Pregnant ebony lesbians are being extremely horny while fingering each other

Pregnant ebony lesbians are being extremely horny while fingering each other
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I awoke that very early that morning in the hospital, lying uncomfortably next to my wife Rachel, still in her smock, fresh from delivering our two twin girls, Kristine and Katherine, into the world.

The memories of the last day of chaos and shock all came back to me in their beauty and horror. I gazed at the seat in the room, seeing the duffle bag that my adulteress student who I've been giving 'tutoring' at her mother's request had packed. My thoughts couldn't stay away from the way I'd taken and defiled my marriage bed with her supple young body. I felt my boner, already hard from my dreams, just throb thinking about it again and it filled me once more with shame.

I hadn't realized Rachel was already awake, but she laughed and reached a hand over to my groin and squeezed my morning wood. "Looks like someone is up?" Then she smiled up at me and I could literally feel her love for me.

"I'm sorry I've not paid much attention to you these last few months. I promise I'll make it up to you." I almost cried. "No. You've needed more attention than me." The guilt of my cheating ways ripped at my heart. She just smiled and kissed me. "I'm still really sore, down there, but this…" she indicated to an IV in her arm that I'd barely seen, "has some good stuff in it!" She chuckled then hugged me again.

We hugged for a time until a nurse brought in some food for Rachel and some papers for us to sign. An hour later she had dressed and I walked while the nurse wheeled Rachel, sitting in a wheelchair due to hospital policy, came to the nursery. We gazed in at the two little clear plastic cribs that held our girls, wrapped loosely in fluffy pink blankets.

They were amazingly beautiful little wonders. We nearly cried again as we each were given one to hold as we prepared to head home. The nurses had given them formula late night, but were already hungry, and Rachel just acted naturally, and bulled her shirt up to offer them each a teat and nurse on, taking them both to her breasts. I wheeled her out to our car and after a bit of figuring out two hard cocks fill every teen fuck hole to actually install the two car seats I'd bought last month in my car, we eventually got home.

Now we were hungry as well, so I made breakfast, which we ate in bed with the babies. The girls were ready for napping again, and we put them each in a extra large crib I'd pulled into the bedroom. It blocked up my whole side of the bed, but that didn't matter to me in the least. Even though I knew it was going to be a rough couple of weeks without sleep, I couldn't take my eyes off the beautiful little wonders.

We slept more, woken a few hours later nasty ebony receives her love tunnel drilled hungry babies, and I made lunch, and Rachel was still taking pain pills every few hours as well. The day seemed to repeat that process until that evening when the doorbell rang.

As she'd promised my wife, Judy and her daughter Becky were here for dinner. We'd been so busy that I'd forgotten all about them coming over to fawn over our babies some more. Rachel was so please she nearly milked her shirt, and had to immediately get a baby latched to one of her full tits. I couldn't help but look at Becky for an instant, realizing that even though she was young, her breasts were already bigger than my wife's fully milk-laden ones which must have grown a cup size from the way they'd grown.

My brain then gave me no choice but to imagine Becky's breasts swollen with milk and grown even larger as well. Realizing I was staring at Becky's bosom for too long, I shook my head of adulterous thoughts and moved to the kitchen to cook for the party. I was cooking when I felt a hand squeeze my butt and whipped my head around, expecting to yell at Becky for touching me here, but lost my voice when I saw it was Judy instead.

"Easy Tiger… Becky was right, you sure are on edge." I couldn't say anything, and just listened to her while I went back to cooking. "She said you were very rough yesterday." I looked at her trying to figure out how to apologize or explain, but she stopped me with a finger to my lips. "She wanted to say thank you and wished you were more forceful and took charge more often, sunny leone sex boob pressing storys didn't want to say anything here because of a promise she'd made to you.

She knows you're going to be busy for a while, and that even if it's over between you two, she's grateful for the time she had with you. That's all, no strings attached." Then she winked at me, turned and sauntered back to the living room to rejoin the baby shower. I served dinner and actually enjoyed the meal. For once I didn't feel like an adulterer any more, with Judy's little talk.

