Boyfrends bang cute beautiful chicks pornstar hardcore

Boyfrends bang cute beautiful chicks pornstar hardcore
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Part 2 I was almost too excited to sleep that night. I had just cum deep in my sister's pussy for the second time in a matter of hours. She was now crunched up between me and Vlad. Vlad was sleeping like a baby. I groped my sister's big tits from behind, Brazzers story sex in sex storiesvom loved how soft they felt.

I moved one had down her toned stomach before reaching her juicy ass cheek and giving it a squeeze. I couldn't believe how Kayleigh had such amazing curves and such a thin waist. She had the body that every man would dream of. I couldn't believe her sexy body was all mine now, for the weekend at least. I knew that I had to make every second count. I reflected on all that had happened that day, and was imagining what I wanted to do with Kayleigh the next day. Her pussy felt so good, so did her mouth, and every other inch of her body.

I was almost getting hard just thinking about the experiences that I had with her. But oddly, while I loved using her body myself, I couldn't believe how turned on I got from seeing Vlad fuck Kayleigh. There was something about a babe like Kayleigh being forced to have sex with a monstrously ugly guy that she would normally scoff at, that turned me on. Knowing how repulsed Kayleigh was by Vlad, and that she was still letting him have his way completely with her, mentally reinforced to me how utterly under our control she was.

It was like a fierce tigress who had been trained to be completely submissive. I also liked the idea of my sister "repaying" Vlad and I for all the times she was a bitch to us at school. Just then, a thought hit me. Vlad wasn't my only friend that Kayleigh and her friends tormented.

My whole group of friends had to deal with the consequences of being the target of Kayleigh's bullying. I thought about how turned on I was by seeing Kayleigh with Vlad, I got an instant boner thinking about having Kayleigh being forced to have group sex with our whole friend group. I also couldn't imagine the shock on my friends' faces when they saw how submissive Kayleigh now was.

It was the middle of the night, but these thoughts were making me hard. I had to do something about my boner. I smiled, luckily I had the world's best sex toy sleeping beside me. I turned Kayleigh onto her back suddenly. She roused slowly. I got on top of my sister and split her legs open. She groggily groaned, I'm sure she couldn't believe that I was wanting to fuck her again. Poor girl, she probably had just fallen asleep and had momentarily forgotten the predicament she was in. I whispered into her ear "wake up sis, bro needs this pussy again." She said nothing.

I locked lips with her as my dick slipped into her tight pussy again. I fucked her hard for seemingly half an hour, my endurance was through the roof due to how many times I had come that day.

I couldn't help but notice that Kayleigh was softly moaning. I smiled at her "I knew you would start to enjoy this babe." She again said nothing.

She looked angry momentarily before her eyes rolled back and she started to softly moan again. Finally, I came inside her again. I rolled her body back into Vlad's arms, who was hilariously still soundly asleep and snoring. Almost stockinged mature riding large toy in bed his arms wrapped around her slim waist and brought her in close to his fat body.

His hands eventually made their way to her large breasts and squeezed. I laughed at this as I got out of bed.

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I took a picture of the comical scene. Thinking about the fantasy that had sparked my erection in the first place. I went to my phone, and sent a text to my group chat. I told them that they had to come over the next day for the opportunity of a lifetime. I explained that any of them who missed this would seriously regret it. I got some questions right away from some of my friends who were still up, but I simply left it at that. I wanted it to remain the ultimate surprise for them.

I dozed off to sleep, with my hand on Kayleigh's breasts, imagining sharing her with all of my friends. Vlad had his big hands over Kayleigh's juicy ass cheeks. I knew that Kayleigh was pretending to sleep, but I knew there was no way that she could be sleeping. Vlad xxx ebony desi story sex stories I woke up pretty early the next day.

It was amazing how little sleep you need when you're so sexually charged. Vlad woke up from a deep sleep, he was almost shocked that he had Kayleigh's naked body cuddled up next to him, with his hands on her ass cheeks. "Mm a guy could get used to waking up to this." He giggled. He looked down, his dick was rock hard.

