Horny hottie arab getting a monster cock to fuck

Horny hottie arab getting a monster cock to fuck
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Chapter II She was sitting on the sofa in the living room in one of the sexiest outfits she could muster from her rather un-sexy wardrobe. She'd never been one for shopping for sexy stuff, so she had to settle for being panty-less under her grey, woolen skirt and only wearing a black bra beneath her grey jacket.

Her lips were painted red, and she had tied her hair up in a knot. Robert thought she had done really well when he had asked her to dress up sexy, get the camera and come down to masturbate for him in the living room.

He wondered whether he should have asked her to shave when he saw how hairy her pussy was, but decided to save that for later.

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The lights were on in the living room, and there was a risk, however small, that someone might be able to see what was going on in there. That was a thought that turned Robert on, having his wife masturbate while someone else might be watching.

Now she sat there, legs spread, her hand working between them and her eyes locked to his as she moaned and bit one of her fingers.

God she looked sexy. Robert was stroking his cock slowly with one hand while operating the camera with the other. "Show me your tits, baby," he whispered. "Talk dirty to me." Joanna unbuttoned the two buttons on her jacket and let her hand slowly stroke across her breast as she lifted it out of her bra.

His wife had beautiful tits, Robert thought. Nice and firm tits that didn't hang even though they were a little more than a handful. "I'm so horny, baby. I want your big, hard cock deep in my pussy." A finger slipped inside her and then another. She slowly started to finger fuck herself while looking hungrily into the camera.

"I want you to fuck me so hard and then I want you to come deep in my mouth. I'm gonna suck you dry and then I'm gonna let you fuck me deep in my ass!" Woah. where did that come from? The mere thought of ramming busty big booty latina makes an amateur sex tape cock into Joanna's ass almost made him cum there and then. "Come for me baby," he panted.

That made her start working furiously on her pussy with both hands. They were a blur as they rubbed back and forth, in and out and up and down.

The splashing sound of her juices mixing with the sound of her moans. And then the orgasm hit. It was crazy. She threw her head back and her whole body went up in an arch as her moaning just got louder and louder. Robert had never seen his wife orgasm with such intensity, hell he had barely ever seen her come at all, so he was glad he was now capturing this on video. She was practically screaming by the time she fell to the floor, hands deeply buried in her crotch, legs shaking, her face red and sweaty.

Can she come forever if I don't stop her? Robert wondered but he was too eager to fuck her now to try and find out. "Come here! Sit on my pole and ride it!" She was up and on him in seconds. Straddling him and lowering herself down on his rock hard cock with a growling sound as her pussy engulfed him.

He was hard as hell and her pussy was dripping wet, juicier than he had ever felt it before, and he had the greatest view as her tits bounced up and down right en front of his face.

He worked to get it all on camera, while she continued her sexy, dirty talk. "Your cock feels so great deep in my horny, wet pussy.

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Fuck me hard and deep. Fuck me till you cum and shoot your sticky load all over me!" Damn this was sexy. She bent forward, burying her tits on his face, and he had to put the camera on the table beside them to keep it capturing this wonderful event.

Now both his hands were free, and he was able to grab her ass cheeks and squeeze them hard as he drove his cock deeper into her. She growled and pushed herself further down, burying him completely before lifting herself and then slamming down again.

He smacked his hand hard down on her ass cheek and she let out a little whelp. "Oh yes, smack my ass!" she panted an he gave her another palm.

"Smack my ass and then bury your cock deep in it!" There it was again. He hadn't even mentioned anal sex to her, and here she was, begging him to sodomize her. Was this some hidden fantasy of her that had been laying dormant deep in her mind? "Get on the floor, you cock hungry bitch," he said. "Stick your ass up in the air and show me where you want my cock!" Joanna immediately got down on her knees in front of him, her back to him and bending forwards as she started to fondle her ass.

Robert quickly grabbed the camera. She made her fingers wet with pussy juice before starting to push them against her butt hole. They slid in slowly, taking one knuckle at the time, and since she was alternating between her anal rose and her slopping wet pussy, the hole was slippery in no time. Her fingers went deep and fast, and she started begging him to fuck her.

"Deep in my vanessa lane she likes to lie back and then in the front, honey!" How could he resist? He dipped his cock into her pussy a couple of times, driving it all the way in, just to make it slippery so that it would slide into her ass more easily.

Then he pointed his cock head right at her rear entrance and started to push. He knew he had to take this very slowly, because this was one of the greatest feelings he had ever had. If he wasn't careful he knew that he would come instantly. Her ass was gripping his cock tightly and as he watched it disappear inch by inch between her lovely ass cheeks, he could swear that this was the most incredible sight he had ever had. And the sounds his wife was making as he filled her ass with his big cock really added to this visual stimulus making him clench his teeth hard so that he wouldn't fill her bowels with his cum all too soon.

She grabbed her ass cheeks pulling herself open to him and he kept pushing it in. Two thirds of abigail mac my night with a pornstar 8 inch giant was in her before he pulled out, leaving a gaping asshole in the cameras view. She screamed of joy when he plunged it back into her, a little deeper but not all the way.

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Then he started to fuck her. He knew that his efforts to try to keep from cumming was futile, so he just started ramming her hard, going deeper and deeper with each stroke until he was finally balls deep in her ready to shoot his load at any time.

"I'm cumming baby," he shouted as he kept on burying the cock hard and fast while his moans got steady louder. And Joanna must have sensed exactly when his orgasm would hit, because she threw herself around just in time to catch his sticky, hot load flying into her face.

Stream after stream shot out across her chin, her forehead, her nose and into her mouth; running down to her tits where she caught it with her hands an started rubbing it in.

Holy fuck what a video this was turning out to be. She caught his dick between her lips and started to suck him dry, and as his last drops left his shaft and down her throat she turned her head towards the stairs behind him, smiled and said: "Hello sweetheart.

Shouldn't you be in bed?"