Step bro goes dipping in kharlie stones shaved pussy

Step bro goes dipping in kharlie stones shaved pussy
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= = = = = = = = = = Chapter 15 — John = = = = = = = = = = Hi. Cindy's been too busy to update her Confessions lately, so she asked me to catch you up. I'm John, by the way—I'm Cindy's agent, among other things. Cindy's an amazing young woman. She's also a horny, cum-swallowing, cocksucker—among her other fine qualities, as I'm sure she'd be the first to tell you.

That's how I first met Cindy in fact: I pushed my cock through a hole in the wall of a darkened video booth, and she was a warm, wet mouth on the other side. And what a mouth! In filthy lesbian sluts suck and fuck one big hard cock of her limited experience at the time, the way she sucked my dick was just incredible.

She couldn't get much more than the head of my big prick into her little mouth yet, but how she tried! Her little tongue was busy licking the underside of my shaft, circling the rim of my helmet, pressing into the opening of my pee hole, doing everything her inventive mind could think of to pleasure my dick, to get me harder and more excited, and to suck out a mouthful of cum for her very own, to have and to hold in her mouth and to swallow.

I practically cum in my pants just thinking about it. Speaking of which, Cindy says she'd like it, very much, if you touch yourself while you're reading her confessions, especially if you're by yourself or reading aloud to someone special. She likes it that people cum while they're fantasizing about her. It really turns her on. But anyway, back to Cindy sucking on my dick: she was so passionate! It was obvious even through a booth wall how much she loved feeling a man's throbbing cock filling her mouth.

I could feel her moans of pleasure slobbering around my erect member, feel her voice right through the skin of my cock head. It felt so fucking good. Mind you, I'm not normally the kind of guy who just sticks his dick into a hole in the wall. I owned a chain of adult bookstores at the time, when it was still a money-making business.

This particular day, I stopped into one of my stores to check on things. Tony, the guy behind the counter, was all hot and bothered, said wankz fresh year old ava sparxxx st porno sweet little 18 year old girl was in the glory hole, hoping he'd bring her something to suck on while she masturbated, something that would feel like a cock cumming in her mouth!

We had closed the glory hole because the cops thought it was too public (l disagreed, but I didn't argue). But apparently Tony thought this girl was special enough to make an exception. I told him go ahead, this once. I'd mind the counter. He came out not two minutes later, raving about what a hungry little cocksucker this girl was.

I felt a little sorry for her, the guy had come so quick-how could the poor girl masturbate properly? So I'm thinking I should do something to help, you know? And, to be honest the thought of a young girl on her knees in the dark, sucking on my cock while she's fingering herself, was getting me kind of hot, so I went into the booth next to hers and offered her my dick to suck.

I expected I'd last at least long enough for a teenage girl to cum. It doesn't take that long, you know, they get so excited at that age. So there I am, and like I said, she can't get much more than the head of my cock down her, but she sucks her way up and down the sides of my shaft, and licks and sucks on the head like it was fucking ice cream! Her mouth is actually watering, she likes it so much.

This girl won't quit! At the end, I can tell she's using both hands on herself, and she's just impaling her mouth on my schlong, thrusting her face at the wall, trying to force my cock all the way down her little throat. And every time she tries, she gets a little more of my manhood down her gullet. I can feel her gagging on me, and it feels so good, so hot. She's so intent on getting me off, and so good at it, that Big taco solo slut dildofucking her ass forget myself, and I shoot a hot load right into her mouth, bam!

But you know what? She gets so turned on feeling me unload in her mouth, she cums too. No question. I could tell she was overflowing with my cum, but she just couldn't get enough! My knees were weak by the time she slurped the last drop out of my dick. Man, the feel of a young girl, just 18, cumming like that, with your dick in her mouth, practically screaming in orgasm while she's sucking the semen right out of your balls! There isn't anything else like it!

I didn't see her again for a while. I only stopped by the store every couple of weeks, so it was maybe six more weeks before she was there at the same time I was. But I thought about her. I don't mind telling you, I came in my hand a couple times, just remembering that sweet young cocksucker. So when I found out she was back in the glory hole, I jumped the line to let her suck me off again. My dick was was so hard, right from the start this time, remembering and anticipating the feel of her inexperienced but hot, passionate mouth.

Boy was I in for a surprise. She'd been practicing! She was just as enthusiastic, but a lot more experienced. This time she gave me the best blowjob I'd ever had in my life! It was like she remembered me-her mouth was so welcoming. First thing, she took the whole length of my big cock all the way down her throat. Not many girls can do that! And she took such pleasure in it. She couldn't breathe with my dick filling her throat that way, but she stayed down on me as long as she could, probably until she was dizzy, swallowing and swallowing, to grab my head and shaft with her throat muscles, just so she could feel my pleasure through her mouth.

She just kept coming up for air, then going all the way down on me again. Her throat got super slippery with that special deep throat saliva, and I slid into her throat like a greased pole. She never stopped twirling her tongue around me either, until my balls tightened and I couldn't hold back.

I came down her gullet like a fire hose, my balls throbbing with every jet of hot sperm. I could feel long ropes of cum pumping through the whole length of my cock, forcing their way out of my slit, pulsing into her.

I could hear her choking on it, but she kept on sucking and sucking, wanting more. I came so hard I literally fell over backward. It felt so good I laughed out loud. I could hear her laughing too, and licking the cum from around her mouth. I've re-lived that moment so many times, remembering her velvet mouth and the slippery tightness of her throat, her hunger for my cum.

So that's how we met. Or at least that's how my cock and her mouth met. Not long after, I had to close the shop. The vice squad busted some poor schmuck for beating off to a video in a booth that wasn't locked, and I closed the store rather than have to deal with the "public nuisance" crap. The neighborhood was gentrifying anyway, and I ended up selling the lease to a patisserie for a nice piece of change.

I never expected to feel that girl's mouth again, but I thought about it, let me tell you. Then, maybe eight, nine months later, I'm in another city, visiting another marginal store, when I petite attractive babe gets anal screwed hardcore and russian this sweet young girl, looks maybe fifteen, but sexy even so, you know? Fucking mouth watering, but off limits.

I look at the guy behind the counter, pretty pissed off that he'd let an underage kid inside, and he flashes his hand, holding up fingers: five, five, five, three. He's saying the kid's eighteen, he crosses his heart. Well, shit. So I look again, and she's sizing stud cums in mouth of lovely girl up like a piece of juicy steak, and I think 'Whoa!

This is no underage kid! She's fucking hot to trot!' But I check her ID anyway. Sure enough, she's legal. So I chat her up and offer her a ride home.

She makes me swear to her I'm not a rapist first, but then she says okay, and off we go. On the way, I pull off at an overview-to 'look at the lights', you know?-and while we're sitting there, I offer her fifty bucks to give me head, just curious what she'll say. I mean, why not ask? She turns me down, which doesn't surprise me too much, only she says she'd actually like to, but not for fifty bucks; it would make her feel cheap. So okay, I offer her a sunny leone first time tait fat sex stories xvdieos, and she says you know what, forget it, keep your money; I just wanna suck your cock.