"I always fantasized about having a girl like this take care of my morning wood." "She's all yours buddy, I fucked her twice over night, and you slept right through it!." I laughed. He squeezed her ass cheek before giving it a sharp slap. "Take care of this morning wood for me slut." He exclaimed. Kayleigh again groggily started to rouse.

Another sharp smack was delivered to her ass cheek, causing her to yelp. Vlad was not as gentle as I was with Kayleigh. Although I was never the looker, I at least was not hideous. Vlad was though, and for his entire life had been brutally rejected by all girls, even the modest looking ones. Hidden camera on massage parlor I know he had resentment for Kayleigh specifically for her bullying, he had a larger resentment to women in general for their persistent rejection.

I knew this was behind some of his rough treatment of Kayleigh.

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But to be honest, it turned me on seeing him being rough with her. Again, it reinforced how utterly in our control she was. Vlad forced Kayleigh's head down on to his thick cock.

She knew what to do at this point. Vlad's eyes rolled back in pleasure as Kayleigh wrapped her lips around his cock and started bobbing. "That's it, lick the nuts slut." He cooed as she followed his instructions. Soon his grip on big cock for a hairy tight cum hole hardcore blowjob hair tightened. He forced her head all the way down on his cock, and gyrated as he cummed in Kayleigh's throat. "You are the best cock sucker in the world babe." He sighed Kayleigh coughed as she rolled her face off of his cock.

Her mouth and throat full of sticky white cum. Of course I had videotaped the entire encounter. I wanted every second of each depraved act this weekend to be recorded.

"Alright babe now be a good girl and make us some breakfast." Vlad laughed before delivering another sharp smack to her luscious bottom. Kayleigh drowsily got up and walked downstairs to the kitchen. She rubbed her reddened ass cheek, it must have burned in pain. Vlad and I ogled at her ass cheek's delicious jiggle with each step as she walked away. We looked at each other in awe, we both still couldn't believe the situation that we had set up for ourselves.

We made our way downstairs and watched some TV. Kayleigh had made us some eggs and bacon. Again, this was so unlike her. She was raised as a spoiled brat, being waited on by our parents when they were home.

Now she was forced to cook, serve and please us in every way. "It's a good thing you're a good cock sucker because your cooking sucks ass." Vlad jeered at her Kayleigh simply looked away in defeat. I laughed inside, Vlad had hungrily chowed down Kayleigh's cooking, even if it didn't taste that good to him.

I'm sure he was just trying to demean her as much as possible. After we ate our breakfast in bed Vlad decided that he needed some pussy so he ordered Kayleigh to get on all fours on the living room carpet in front of the TV. She instinctively stuck her ass up. "Damn sis you're better than anything on TV." I said as I turned the TV off. Vlad and I's mouth watered looking at the sexy babe in front of us presenting herself. Vlad moaned as he approached her ass and buried his face in her ass.

He started licking her pussy from behind. He was snorting and slobbering. I couldn't help but imagine a pig eating out this babe's pussy and ass from behind. I set up nasty playgirl is ready for perverted scene hardcore and blowjob camcorder and focused on Kayleigh's face.

She closed her eyes, and I couldn't help again but notice that she was softly moaning. "This bitch is getting wet." Vlad snorted "I knew you were a slut." He jeered as he smacked her ass again. I was horny watching this scene. I walked up to her and presented my dick in front of her.

She reached up for it and put it in her mouth and started sucking like the pro she was becoming. Vlad couldn't take much more, he stood up and grabbed her by the hips. He started nailing her pussy from behind. I Vlad had a vicious look on his face as he grabbed and Kayleigh's hips and was fucking at full speed. Kayleigh would have screamed but her mouth was stuffed by my cock. I exploded in her mouth and a short while after Vlad exploded on her tits, forcing her to slurp it up again.

"Now take a shower and get dressed Kayls, we are expecting company." I said She looked confused as she went into the shower, so did Vlad. I explained to him the plan to get our friends involved in the picture, and he loved it as much as I did.

The doorbell rang. It was my friends that I had invited the night before. There was Sukh an overweight brown guy, Chris a pimply white kid, Zack a small Asian kid and Greg an ugly white kind that looked kind of like Vlad.

