Spy on mom anywhere in our house

Spy on mom anywhere in our house
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It's been a three years since my wife Allison regained her sex drive. My erectile dysfunction from a prostate operation has meant my part in her sexual rebirth has been limited. We have discussed our situation and came to the agreement that as long as she was sensible sex with others was not a bad thing. She is satisfied and I get to share in her pleasure, which has been satisfying enough for me.

Ali is adventurous and provides mia malkova feet job sex story of detail. I am glad to be her chronicler and pass her experiences on to a wider public. Ali is a petite middle aged woman in her late fifties. She suffered from depression when our only child died in a car accident.

This actually brought on an early menopause and the loss of her sex drive. She comfort ate and put on the pounds. At one point she was over 170 pounds mostly around the middle. She woke up to the health risk when she hurt her back.

After several attempts to diet she decided to create her own sensible diet mainly eat less and exercise.

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She came back down to a healthy and trim 105 pounds. This gave her back her girlish figure and in some ways may have been the catalyst for her sexual re-awakening. It doesn't hurt getting complimented on your looks. Ali also went through a complete makeover. Gone was the short grey bob as she let her hair grow to shoulder length and had it died back to her natural blond with highlights. She has always had good clear skin and has never smoked and only lightly drank.

She is wearing a limited amount of makeup again, which highlights her beautiful hazel eyes and sculpted face. I got a couple of pieces of exercise equipment and set up a spare bedroom as a sort of gym. She was dedicated to regaining her health and as a side effect she has gone from a middle aged frumpy housewife to a smart sophisticated confident woman. As a young woman Ali was always fashionable and that sort of faded into a bland easy-care wardrobe.

She now has a very chic range of clothes which accentuate her figure. Astounding legal age teenager casting scene hardcore blowjob bedroom has been customised for her new wardrobe with a sauna on-suite.

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It is not just personal appearance that has brought about this transformation. Ali has been through intense counselling and her ace in the hole has been education - she has taken many self-improvement courses. A new total woman has emerged like a butterfly from the former down trodden corseted stepmom and teen share hard man meat on the couch of a Home Counties housewife.

The one thing Ali has not become is frivolous and shallow. She is now involved in our local community with a growing circle of acquaintances and her special and sexually active inner circle of close friends (please see an earlier story - Three Friends). We now sit in the den at night in front of a roaring fire as she regales me about her sexual exploits. Ali is an excellent story teller and spares no details. She knows I am confident in our relationship and our love.

I trust her completely. A Jamaican fellow and his sister opened a lingerie shop in a village not far from us about a year ago. Ali went there recently to purchase some new underwear. They offered a fitting service for a few more select clients. The sister mentioned that they had a very private fitting room in the back of the shop on a lower level. Ali chose a few garments and was shown downstairs. There were no changing booths just a single good sized room with one wall lined with floor to ceiling mirrors.

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There were comfortable wide uumlberraschungs creampie sie mag kein sperma in der pussy on the opposite walls with a round raised platform in the middle of the room.

There was a very up-market slate toilet area and the walls were covered in velvet hangings. The floor had a very plush Chinese hand woven carpet. To Ali's surprise the sister started to help her undress. She was given a silk robe to wear and told the brother would be right down to help with the fittings. The sister wore a similar robe as a uniform although much shorter.

She was a tall statuesque well-built muscular woman with small breasts and an oversized bottom. Ali thought she must have been in her mid-thirties with a short close cropped hair style. Very light skinned she had a flower motif tattooed on the inside of both her thighs, which continued and disappeared under the hem of her robe.

Ali said, "It almost made you want to lift her robe just to see how far it went." She left the room just as the brother entered and walked over to Ali holding out his hand. "Now Mrs - let's have a look at you." Ali stood up and he went behind her and took off her robe. She slipped out of her Channel flats as he asked her to step up onto the suede covered platform. He stepped back like he was admiring a work of art.

"You keep yourself fit Mrs. Nice body tone and definition." With that last comment he ran his hand over her stomach. "Twenty eight inch?" "Yes." He lowered his hand and felt her hips caressing them with both hands.

"Thirty four?" Ali nodded.

And then his hands came up and caressed her breasts. "Thirty two C cup." He was right on the dimensions as Ali nodded. "Oh I see your nipples are becoming erect." As he massaged her breasts. "This is good." He then placed his lips over her right nipple and gently sucked it into his mouth to play his tongue around and then a little bite. "A woman's nipples can say so much about lusty babe has her orgasmic cunt hammered mood and sadly many women hide this under a restrictive bra and thick clothing." She looked down as he continued to squeeze her nipples with his large fingers.

Even with her standing on this foot high platform he was a foot taller than her. He walked behind her and placed both hands on her backside and then lowered them to her ass cheeks. "Nice and firm." As he gave then a short sharp smack. Ali was standing with her feet about a foot apart and he slid his hand down between her legs to her pussy. "Nice definition Oh - you are wet Mrs." "Yes I'm sorry you see I've never had a fitting quite like this." [b]"Oh don't worry in Jamaica we are more intimate and treat our bodies as a gift from God to be caressed and loved."[/b] Ali thought he looked like one of those Gods with golden light skin.

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Long dreadlocks framed a square jaw and well defined chest. Through his open robe she could see his six pack abdomen and his legs were like Usain Bolt. His body was shaven clean and he stood erect and proud. Then his fingers found the folds of her pussy opening and he slipped one of his long middle fingers right into her pussy. She gasped and involuntarily opened her groin for his hand. "If a woman's nipples are the signals of her mood a woman's pussy is the signal of her passion." His two fingers had found her clit and he was squeezing it between them.

Ali felt weak in the legs as he put his arm around her waist two webcam lesbians having fun and masturbates lowered her onto the platform on her back. She spread her legs and moaned as he put his lips around her clit and sucked. She grabbed hold of his dreadlocks and pushed his face into her pussy as she moaned louder. He was on his knees now and grabbed her hips and slid her to the edge of the platform.

Ali hoped she knew what was coming next but she wasn't prepared for the size of his cock. He put the cock head at the opening of her pussy and with one lunge buried his whole 11 inch cock to the hilt. It took her breath away and he only needed to pump a few times and she was cuming wildly.

He savagely fucked her for at least twenty minutes. Her pussy had never been assaulted like this and she had never had so many climaxes. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him into her as he shot his load of hot sperm in her pussy. He held it deep in her as he pumped load after load. The room smelled of their sex as he pulled out exposing his cock to the air. He got her a hot wet wash cloth.

"Take a quick shower Mrs and we will fit you with garments to match your passion and moods." Ali left the shop having spent well over two thousand pounds. Her underwear is lovely well-made and sexy. French cut briefs and thongs and not a nipple is covered by any of her underwired push up bras. Most of her underwear is made of stretchy lace with pretty ribbons.

At first she had to be a bit careful with what she wore as her dark nipples showed clearly through her more sheer silk and linen fabric blouses.

She occasionally wears high cut trousers that are designed to crawl up the crack of her ass. She now exclusively wears hold up stockings and walks around the house in beautifully coloured and embroidered silk nightwear. She gets a lot of admiring looks some lustful as well - where ever she goes. I certainly can tell her mood now days.