Becky and Judy were both pleasant and Rachel was radiantly happy. After the meal I cleaned the dishes and Rachel asked Becky to help me with so she could talk to Judy in private about 'motherhood' issues. She happily agreed and I washed, while she dried. It wasn't sexual, or school related, and we both just talked about my babies non-stop.

After we were done, we came back in and Rachel and Becky were whispering, but stopped as we entered, with wide grins on their faces. I guess they were talking about either me or Becky, but probably in relation to babies. That's when Judy said, "Well, tomorrow is still a school night for you young lady, so I think it's time to head back home." "But Mom!

It's not even 8 o'clock!" Becky almost whined. "Yes, but these two need some time alone…" She said with a knowing smile. "Oh. Sorry. Congratulations again. Goodnight!" And smiling and skipping out, the two Whitmore girls left. As soon as their car was out the yard I was surprised again, but this time by Rachel who, having just finished another feeding had gotten behind me and goosed my ass as well.

I turned and kissed my playful wife and she looked like the cat that ate the canary as she pulled me by my hand into the bedroom. Once there she kissed me deeply and said, "Now, you sir, deserve a reward for being the most patient and loving husband that a woman like me could want." God she always turned me on, powerful schlong for a dark princess hardcore blowjob after this many years really knew how to stroke my ego.

I kissed her deeply and fully. I hugged her deeply to me and after a moment broke it off with a little start as her nipples wetly pressed through her shirt and into my own shirt and chest. She laughed and said, "Sorry.

I'm going to be milky for a while yet." I grinned and slyly said, "Good, then there will be plenty for me as well." Then I pushed her back on the bed more roughly than I'd done in the better part of a year due to her pregnancy.

She laughed and didn't stop me from pushing up her braless big tits blowjob cumshot and cock to slightest touch first time miho gets boned in the and gently cupping her two breasts.

I massaged and gently squeezed watching them ooze a little milk. Rachel squirmed a little, but really began moaning when I lowered my head to her tit and licked up her thick creamy milk around the nipple.

After it was clean I sucked in the teat and suckled, just as my daughters had, taking a nice long drink of her hot breast milk.

After a few slurps I switched breasts and gave her sister the same treatment. Rachel said with lust, "You have no idea how good that feels." She reached down and put her hand on my groin, gripping my hardening member tightly. After a few more minutes on her tits she pushed me up and said, "It's your turn now." She undid my pants and adroitly pulled them free along with my underwear.

She then grabbed my mostly hard cock and looked at it up close. "Did I ignore you too much?" She squeezed it making my head swell up more. "I guess so." Then she kissed him on the head and began rubbing my base and shaft up and down.

It felt great to have my wife back after all these months of celibacy between us. And while I knew I could never tell her, she almost felt like the other woman after having taken Becky's virginity a few weeks ago and since then been regularly fucking her brains out in our after school 'study sessions' her mother had set up with my wife's permission.

And only my wife didn't know the truth. With these crazy thoughts whizzing through my head I almost didn't realize how much it really turned me on until Rachel said, "Wow… I think you're bigger than I'd ever seen you.

I must have really not done my proper wifely duties. Well, I'd better do what I can to fix that." She grinned a crooked smile then did her level best to devour my cock. Her practiced style and skills felt great compared to Becky's inexperience but eagerness to learn. By brain had no choice but to compare the way they worked my meat, both wanting only to please me. Becky would be terrific in time, but still had to learn the fine techniques that Rachel had mastered.

And Rachel would occasionally deep-throat me and get her lips almost to my base, which really turned me on, while Becky would gag with only half of my penis between her pretty lips.

I just sat back and really enjoyed the stress free feeling of my wife's loving tongue, lips, and throat all caressing the center of my being. It wasn't going to make me cum, as she knew I had never cum from oral sex alone. Back in college she'd lost twenty dollars betting me she could get me off with that way alone. That was also the first time I'd made love to her, and that twenty dollar bill was still in one of my sock drawers. I thought about the wild times I'd had in college exploring sex before I'd met Rachel, and though that she would be the last woman he'd ever need.

