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Kerala aunty pee hiide camera
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"Young Sisters Are Easy" By Blueheatt *A super wealthy couple wants to get their 3 kids our of the way, so they can go play. Not an easy task&hellip. I'm Jay. I sit here in front of my computer. I have to write this all down. It's still causes me to smile and just shake my head in amazement of what all has happened.

My two younger sisters are banging on my locked door to be let in. We all knew we were put in this big guest house at the back of mom and dad's Beverly Hills property to get us away from them. Dad told me: "You look after the girls or all of your trust funds will stop. When your all of legal age, you may leave with your trust funds." Well, that was putting pretty clear.

Look after my sisters or go poor. We all liked the free money, no question. Controlling Dee, the youngest and Ava, 2 yrs older was up to me. Ava and I had gotten real close and started having sex. We got along fine. Dee was something else.

I'll start off with this story title I put in her computer. It was titled: "Young Sisters Are Easy", and that was all. I knew this would drive her crazy. She would assume that there was a story already written but hidden somewhere. She immediately started telling her version&hellip. ---- __I'm a rich girl, and a thief, in fact I'm stealing this story of my older brother Jay.

He put it in my computer. He just put this title in here knowing I would see it. I know he's hidden the story somewhere. He's just teasing me for tricking him into giving me his full attention. I live with my older sister Ava and brother Jay. My parents want Ava, their 'Little Miss perfect' to be a good influence on me…but I have ideas of my own. My sister Ava was so sure she controlled me and Jay, she just made it more fun to get Jay's attention for myself.

She never suspected what I was up to, and I also knew that Jay and Ava were having sex, and she knew that…… I knew it. I am the youngest sister, I am spoiled, sexy looking with blond hair tipped in bright pink and I get what I want. People tell me I am the prettiest and the sexiest girl in the family. My sister ignores me except when we play fight.

Ava liked to brag how Jay was so good in bed knowing full well I would be envious of her. She went in fine detail how he made love to her, treated her so good and made her climax all the time.

I just listened and smiled like I was envious&hellip.that's what she wanted me to do and say: "Oh your so lucky to be 'doing' Jay."…which I did. This put her mind at rest and her guard down that Jay was solidly in her control.

No threat that some 'other girl' might steal him away from her. Well…… I was about to be that thief. I was just barely hot threesome with faye reagan and redhead dani jensen teenager when I started wanting him for my personal sex lover. I tested him with mild flirting to see his response. Around other people he was nice to me but that's all&hellip.but us two alone…he paid a lot of attention to me.being very careful not to get caught paying me to much attention.

I tempted, flirted and taunted him to the max. He had to make the first move on me handjob cumshot i am a cocksucker for a qb make me the innocent one if we got caught messing around.

Ava said she would instantly send me back to live with our parents if I didn't do as she said. Jay wasn't responding fast enough for me, so I got bold and started rubbing my foot on his leg whenever I could. I pestered him with my fingers when no one was looking. Messing with his hair, flashing him my cleavage and rubbing my hands on him secretly.

I got a golden opportunity when Jay was sitting on the kitchen floor fixing a cabinet door. There was just enough room for me to put my leg over his in front of him. This put my pussy right in his face. He smiled, but just sat there. I raised my skirt up, with no panties on, and waited as now my bare pussy was an inch from his face.

He quick grabbed my butt cheeks and kissed my pussy over and over many times…I had never had a guy do that horny stepfamily shares well hung delivery boy pornstars hardcore me and I squealed with the sudden shock of pleasure. He sure noticed me now as he had made the first move on me.

I didn't expect him to keep going as I tried to recover from the massive tingles I got in my pussy. He started licking my pussy as I began to hold his head and loose my breath. Damn he was good as I got dizzy with the pleasure.

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I was losing control as I wanted more of his tongue licking my pussy. He pulled me down on his lap. He started tongue kissing me as I sat on the big tent in his shorts. His cock rubbed right on my pussy as he pulled me down on top of him.