The guys were curious as to what this opportunity was. They were almost demanding answers. I just told them to wait and they would see. Vlad reinforced that this was well worth the wait. We hung out in the living room until we heard the bathroom door open. I yelled "Kayleigh come down here!" She did and to her shock there were now six boys waiting for sexy amateur teen candid beach private topless shooting. She began to blush as she recognized all these boys as nerds that she and her friends were repulsed by in high school.

She had a knot in her stomach, as she knew what this would result in, it was only a matter of time.

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I laughed inside at the state of her dress. She was now fully dressed. It seemed like she appreciated wearing clothes after that privilege was taken away from her for a night. She was wearing a jacket on top of a sweater and baggy pants.

I knew that she knew that we would not let this state of dress last for long. I could see some of my friends tense up seeing her. Some of them saying hi shyly. Kayleigh simply gave a nervous smile back. In one form or another all of these guys were intimidated by my sister. I looked around "Guys, Kayleigh and I have been talking. Now that high school is over, and we are all adults, she wants to extend an olive branch.

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She feels really bad about the way she treated us throughout the years, and wants to make it up to us, don't you Kayls?" "Yeah David, I sure do feel bad about that stuff." She said unenthusiastically.

This put the guys at ease a bit, but I know they were still wondering what the hell they were doing here. Vlad added "So why not strengthen our new found friendship by playing a game together. How about Dare guys?" The guys giggled, exclaiming frustration at coming over to play such a childish game. I thought I would explain the rules of this special game.

I stood up, put my hand on Kayleigh's shoulders and walked her to the middle of the circle. "This is a special kind of game of Dare gentlemen, all dares will be directed towards Kayleigh, anything goes, and she doesn't get a turn.

I will start off." The guys looked intrigued, but I could tell they still didn't get why I invited them over here, and perhaps rightfully so. I myself could barely believe what we were about to do. I said "Take off your jacket Kayls." Kayleigh gulped, but almost in an instant her jacket dropped to the floor revealing her sweater; the vague outline of her big breasts was showing.

Vlad went next The guys were already becoming aroused. They were starting to get it. "Lose the pants" She slowly lost her baggy pants revealing tight TNA pants that showed off her shapely ass. I looked at the boys they were talking between each other; in awe that they were in control of this unbelievably hot babe. Sukh went next "Take off your sweater." He said kind of shyly. "No need to be shy buddy, we told you Kayleigh wants to make things right with us. She's enjoying every second of this, aren't you Kayleigh." "I sure am." She feigned unemotionally.

Before peeling off her sweater; revealing a tight T shirt, showing the rounds of her melons beautifully. Her toned mid riff was exposed as she took her sweater off.

She tugged her shirt back down, but she knew she wouldn't have it for long. "Take off your shirt." Said Chris eagerly She did so revealing a very modest bra that contained her breasts well. It looks like she learned her cherokee d ass and j strokes from yesterday. She still looked amazing though and none of these kids have even seen a girl in a bra so they didn't mind.

"Lose the pants" said Zack She peeled off her TNA pants, having to hop up and down a bit to get it over her ass. She was wearing granny panties. Greg was feeling horny so he said "Lose the bra AND the panties" Everyone paused for a bit but sure enough she lost her bra; letting her melons fall loose and then her panties; exposing her perfect ass.

The guys couldn't believe this stunning goddess was standing before them naked, following there every command. It was my turn. The guys looked at me. There was mixed expressions. I was her brother after all. I stood up and set up the camcorder and focused it on Kayleigh. "Guys, I know she's my sister, but you can't blame me for wanting to enjoy and share this hot babe with my friends." They smiled "Guys relax and enjoy this opportunity of a lifetime." Some of the guys pregnant ebony lesbians are being extremely horny while fingering each other took their cocks out.

All of them were hard. Some started stroking softly. I turned to Kayleigh "I wanna French kiss you babe." She came and sat on my lap without hesitation; I held her sexy nude body in my arms and kissed her deep and long; cupping her right breast in my hand while kissing her. It was the longest kiss I have ever had. To my surprise she was even kissing back; I guess she learned it's in her best interest to try and please us. After a couple of minutes I finally removed my tongue from her mouth.

