licking it over and over again. Madison moaned softly at each stroke of Diane's tongue. Her fingers found Madison's wet pussy and fucked them in and out as she licked and sucked her clit.

Madison began to pant like a bitch in heat hunching her cunt insistently against Diane's face and fingers. The rush of pleasure built up inside Madison and she could stand it no longer. "Oh! I'm going to cum! Uh, uh, uh! Yes!" She screamed loudly, the vibration pulsation rocking her cunt to its core.

Madison whimpered softly as Diane withdrew her fingers from Madison's cunt and put them in her mouth, sucking them. "Your pussy taste so sweet. I love when you cum for me like that." Diane kissed her lips, sliding her tongue in and out of her mouth making Madison moan as her pussy began to tingle once more. Diane abruptly lifted her head. "Not now, baby. We don't want Sam getting jealous, do we?" Madison smiled. "Speaking of whom," she said gesturing with her head over her shoulder.

Sam stood right next to the shower door watching them with a smile on her face. "Save some for me I hope," she said loudly to be heard over the running water. Madison laughed as she stood to rinse off. Diane waited for her to finish and turn the water off before stepping out of the shower with her. Diane looked Sam over from her shoulder-length blonde hair and brown eyes to her round, luscious breasts to her curvy hips and long legs.

She wore a black tank top with no bra and her nipples stood erect through the fabric of her top. A mini skirt grasped her hips and her long legs curved as she stood in her short ankle high heeled boots.

"So this is Sam? Wow. Madison's told me all about you, but she forgot to mention how sexy her lover is." Sam smiled and held out her hand to Diane who grasped in hers and brushed a kiss on her knuckles. "Enchanté, Diane." Sam's brown eyes roved over body from her large, round breasts, pink, nipples, narrow waist, wide hips, thick but muscled thighs.

"Are you a dancer?" Sam asked. Diane looked surprised. "Yes, I am. I dance topless part-time at The Red Velvet Tavern." Madison smiled. "It's not like Diane needs the money. She just does it for fun. She loves the attention." "I got your attention," Diane remarked.

Madison smiled. "Yes, you did get my attention," she said tweaking one of Diane's nipples slightly. "I have a day time job as a chemist. How did you guess?" "Your muscle tone told me. I'm an athlete and a personal trainer." "That's not all," Madison replied in a sing song voice. Sam shook her head at Madison. "How about you two melissa in mature and hairy on your robes over there and we have a glass of wine?" "That sounds good to me," Diane replied.

Madison nodded. As soon as they were in their robes, they sat down in the next room which contained a leather sofa, two recliners, a coffee table, and a small fridge. Diane looked around the room, impressed. "This is Sam's little getaway. She bought it after we met and I helped her renovate it into a small apartment," Madison told her.

"I thought you were a sex therapist, not an interior decorator." Madison shrugged. "I do both from time to time and have a degree in it as well." Madison walked to a cabinet and retrieved three wine glasses while Sam pulled a bottle of wine from the fridge and popped the cork. Madison sat down on the sofa with Diane beside her and Sam took the recliner to left of it. She poured them each a glass and handed it to them before sitting back with in the chair to drink her own.

"Ah! 1983. A good year," Sam said with a wink. Diane looked confused. "The year I was born." Diane nodded. "So how do you know Jim?" Diane asked her. Sam swirled the wine around in her glass before taking two big gulps.

"Let's just say our matter is a very personal one," she said picking up the bottle of wine and refilling her half-empty glass. She sat it back down before asking. "How do you know him, Diane?" Diane's eyes took on a look of pure hd fantasyhd natalia starr wrestles her way into fuck session. "The son of a bitch ruined my life." She took a long swallow of wine before setting her glass down on the table letting Madison refill it.

Diane graciously took it from her and took another sip. "May I ask what happened?" Sam asked softly. Diane nodded. Then she began to tell her story. "It was the night of my bachelorette party. I'd gone out with my girlfriends for one last hoorah." Diane scoffed. "Hoorah, my ass!" Sam's perfectly arched brows rose. Diane took a sip of wine before continuing. "Jim was there. He hit on me, flirted with me.

He bought me drinks all night.

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We danced dirty, grinding on each other. I didn't see harm in it. I knew my fiancé had his party that night so I figured why shouldn't I have a little fun?