I was powerless to stop this and my hips began to squirm on his cock. His hands went under my blouse and bra as he felt my tits and nipples. I was not expecting big titted brunette milf with stockings fucked by a bbc and let myself indulge in this sexual high.

His hands shifted to under the back of my skirt and squeezed my bare ass. I was losing it as I wanted to have sex with him even if it was on the kitchen floor. My hand went down inside his shorts to feel his cock. I got a shock as I orgasmed squeezing his cock. There was no let up with us and I pulled his shorts down. I had to feel his bare cock between my legs. I put there and let it rub on under side of my wet pussy. He stopped.

How dare he stop right when I was so ready to have sex right now!. .&hellip.I have to stop writing his, someone is coming up the stairs&hellip.oh shit, it's Jay…… " Dee, are you writing on my story? Let's read what you have written"&hellip.He put his arms around me and felt my tits as I giggled.

"You little spoiled vamp. You planned to steal my affection from Ava? Since you've planned this 'theft', let's tell them all of it." Readers: The truth is&hellip.I noticed her wanting my attention from the very start.

The flirting, teasing and taunting me to get my attention. I played like I was not taking notice of her&hellip.but actually&hellip.she got my secret attention a long time ago. She's cute, sexy and has a great body. We could have had an affair a long time ago, but she had to play games. Her 'pussy' display has now put everything out in the open between us. After I licked her pussy that afternoon, she lost control and now I had control.

I got her so hot and right up to the point of us fucking on the kitchen floor when I stopped. She didn't realize we could be caught by Ava any minute, and I wanted to fuck her in a bed and take my time doing it. This would take some adult planning, not a young girls burst of lust. (She's reading this over my shoulder and fondling my chest.) ---- It's the next day and I've hidden this story right in her own computer…this will drive her crazy as she stated that she didn't want anyone ever to know about what she had been up to.

If for some reason our parents found and read this story, it was back home for her and grounded forever. She was about to use her 'charm' to get me to tell her where the story went&hellip. This will be fun. I waited down stairs for her to get home from school. Here comes the charm. She came in and was wearing a red full skirt and white blouse. I laid on the couch like I was napping. She came over and laid right on top of me&hellip."Where's the story Jay?' she asked as she pushed her pussy into me.

"I deleted it" I said. "You liar!, where is it really." I couldn't help but chuckle as she started kissing my face hot arabian queen gets her cunt licked neck. "Tell me or I won't let you play with me Jay." I said: "If we don't play…I won't say. Now go to your room, get on the bed and wait for me." Dilemma&hellip.

She was shocked at what I said. She wanted to have sex with me ok, but wanted proof the story was deleted&hellip.'first'. I was way ahead of her. I opened a story file and wrote the title and the word (deleted) and nothing else. She thought Ava would be here within 30 minutes. I had talked to Ava and she was off somewhere till late.

The pressure was on Dee to ether check her computer for the deleted story or pass up first time sex with me. I put my arms around her and up the back of her skirt. I began to massage her 'no panties' ass. She couldn't take this and began to cave in dakota skye lubes up her mans thick cock with her saliva my way of our impending affair. I slipped my tongue in her breathless wet lips and felt her tits.

She moaned panting and said: "…did you really&hellip. delete that story?"…I just pulled her warm pussy in tight to my hard cock.

I said: "Get going up to your room…hurry!" She got up all dizzy&hellip.then ran up stairs. I waited to get her anticipation to a peak.

I slowly went upstairs and opened her bedroom door. There she was, laying on her bed, fully dressed.

I love undressing a girl, and just like her sistershe liked to be undressed by a guy. I began kissing her as Brat perversions maria jade assjob cock tease went for all the buttons and zippers&hellip.slowly.

She squirmed as I un-snapped her bra. Up it went as I licked her hard little nipples. She squirmed her pussy on my cock and started pulling at my short pants. I let her have the pleasure of pulling them down and feeling my hard cock.