And I knew that was true, even if a small part of me still instinctually desired to spread my seed in every womb I could. After her divine oral caresses of my cock had me throbbing she looked up at me lovingly, nuzzling my hardness between her lovely bloated breasts. "I'm sorry I cannot give you more than this, but my area down there is still sore from moving two watermelons through it. I know I haven't showed you, or talked about it, but the OBGYN said to wait 4 to 6 weeks to give it time to heal." She looked only slightly sad as she squeezed me between those lovely breasts, still leaking a little milk into my curly fuzz.

"I do have a surprise for you however…" and her grin made me shiver. "OK, I'm game… what is it?" I asked casually. "Me." A female voice came from the doorway behind me. I spun my head sharply, totally not expecting anyone else in my house other than me and my wife.

I was totally blown over at what I saw. Judy clad only in a sexy black teddy. Her red hair was flowing down her shoulders and the lace teddy left little to the imagination, but it lifted her giant breasts and erotically lined and shaped her body. She was in her mid-forties, but you couldn't tell she was over thirty, or a mother of a young adult daughter for that matter, by just looking at her hot body.

Totally speechless she wagged her hips and tits as she sauntered over to me and sat next to me on the bed. "Rachel asked me to come over to help reward you for being the man of her dreams." I looked down at her is shock, not believing my wife could have planned this.

She was wild in her college days as well, and was renowned for her expert cock sucking skills, which was how we'd met in the first place, but she'd never given any indication of any willingness to expand our horizons in such a way. I know that we'd talked about it once when we dated about sexual fantasies, and like every guy a two-girl threesome is a dream come true, but she said she loved my cock in her own pussy too much to share.

"Well, since I cannot please you the way I want to, this was the only other option. And I'd been talking to Judy, and she recommended a hooker. But I couldn't do that, I didn't want you doing some dirty slut who might have some disease, and asked her, since she's not got anyone, if she could help me please you." It all sounded so simple and proper when Rachel said it. Like that's just the way things are. "Besides, back in my psych class I learned that a man needs release his seed," she squeezed me hard, making me throb fiercely in her hand, "or he will stray.

Now we wouldn't want that now would we?" God's I wanted to confess right there and then about me and Becky, and I just might have had Judy not been right there. My eyes wandered up and down her body again, and I oozed precum all over Rachel's hands and tits. "So he really cannot cum orally?" Judy asked Rachel while kneeling next to her on the floor.

Ignoring me completely, they talked, "Nope. Believe me, in college I lost twenty dollars trying for over an hour." "Really? Wow. I never had a guy how could last longer than ten minutes of blowing before he came." "I know! I once sucked of five cocks in an hour between classes in High School. They called me the Cum Guzzling Queen, but not Ed here. He will only cum in a pussy." "What about anally?" "Well, we tried it a little, but… It feels great for the first inch, but after that it just hurts too much for me." I felt like I had to interject there "And I'm not into that anyway." "Really?

Every guy I'd ever slept with just wanted to jump my ass." Judy laughed. "I couldn't get into it, even though porn always plays it up, I couldn't get the picture out of my head that it could be a guy I was fucking." I confessed. "I never thought about it that way, but it makes sense I suppose. Guys do seem really homophobic." Judy reasoned. "Not like girls who are all a little bi." "Yea, right." I laughed.

"No it's true. Were jealous, conniving, vindictive, hypercritical, bitches, but every girl has at least an experimental phase to test their natural urges to bong with other women." Judy said with a completely straight face. I looked back at Rachel, who'd just continued to rub my cock during this intellectual discussion. Seeing me look at her made her cheeks redden with embarrassment.

After a moment of silence she broke down and stopped rubbing my cock, "OK! Yes… I spent a week once in college with a girl, but we were just experimenting. We both moved on once we got boyfriends again." I was just staring at her. "Look, I'm sorry I've never told you, but it was just a phase." "That's not what you said last week when you begged me to lick your pussy." Judy shot back. There was more shocked silence, and Rachel's cheeks burned even redder.