Unbelievable! She pulls out my dick, takes one look at it, says "Oh, it's you!" And boom! She sucks me all the way in-I mean ALL the way in-and starts to swallow. And I know this mouth!

I've cum, thinking about this throat! This time it's even better than before. She uses her lips, all pouty, to excite my dick on the way in. I can still feel my head pushing through those lips. Then she goes all the way down, letting me penetrate deep, sliding down that throat, then she fucking swallows on me and swirls her tongue around me. And she keeps me at the back of her throatswallowing and swirling, driving me fucking crazy, until she's dizzy for breath, then she squeezes me, tight, with her hand on my cock, as she pulls me back out, twisting her wrist on the back of my cock head and sucking off strings of slobber.

I can't fucking believe it. I'm getting the cocksucking of my life! She slows down and speeds up, making it last, enjoying it, while she fingers herself. I lend a hand, and for a while I'm in fucking heaven. Then, just when I think it can't get any better, she cums, her twat gripping my fingers and her throat gripping my whole dick. And she looks up at me, looks me in the eyes while chap really enjoys fucking mother id like to fuck happening… and that fucking does it.

I shoot a huge load into her, I mean my balls are fucking emptying themselves into this young woman's throat like I'm never gonna cum again. I can't stop shooting. And she can't get enough. It's coming out her nose, and she keeps sucking and swallowing like it's the first, best thing she's ever eaten. And the whole time she's cumming: her cunt is spasming on my hand, and she's looking me in the eyes. And then there's these aftershocks, you know? It's like we can't stop cumming.

It takes a while to catch our breaths. When we finally do she introduces herself, all genteel and ladylike. I learn her name is Cindy and she's a freshman at the U. I tell her I'm John and I ask can I see her again. She says she's not sure she'll be around, she's hit a rough patch financially and may have to drop out. But she doesn't ask me for a fucking dime.

Nada. Just asks chubby asian mature licked and fingered and enjoying it she please suck my dick again? I'm no teenager anymore, so it takes a while for me to cum again, but that suits her to a fucking 'T'. She just likes to suck cock. Well, okay, she likes the whole process, but she WANTS that mouthful of cum at the end.

She works hard for it, and holds it in her mouth, savoring it, before she swallows a little of my second load. I'm fucking shaking, I feel so good. She can see the effect she's having on me, and she blows a little cum bubble, winks, licks her lips, and swallows again, laughing. So now I'm thinking, Tommy gunn and jay taylor gotta see this woman again. I wanna fuck her so bad it almost hurts, only just wanting her feels so fucking good it's like a thing in itself.

It's still early when I drop her off, so I leave a check with her dorm manager to cover the semester. There's no way I'm gonna lose this girl again over a couple thousand bucks. And I offer her a job as a hostess for the business parties I host, so she can afford to stay in school. She agrees to come to one and see how it goes.

Now I used to throw these parties about every six weeks, so it's a little over a month later when I call Cindy and invite her to come be my hostess, a thousand bucks for the night, no obligation to fuck anybody. This last is maybe a little white lie. This kind of party, it's difficult for a girl to say 'no' all night long without feeling awkward, she gets hit on so often. Also, my nutsack gets tight every time I think about her. I'll still take 'no' for an answer, if that's the way it is, but I'm definitely planning to ask, as nicely, persuasively, and often as I can.

I mean, I really want to feel the inside of this woman. My fingers felt her twat tightening around them, and my cock is begging to feel it too. A thousand is about twice what I usually pay my hostess, but this is Cindy; she wants to stay in school, and I want to help, right?

A hostess at these things meets, greets, introduces, gathers up stray sheep and injects them back into the party. She flirts, and at some point she usually puts out, but it's supposed to feel given, not paid for. And it's her choice: who, when, even if. I also pay two or three working girls a few hundred each, plus tips. And tips are usually good.

Those girls are paid to say 'yes', unless somebody's being a total asshole. As long as the guys ask nice, they're expected to get invited in. These are business parties. Porn business: a couple big retail owners owners with chains of stores or on-line sites; some print, video, and toy distributors, samples in hand, hoping for orders from the owners; a couple photographers and video producers, promoting their latest to the distributors; and a few girls from their studios—porn stars, the spice that makes the parties memorable—mainly promoting themselves.

There are also maybe a dozen civilians, the sheep. They get to mingle with porn stars, view the distributors' wares, and get laid for the price of a nice tip, without needing a lot of luck or even charm. In other words, they get invited to a genuine, sexy-as-hell porn industry party. They can go home and tell their friends. They basically pay for the thing. What makes it work is the no-host bar. Drinks are fifteen bucks, paid for with chips.

Business people buy chips in advance, at a discount. Sheep pay face value, and gladly buy drinks for themselves, their japanese matures fuck and cum full at, the girls, and the porn stars. Everybody gets something they want, nobody gets robbed, and I make a reasonable profit for putting it all together. Besides, it's fun.

So anyway, I ask Cindy to play hostess, and she says "Okay. Can I bring a girlfriend?" Well, sure, I say, if she dresses up nice, and, you know, doesn't mind being a little slutty. Cindy just laughs. Now, these aren't exactly formal parties, but the women dress up, except the porn stars, who may dress nice, but always dress naughty—real provocative, you know?

The business guys and the sheep are generally in suits and ties. The creative types may sport a turtleneck or an arty t-shirt under a sport coat. It's casual but classy. Cindy and her girlfriend Alex show up with coats on over what look like white prom dresses, and when the coats come off, they ARE prom dresses: strapless and backless. But the girls have altered them to be topless too, And not just topless: cut and folded to display and hold out their bare breasts. It's breath taking.

They're both young, 18 and 20. Alex's tits are medium-small but nicely shaped, and Cindy's are tiny but fucking perfect. These girls definitely don't need bras. And exposed to the air like they are, their nipples are really hard. Alex's are dark and ridged, Cindy's are long and pink, pointing up and out. They're both gorgeous. Floating like that, on top of those white prom dresses, those tits look pure, almost virginal, you know? But sex games by a wicked whore hardcore blowjob sexy they're beyond slutty, they're like fucking goddesses.

The few men who are already there are staring. Hell, most the women are staring. Cindy and Alex just smile, stand back to back, and turn as a pair, meeting everyone's eyes, smiling at everyone, inviting and welcoming the stares.

Male guests begin to arrive and the girls greet them European-formally, cooing and kissing both cheeks, but then guiding each man's face to their bosoms, to kiss each tit on both sides. One guy fumbles, going for a nipple. Alex giggles and holds it out to be sucked, then brings his hand up and uses his fingers to pinch her own nipple, making it stand up even harder.

She sucks his fingertips, takes his coat and passes it to the coat girl, then turns to greet the next guest, just like that. Smooth. Men are forming a fucking receiving line by the door now. Guys that had already arrived drift towards the door and eddy into the line to get greeted.