I put my hands under her skirt and slowly lifted it up to her waist. Her legs snapped open in anticipation of what was coming next. I moved down and licked around her pussy as she twitched and moaned.

A tiny patch of pubic hairs is all she had. I licked them as she jumped and squirmed. Now I went for her most vulnerable spot. I started kissing her pussy. She gasp and squirmed as my lips pressed firmer and firmer right on her pussy with a quick lick right up her slit, ending with the tip of my tongue right on her hot clit. Dee thought&hellip. I had many dreams about the day this would happen.

I had heard Ava and Jay fucking and now it was my turn. I was getting what I wanted, I just had no experience in foreplay and I wanted Jay to teach me everything.

I never knew his tongue could feel so good licking my pussy. The fun part was that Ava didn't know what we were doing. I loved the feeling of taking Jay for myself. I was going to please him so good, he would prefer me over Ava…and I always get what I want. I whispered to him: ("I'm all yours, I'll do whatever you want Jay, just teach me.") Jay thought… Just teach me?…from a demanding little spoiled flirt to a submissive sexy girl.

This was going to be fun. She had a hot body and it was time to fuck ourselves crazy. I put her legs up and crawled up on top of her.

Her pussy was wet and ready to fuck. I told her to sexy and ready beautiful teen annika hardcore blowjob her legs around me as I held her warm tits. I rolled her nipples as she moaned and squirmed. I teased her pussy with the head of my cock. She reached down and pulled on my cock, she wanted it in her so bad. Now it was happening as I eased my cock in her wet pussy. Damn she felt so tight and good.

She started to buck her hips to me. We both had waited for this. She moved with me as it built up. She didn't need any teaching, she was so hot, her natural instincts took over.

We began fucking and holding each other tight. Her pussy squeezed my cock with each stroke. She was a natural. We started fucking like two animals, our bodies blended together perfect. I grabbed her tits and started fucking her as fast as I could.

Her fingers dug in me as she hung on for her very first fuck. I just had no idea just how wild she would be. She was jerking and pulling on me. She made growling sounds as we began to peak together. The bed was bouncing, the head board banging against the wall. Her tongue was going wild in my mouth when she pulled me deep in her pussy and let out a beautiful moan. Her whole body shook as my cock exploded in her. I went dizzy with the high.

Ava had never been this wild. We lay locked together and kept slow fucking for a long time&hellip. We had fallen asleep and completely forgot about Ava. I woke up on my back with a warm pussy around my cock moving up and down. When I opened my eyes, I got a big shock&hellip. Ava was on top of me. Dee was asleep beside us. Ava whispered: (…"did you two have a good time?"), and continued fucking.

Our movement slowly woke up Dee. She looked at Ava on top of me and lunged at Ava, pushing her off of me. What happened next I had only seen in porn videos. The two girls started wrestling and giggling. "He's mine Ava, go away." Dee said. I was about to witness my first girl sex fight. They struggled with each other right beside me. Legs and arms wrapped around each other to gain dominance. "You go away Dee, go get yourself a boyfriend." Ava said. They were smiling crazy like and all hyper and excited.

They squeezed each others tits and pussys both. Ava grabbed Dee's hair and started rubbing her pussy against Dee's. I watched as they both got all hot and sexually excited. Ava was older and stronger, but Dee&hellip.she was fast and slippery. She started fingering Ava's pussy. Ava started sucking on Dee's tits.

They both claimed to be the boss and the other one would just have to leave. I had not seen anything like this from them before. They were both out of breath and Dee grabbed Ava's hair and force kissed her. That changed things as they got wild and rubbed their pussy's together and kissed. I could tell they liked what they were doing and felt each others tits.

Ava forced Dee's legs up and started licking her pussy. She said: "You come back some other time, little bitch." I laid next to them stunned.

It was clear my sisters had done this before, and I just never knew it. Watching their little sex fight was giving me a raging hardon.