"You… She… But… You were still pregnant though?" "I'm sorry honey. I was too embarrassed to talk to you." Rachel confessed in a fast blur of words. "The last month of my pregnancy, I was so horny all the time! I was masturbating like crazy, and I needed some release. I know I was the one who was always pushing for kids, and I thought you wouldn't prison guard nails these two hot blondes to touch me since I was so ugly and bloated." "That's not true!

I loved you and would have done anything for you! You said you wanted to hold off on sex these last few months, for the babies' sake." I shot back, almost mad. "The doctor's said I had too, not that I didn't want too. And you seemed to just ignore me after that…" More silence followed until Judy piped up, "Sheesh!

Look at you two! Both horny as hell, and completely in love with each other. Look, life isn't perfect, but the only thing that matters is love.

Rachel, you love Ed and want him right?" She nodded silently like a child being scolded. "And Ed, you love Rachel and want her as well?" I nodded the same as my wife had. "Well that isn't that all that matters? There are going to be things you have no choice about how your bodies work, but as long as you both love each other, Get Over It!" It must have looked completely ridiculous being lectured about love from a woman ten years older than us, being the only clothed individual in the room, and she was just in lingerie.

"Now…" she continued looking at me, "Yes, I've been giving Rachel some sexual release, but now she has asked me to do the same for you. Do you love Rachel enough to accept that or should I get dressed and go?" I was silent for a moment but said, "Rachel, I have always loved you and I need you to know that I would do anything… everything, for you." She smiled, looking up at me from my knees, getting a little teary eyed, "I know." She got up and hugged me tight.

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After a minute we pulled back, kissed, and she laughed. great girl jenna ivory bbc fucked hard big black cock monstercock, look like I've done a horrible job for you so far, Little Ed is unimpressed." Looking down I saw I'd become totally unaroused, despite having two very beautiful women offering to please me.

If it hadn't happened I say it wouldn't have been possible, but there I was, shrunken to a limp noodle. "Well than, we've got some work to do then don't we?" Judy stated flatly to Rachel and reached one hand to my groin.

Rachel, wiping tears away with one hand, nodded and reached her other hand to join with Judy's, grasping my ball sack. Soon they were both massaging and stroking my small package with their soft and dexterous fingers.

It felt great, but for some reason he refused to grow right off. "Looks like he needs a more serious kick start…" Judy said.

Then with her other hand she reached behind Rachel's head and pulled her to her own. Rachel was surprised and a little shocked when their lips met in a sapphiric kiss. This was the first time I'd ever seen my wife do anything with another woman, and that made my small cock instantly kick-start back to life.

While it was static for the first few seconds, Judy was persistent, and soon Rachel, to my utter shock and delight, relaxed and put her arms around Judy and opened her mouth to her. The moment grew, both of them getting deeper and deeper into their lesbian kiss and made out like lovers do. When they finally broke Judy turned to look back at my cock with approval.

"Yup, that gets them every time." Rachel slowly turned again to me as well and giggled like a little girl at my hardness, "Oh, my pussy is on fire. I long to have you in there again, but I'm still to stretched and sore." She dropped a hand down her belly and rubbed her clit slowly. "Well, I think I can help both of you at the same time then." Judy said while she stood up. She held a hand to Rachel and helped her up as well and led her to the open side of the bed.

"Lie down," she told her. Rachel sat onto the bed, and I could see clearly for the first time, her distended pussy and stitches that were just at the bottom of her cunt on the little flap of skin that connected to her ass. Just looking at it made my own ass hurt with sympathy pain.

I hadn't realized that was why she was still in pain. Judy knelt onto the center of the bed and turned to my wife. She leaned over and kissed her deeply, making my cock throb again.

My naked, and still puffy bellied wife, with a sexy redhead in striking black lingerie above her and between her legs, making out in front of me. Judy straightened up, pulled down her lacy black panties and threw them to the side of the bed, winking as me, then backed up and placed her face right into Rachel's pussy.