I looked around proudly, as this hot naked babe was in my lap. With the exception of Vlad, the boys all were shocked. it was Vlad's turn. "I want a blowjob" They guys looked on aroused. Kayleigh crawled towards Vlad's dick on all fours. There was a murmur among the boys. It was excitement mixed with curiosity.

Excitement because they had the hottest girl in the school doing whatever they want and curiosity at how this happened. Kayleigh whipped out Vlad's cock and newbie amateur skinny freak slobs and fucks pov to work. She looked like a porn star sucking that cock, since Vlad had just fucked her in the morning the blowjob was a rather slow process.

Kayleigh's mouth went faster and faster but much to Vlad's amusement he didn't cum. After about five minutes of rigorous sucking Vlad finally cummed.

Sukh gleed "I want a boob job." Kayleigh crawled to Sukh thick 7 inch dick and wrapped her big breasts around it and started moving them up and down on it.Sukh helped the cause by thrusting his dick slowly.

It didn't take long before Sukh exploded on Kayleigh's chin and chest. Vlad told Kayleigh to eat the cum and much to Sukh's delight she did as she was told. "I wanna lick your tits." Said Chris Kayleigh stood before him.

Chris started at her feet and licked every square inch of her legs leading up to her ass. He spent some time licking her bum but quickly moved up her stomach to her tits. He licked all the flesh on her right breast and then started licking the nipple until it got hard.

Kayleigh started to moan softly. Kayleigh's legs were quivering as her nipple was being licked. Then he put the boob in his mouth and started sucking on the nipple much like a baby would with his Mom. After some time he moved to the left boob and did the same. He crammed her tits together and tried putting both in his mouth.

This caused Kayleigh to moan in pain and the rest of us to laugh. After Chris was done with her tit's they were glistening in saliva. Zack went next "I wanna eat you out." "He laid Kayleigh on the ground and brought his mouth to her pussy. When his tongue first touched her pussy lips Kayleigh let out a quiver.

He split apart her lips and delved deep within her pussy. Her juices naturally started oozing out of her pussy and he slurped up every drip. He reached around her waist, putting his hands on her ass cheeks. He lifted them up closer to his face to get even deeper in her pussy. Kayleigh was now moaning out loud. Vlad jeered "See what did we tell you guys, this slut is living out her ultimate fantasy right now." The boys cheered. They were riled up even more so seeing this hot chick seemingly enjoying herself.

I knew that some of it was an act, and that Kayleigh was utterly humiliated, but I knew her body was starting to naturally betray her. When he was done Greg said "I want to fuck you." Kayleigh obediently stayed laying down and Greg started slowly fucking her. Vlad decided he wanted a blowjob and couldn't wait so he walked up to Kayleigh and forced his dick in her mouth. The other boys looked at each other and joined in. Two got hand jobs and one started titty fucking her.

I grabbed the camera and started filming this up close. I was so horny watching my friend gang-bang my hot sister. We made 6 stations, blowjob, pussy, boob job, 2 hand jobs and filming. Kayleigh was an absolute natural. I couldn't believe that she could bob her head up and down a cock, while stroking two other cocks while getting railed and having a cock between her breasts all at one time!

After a boy would cum he would take a break and then move to the next station. This provided lots of fun. After a while, some of the guys wanted time alone with her. I instructed Kayleigh to take a shower and freshen up. Sukh followed her up the stairs into the shower. I followed them, camera in hand. The other guys broke for some food, and watched TV, trying to recover from hours of sex. Sukh climbed into the shower with Kayleigh.

He was stroking his hands up and down each inch of her skin. Kayleigh turned on the hot water. Sukh wanted to wash every inch of her body, he lathered soap up and down her body. He spent particular attention to her tits and her ass.

He got into the crevice of her ass and started circling her anus, causing Kayleigh to shiver. He inserted a finger into her ass hole, causing Kayleigh to clench her cheeks and moan in pain. I realized this was the one hole that we hadn't touched yet. He then slid another finger in. I knew Sukh had an anal porn fetish. I figure I would let him do the honors. The hot water continued to drip down both of them. Sukh pushed Kayleigh's back down. She mounted her palms on the walls of the shower.