But it went from harmless flirting to something else. He had been slipping roofers into my drinks all night. Then I told him I was ready to go home. He offered to take me and so did my maid of honor. I wasn't in my right mind and I knew something was going to happen if I let him take me home." "You let him take you home anyway," Sam stated. Diane nodded a single tear in her eye. "He was so seductive. It was like he knew where to kiss me and where to touch me that restraint just melted away.

I thought my fiancé would never know. So I gave in.

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The sex&hellip.It was incredible. I hadn't cum that hard in so long!" Diane glanced at them both, their expressions one of understanding it seemed. She continued on. "But that's where it ended. The next morning I awoke up. My fiancé had texted me a dozen messages.

I was naked and was just waking up first night saree removing sect story I read them. He said why I had texted him saying that I went home with a man last who had pleasured me better than he ever could.

He had also received pictures of the guy's dick in my pussy while we fucking and his cum all over my body. He had sent me a text right at the moment I'd waken up saying he was coming over.

"This had better be a joke." That was what the last text said. "As soon I got done reading it, my bedroom door burst open and there stood my fiancé gazing at me naked in my bed. He came over and inspected the sheets. Cum covered them and it dry crusted on me." "He just stood there shaking with hurt and anger. Then he said I'm glad I found out what a slut you really are before I married you!

He left after that. He wouldn't take my calls or my texts. I came over to his place but he wouldn't answer the door. Before he changed his number, he texted me saying I hope it was worth it!

I cried all the time kendra lust mom sex sex stories that. I was depressed for so long." Diane wiped at tears she didn't know she was crying.

Sam handed a tissue to her from a box underneath the table top. "Then I met Madison here. If I hadn't, I don't know what I would've done. She helped me through it." "I helped her to understand that it wasn't entirely her fault. She had trust issues. She didn't like the fact that her fiancé was going to be around sexy strippers that night and it was one of the reasons she gave in.

She wanted to feel better. She hadn't trusted that her fiancé would remain faithful to her even when tempted with lust and desire from another attractive female. It didn't help in the first place that she didn't wasn't too fond of strippers or dancers to begin with." "My trust issues steamed from find my father at a strip club I followed him to.

He went home with one of the dancers after. He'd been seeing the woman for six months. I threatened to tell my mother if he didn't end it.

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He decided to end his marriage with my mother instead and moved out." Sam looked confused. "But you're a dancer now?" Diane nodded. "It was part of the sex therapy. I needed to build my confidence back up and I wanted to learn to be a little bolder and wilder in the bedroom. Madison suggested I take pole dancing classes and then actually do it. I was nervous but I dressed up my best.

I bought a naughty cop uniform outfit to wear, did my make-up real good, and curled my hair like an 80's actress would." "That was my idea. I thought it would make her look like a bombshell and I was right.

I offered to come see the show since I thought that would help her to know she had a friend out there in the audience." Sam smiled. "And it must have helped obviously," she said winking at the both of them. "I wish you could have been there, Sam! The song buttons by PCD came on and she was absolutely in her element. She was so sexy grinding and shaking her hips in ass. I swear my panties were soaked!

She wasn't even done yet! She started to unbutton her cop suit cute teenage amateur cocksucking and tugging reality button at a time when the tempo speeded up!

Then she took it off, let it slide down to the floor. She did the dance the dolls did at the end and when she did the little jump number, the globes of her ass jiggled fantastically! You should have heard the guys whistling and shouting at her!

She was wearing this sexy stranded babe marsha may fuck her tight pussy out white thong with little hearts all over it. The guys loved it when she popped open her thighs!" Sam noticed how Diane smiled while she listened to Madison rave about her striptease. "She didn't get one dollar bills! She got twenties, fifties, and there five hundreds in her g string at the end of her dance!" "Wow!" Sam exclaimed. "The owner of the place offered her a full-time job, but when she told she only do it part-time, he agreed.

She's the featured dancer and when she's on stage, the club is packed!" "I wouldn't say packed, Madison. I mean I do have my regulars. I only dance two to three times a week." Madison waved her hand as she sipped her wine. "She's just being subtle," she said when she finally set her glass down. Diane laughed. "Sam, it's your turn.

I told you my story. What's yours? How do you know Jim?" Sam sat quietly in her chair, sipping her wine.

She sat her glass down before replying, "It's simple really." Diane glanced at Madison for help. Madison shook her head.

"I don't know." Sam sighed. "Jim is my brother."