My wife howled with pleasure like I'd never seen. "OH FUCK YEA!" For a woman who took care of preschoolers, it always struck me as funny how she had such a dirty mouth when she got really turned on during sex.

I couldn't move for the first few minutes, just aroused to watch Judy lick and flick Rachel's clit with her sexy tongue. I reached down and stoked my cock while watching them go at it, finally getting back full strength. Judy stopped her ministrations and exquisite pleasuring with a sexy doll hardcore and blowjob back at me, wagging her hips and naked pussy at me, "Waiting for a written invitation?" She then went back to sucking on Rachel's clit.

My wife then begged me, "Oh Honey! She feels so good! Please… Oh please fuck her good, OH FUCK!" I had no choice but to join in after that. I knelt on the end of the bed, now full with female flesh and crept up behind Judy's inviting posterior. I rand a hand up her fishnet clad legs, and along the garter straps that ran over each cheek of her ass, and up to her brazier laced back.

Then I placed a hand onto her moistening honey pot. It was thick with dark curly hair, still red, but darker than her striking main of hair on her head, but it was soft to the touch. I rubbed her clit, making her squirm and moan around my wife's cunt, then dipped my middle finger into her vagina. It slid in easier than I thought it would for someone who hadn't had a man for the better part of twenty years. But then I didn't really know that much about Judy, other than her teenage daughter and how her husband had left her over a decade ago.

Really that was it, but it didn't matter that much to me right now, for she gripped and held my probing finger with such strength that I could wait to put my cock into this lovely Sword art online kiritand his sister. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slick passage, wetting my head and shaft.

Then I lined up and sunk deep into her in only a single stroke. I was impressed with her vaginal control, since she opened up and her cunt literally sucked in my cock. I'd never had a girl who could do that. I've been told that my 9 inch penis is thicker and bigger than most other guys, and I've always had to work it in, no matter how wet she was. Then Judy went to the grip she had before and made me yelp in surprise.

I withdrew and plunged back in, grabbing her hips and rocking slowly back and forth. Good that felt good. For a few moments I felt like I was fucking Becky again, but Judy's wider hips, controlled vaginal muscles, and her flaming red hair gave her a distinct feeling. I rocked back and forth, enjoying her cunt immeasurably.

My wife moaned more as I fucker her clit licker. "Is it good Honey? Is she a good fuck? OH, GOD!" I could tell she teen biatch mila marx enjoyed creampies after getting fucked getting really close, so I rocked harder and slammed into Judy hard and fast, feeling her cunt literally trying to milk my cock.

Judy did a great job keeping her head glued to Rachel's cunt as I pounded her. Only moments later Rachel was screaming at the top of her lungs, "I'm so Fucking hot! OH GOD! I'M CUMMING!" She grabbed the back of Judy's head and her cute face scrunched in a powerful orgasm.

It was so erotic and Judy's cunt felt so good that I tried to cum with her, but Judy backed up, making me sit back, as she withdrew her face from Rachel's pussy, making me wait, still lodged in her pussy. Rachel's last throws of orgasm subsided as we watched, with Judy just sitting back on my cock, only holding it tight for a few moments.

Judy then asked, "Rache, is it OK if I use Ed to get me off too? I haven't had a man since Becky father left and he feels REALLY good." She gyrated her hips on me moaning. Rachel smiled and knelt in front of us, "Of course Jude.

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Edward Honey, can you hold off long enough for Judy here to cum too?" "Anything for you my love." Milf seduce young black boy answered, almost unable to believe the reality of that question. Judy then began to rise and fall on my lap, fucking herself on my cock. Rachel smiled and leaned forward, and I could tell from the way that Judy gasped and moaned louder that my wife was playing and licking her tits.

Judy rode my cock with zeal, making me feel terrific. Soon I felt Rachel reach a hand under me between our legs. One hand frisked Judy's clit and my cock sliding in and out of her cunt, but her other hand cupped and kneaded my balls.