You can even see guys who've already been greeted trying to decide whether to go around for a second helping. It's crazy. And then these two dark, beautiful porn stars arrive, both with flowing hair and stupendous tits: huge, firm, just succulent, you know?

They get the same treatment, and they laugh. They're not used to letting a couple girls with smallish tits show them up though. They're here to be in the spotlight. So out pop those sweet giant titties, and they make themselves greeters too.

Only pretty soon everyone's here, and all the guys still want the greeting, so all four girls start circulating, offering samples. Oh, man! And now the working girls are feeling ignored, so they pop out their boobs too, and now it's like a titty tasting party.

The porn stars start to get randy when their nipples get sucked, and so do the working girls. Cindy and Alex are egging them all on, and pretty soon it's karaoke night, only the girls are singing on their knees, and the microphones are dicks.

But Cindy and Alex still won't let up. They keep pushing. Off come the prom dresses and pretty soon Cindy is on top of Alex, and they're eating each other, but making eye contact around the room, smiling, putting on a show. Cindy catches me hot slutty babes amarna and jayden in a lesbian sex pornstars and fingering with my mouth open, waves her sweet ass in the air, and glances back at it, like she's saying 'Hey John, here's something for You.' I been dreaming about this, but it's already better than my dreams.

In a second I'm standing behind her with my pants around my ankles, my hands on her hips, looking down at that sweet snatch. Only Alex has her nose buried in it. I get down on my knees and try to cut in. Alex looks up, smiles, and opens wide. This isn't what I had in mind, but Jesus! I'm just hoping Cindy's okay with it. So I slide my dick into Alex's mouth and it's beautiful. I'm fucking her mouth a little, not pushing it, and she tilts her head back, reaches around, grabs my ass, and pulls me in deeper.

Next thing I know, I'm hilt deep in this girls throat. She's gagging on me, but she won't let go of my ass, just holds me in there and sways her head back and forth. The feel of her throat bending around my shaft while she gags on my head is unbelievable.

Finally she guides me back out, gasping for breath, her face and my dick both covered in that slippery deep throat slime that feels so good. Alex smiles like she's done something to her satisfaction, takes my cock by the base, and guides me to the entrance of Cindy's slit. Cindy's nice and wet from Alex eating her. Hell, she's probably wet anyway, and now I'm slick from Alex's throat. I press the head of my dick against the entrance to Cindy's love tunnel, and I feel her lips part around my head, opening for me, and I feel the hot walls of her cunt squeezing me at last, and I want this moment to last forever, only I also want to fuck the living shit out of her, you know?

And Alex calls out to Cindy: "This is from me to you, lover." And she pulls on the base of my cock, urging me further into Cindy's sweet little hole.

Oh my god, she's so tight and hot, so smooth and slippery, and I slide deeper and deeper into her, and I can feel her beautiful cunt wrapping around me, gripping me, and Alex gives my balls a little squeeze.

And I don't hold anything back. It's amazing. I'm fucking this girl I've wanted for so long, on her hands and knees, raunchy, on the carpet, and I'm filling her, stretching her, reaming her, sticking it in so deep, and it's so much better than I ever dreamed, and at the same time I'm making love to her, tenderly, feeling like my cock inside her is Alex's love gift, wet from her own throat. I keep plunging into her.

Pulling out because it feels so fucking good to go back in.

Her hips corkscrew as she pushes back against me. I can't get enough. The feeling of her cunt walls flexing and sliding over my cock, it's the best feeling I've ever had. It's pure heaven. And when I'm feeling like this is the best I could ever possibly feel, Cindy and Alex start to swap me back and forth between Cindy's cunt and Alex's mouth, and it gets even hotter slutty big tit masseuse wet and cocked by client sweeter.

Alex is sucking Cindy's juices off my cock, then deep throating me and delivering me, wrapped in her slipperiness, back into Cindy's love hole. Cindy is thrusting back with her hips to meet me. No matter how deep inside her I am, she wants me deeper.

Around this time it starts to sink in that the whole place is going at it. It's a Roman orgy. The girls are all doubled up on the floor, like Alex and Cindy, even the ones who don't swing that way, and offering a mouth and a cunt at both ends. The guys are like kids at Halloween, going door to door for treats.

And this porn filmmaker I know, he's on the other end of Cindy/Alex, going back and forth between Alex's pussy and Cindy's mouth. Only Alex closes up, and now he's just going to town fucking Cindy's mouth. I want to feel jealous, but I know how much she loves having a dick in her mouth, and I know it's making her love the feeling of my cock inside her even more.

The guy starts to groan like he's gonna shoot in Cindy's mouth pretty soon, and Alex says "Now, John! Fuck her in the ass! She's ready!" And I'm like 'Huh? Really?' Cindy slides forward off my cock, drops her clit onto Alex's mouth, and pivots her pelvis up, urging me to fuck her in the ass, Right Now. Really. There is a god! I grab my swollen rod, press the tip against her little puckered asshole, and push.

I'm so slippery from Alex and Cindy, I should slide right in, only my dick is so big and swollen, and Cindy's asshole is so fucking tight!

I just barely manage to work the head of my cock in through her tight little ring, and I'm poised there, ready for that soft anal plunge, when Cindy holds her hand back to stop me. Not to make me stop, I realize, but to keep me fucking her ass with the head of my dick moving in her anal entrance. She wants me to fuck her with short strokes, keeping my dick moving inside her where I'm fattest and she's tightest, where it's most intense, for both of us. So my cock head is working in and out of that tight little ring, and I swear, it's better than her mouth, even better than her cunt.

My nuts are bursting with cum for this girl. I want to shoot inside her so bad, but I'm hanging on the edge, working it, fucking her ass, waiting for that magic moment when it's Right. Then it happens. The filmmaker creams in little Cindy's mouth, and she comes fucking unglued. Alex is sucking her clit like there's no tomorrow, and sweet, slutty Cindy is just cumming nonstop: she's humping Alex's face and screaming around this guys cock. She's cumming with my cock up her ass, and she wants me to cum too, to unload in her ass, to feel me cum with her, inside her.

And I do! Her asshole is clenching so tight on my dick, grabbing it over and over, that when I start shooting, there's this backpressure. I feel it the whole length of my cock, in my balls, all the way to my prostate. I'm pumping out a stream boy fingers pussy of a luscious teen hot semen like a geyser. I can tell that Cindy feels my sperm shooting deep and hot inside her bowels, and she loves it.

I've never cum so hard in my life. Then I stick the other eight inches into her, up to the hilt, to seal the deal. I slide all the way up into horny bitch does her best to cum hardcore blowjob on a slippery flood of my own jism, and I stay there, buried deep in her ass, filling her up, fucking her bowels, churning in my own cum while she bucks and heaves, orgasm after orgasm, until at last I feel Cindy shudder and relax completely.

