Warm teen pussy marica hase 4 tube porn

Warm teen pussy marica hase 4 tube porn
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I am not proud of this story, but I need to get it off my chest. I was moving into my first apartment as a junior in college. My 17 year old brother and a couple of friends helped me move. Per custom I paid them in beer and we had a pretty girlfriends kiss boyfriend first kiss party.

Eventually most of my friends left so it was just me, my brother, one of his friends and my new roommate. We were drinking pretty hard playing drinking games and our conversations were getting raunchy.

My brothers friend Todd, who was trying to score with my roommate, suggested strip poker. Drunk we all agreed and had fun for a bit. None of us ended up naked, the game ended before then.

I lost my shirt and bra, my roommate was down to panties only, my brother just lost his shirt and Todd was down to his boxers. Todd and my roommate had enough and slipped away to her room. Before long we heard them fucking in there and couldn't believe it. We were laughing at them as we went to the couch to keep drinking. I could feel myself getting wet listening to the sounds of sex coming from the next room, I could tell my brother was reacting to it as well.

Neither one of us put our cloths back on before we went back.

I barely noticed my brother staring at my firm 34b tits. When we sat down my, I sat down first with him flopping next to me. As he flopped his drink splashed on me, soaking my tits and running down my stomach into my shorts. Without thinking my brother started trying to wipe it up off me. When he realized what he was doing he blushed, with my tit still in his hand, and apologized.

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I told him it was OK, then admitted it felt kind of nice. I always have liked my tits played with. He started rubbing taking a dick as punishment is ok for cutie stealer tits again, and I let him. It was awkward at first, knowing it was my brother doing the feeling, but he was good at it.

By now the drink had completely soaked my shorts, and my wet pussy had completely soaked my panties. He noticed and mumbled that we should get those wet shorts off me. I helped him strip me naked as he pulled my shorts and panties down. I couldn't believe I was doing this. He leaned in and started sucking my tits as he spread my legs to play with my shaved pussy. We both knew it was wrong, but we were both too horny and drunk to care.

I groaned as he slid two fingers inside me. I was so wet they slid in easily. As I started to cum he pulled his fingers out. He rolled to the side and I quickly helped him pull his pants off. I was surprised at how hung my brother was, he was at least 7 ½ long and fairly thick.

I wanted it in me, but did not want to know who it was attached to. I got up on the couch on all fours. He took the hint and approached me from behind. He guided himself into me, I moaned as he pushed in. He started fucking me from behind and I just took him in, feeling him fill me and feeling my orgasm build inside me. I came twice as he fucked me.

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He came once. With a grunt he started filling my pussy with his cum. Now I was pretty much a slut in those day so I was on birth control. I know that was not perfect protection so I always insisted on condoms when screwing a guy. I had xnx sex stories story hospital patient how good it felt to have cum shot deep inside me.

When he pulls out of me the realization of what happened hit me like a truck. I had my brother's cum leaking from my pussy. Suddenly embarrassed I got up and went to my room. I lay down on my bed and started crying. My brother came in and sat on the bed next to me, we were both still naked.

He asked why I was crying and I sobbed that I just fucked my brother, and worse I liked it. He agreed, and said that it was fun just because it was so wrong. I accepted that may be why I enjoyed it too, next thing I know we were kissing.

He was on the bed next to me and I kissed down his body. I took his now hard dick in my mouth. I could taste the mix of my pussy and his cum still there from the last time he was in me. That taste really turned me on as I sucked him. He groaned as he got close to cumming. He pulled my head back before he came, and started kissing me again. I was pushed back on the bed with him on top of me. He started sucking my tits again while fingering my pussy. I spread my legs further for him and pulled him onto me.

My pussy was still stretched from earlier, and with his cum still leaking out and the fingering he gave me his cock slid back in easily. He felt good inside me as he started fucking me faster.

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My tits were bouncing as he pounded my pussy, my orgasm was building fast. Grunting he started pumping cum into me again. The feeling set me off and I was having the most intense orgasm of the night. Exhausted I fell asleep with his cum leaking from me and running down my ass. When I woke up my brother was already up and making breakfast for the four of us. We could hardly look at each other, much less talk.

When I finally drove him back to our parents house we talked. While we admitted it was fun, we decided it was a little too weird to do again. We still give each other the knowing look at holidays, and our spouses comment on how close we seem to be.