Nasty brunette hard fingering and inserting masturbation

Nasty brunette hard fingering and inserting masturbation
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Gina was on her way to her favorite students home. Just two weeks ago she would never had made this walk especially the way she was dressed.

Underneath her trenchcoatGina wore a mini leather skirt ,a collar, short leash and 5 inch spiked heelsall bought by her husband Bill but requested by her master Jeff. Who she called sir when not in school. She had dressed very conservatively today at schoolbut Jeff was in her last class but she could tell that he was undressing her with his eyes.

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She was very excited cuz she was spending the weekend with Jeff. Bill would have to make do with receiving an occasional text & jerking off to the xxx action pics Jeff always sent him. Chapter 1 Jeff was smoking a joint as a fifty year old blonde with large tits with a bit of a sag sucked on his 10 inch prick.

He was casually watching a video where this 20 year old guy was dominating two ladies in their fifties. Tonight he was gonna do thatso he was watching to get some ideas. As his mom Sharon kept sucking his dickhe called out to his stepdad to get him a beer. Philip like Bill (Gina's husband ) was now also a ruby and amber eat each others twats and only got off by watching his wife with other men and women.

Tonight thoughPhilip would be filming his stepson dominating his mom and teacher. Philip left the room as Sharon kept sucking. On screen Jeff saw that cognate sex activities with big tits sisters and dreams maledom had collared both ladieshis would be collared also.Both ladies on screen had nipple rings & nose rings, dammit thought Jeffthat would have to be left for another day.

As for dog collars & leashes he had that covered and mom was already wearing 7 inch spiked heels that he had Philip buy her yesterday. So he had his mom kneel on the floor and he jerked a massive load of jism all over face. Just then the doorbell rang .Great just in time Jeff thought.

Chapter 2 Answer the doorbell, cumslut Jeff told his mom. Sharon did her best hooker walkwith her face still covered with her sons jizz and went and opened the door. "Oh hi Gina she's saidmaster said you'd be dropping by" As both women french kissed wildly knowing this is what Jeff wanted. Gina tasted some of Jeffs cum dripping from Sharons face.

As she ventured over to Jeff who was sitting on the living room sofa with the porn video playing in the backgroundGina undid her trenchcoat & as it fell on the floor it revealed her leather mini skirt, spiked heelscollar & short leash and her enormous 44dd breasts, she was not wearing a top.

Jeff was impressed, he told his mom whose face still was dripping with a little of his cum to get on all fours as he used his blonde mom/sexslave as a footstool. Chapter 3 Gina was holding Jeffs head as he sucked on her tits & nipples she tasted deliciousJeff loved the fact that he had hypnotized this married slut.

He was gonna fuck her tits later. But maybe he'd fuck her ass while mom gave him a rimjob & ball suck.

'hey Sharonhe said looking down at his mom go get some lube" Yes sir she responded. Chapter 4 Philip who had been filming what was going on, noticed his wifeleaving the scene to go to the washroom to get the lube, but he tory lane lesbian with strap on lesbian filming the masked man his stepson who now went back to playing with Ginas giant tits.

When Sharon returned, she handed her son some lube, & he began titfucking his teacher, Sharon stood by playing with her pussyAs Philip filmed the hardcore masterpiece. Jeff was now hard as a rock & decided it was time. Chapter 5 aaaaah, thhhats ssooo biiig sir screamed Gina as she took her students 10 inch dong up her shithole.

Her husband has a 5inch dick & he had only fucked her once a few years back but she didnt like it. But as more & more of Jeffs wang filled her ass Gina got more comfortable.

Soon like SharonGina's ass would also be gaped.

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Meanwhile behind himturned on& humiliated Sharon whose pussy was soaking wet was giving Jeff one of her patented rimjobs. Licking ass like it was an ice cream cone was becoming a norm in her lifeever since her son hypnotized her last month.

Sharon also loved when Jeff stuck his giant salami up her ass. She had become a freakshe gave Jeff a good morning bj in bedalmost everyday,Most of the time she slept in his room. Also a lot of times when Jeff drank his morning joeshe was underneath the table giving him breakfast head.

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Jeff had mentioned today that soon they would be getting into more of the bdsm lifestyle. And Philip was having a dungeon built in the basement as requested by JEFF. As momma Sharon licked ass she couldnt help son mom family incest taboo wet thinking about her submissive future.

Chapter 6 Jeff pulled out Ginas ass& shoved his prick in Sharons mouth, As moms head bobbed up & down Jeff made her practically choke as he roughly fucked her face.Gina couldnt help but play with her wet cunt. Soon both the teacher & mother were kneelingready for their creamy facial reward.

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As the wimpy shill of a man Philip kept filming his stepson Jeff. Jeff dumped a load of cum on both middle-age facesas the 2 mind-controlled cunts french-kissed exchanging their well-earned jism dessert