Mom tricks blindfolded son tsuck female

Mom tricks blindfolded son tsuck female
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After you read this story please read the request I ask of you in my profile. You can help turn me on so that I can write the next story…and if you want, maybe you could lend me a little character inspiration.----- "Come in and let us have a look at you." he says. The warm glow from the crackling torches bounce shadows off of the royal sunny leone prone hub in bathroom. The young King Darien, along with his new bride, motion for Adara to enter their chambers.

With the wave of Queen Nicole's slender, but soft, hand the doors are quietly closed behind their summoned guest. Adara was the daughter of her mother, Adoleah. She had been brought up in the kings castle and trained by her mother.

This was no normal training though. This was special. Adara was trained how to deceive people into believing she was a goddess. Her mother was recruited by the previous king because of her insatiable lust, and her beauty. It wasn't a bad deal for the former prostitute. She persuaded their neighboring kingdom to worship her as a goddess.

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She changed their laws and demanded them to be as insatiable with their bodies as she was. And in return she and her daughter would be well taken care of.

Now, after years of training in sexual pleasure and desire, Adara gracefully walks into the royal chambers. My mother became a goddess she thinks to herself.

Mother knew how to make the men mad with desire and the women too. Now its pretty hawt beautiful gal hardcore and bondage turn. "My word, she is a lovely one, isn't she?" says Queen Nicole.

Her eyes trace every inch and curve of the girl. The tight, black leather of her outfit hugs her skin like a fitted glove. "She seems very confident." she says. Adara stands with her legs spread apart in front of the wall.

She puts her hands against her wide hips and presents herself like a spoiled brat who thinks she is in charge.

She lowers her angled brow and smiles playfully at them with her heart shaped lips. "Indeed, it does look like that." he says. His square hands reach for Nicole's glass of wine. After carefully setting them on the table he turns to face Adara. "You should know better than to look at your king like that, girl." he says. "You may be my king, my lord, but I am your goddess." Adara answers. She brushes a wisp of her long, blond hair behind her shoulder.

As she places her hand back on her hip she leans her chest forward.

Her breasts press hard against the leather top. Her lightly tanned, and toned belly curves down and fades into the shadow cast against her tight, black shorts by the fire. "Ha-ha," the queen laughs, "I think she really believes it." "I remember your mother," King Darien says while walking toward her, "I was just a boy then.

But I remember how curious I was about what she looked like under her little, black outfit." his hand flicks at the dangling string holding her top together.

"I guess in many ways I am still curious." his fingers pull gently at the knot and unlaces the top rung. "Even the king can not resist my power." Adara whispers into his ear. "Nor can the queen." his wife Nicole says while walking behind her. The queens ivory evening gown gently clings to her smooth legs, while her mother like hips sway in rhythm. The lights bounce like sparks from the tiara nestled in her rusty colored hair. "You may be a goddess, my dear.

But we are the ones with power here!" Adara stands between them as Darien slowly loosens the stunning model is showcasing her stretched spread slit in closeup from her top. Adara shuts her eyes young girls and boys x story and feels it slide against her chest as he unlaces her.

Nicole lets her hands caress Adara's shoulders and slide down to her waist. She gently grabs the sides of her shorts and looks over Adara's shoulder at the king, who smiles back at her. Suddenly his hands tear open the front of her top. Adara gasps as her breasts are flung on display. Her dark nipples suddenly feel the rush of night air and tighten. At the same moment queen Nicole quickly yanks her leather shorts down off of her round ass and to the floor.

Adara opens her mouth in shock, and her root beer eyes gaze at the king as he joyfully examines her naked body. "Remember this moment," the king says, "I own you…and your body!" His hand roughly reaches between her stocky thighs.

She feels the complete power of his grip. His fingers press unstoppably between her red folds and find their way inside of her body. Adara yelps with the forceful king taking full advantage of her. Queen Nicole reaches her hands around Adara's breasts, pinching at her nipples, and bends her back towards her.

She presses her wet, plump lips against Adara's elegant neck and her hot breath sends chills over her skin. "Ooh…your majesties…ah," Adara says wobbly, "Please!" The king presses deep inside of her. He stretches her hole as he firmly presses his middle, and then another finger inside of her.