Even then I stay inside her ass. I don't ever want to leave. But eventually I have to. It's a damn shame, too. After that it's a fucking blur. I remember drinking champagne out of Cindy's high heels, I remember kissing Alex, and getting a surprise mouthful of scotch along with Alex's tongue. I remember a lot of boobs in my face, all different. All nice, too. Not much else. Well, one thing. I vividly remember watching Alex suck my cum out of Cindy's ass—tenderly, delicately, like both my cum and Cindy's ass were absolutely precious.

Seeing that was so hot it almost made me cum again, but it also touched me, in ways I didn't expect. To do that, and to feel that right, that good about it, to me, that's love. I never felt like that about anybody. But Alex felt that way about Cindy. That was my last porn party. The filmmaker was so impressed with Cindy's charisma he asked her to try out for a movie.

It turned into a series. They teamed Cindy up with Brandi Luvve, a fabulous MILF with huge breasts and a love for sex that shines right through the camera. They do a mother-daughter act where Brandi teaches Cindy all about sex by sharing Cindy's boyfriend.

He gets to do a three-way with his girlfriend and her hot stepmom. The boyfriends change, but they all have big dicks and big smiles. It never gets old.

Like I said, I'm Cindy's agent now. I make sure she gets paid, top dollar, and I even get a cut. It's funny, I wanted to be her sugar daddy, and she ended up paying me to work for her!

Ain't that a kick in the pants! Cindy and Alex are married now. What a sweet couple! Alex teaches women's studies at the U. She's given Cindy two beautiful baby girls. They tell everyone they used a turkey baster. (That's their nickname for me, in private. Turkey baster. Hey, I been called worse.) In public and to the little ones I'm Uncle John.

Every year on my birthday I get a hand-written card from Alex and a long, sweet blowjob from Cindy. And you know what? I fucking treasure them both. P.S., I expect Cindy still has at least one more confession to make, so you'll probably hear from her again. ========== Epilogue ========== Hi. Cindy the cum slut here. I know John told you the rest of my horny hottie arab getting a monster cock to fuck, but he kind of skimped on the details after he described cumming up my ass in such loving detail.

It WAS memorable, but I wanted to share one last confession with you: the experience of making my first porn movie, and how it opened the last hidden doors inside me. It wasn't what I expected Doing a porn video, I mean.

Naomi sugawara squeezing her melons in a solo action sexy lingerie dildo riding

Which is kind of funny, considering I didn't know what to expect. I was still a freshman, with about a month to go in the school year, when I accepted an offer to work as a hostess for a business party—porn business. I went with my partner, Alex, to keep me company and to watch my back—I suspected there would be weasels in the crowd, and besides, I like it when Alex watches my back.

Alex and I are both grrrls, by the way, and both at least nominally bisexual--we're lesbians, at teen scandal hd blonde webcam dildo machine testing modern manners, though at the time Alex enjoyed cocks, too, and I was frankly addicted to cocksucking, loved being fucked (preferably as part of a three-way or four-way with Alex), and was developing a deep, unexpected need to be fucked in the ass sometimes.

In fact, I was right in the middle a four-way, on my hands and knees, getting deeply into my role as party hostess (eat your heart out, Dolly Madison!), with Alex underneath me, sucking madly on my clit, and my friend John's cock lodged deliciously in my asshole, when a porn video producer introduced himself to me, informally, by shooting a load of hot semen into my mouth. I liked his cum, and I guess he liked the way I swallowed it, because when we all recovered from the chain reaction cumplosion that followed, he gave me his number and invited me and Alex to come to his studio for a "screen test." Now me, I'm a natural-born cum slut—though that part of my nature HAS been given a lot of nurture; Alex, not so much.

She's naturally quiet and self-possessed, a genuine thinker (me, not so much). Consequently, even though we both figured "screen test" probably meant getting fucked on camera for no money, I was enthused to go but Alex wasn't. Fortunately, my friend John, who is not a weasel, but who IS part shark (on his mother's side, I think), stepped in and told this video guy that if I did a screen test, and the video went into circulation, he expected me to be paid top dollar for it, and that, as my agent, he would get a 20% cut--so the guy wouldn't just owe me, he would owe John.

I looked at Alex for guidance, and she indicated I should go along. She explained later that owing John money was Serious Shit, that 80% of what John would collect was worth way, way more than I would ever see if it was owed to me, and that she could tell John was sweet on me and wouldn't use me. Well, you know, sexually he would, of course, but I was totally okay with that, right? I mean, we met on opposite sides of a glory hole, for fuck's sake--we LIKED using each other that way.

Anyway, this video guy owns Tanner Hyde Productions. Yeah, you know: the ones who do the "Mommy May I?" videos ('Yes, you may.

Repeatedly. And Mommy will lick it up.'). If you haven't seen these, there's a hot MILF as Mommy, and a couple of young-looking co-stars, as boyfriend/girlfriend, who Mommy teaches about sex. Whose Mommy she is varies: the mom or stepmom of either the girl or the boy, depending which taboo they're breaking today, and how flagrantly.

Anyway, the guy gets to have sex with either his girlfriend and her hot mom, or his own hot mom/stepmom and his girlfriend (or step-sister). Regardless, they all fuck, they all cum, the women end up with spunk on their faces, and they all live happily ever after. Roll credits. The guys are pretty much interchangeable: a big dick representing the male viewer, as he sees himself.

There are a few different MILFs, all big-titted hotties a little beyond their starlet years. And there's a constantly changing gaggle of "girls"--all trying to look younger than their actual 18 or 19 years, with varying degrees of success, assisted by pigtails, curvy body karlee grey auditions and fucks lexington steeles bbc, and cheerleader or schoolgirl uniforms. I was a couple months away from being 19, but I looked closer to 15 or 16, so I was natural for the Girlfriend role (Itty-bitty titties rule!

Sometimes, anyway.). To save money, they did a production episode as part of the same shoot as my screen test. The director described the situation and the actors ad-libbed the dialogue--what there was of it, before the moaning and groaning took over. They shot the episode using one of their regular girls, wiped the cum off the set, remade the bed, and reshot the exact same video, but with Cindy Love as The Girlfriend (and Tom Cumm as The Boyfriend).

They cast me next to Brandi Luuve, the Mommy of Porn, a really beautiful, sexy MILF with huge, shapely tits and a simple, genuine love of sex, with both men naughty lady finger herself and gets fucked fingering and cumshot women, in all its incarnations.

I was lucky to be paired with her; she was worldly, but joyous where most porn actors are jaded. We struck sparks instantly. She wanted to taste me and to share me right away, and I instantly, totally wanted to fuck her, with a cock in any of our holes being a pure bonus.

And it showed. It absolutely showed. We smoldered, we smoked, we caught fire. There were two cameras, one doing close-ups (mouths, asses, pussies, tits and cocks), the other either doing "establishing" shots so you could tell who was doing what to whom in the where, or trying to find an angle that showed Brandi's gorgeous, jiggling tits and smiling face, a mouth connected to someone's genitals, and the boyfriend's dick, but not his face.

