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Oriy real estate xxx storycom
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Author's note: What to expect: This is relatively normal erotica, but involves two characters who are married, but not to one another. Stop reading if this isn't for you. Thanks! (c) J2Two. I've worked with Andrea for years. Every step of the way, both of us maintained full professionalism and appropriate behavior, even as we evolved into becoming friends and running buddies. We would run together at least once, sometimes twice a week, most of the time with a couple other regular runners in a small club, but sometimes just the two of us.

We were acquaintances. I had been to her Wedding.

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She had given me a ride to pick up my car from the mechanic. We had been pet-sitters for one another. Although we weren't all over one anothers business, we had a very nice connection. The background to all of this is relevant because it's part of my secret identity.

I maintain a veneer of professionalism and well behaved normalness at work, around the neighborhood, and in my regular social circle, in spite of the unspeakable things I want to do to my various coworkers, neighbors and friends. And for the most part, the act has worked. Nobody would guess what's going through my mind.

Any misbehaving I may or may not have done in the past (if Congress calls for a hearing, I'll be pleading the fifth) has happened via personal ads, which helps me maintain sex xxx 1728 hot com illusion of being so well behaved in my "real" life.

I'll add that by being able to maintain such an image of casual wholesomeness, I tend to put women at ease. After getting to know me just a bit, they realize that I'm harmless, and they relax. By knowing I won't make things weird, make an awkward pass at them, or just inadvertently send weird signals, I end up making friends with women, which even if it doesn't get me in their panties, it does get them relaxed enough to do girl-talk in my presence. It's a form of intimacy, even if it's not the see them naked kind, and I enjoy it.

So there we are, two consummate professionals, working well together, getting to know one another's spouses, occasional dinners together, wholesome events, and no weirdness at all.

And then, one day at work, we discovered that shock of shocks, the company was going to pay for the two of us to attend the annual convention in Orlando. It's Monday through Wednesday, but due to the scheduling, we have to arrive Sunday evening, and leave Thursday morning. It was going to be fun to get away from the office for a bit, we both agreed. Travel arrangements were made, and the day to depart arrived.

Living in different parts of town, we both drove separately and after all the usual airport hassles, we met up inside the boarding area. "I hate flying!" Andrea declared, walking to the mom son daughter xxxx fuck. We had a bit of time, and she wasn't kidding, because she downed two drinks in about five minutes. And she's tiny. Very delectably tiny, no more than five feet tall and 110 pounds of fit, sexy, toned silky flesh.

Two drinks is a lot, I thought to myself, but I knew that she was a calm and collected person, soft spoken, and certainly not a wild drunk to the best of my knowledge. The time came to board, and she got another drink as soon as we were on the plane. She truly hated flying, so although she drank a lot, it also eventually calmed her down from her flying fears. She got one more drink, and everything settled down, other than her having to get up several times for the bathroom.

After about her third trip, she stumbled a bit getting into her seat, and had to catch her balance by leaning on my shoulder. Her sexy little hand felt good, but I was still playing the role of the friend and coworker. She quickly regained her balance and flopped into her seat. Her shin brushed mine, which obviously was an accident, but she didn't move it. For me, it was a tad awkward, but I decided not to move my leg either.

It was HER leg to blame for our shins touching, I rationalized to myself. "I've probably had a bit too much to drink." she said quietly, leaning over to somewhat clumsily whisper in my ear, at times her nose and lips touching my ears and earlobes.

"But I really hate flying. It'll all be over in an hour, right?" and she looked at me with her big brown eyes. I nod. "You'll take care of me, won't you?" she whispered in a joking sad voice, and I nod again.

"Oh, thank you, thank you!" she whispered, and catching me off guard, leaned in and kissed me on the lips. She went back to whispering in my ear, but this time, it didn't feel like an accident, with her lips in almost constant contact with my ear.

"You PROMISE you'll take good care of me?" "You know I one eyed monster suck and pussy fuck I said cheerfully, while trying not to appear absolutely too excited. "Tell me how you'll take care of me?" she asked, and without a moment in between, I felt the tip of her tongue, gently licking my ear canal.