His firm pushing teases Adara. Her skin moves against his touch, as he begins to gently slide his fingers back toward the entrance of her pussy. She feels his palm massaging her clit as he begins to finger fuck her. Adara's knees feel weak. Her arms fall towards the floor.

The hot lubricant of her vagina slowly trickles down her legs. Ooh…it feels so good to be at their mercy. She thinks to herself. "Your majesties,…ooh…please," she stammers, "I can't.

I'm supposed to seduce others, not be seduced by you!" The king continues fingering her roughly. His cock swells as he takes advantage of her. His fingers slide easily in and out of her. As Adara stands naked and helpless between them, Queen Nicole pinches at her nipples.

Darien rubs the his cock through his pants as he enjoys seeing his wife make another woman's nipples erect. Adara's heart pounds heavily. Her legs begin to bend, up and down, at the knees. She feels the hot tongue of her queen tracing the back of her neck and sliding down the middle of her back.

"I think you're going to be a great distraction for our enemies," Nicole says, "When you order them, to have that orgy, they are all going to love it!" "Yes your highness," Adara says. She moans deeply as the queen kneels behind her and flicks at the top of her butt crack with her tongue. "Ooh, your highness! That feels good! Please…" Her sentence ends abruptly with the hot mouth of the king pressing against her nipples. His tongue circles them and they are pulled into powerful mouth.

She feels her pussy tighten against his fingers, and the queen spreads her ass open to look at her tight anus. Adara feels Nicole squeezing her ass cheeks. Her pussy floods with another warm wave of pleasure. Every grope of the queen seems to moves her thumb closer inside, until Nicole begins to lightly touch the outer edge of her butt hole. "You're going to be making an entire kingdom want to fuck you! I think you need to be ready in case they want to fuck every one of your holes." the queen says.

Her thumb presses pleasure with a redhead facial cumshot natural tits Adara's anus firmly and begins to slip inside. "Please, your majesties, fuck me!" Adara says.

They build to a vigorous pace, penetrating both of her holes. Adara braces her weakened body against the kings shoulders and they both slowly drop to their knees. Adara groans as her pelvis shakes against them. Her body quickly begins to come to an orgasm. She can feel the powerful strength of she likes big cock and lipstick blowjob euro trip pussy clamp down on his two fingers, while they press against her g-spot, in a come hither motion.

The steady groans could be mistaken for a poor prisoner being tormented. I can't believe how much of a slut I am! She thinks.

"Now it's our turn," the king says while picking her up, under her arm. He pushes her onto their plush bed. Adara feels the smooth, soft comfort of silk sheets against her back. "It's our turn to be fucked now!" he says.

Adara watches in dismay as he begins to remove his clothes. How can I keep going? I don't know if I have the strength to make both of them cum! She thinks to herself. But his broad chest, square jaw, and pleasantly thick cock makes her want to try. The king looks over his shoulder and watches his graceful queen stand to her feet. "I'm going to love watching her make you cum, my darling." he tells her as she walks toward them. Queen Nicole stares past him and looks at the helpless, naked girl on their bed.

She slowly slides one of the slender straps of her gown off of one shoulder. With a smile she slides the other side down too. As she seductively walks to the bed her hands move away from the silk gown.

It floats gently off of her body like a feather. Adara gulps at the sight.

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She looks at the milky skin and delicate, small breasts of the young queen. The bulky clothing she had to wear in public would never have revealed such a perfect body.

As the queen asian gf daisy summers first anal fuck with her horny boyfriend on the bed beside of her, Adara's mouth waters. She imagines the taste of the queens tangy pussy, nestled under the light spread of pubic hair. The king lies beside them both on his back. His hard cock stands straight into the air like a tower. "Make us cum, …goddess." he says, with a sarcastic tone.

The queen begins to position herself at the head of the bed, sitting on the red pillows. She spreads her legs and begins to touch her pink clit. Adara takes the head of his purple cock into her mouth. She sucks on his cock in front of the delicate, young queen. Adara watches Nicole finger herself while her husband has his cock sucked by another woman. "Yes goddess…suck my husbands cock! Consider it my offering to you." The queen groans. "I hope his cock pleases you.

I want you to enjoy it! I love watching you enjoy it!" As Adara keeps her eyes on the queen she begins to tease her. She playfully pops his cock out of her mouth a few times for the queen to see. Her saliva glistens in the light on the full length of it. He moans pleasingly while she strokes his wet cock in front of his wife. Adara teases them both as she takes his cock in and out of her mouth. She smiles while watching and listening to the sound of the queen moaning.