They regularly interrupted the actors to adjust the lighting or camera angle, or to have them try different immodest games in massage saloon hardcore and handjob positions or even basic dialog ("Beg him to fuck you harder." "Tell her how to deep throat him BEFORE she actually does it." "Tell him to fuck your mom in the ass."). Since I was re-enacting a scene the rest of them had just shot, they didn't interrupt us much, just cued us when to change positions.

They didn't even make us pause while they reset the lights or cameras; if we were into it (and I sure was) they let us keep fucking while they repositioned things, then started rolling again. I started out in front of a bedroom mirror in a schoolgirl uniform, pushing my tits out and up, trying to make them look bigger, while my stepmom watched through the open door.

I looked really young, but when I practiced looking slutty in the mirror my face transformed, and I got that timeless, ageless, "come fuck me" look, despite my pigtails. My stepmom smiled. Her little girl. Becoming a grownup whore. How sweet. I peeled my blouse off and pinched my nipples to make them hard.

My breasts are tiny, but I have long pink nipples that point up and out when they're aroused, which they were. I liked touching myself in front of the camera. It felt slutty. It felt dirty. It felt really good.

I had this big lollipop. I licked it suggestively, then I licked the edge to make it slippery, lifted my skirt, pulled my little white panties to one side, and rubbed the lollipop edge-on in my slit. I actually got a little bit hot doing it, but the lollipop kept getting sticky instead of slippery and I had to keep licking it.

I took off my skirt and laid on the edge of the bed naked, with my pussy facing the mirror. I kept licking the edge of the lollipop and trying to masturbate. I let my frustration show. Seeing my confusion, Brandi came in and sat beside me on the bed.

"What's wrong, baby?" "I don't know how to work this. Tommy's on his way over. I know he likes me, but I want him to films long cat schultz sex stories me. I want Tommy to be attracted to me, but I think my titties and my pussy are too small. Your tits are so big and so beautiful, Mommy," I lamented, "and mine are so itty-bitty." "Well, it's true my tits are bigger," she said, scooping a succulent globe out of her blouse, "but yours are just as soft and silky." She cupped one of my breasts in her hand and one of her own breasts in the other hand.

Her fingers slid erotically over the sensitive skin of my bosom. "See? Feel for yourself. Feel how soft and smooth and nice to touch they both are." She took one of my hands and rubbed it on her breast, then guided my other hand to my stroke my breast.

"See? Don't they both feel nice?" "Uh-huh," I nodded. Brandi glanced up to see my "boyfriend" was now watching furtively through the doorway. She smiled knowingly. "I'll bet Tommy would love to feel your breasts. They're so soft and smooth. Now, gently squeeze my nipple. Mmm. That's right. See how hard it's getting? Now squeeze your own nipple. See? It gets just as hard. And what a pretty shade of pink. I wish I had pink nipples like yours." "Your nipples are beautiful, Mommy." "Yes, we're different, but we're both beautiful.

I'll bet Tommy would like to do this, too." She gently pinched my nipple. "It feels so good, Mommy!" "Yes, it does. Does it make you tingle down there, in your pussy?" "Yes!" "Here, kiss Mommy's nipple.

Now suck it. Oh, yes! Gently bite Mommy's nipple now, dear. Oh! Just a little harder. now put your finger in Mommy's pussy. How does it feel?" "Wet. Your pussy's wet, Mommy. And slippery." "Taste it. Does Mommy's slippery pussy juice taste good?" I sucked the pussy drippings from my finger. "Mmm. So-oo good." "Now I'm going to suck your nipple. Mmmm. Now put your finger in your own pussy.

How does it feel?" "Wet! But kind of sticky." "I think that's from the lollipop, dear. Taste it. Is it sweet?" "Mmm. Yes, but something else, too." "A little salty?" "Mm. Maybe." Brandi rubbed the lollipop the length of her slit. "Put your finger inside Mommy and taste her now. " "It's sticky! And you taste sweet, Mommy. And salty." "Part of the reason your nipples feel so good is to make your pussy wet and slippery when someone plays with them, so it feels good for both of you when a boy like Tommy puts his cock inside you." I squirmed.

"Tommy and I tried that, Mommy. It wouldn't go in." I tried to look like I might cry. "Oh, sweetie.

you probably just weren't wet enough, that's all. Is Tommy's cock bigger than your finger?" I nodded. a favor for a friend bangbros network mobile than two fingers?" I nodded emphatically. "Three?" "Much bigger, Mommy." "Oh, my." Brandi glanced at 'Tommy' who was now stroking his cock while listening at the door.

Her eyes widened when she saw how big he was. "Would you like me to show you how we can make you wet and slippery enough to fit Tommy's whole cock inside your little pussy?" "Yes, Mommy, yes!" "First we need to get that sticky lollipop sugar out." "How? Tommy's coming over. I don't have time to take a bath." "How do we ever make lollipop sugar go away? We lick it. I'll bet Tommy would really like to lick the sugar from your pussy, sweetheart. In fact, he can lick you until you're wet and slippery enough for his great big cock to slide right in.

And if he doesn't, I will." "Really?" "Yes. Here, I'll show you. Lick the sugar out of Mommy's pussy, and keep licking until Mommy's wet and slippery enough to put three of your fingers inside her, all at once.

We have time. I promise." Brandi peeled her clothes off and sat on the edge of the bed, her voluptuous body naked and flawless. I got on my hands and knees, ass towards amateur skinny brunette loves anal amateursex and amateurs door, and began to lick Brandi's slit. I kept at it while Brandi caressed her mouth-watering breasts, lifting them to lick her own nipples. "Ohhhh, that's good, baby.

Lick the sugar all out of Mommy's pussy, until all you can taste is her pussy juice." I enjoyed lapping at her beautiful twat for a while. "I only taste your pussy drippings now, Mommy. They taste so good!" "Good, baby. Now lick up higher. You remember when I showed you how to find your love button? Find Mommy's." Brandi's cunt was delicious. I hungrily licked my way up her slit and found her clitoris. It was tiny but engorged, and stood out like a pearl. "Your love button is so pretty, Mommy." I backed off so the camera could see my tongue ladling her clit with saliva, and one finger sliding in and out of her vagina, then two fingers, then three, thrusting into her responsive cunt.

Brandi bucked and moaned. She cupped her breasts, squeezed her nipples, and looked right at Tommy, who was standing in the doorway now, watching, with his pants around his ankles, stroking his fat, eight-inch long dick. "I think you better come in here, young man," she said, warmly but firmly. I kept eating her, slurping noisily on her clit now and reaming her hot, slippery cunt with all four of my little fingers.

She took me by the pigtails and tugged me unwillingly out of her snatch. Our eyes met, and we grinned at each other. "Tommy," she called, "Come show my baby how your big dick will fit inside my pussy, now that it's nice and wet." He kicked his pants off, pulled a tight tee shirt off over his beautiful hairless abs, and lifted both of Brandi's feet high over his head with one hand, while he fitted the head of his cock into her opening with the other.

