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Two lovely blondes have some strapon fun masturbation and big tits
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I woke up that morning like it was any other morning. Brushed my teeth. Brushed my hair before taking an extra-long shower, like I do when I have a late shift at the clinic.

Then I threw on a pair of jeans and a loose fitting t-shirt before heading out for the day. I wouldn't say I was going to work. I don't really work. I'm an organizer. I organize group meetings. Mostly groups of sex addicts or bdsm enthusiasts. Lately I'd been working for this new group calling themselves "The Children of the Fallen." I didn't ask what kind of group they were.

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All I knew was they needed a dark, secluded "dungeon" for their meetings. I couldn't really tell exactly what type of busty evie has her orgasmic beaver hammered they were by the items they were asking me to set up in their "dungeon." They were either a bdsm "household" (a large group of people into bdsm that did not openly accept new members) or they were a cult…which I try to avoid that at all costs because the last cult I dealt with tried to get me to join in on their orgy to summon their "dark master" or whatever.

Despite the fact that I couldn't tell what they were, I was happy that they hired me. They were paying me triple my normal fee per day for moving all of their shit into the dungeon I had procured for them. The room was basically an old bomb shelter, 2 stories underground (because just any old basement wouldn't do) with a small service elevator that was apparently built by the fucking Mayan out of wood and counterbalanced with boulders.

Goddamn that thing was fucking slow…anyway I digress. I had to get 2 of my part-time assistances to work full time to get all of their shit through that elevator and into the shelter.

Most of the stuff was small enough to get down the elevator either in the boxes they came in or fully assembled. After we got them downstairs, we set them up in the exact…EXACT…spot we were asked to put them.

Otherwise, I wouldn't get this huge bonus they promised me after the job was done. It took us 2 days to set up all of the shit they had given up.

It seemed like a bunch of normal bdsm club shit. St. Andrew's crosses, burgundy drapes, we had to build a throne seat and a platform in front of it. All signs pointed to bdsm club, and a very upscale one at that. Everything was really ornate. Drawings on the crosses and stage, the throne had gold inlays. Fancy shit. After all was set up, I had species sex scene the ring of impurity 2 hours to get the head people of the club to come in and make sure everything was to their satisfaction.

I gave them a call once we were done and they arrived eerily soon after I hung up the phone with them. The man and woman walked in were beautiful…and I'm all for the ladies. The man had a burgundy shirt with a tight set of leather pants. The dude was built too. Like a brick house. And the woman hanging on his arm was a bombshell.

She had jet black curly hair with a huge pair of tits and an ass that you could use as table. I found myself getting hard just looking at her. I showed them the work we did for them and they seemed impressed. "Where are the people who helped you set all of this up," asked the woman.

"We would want to thank them for the outstanding work they've done here as well and give them a tip for working so diligently over the past few days with you." I had already sent them home for the day, but at the first mention of a tip, the shot back to the site without second thought.

I had this one in the bag. I was going to go to the bank on this one. I might even be able to expand my business. That's all that kept running through my mind. Then the guy pulled me off to the side and started asking me all these questions. What I thought we were doing, what we thought of the artwork and the equipment we had strung up, if we had done work like this before. I answered honestly. I didn't think anything bad would come of it. That is apparently where I was dead wrong.

He leaned in close to ask me something "secretly" and placed his hand on the back of my neck. He said, "I'm really sorry about the trouble, but we can't have anything go wrong tonight." I nodded in agreement. Then I felt a stab of something hitting me in the stomach. A syringe. My abs felt like they were on fire, then I didn't feel anything. I remember a few snipits of the next few hours.

All weird shit. People with masks. People fucking. People cutting one another and licking the blood. A single thought ran through my head for hours. "Please, for the love of God, don't let these be the stupid people who think they're vampires." That same thought over and over for what seemed like an eternity. I smelled incense and either sweat or fuck-juices…or both. Probably both. I must have been there for hours.

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When I finally came to my senses, I realized exactly what was going on…CULT…fucking CULT. I was hanging off of a St. Andrew's cross with my shirt ripped off halfway and a splitting headache. I saw my 2 assistants on crosses on either side of me. They were both awake looking scared shitless. "What happened?" I asked. They explained to me everything that they had seen.

The sex, the beatings, the rituals. All of it…well all they could remember. "Hey!" I called out. "Hey fuckers!" The room went silent. All eyes, or eyes that weren't either blindfolded or tied in the opposite direction, were now on me. "Let us go!" I yelled at the man I had met before. He spoke to me in a deep voice. "But you've only just woken up. Why would you want to leave? We have plans for you. Grand plans that I'm sure you will want to see and be a part of." "I have my own plans.

I don't need you to tell me what I would like to be part of." I had hoped a softer touch would get us out of this predicament we were in. "Just let us go and you can continue with your fuck fest." "I'm afraid I can't do that young man. You've seen too much. You know too much. All of you do." "We don't know shit!" cried out Gary, one of my assistants.

"Just let us go man. I just want to go home." He began to cry. He was afraid. "Oh no," said the leader. "Don't cry." He jumped off of his throne chair and hovered over to the boy's side, his now robed figure, floating across the floor. He grabbed the boy's chained arm and stroked it gently.

"Why are you crying? If only you could see what is ahead. Great orgasm in hairy pussy you will become.

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There is no need to fear. Trust us.

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We will lead you to happiness and a world where you will feel no pain." He smiled at him and patted him on the head, then he turned to me and whispered in my ear, "I hate to lie to the boy…but I want him calm for now…you are the only one who is getting out of this with your life." I then felt a prick in my stomach and a burning sensation…another fucking needle.

I felt myself fading. Everything went dark. This was going to be a long night…and I don't know if I was going to survive it.