"You won't take off all my clothes while I'm this drunk, will you? 'Cause I'd let you. You wouldn't do that, would you?" she said teasingly. "Oh, no, never, of course not!" I said. I was trying to dance that fine line of being playful, while also being able to act innocent if it was just the alcohol talking.

"Good. 'Cause if you did, you'd see that I'm not wearing any panties. See?" and she quickly hiked up her skirt then back down to show me her mound, giggling.

"So. Tell me. Tell me everything you'll do?" This of course, changed everything. I knew I didn't have to play mister nice coworker any more, but we were also on a crowded plane. "Well," I started saying, softly enough that only she would hear. "Here, let me whisper it." I said, and she turned her head so I could whisper. I darted my own tongue into her ear for a soft lick, and continued: "I'll start right here, just like this.

See? And I'll do this to every single inch of your body. Then I'll turn you over and do it again. I won't miss one single square inch. What do you think?" She moaned a little, and said, "I think I like it." Then she continued.

"Wanna hear a secret?" Obviously, I did. Back to her lips in my ear, whispering. "My husband likes it when I drink too much.

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Wanna know why?" Of course I wanted to know why. "I'm not sure I should tell you. Should I?" "Of course you should!" She's killing me with the teasing. "Ok, fine! You drive such a hard bargain. He likes when I drink too much, because that's the only time I let him fuck my ass." she said flatly.

I almost fell out of my chair, but I was liking where the conversation was going. "I love getting fucked in my ass, but he sort of just jams his dick in me too hard at first, so with him, I need to be a little drunk. Wanna hear another secret?" "Of course I want to hear another secret. Tell me more!" I said, trying to sound calm and collected.

"You remember my maid of honor at my wedding, Charlotte?" I nodded. Charlotte was hot. "I've licked her pussy. Every girls night out, we end up fucking." she said with deadpan humor. Then she proceeded to tell me all sorts of secrets, about girls, about not wearing panties, about sucking dicks in movie theaters, how she liked having her ass licked but her husband never did it, and about knowing how to deep throat. I had no idea she had such a wild side, but I suppose I should have, given my own false squeaky clean image that I seem able to fool people into believing.

She leaned her head sweeties drill dudes asshole with massive strapon dildos and squirt love juice my shoulder, and just as I was about to reach over and try to surreptitiously start feeling her up, I realized she had fallen asleep.

In a way I was relieved, because the plane was very crowded, and in spite of what a great story it would make, there was no may the mile-high scenario would have worked out. But I was elated with the prospect of what was to come. She slept through the plane's descent, and even the landing, but finally, after all the other passengers had disembarked, and with a couple glances and glares from the flight attendant crew, it was time to wake her up and get to the hotel.

She was more sober, and with all the hustle and bustle, we had to focus on getting our luggage, renting the car, and getting to the hotel. We avoided talking much about what happened, but she did repeat how much she hates flying, and that she usually has to have a drink or two when she flies.

"I believe you had FOUR drinks." I joked. "Shuddup!" she joked back. We arrived, got checked in to our rooms, and agreed to meet in about an hour for dinner. I showered, shaved, brushed my teeth, and got cleaned up nicely for her and for what I was hoping would happen. I noticed a note under the door along with a room key card from Andrea, saying she was closing her eyes for a bit, but to come in and wake her up in an hour.

She had also signed with her name and a winking smiley drawing. Yet again, that made me a little hard. Finally, after seeming like forever, it was time to go to her room. Before heading over to her room, I sent a black guy and girls sexy xxx story saying I was on my way, and waited maybe a minute to give her a chance to respond.

I had instructions, though, so when she didn't reply, I went down the hall to her room and tapped lightly on the door, again, giving her a chance to respond. "Here we go!" I thought to myself as I inserted the key and opened the door. I walked in the room, and it was quite dark. I said, "Andrea?", and walked all the way into the room, and was welcomed by the most spectacular naked body I think I had ever seen. She was on her back, fast asleep, legs parted just a bit to expose her pussy, and had a delightfully naughty racing stripe for pubic hair.

