Mom and son story french

Mom and son story french
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Well now its time for some quiet time as my wife and mother in law are on the plane and on their way to Vegas.

On the way home I stop at the LCBO and grab a 26er and a two four as well as I am going to enjoy the peace and quiet. The three kids are all off with different sitters for the next four days as I must work odd hours. I unwrap a nice thick T-bone and cut some veggies to roast on the grill and finish off 4 of the beers as everything cooks. I sit at my coffee table eating and drinking shots with beer chasers to my heart's content and then after I clean everything up I go shower and then off to bed.

DING DING DING DING!!!!! Damn it somebody's ringing the friggen doorbell at 3am, I go downstairs and see a shadow at the door and I hear giggling out side the door as well. I'm fit to be tied now and ready to yell at some kids that think their funny. I open the door quickly and the shadow falls inside my door laughing as a bunch of girls run down the driveway yelling "Sorry but we can't bring her home like that as she will get into shit with her husband!" I look down and there on the floor drunk as a skunk and still giggling black wife stretches her ass on cam my step daughter Alicia.

I shake my head and reach down and pull her up and the smell of alcohol and weed hit me hard and I shake my head as I put my arm around her waist and ask her "why are you here?" She slurs out that Mark would be pissed if she came home like this and she thought it would be better if she stayed her for the night and slept it off. Fine, I grab her around the waist and pull her arm over my shoulder and we manage to start climbing the stairs up to her sisters' room but after a few steps up she starts to slip, and I grab a better hold, so she doesn't fall and my hand grabs her by the side of her right breast and I can feel the swell of it along my fingers.

We stop and steady ourselves for a second till I reach down behind her legs and pick her up and carry her to the room. She nuzzles into my neck as I carry her and moans somewhat. I get to the bed and lay her out on it and turn out the lights and say good night, but she says, "Matt stay a few minutes with me, I don't feel to good" and she starts to heave, and I grab the trash can besides the bed and she brings up everything she had that night, its in her hair now and I can't leave it, or the smell will be awful.

I go and turn on the shower and get it good and warm and help her into the bathroom and she says she can do it herself but after a few minutes I hear the loud crash and rush in to her halfway in the shower with one leg still in her pants and nothing else on.

I reach down and pull off the pants and the thong she had on and help her into the tub where she just lies there letting the water rain down on her. Fuck this I say out loud and I take the shower off the hook and start spraying her down getting her hair good and wet, I grab the shampoo and start washing her hair letting the lather run down her body and that's when I really noticed that she was a very hot sexy young lady.

Her breast was just the right size with perfect little nipples that were hard and red from the water running across them.

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I watched the soap hardcore shag plus foxy redhead in tights average tits stockings down across her tummy to her clean-shaven pussy. I rinsed out all the shampoo and thought I better get up and get out of there since I just realized I was only in my boxers sporting a nice size erection and I didn't want her to see that. As I got up I slipped on the water on the floor and ended up right in the tub on top of her!

I push myself up and off her and stood up in the tub wiping the water out of my eyes when suddenly, I feel a hand on my hard cock stroking it gently. I shake my head to clear my thoughts and look down just as Alicia brings my cock to her lips and darts her tongue and runs it all the way from the base to the tip.

I'm not huge by any means but I am 7 ½ but thick. When she gets to the tip she looks up into my eyes smiles and slowly slides her mouth down my cock making me groan loudly.

She bobs up and down alternating between quick and slowly and I must admit it's the best blow job I've ever had.

As she works on my cock I look over her and notice her amazing nipples again and when I reach down and run my fingers over the left one she moans on my cock making me twitch inside her mouth. Her nipple is rock hard, and I tweak it between my fingers and she increases her suction on my cock making me moan out again. I sit on the side of the tub making it easier for both of us as she now cups my balls and caresses them as she is bobbing her head.

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I reach over her and rub her back and follow the curve down to her sweet looking ass. I slip a finger into the crack of her ass and she arches her back taking even more of cock down her throat. I can feel the cum boiling in my balls just waiting for the trigger to be pulled I tell her I'm close to cumming and she sucks me even more as her nose is all the way in my pubes.

The sensation is overwhelming, and I tell her again I'm about to cum, but she holds on to me and bobs faster and then it happens I moan out loud and push her head all the way down as I shoot rope after rope of sayaka tsuzi in pacman undies has her little furry muff teased by a vibrator down her throat and she swallows all but a little that escaped out of the corner of her mouth. She stays on my cock and brings it right back to life making it just as hard as it was earlier.

She pulls me into the tub and climbs over me till her pussy is just above my mouth and she lowers herself till my tongue reaches up and licks her from her ass to her clit. Her turn now to moan out loudly as I let my tongue do all the work and she humps my mouth while my nose hits her clit each time. All of a sudden she stops and moves down my chest and just looks at me as she scoots further down and I feel her ass as it hits my hard cock and she stops again just staring at me and then she leans down and kisses me gently at first and then with lots more passion as our tongues play with each other she raises her ass up and my cock slips down and right when its in the right spot she pushes back and I'm am balls deep in my step daughter, the feeling is indescribable the heat and tightness is perfect, she starts to move up and then slams back downI cant believe this I'm fucking my stepdaughter and she is the best fuck I've ever had.

Tight and the way she moves I can feel when her pussy grabs and squeezes me and I'm gonna cum again quickly. I moan loud as I cum deep inside of her and she shakes from hers at the same time. She gets up while I'm laying in the tub turns and washes herself off gets out dries off and goes to bed leaving me there wondering what the hell just happened?

In the morning the feeling and thoughts all rush back as I look into her room and she is still there sleeping I slip in and check on her and she stirs and wakes and says, "thank you" for taking care of me last night you didn't have to do anything, and you could've left anytime but I'm glad you didn't. if you want we might be able to do this again sometimes.

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Nothing else happened that day but there were other days that things did happen but those are a different story.