She begins to feel her sense of power returning every time the queen comments that she is a goddess. Adara smirks and squeezes his cock in front of her. She thinks to herself how easy it was to take another woman's husband. It feels powerful and almost like they are her toys. But, what makes her body shake with excitement is how blatantly she is rubbing it in the face of the queen, and how it is turning the queen into her slut. "This cock isn't enough for your goddess!" she says.

Nicole quickly places her hands behind her back. She steadies her body against the overstuffed pillows. As she opens her mouth and pants heavily, all she can think about is having Adara fuck her too.

"Take my wife!" the king shouts. "Taste her pussy while you fuck me!" Adara quickly moves her hips over his. He watches her round, plump ass move over his waist. She snarls at the queen and slowly lowers her hot pussy lips against him. They part easily and the queen gasps as she watches the tip of her husbands penis disappear inside of her. "Ooh yes…fuck him!

Let me watch you fuck my husband!" she says. Adara pushes his entire shaft inside of her swollen pussy. She grinds her hips into him like a belly dancer. His hard cock penetrates and stretches her hot skin. Her clit slaps against his balls.

She leans forward and pushes the queens legs apart. While she continues to hump his cock like a piston, her mouth dives into the red, delicious folds of queen Nicole. Adara sucks gently on her clit and rubs her rough taste buds against it.

Her hips continue to bounce up and down on his erection. Then, as the queen squeals in excitement Adara begins to penetrate her pussy with her fingers. Nichole feels the tips of Adara's fingers firmly rubbing her g-spot as her clit is licked.

She looks into the blushing face of Darien. Oh god! He looks so good being fucked by another woman! And it feels so good being fucked while watching! She thinks. Ebony couple fuck on counch backshots moaning clit throbs and she feels herself losing her dignity.

"FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!" she screams. "She's going to make me cum!" he groans. "I'm already cumming!" the queen squeals! She looks at Darien and can tell he is ready to explode. The queen begins to beg, "Please!

I want to watch him cum for another woman!" Adara presses her firm tongue hard into the queens pink, little hole. She tastes the hot, tangy flesh inside of her. The smooth, wet pussy of the young queen shakes under her attention. Adara feels Nicole's pussy contracting and relaxing on her tongue as she sticks it as deep inside as she can. Feeling her cum in Adara's mouth makes her own pussy vibrate with her forth orgasm of the night.

"Ooh god! Her tongue is in my hole! I'm cumming on her tongue now!" the queen says. "Please! Please! Make my husband cum too!" Darien says nothing, but his groans make it clear that the words of the queen, and the steady fucking from Adara's wet hole are making him hold his breath. His entire body tightens and he tries his best to hold out a little while longer. "Cum inside of your goddess!

Fill my body with it!" Adara shouts while quickly looking back at him! She arches her back and the tip of his cock presses hard on her g-spot. He groans loudly as his cock begins to giving step father in law blow job inside of her. "Please make my husband cum!" the queen says. Adara leans herself back pressing him even harder against her g-spot. She screams and feels his cock shake.

"I'm cumming!" he grunts. Suddenly Adara pulls away from him. His cock interracial cuckold revenge fuck facial cumshot girlfriend out of her pussy and he loses control.

Waves of hot cum erupt with such force that the queen at the top of the bed is covered by it. His white fluid lands on her belly and thighs.

"My mother taught me well…didn't she?" Adara asks. "I think this plan is going to work. She taught you very well." the king says. "When they are all worn out from the orgy their land will be easily taken." the queen says while wiping off the cum. She looks at the resting king and smiles. "Your father had a great idea. When he sent this girls mother to make them believe she was a goddess, he made sure you would rule them." "I did wonder what she looked like when I was a boy.

I guess her naked body must have looked like her daughter." he says. "It did, your majesty. I watched her fuck a lot of people until she made me start fucking them when I was ready. Her body looked very much like mine." Adara says. As they stand up from the bed Adara bows gracefully before them. "Go…do what you have been preparing for all of your life." the king says.

"Once they are ready for the sacrifice send us word. We'll watch from the trees on the outskirts, and when two days pass…we will attack." he says. ----I hope this made you cum. If it did then please see my profile and see how you can tell me about it.-----