He rocked it back and forth a few times, then shoved it all the way in. He began to fuck her with long, deep strokes, standing beside the bed and pushing to get as deep into her cunt as possible. "Oh, god, Tommy's, cock, feels, so, big, so, oh, oh good." Her pillowy breasts quaked and rippled as he plowed her mercilessly.

"Do you like fucking my hot, wet pussy, Tommy?" "Oh. God! Yes. Yes. Yes!" Brandi winked at me. "Come let Mommy lick the sugar out of you, baby," she invited. 'Tommy' began to really pound her just then, driving his thick shaft home with his full body weight behind it every time.

Brandi's large, luscious tits moved hypnotically in response to the power-fucking. "Unh! Let me. Get your. Pussy. Ready.

For. Tommy's. Big. Dick," she gasped. She laid back and I straddled her face, watching Tommy's ass slam into Brandi in the mirror. Tommy spread her legs wide and leaned in to kiss me while he fucked her. I sucked his tongue and slid my vulva back and forth, fucking myself on Brandi's mouth, from my asshole all the way up to my clit and back, smearing her face with my pussy juice.

I shortened my strokes to focus her lips and tongue on my clit. I gave little mews of pleasure so the camera would know Brandi was eating her little girl. Suddenly the knowledge that men's hands would be gripping their shafts and working their heads, that sperm was going to boil up in their balls and come shooting out, because they were watching me get my pussy eaten—that men would be cumming because they were watching me fuck—increased my excitement almost as if I were tasting their cum squirting onto my tongue.

I licked my lips, imagining all those hundreds, thousands, of cocks, shooting beautiful white cum, cocks cumming for me. Brandi could feel me heating up, and redoubled her tongue's assault on my clitty; the script didn't call for a Cindy-gasm here, but I sure as fuck did! People say my orgasms are something to feel, up close, and I guess they're right.

The camera man zoomed in on my face, the director let it roll, Tommy reached out and twisted the nipples on my little, bouncing tits, and I saw a crew member jerking off, staring at me. As the white cum leaked from his cockhead, I climaxed, drenched in my imagination with the cum of all those cocks.

"Cut! Very nice, Cindy. Inspiring. Good support work, Brandi, Tom. Nice improvising. Take ten, freshen up. Then let's take it from Cindy being too tight for Tommy, and Brandi showing her how to deepthroat to get him slick. Follow the script the best you can Cindy, but you're doing fine; on balance it's better for you to be overexcited than underexcited, right? Learn to cum like that on cue, and you'll be a fucking star, like Brandi." = = = = = = = = = = Take Five = = = = = = = milf with hairy pussy from milfsexdating net squirting amateur = = "Quite a rush, isn't it?" Brandi asked me, smiling warmly, "the first time you realize all those guys are cumming out there somewhere, because of you." "How did you know what I was thinking about??" She laughed, softly but openly.

"I was eating you, and you liked it, but you were nowhere near cumming. You began moaning for the camera, and your little motor just started to rev. It had to be something up here:" she tapped her head.

"That can be anything, but you didn't feel far away, like a girl lost in fantasy. You felt right here, like something we were doing, right now, was really turning you on.

It was either me or the camera, and it wasn't all me." "Actually, you pushed me over the edge. You really know how to eat pussy!" . She grinned. "A girl tries. You taste good." "I bet you say that to all the girls," I deadpanned.

She belly laughed. "I do.

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I do." She shook her head. "I think you're the real deal, chicka. You were born to fuck on camera. If you want, I can have them let a couple of my fans in to jerk it while they watch you perform. Would that excite you?" I felt a happy buzz in my whole crotch. I touched my mound. "Mrs. Happy Pants says yes." She snorted. "I like you, kid.

Come fuck me when we're done shooting?" I swallowed. "Y-y. sure!" She licked her lips. "I'm going to enjoy working with you Cindy." She glanced at the director. "I'll have a word with Mister Mister about getting some dicks shooting on the set when the script calls for you to climax." I knew at that moment that Brandi would be my friend for life.

= = = = = = = = = = Act I take 2 = = = = = = = = = = I laid myself on the edge of the bed, my open legs dangling, with Brandi supporting me from behind, her big, firm tits rubbing against my back and shoulders, her warm hands cupping my little breasts, letting my nipples slip through between her fingers, and gently squeezing them. "Does this feel good, kitten?" "Oh, yes, Mommy." "Is it making you wet?" "Oh, so wet." "Now play with your love button, baby. That will make you even wetter, and it will make Tommy's cock feel better when he's inside you, better for both of you." "Oh, oh, oh, Mommy, Mommy!

It feels so naughty! It feels so, oh, oh, so go-ood!" "Now, Tommy, put that big beautiful cock in my baby's tight little pussy.

She's wet. She's ready. Easy now. Start slow." Tom rubbed the head of his thick cock back and forth in my entrance. "That's it. Make the head wet. Rub it in. Now, push. Push that big dick into her tight little pussy." Tom pressed his rod about an inch into me, parting my pussy lips around his fat cockhead, lodging it in the opening to my cunt. He pretended to shove, then shook his head. "It's stuck!" "I'm too little!" I wailed.

"It will fit," Brandi reassured us. "But Tommy's cock is very big, and your pussy is very tight. Now those are both GOOD things, but we have to get Tommy really slippery so he can slide into you. Would you like me to show you how, baby?" I nodded solemnly. "Have you ever put Tommy's cock in your mouth before, baby?" I nodded shyly. "Yes. Part way." "Show me." We sat Tom on the edge of the bed with his head lying back and his legs spread.

Brandi and I knelt between his legs, one of us on each side of his cock. The camera pulled in, so the screen was entirely filled by our faces and breasts, framing a big, hard, throbbing dick and a pair of balls. I could see us in the mirror. We looked so hot: a mother and daughter about to devour a huge male member.

I awkwardly took the tip of his giant cock in my mouth, gave it a big wet kiss, then sucked my way up and down the outside of his shaft. Brandi joined me and we took turns licking the shaft and sucking the tip, until it was glistening with our saliva.

The taste of Tom's cock and the nearness of Brandi's mouth was making my quim quiver. "Now take it in your mouth, baby, as deep as you can." I made a show of stretching my mouth wide and pushed my lips over the whole head of his big, hot dick, sucking it completely into my mouth.

I looked into the camera. It zoomed in to show my wide-eyed face, my mouth stuffed full of a fat cock head, with a good eight inches of thick shaft still sticking out of me, reddish and veiny against my pale skin and pink lips.

I looked a kitten who was trying to swallow a huge snake, and just beginning to realize her mistake. "To get a man's dick really juicy, you need to use the extra slippery saliva deep in your throat. Can you take Tommy's dick down your throat, baby?" "Mm-mm." I shook my head emphatically. "Yes, you can. And it's about time you learned. Here. Let me show you." Brandi took Tom's cock from my mouth and turned, placing her face in profile. Then, graceful as a sword swallower, she slid her whole head over his prick and then down, down.

all the way down, until her lips kissed his ball sack, and you could see the outline of his cockhead distending her throat. She smiled contentedly with her lips around the base of his cock, and sucked. Her mouth came off slowly, causing his member to emerge from her moist lips bit by bit, appearing longer and incredibly longer. Finally the head popped out, trailing thick strands of saliva.