I was unsure if I could last long enough, but with the added stimulation on her clit Judy's determined riding of my cock turned more to desperation and became quicker. She was the quiet type, only moaning in between short breaths and soon groaned out as she shook with the throws of her gushing orgasm. Her cunt quivered and squirted her girl-cum all over my cock and legs. I'd done a squirter in my college days, but it really turned me on knowing that she came so hard on my cock.

She quivered and moaned for a few minutes before turning and asking me, "You sure do have some saying power! I can see why she loves you so much." I got the feeling that she was talking about Becky and not Rachel, but didn't give me time to respond.

"Well this will get you off." She pulled herself off my cock and had Rachel sit back on the bed, turned over and laid her head in my wife's lap. Then she spread her long legs and into almost a split. "Now Rachel, tell him to get his ass over here and fuck me hard." Rachel gave me her sexy eyes and sultry voice, "Come on Honey.

I know you wanna cum, and I want lick you're spooge out of her dirty cunt." A heart-attack couldn't have stopped me. I almost leaped on her and slammed my throbbing cock into Judy's hot juicy snatch. My wife whispered dirty things in my ear as I fucked harder than I ever thought I could. "I know you tight balls need to shoot your salty load, so spray it all over her fucking pussy. That tight unused cunt feels great doesn't it? I know it does so cum in the bitch. Show her you love it.

Do it! Fill that fucking alli rae deepthroats a big dick average tits and deapthroat slammed hard and fast, nailing Judy into the bed. Between her moaning softly, and my wife's dirty talk, I had no choice about pulling out. I came just as she said 'slut' with possibly the biggest orgasm I'd ever experienced. It ripped a scream from my normally silent lungs and I burst what felt like gallons of cum so deep into Judy sucking womb that it made her scream as I thrashed inside her.

My whole body contracted and shook and I drilled her full of my white gold. I would have half a breath before another contraction shook me, sending more and more of my semen into her depths.

After five explosive shots of cum, I shoot softly, with only much smaller contractions still squirted out more of my drizzle. Rachel hugged me tight while I continued to shake in Judy's full cunt, and Judy just moaned out, "God I've never been so full." After I softened, still leaking out cum, I sat back and Rachel greedily sank her head down and gently sucked me clean.

Judy, just lay back, still paralyzed from the harsh cunt beating I'd given her. When Rachel was satisfied no more of my cum was going to come out she kissed my cockhead and said, "Mmmm, she's sure is tasty. Sit back and enjoy my love." Then she turned about and sank her head to Judy's cum-oozing cunt. Judy went crazy, shaking and moaning as my wife licked and sucked out as much of my sperm as she could from the cream pie I'd just given her.

After a few minutes she lifted her head and moved up to Judy's face. I thought they were going to kiss again, but then Rachel let a long thick rope of my jism that she'd sucked out of Judy's cunt stretch down to Judy. When that well fucked beauty saw what my wife intended, she opened her mouth wide, letting a long stream of pass from Rachel's mouth and into Judy's. God it was so hot that I did twitch out another glob of man-milk on my leg from my almost soft cock. When it was almost gone Rachel followed it down and kissed Judy deeply and swishing my cum around between their mouths.

After they had finished my wife eased onto her side and mirrored my own thoughts, "God it was so hot!" All she got back were breathless groans of agreement from both Judy and I. "I really love you Ed, and I never thought I could share you, but I knew you'd rip me back open if you did that to me." She then rubbed her stitched and sore pussy gently. "Oh, I think he did rip me open." Judy groaned, "But damn that felt good.

It's been too long since I've had a real man…" with that Judy excused herself to the bathroom to dress and cleanup, Rachel checked on the babies and I just laid down and feel asleep exhausted. I slept until morning when a screaming newborn woke me. I woke Rachel, who was asleep next to me. She proceeded to feed the kids and I made breakfast.

As we ate and discussed last night's events, and her discussion with Judy after I collapsed. We all really liked it and Rachel had scheduled a repeat performance at the end of the week. God, what had I done to deserve a wife so considerate and loving? I kissed her and hugged her tight. "You know I love you more and more each day." "I know." She sighed contented, "But you have to admit that was a great night last night…" I had no choice but to agree, "Yes… Yes it was."