Dee got on top of Ava as they both had these evil grins on the faces. They struggled with their hands and arms. Dee had her knees up and her little ass sticking out rocking her pussy on Ava's.

I learned that indeed this 'play sex fighting' had started when they were younger. They were 'play wrestling' on the bed one time busty girl gives head in the car started getting sexually aroused. It felt good so they continued. It progressed to where feeling each others bodies and brushing their hands against each others tits made it more sexually exciting.

Their hot bodies and heavy warm breathing increased it. Kissing on the neck progressed to kissing on the lips. The exciting feeling just increased. Dee said Ava held her down and rubbed her pussy on Dee's pussy.

Soon up came their skirts and down came their panties. Rubbing bare skin pussy to pussy caused great arousal. The kept this up until they both had orgasms. They never told anyone what they were doing after school.

It progressed to kissing on their bodies and lower it went. They turned to 69 and continued the kissing. When tongue meets pussy…that was a short cut to an orgasm. Their fingers went in their pussys, their clits got licked and the orgasms began to flow. They became aggressive and held each others face against their pussy's to force the other one to lick their pussy's.

The girls were hot, their pussy's were hot and now multi-orgasms were happening. When Ava and I first started fooling around, she had dashed out of the bathroom naked to grab some shampoo. I happened to be standing right there walking down the hall.

I looked at her sexy young body and smiled. She wiggled her butt at me and I chased her into the bathroom.

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She giggled and tried to cover herself with a towel. No one was home and I turned out the light. I started feeling her sweet body and she let the towel drop to the floor. She giggled and struggled with me. As I felt her tits her hand felt my hardon over my shorts. She got all excited and out of breath.

Our first time was on the bathroom floor. She was the best fuck I had ever had. That night she snuck in my room, and started play fighting with me. This got her all aroused and she held my head on her pussy to lick it.

Now I knew where it all got started&hellip. ---- I was the first one to witness this hot sex play between them. I had reached my peak arousal…&hellip. I got up and laid naked on Dee's back. I took my cock and started putting it in their pussy's, alternating back and forth between them. They stopped struggling, calmed down and felt each others tits.

Their bodies were real hot underneath me. They began to rub their pussy's together as I began to fuck them both. I joined them in feeling their tits and played with their nipples. This was new to all of us and we all squirmed with the pleasure. All of our hands felt all of us as I sped up fucking them. What a hot way to fuck them both. They both started rubbing their clits with their fingers. The tension built up as we all got more and more turned on.

I was just barely starting to cum in Ava when I ana peaks mom makes me a man hd min back and forth between them. The girls went wild as their hips rose up and down and they squirmed. They orgasmed over and over as they moaned and trembled. My cock just kept shooting in them both as we all squirmed. I could feel the girls rubbing my cum on their clits and trembling&hellip.

---- Today…the girls still like to sex fight. They like to rip the clothes off each other and get vocal. Ava grabs Dee's hair, and pulls her head to her pussy. Dee: "Don't pull my hair bitch!" Ava: "Start licking Dee. Make my pussy feel good. Do it now." Ava grabbed Dee's head and started fucking Dee's face. Dee rolled over on Ava and pushed her pussy in Ava's face. They held each other tight and the duel fucking began.

They had gotten each other so hot they both wanted to cum right away. The squirming and pulling of legs and butt cheeks was furious. They licked each others pussy with short quick licks on their clits. Their fingers were in each others pussy going in deep and massaging their 'G' spots. They moaned like to cats in heat. I watched as they peaked and both began to shake. It was awesome to see them climax so hard and then gasp for breath&hellip.all gets calm as they keep licking and moaning slowly sunny leone fuck storys free download in sex stories it build up again&hellip.

Now… I'm the referee and try and separate them. They giggle and turn to attack me. They hold me and force me to first lick their pussy's, then to fuck them both. It's the hottest 3 way sex fight I had ever experienced& young sister had taught me a lesson&hellip.she kissed me all over and crawled on top of me& went the big dick… it felt good…and that's how easy this sister was……