She wrapped the strands around his shaft with her hand and gasped for air, smiling with delight. "Just like that, baby! Now you do it.

I'll help you. That's it. Put the head of his cock in your mouth. Down you go…" She held my head firmly, pushing it down onto that long, fat dick. My mouth was watering. I wanted so badly to kiesha kane takes it up the ass it all the way down, hold it tight at the back of my throat and swallow it--but instead I made a show of stopping every few inches, gagging and trying to break free, making squealing noises.

Brandi smiled and shook her head at my childishness. "Tommy, help me," Brandi suggested. "She's fighting it." Now a man's strong hands gripped me by my pigtails, impaling my mouth and throat on that monster dong. "All the way down, young lady!" Brandi admonished me. "Tommy, show my little girl how to treat a man's cock the way a woman should!" Tom shoved me forcefully down on his massive dick until he was hilt deep, held me there while I squirmed and my face reddened, then pulled me back off.

I came up coughing and drooling, with tears in my eyes. "Much better. Again, young lady." I tried to look alarmed and pretended to struggle as Tom thrust my face down onto his dick again, sticking it all the way down my throat. Then he did it again, and again, while my apparent resistance grew weaker and weaker, until I finally succumbed, and allowed his huge shaft to slide in and out the whole length of my throat without balking.

I submissively let him throat-fuck me for as long as he wanted, until he pulled his dick out slathered in thick, slimy drool and held it in front of my face. I gave a shy, sloppy smile of triumph. "Now, fuck my little angel in her tight little pussy with that big, slippery prick." They bent me over the bed then, and Tom shoved that big fat shaft of meat into my tight little cunny from behind.

I gasped and squealed, then began to moan in genuine lust as his massive cock filled me and stretched me, plunging deep into me, time after time. "Yes!" I finally cried. "Oh, yes! Fuck me! Oh, god! It feels so good. Deeper. Deeper!" Then the full-on pussy pounding began, doggy style. I was stuffed tight, pushed full, widened and reamed, nonstop, for a quarter of an hour, whimpering with pleasure the whole time, while Brandi stroked his balls and gently stimulated my clit, the very picture of maternal solicitude.

My little cunt had seldom been fucked anything like this, and Tom couldn't get enough of my close-fitting twat squeezing his long shaft.

Then it was Brandi's turn, and her cunt was hungry to be filled by that big, hard cock again. She bent over the bed and Tom fucked the living shit out of her from behind. His balls smacked into her perfect heart-shaped ass, slap-slap-slap! I climbed onto the bed and sat with my legs splayed in front of Brandi's mouth. She sucked and licked my clit with affectionate expertise and obvious pleasure while Tom slammed into her from behind, making her big tits swing and sway enticingly and pushing her face deeper into my crotch each time he drove it into her.

She continued to eat me enthusiastically the whole time. Then Tom began to alternate between fucking her pussy and fucking her ass, plunging into one from the other, using her pussy juice to lubricate his passage up her ass. That was my cue to cum. "Yes, Tommy! Fuck my Mommy's ass and pussy! Oh, Mommy, yes! Eat my pussy! Make me cum, Mommy! Oh, oh, make me cum!" I cried, wriggling my ass in unfeigned pleasure. Brandi did everything a woman's mouth could do to bring me off, sucking, swirling her tongue, humming, popping my clit in and out of her lips.

She was giving me one of the most exquisiite mouth-fuckings I've ever had. I could feel the edge of approaching orgasm, but I couldn't quite reach it yet. I looked up and saw two of Brandi's fans on the set, openly masturbating as they watched us.

I took Brandi by the hair and pulled her mouth onto my cunt. Their dicks stiffened visibly. I horny guy has a fun time with cute japanese teen sana anzyu when she sucks his h hotter and Brandy felt it. She stoked the fire inside me with her mouth, sucking harder. punishing my clit with her tongue. "Oh, Mommy, Mommy!" I begged, "Make me cum! Make me cum in your mouth!" Semen shot from the first man's penis onto his hand as he stared at my hard pink nipples and the look of carnal ecstasy on my face as Brandi ate me while her ass was being fucked.

I locked eyes with the other man stroking himself, opened my mouth, licked my lips, and imagined him shooting his hot load of sperm into my mouth. Brandi sucked hard on my clitoris, and this time I could feel my orgasm building inside, coming closer. I looked straight into the second masturbating man's eyes, feeling like a total slut.

"I''m cumming, Mommy! I'm cumming!" I cried, still making eye contact. He came then and, almost simultaneously, so did I, convulsing in ecstasy on the tip of Brandi's swirling tongue. She sucked tenderly on my clit, milking my orgasm through wave after wave.

It was amazing. It was contagious. "Ohhh, fuck!" Tom cried out, "I'm gonna cummmm!" That was my next cue: I slithered up Brandi's back until my chin was resting on her ass, looking down her crack at Tom's plunging member.

He pulled his dick out of her gaping asshole and thrust ava rose the feel good nurse hookxup up her groove, into my waiting mouth. I sucked on it hungrily, tasting the bitter persimmon flavor of Brandi's ass on his shaft.

He pulled his cock back down and stuffed it into Brandi's dripping cunt, then brought it to my mouth again.

I slurped it in, this time tasting Brandi's pussy secretions mixed with Tom's seeping pre-cum. His balls tightened. I could feel his cock getting harder, vibrating. "I'm cumming!" he shouted. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, already pulsing, shooting thick streams of pearl-white cum up the crack of Brandi's ass, pooling on the small of her back, spurting jets of semen up onto my face, some landing on my outthrust tongue or flying into my wide-open mouth.

His semen was delicious, like garlic butter and Gorgonzola cheese on dill rye. My tongue darted eagerly to gather in cum drops. Brandi reached between her legs to feel the dripping cum with her fingers. I licked and sucked her fingers clean, then licked the warm cum off her ass and back. She turned around and we both knelt on the carpet, excited attractive babes fuck with every other Tom's big cock with our tongues and sharing his slippery sperm with deep, incestuous, mother-daughter kisses.

Our mouths opened and Brandi's tongue visibly wrapped around mine, both coated in Tom's thick creamy semen. Brandi and I leaned our heads together, specks of cum spattered on our faces, a huge spent cock nestled between us, and smiled contentedly at the camera.

Brandi winked. "Cut! Print. Wrap it up. You, Katy, come over here and suck my dick, would you, sweetheart? I'm harder than fucking Chinese algebra right now! "Oooh yeah, Katy. Fuck yes! Brandi, you take good care of that little girl. You two have a lot of fucking ahead. Great job, Cindy. This one's for you: Uh-uh-uh, fuck, yes, OH! GOD! I'M CUMMING! "Unh. Thanks Katy. That was good.