Clearly, the good-guy charade was no longer necessary. We had kissed, licked one another's ears, flirted, talked naughtily, and she had given me her key to her room and fallen asleep naked. I stepped back into the bathroom and got completely naked, quietly enough not to wake her up. I went back to the bed, and climbed in between her legs, lightly guiding them apart, wiggled up to kiss her on the neck at the same time that I pressed my cock against her pussy.

She moaned a little, parted her legs, and I began to suspect that maybe she hadn't been asleep, because she was very wet. Our lips met just as my very hard cock glided right into her, and after years of daydreaming of this moment, I was having sex with Andrea! She moaned, and by the second or third thrust, I was officially pumping in and out of her, my arms wrapped around her shoulders, hers around mine, and for a few minutes we just basked in the ecstasy of having sex.

Nothing wild and crazy at this point, just my hard cock, her pussy, and kissing. "I've wanted this for so long." she whispered, to which I just moaned. "All the girls at work want you, you know. But I'm the one who got you!" "Well, I always wanted to do this." I said, emphasizing the "this" as I momentarily picked up the pace to pound deep and hard into her, fully pulling myself almost out of her, then deeply back in, our bodies colliding together and making the bed squeak.

"Mmmmm…" she moaned. I have to taste this woman, I thought to myself, and reluctantly pulled my cock out and kissed my way down her neck, to her left then her right breast, down her stomach, her belly button, her sexy mound, her racing stripe, and finally, to kiss her directly on her incredibly wet pussy.

It was everything I could imagine, and she parted her legs and raised her knees up to her shoulders. I stuck my tongue deep in her for a moment or two, then found her clit and started tugging it in between my lips. I kept at this, while subtly experimenting to find "the spot". Once I found it, I could tell right away by her reaction.

I bobbed my head up and down, sucking her clit while also licking the tip of it with my tongue, and within a minute or two of this, she shifted a little, pulling away from my mouth, had the most amazing orgasm ever, her entire pussy quivering and pulsating right in front of my eyes.

It only took a moment for me to figure out if she was multi orgasmic or not, when she grabbed my head and pulled it to her pussy again. Three more times, she had amazing orgasms, me loving every moment of having my face buried against her beautiful and very wet vagina. Finally, she pulled away, and said, "OK, my turn!

But I'm starving! We're going to have to go eat soon, I know this won't be quite enough." alluding to my engorged cock as she climbed across me and took me in her mouth and right down her throat in one amazing motion. She had told me about knowing how to deep-throat on the plane, and she wasn't kidding.

She had my entire cock in her mouth, and even then, was able to give my balls a little lick too. I had been smart enough to guide her body where her pussy was still in reach of my mouth, but she smacked my hands and mouth away from her, electrifying ramrod riding joy hardcore and blowjob playfully said, "One at a time, mister!" She sucked me deep, so deep and hard, playing with my balls a little too, that there was no way I would be able to hold back.

I moaned out loud, "I'm going to cum if you keep doing that!" to which she responded by sucking harder and deeper.

I realized she was on a mission, so I relaxed a little, and rather than trying to prolong the pleasure, I let her have her way with me. Within moments, her sucking was too much, and I let go a gigantic spurt of japaense son force mom for sex that had been pent up in my swollen balls for hours, and again, she took it completely in stride and just calmly took it down her throat.

A few more spasms of my hot cum went into her mouth and down her throat, followed by her licking up what little had spilled, including a very naughty few moments on my balls and even further down.

And as quickly as she had started, she hopped up off the bed and said, "Ok, let's go find something to eat! I'm starving! Plus your cock was way too hard just now. It's got to be just a little bit softer if that thing's going in my ass!" she winked.

"What do you say, the same outfit from the flight, but no panties?" This was going to be a great convention!

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Author's Note: This story has another chapter. We run into a former coworker.

Comments are appreciated.