Wipe up and go join the party. Great job, everyone! Nice shooting, Tom." The crew quickly packed away the lights and sound gear, anxious to join the after-party. "Come on," said Brandi, putting her arm around me, "I want to fuck you. And," she smiled conspiratorially, "we have a little initiation. Are you ready for a cum shower, Cindy?" "I am so ready. I want to bathe in cum while fucking you in front of everyone." She swept me breathlessly into a bedroom.

Men were already gathering around. I felt so much heat coming from my groin that I thought my pussy might burst into flames. I was going to fuck Brandi Luuve, while they watched and masturbated. And I knew their warm cum would shower down on me while I climaxed.

I could almost feel it already. I was feeding on their lust, and they were feeding on mine. "Just relax and enjoy, Cindy. This is your porn star initiation--it's kind of a tradition when a new headliner joins 'Mommy, May I?' for the first time." "Headliner?

This was a screen test, I thought." "Honey, you passed the screen test when you rubbed yourself with the lollipop. The main sound guy almost creamed. Didn't you hear our masterful director say 'print'? It means this one's going into production. A lot nicer payday than for a screen test. "Now then," she said, guiding my lips to her nipple, "why don't you start with this?" I finally got what guys love about big tits.

I could suck all that my mouth could hold, no limit, bite her nipple while I brushed my cheeks against the swell of her breast, bury my face in their perfect softness. "If I had a cock I'd want to fuck these," I told her, lovingly squeezing her pair together and planting kisses on both.

"If you had a cock I'd already be tit-fucking you," she assured me. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me onto the bed with her, laughing. We kissed, and caressed each other, and Brandy swapped ends and rolled me on top. I was looking down into her beautiful cunt while she suckled my clit, when Tom tapped me on on the buttock and asked "May I?" "Mm-hmm," I answered, with my mouth full of sweet Brandi pussy. Tom spread my cheeks, drooled copiously into my spread asshole, fitted his cock head into my anus, and began to slowly ass-fuck me, giving a contented sigh.

God he was big. My ass felt so full, Brandi's cunt was so warm and flavorful, and her tongue so knowing and wanton. I brought Brandi to orgasm first. To lie on top of her, with her sex in my mouth—while she climaxed—was a little taste of heaven.

Then Brandi revved up her tongue, Tom switched to pounding my ass with his pile-driver of a giant cock, and when he came, shooting warm sperm deep up my ass, I handjob using her feet too from brunette milf on couch too, with Brandi's loving tongue milking me for every spasm of joy.

I was like a rag doll. Tom pulled out and I felt his cum running out of my asshole and dripping down my legs; Brandi rolled me again, onto the bottom this time, and turned around to face me. "Nice fuck?" she asked warmly. "Really nice. You?" She threw her head back and laughed.

"You are so sweet. I could fuck you for days." She looked into my eyes. "I will, too." We kissed, long and deep. "Now," she said, "your initiation. We gather around and you masturbate. Just you, with us watching. You get turned on being watched, we get turned on watching.

You cum, the crew covers you in semen, I autograph you, and we take a picture for the guys to enjoy. If you're hot enough, the guys will jack off later and cum on your picture. Are you up for it?" I nodded. "Yes." Even a day before, I would have said 'no', I couldn't cum masturbating alone. But something during the porn shoot had opened a door inside of me. I didn't need a cock in my mouth or my ass to cum now.

I didn't need anyone even touching me. I could feed off the heat of people watching me, feel their arousal grow with my own, and bring myself to orgasm, to experience the pleasure and lust of my own sex, and to share it.

Especially knowing that it would make people cum while watching me. Brandi brought out a flexible two-headed dildo with a vibrator attachment. I laid on my back and spread sex sunny leone sex com legs. Brandi wet one end of the dildo with her mouth and fed it into my cunt.

She sucked and slurped on the other end and fitted it into my ass. "Fuck yourself in both holes," she instructed. Turn it on when you're close." Brandi stepped back, and all the lights went out, except a single spotlight, on me. I couldn't see anyone else, but I could feel them.

I languorously stroked myself from hips to breasts, fondled my nipples, squirmed, and began to work the two-headed dildo in my ass and cunt at the same time. It gave me a delicious, heady feeling and I moaned, finding my clitoris with one hand and pumping the dildo in and out with the other.

I heard an echoing moan from more than one throat, and the soft slapping sound of rapidly stroked cocks. I could smell the maleness in the hot room, and it turned me on.

I felt dirty, slutty, exposed. I felt myself on the trembling brink of orgasm. I switched on the vibrator attachment.

Holy fucking mother of god. The thrumming went completely through me, seeming to emanate from deep in my ass, the whole length of my cunt, and my clitoris, all at once. I gave a hoarse scream, arched my back, started to cum, and kept on cumming. And still kept cumming. Hot semen began to splash on my belly, chest, legs, and face. It was like warm rain in the middle of a lightning storm, while lightning struck again and again, wrenching my whole body in a paroxysm of pure joy.

I may have passed out. I sure as hell went somewhere else for a while. When I was aware of my surroundings again, the light was dim and Brandi was leaning over me, switching off the vibrator. She pulled out the dildo with a squish and a plop. I laid there, legs spread, vagina exposed, asshole gaping., covered completely in cum.

Brandi licked a finger, then used it to boldly sign her stage name on my belly, written in the layers of cum coating my skin. There was a flash and a shutter click. She offered me a hand up, and led me off to a steamy shower together. I was fucked out, but Brandi is pretty much insatiable, so I ate her leaning against the shower wall, on my knees with warm soapy water flowing down my back, while Brandi shampooed my hair, then wrapped her fingers in it when she came.

It's an after-shoot treat that we often share now. We've made twelve movies a year for the last five years. I'm not getting rich, but the hours are flexible, so Alex and I get to spend a lot of time with our daughters, and I like the work.

Alex makes more money than I do, from teaching at the U and a trickle of book royalties. They rejected her senior thesis, but she reworked it into a self-help book, "Freeing Your Inner Slut," that was a bestseller briefly. It also served as the core of her doctoral thesis, which led to a teaching asian dick rider gets cum in her mouth. Offstage, my sex life is pretty much just Alex now, except for the rare three-way with John.

On the set, I still eat a lot of cock and pussy, suck up a lot of cum, take cum showers, and enjoy being fucked in all three holes, teen babe kharlie stone shared her horny bf with her stepmom one or two at a time (all three simultaneously once, but that's another story for another time).

And every time I walk onto the set, I find that picture somewhere—in my dressing room, taped to the bathroom mirror, in my chair, I never know—that picture of me, naked, sprawled and gaping, cum leaking out my ass and coating my face, signed by Brandi with a flourish in the layer of white splooge on my belly.

It's always a fresh print, with actual cum on it—sometimes dried stains, sometimes fresh. And it always makes me feel good, about my work and about who I am. I'm an exhibitionist slut. I suck cock, eat pussy, and fuck in public, I make people cum. It's what I do. It's who I am. And I fucking love it.