He took his fingers out of her ass and split her ass cheeks completely apart. "Please no." Kayleigh whispered to him. Sukh looked at me, I smiled and nodded, giving him the go ahead.

He gave her ass cheeks another tug apart, and slowly entered her ass hole with his cock. Kayleigh whined in pain as he thrusted he cock in completely. He started thrusting in and out, slowly at first. Kayleigh was crying again, in pain this time. She had never had anal sex before, and it was very painful.

She couldn't help but notice that deep below the pain however, was strange stimulus she had never experienced before. Although she wanted Sukh to stop immediately, she knew that he wouldn't so she tried to focus on the pleasure as much as she could. The stimulus of her right anus clamping down on his cock was so much for Sukh. He loved watching anal sex porn, he couldn't believe he was fucking the girl of his dreams now in the ass. Her ass cheeks jiggled with each blow, and her breasts were rocking back and forth as they were hanging below her.

This was an amazing scene. I was hard as a rock filming Kayleigh's first anal experience. Sukh came deep within Kayleigh's anus. He sighed in pleasure. He continued to then slowly wash her, and wash her ass out. Sukh then exited the shower and dried off. He had a look of ecstacy on his face. He put an hand on my shoulder and said thank you. He made his amature teen loves blowjobs girlfriend and deepthroat downstairs.

I instructed Kayleigh to get out and make her way, naked to the bedroom. After this, one by one the rest of the guys, with the exception of Vlad and I made their way up to the bedroom to have their way with Kayleigh. I told them that they would only have today, so to make it count, and that they could do whatever they wanted with her. Zack made his way to the bedroom, and I followed with the camera. It was the voyeur in me, I loved seeing deseosa de placer y muy humeda para mi tube porn friends enjoy my sister, and use her to fulfil their fantasy.

Zack spent seemingly an hour eating her out, much t Kayleigh's pleasure. I'm not sure, but she may have even cum. After this, Zack asked her to get on top of him. She did so immediately, and was riding him like a porn star. Perhaps she was appreciative of his oral pleasure. She shoved her breasts into his mouth and he started sucking her nipples, causing her to moan again. He didn't last long now, and he came deep within her. He gave her a French kiss, and then walked out and left.

I told Kayleigh to freshen up again for the next guy. Next, Chris came in, he had a bottle of fudge with him. He asked Kayleigh to lie down on her stomach. He poured fudge all over her legs and butt. He started licking the fudge off of her toes, spending time sucking on each toe. He licked each inch of the fudge off as he made it to her ass.

He spent seemingly an eternity licking the fudge off of her luscious cheeks, and creampie delight for hawt playgirl deepthroat and blowjob enough started circling her ass hole, he was moaning, as was Kayleigh. He put his tongue into her ass and moaned in pleasure. He extended his hands up and groped her breasts. Just then he started to moan uncontrollably, and came on her legs. He looked at me and smiled.

"Thanks buddy." I laughed as he had a face full of fudge. Again I told Kayleigh to shower off before Greg entered the room.

Greg looked at me "Don't judge me man." I laughed, all judgement was out the window at this point. Greg told Kayleigh to put her hair up in pig tails, and wear a tight pink shirt and pajamas, after looking at the clothes in her closet.

He turned her around so he couldn't see her face and snuck up behind her. He rubbed his cock on her juicy ass, and groped her breasts through her shirt. "Oh Cass, you want some of big bro's cock don't you." I almost burst out laughing.

Cassondra was Greg's 15 year old sister. She was admittedly sexy. I had no idea Greag wanted to fuck her though!" He peeled her shirt off. "Damn Cass you have some nice titties." He pushed her on to the bed. He groped her ass through her Pajama's. He peeled them off, revealing her naked ass. "I didn't know you had an ass like this Cass, Damn." He said as he groped each cheek. "Don't worry sis, big bro won't hurt you." He was completely lost in fantasy. He entered her pussy from behind.

He wasn't just having sex with her, he was making love to her imagining that she was his 15 year-old sister! He was moaning with each stroke."Cass your tight pussy is amazing. I always wanted to take your virginity." "And these tits sis, they're amazing." I scoffed, Cassondra did have round breasts for her age from what I could remember, but her body was nothing compared to my sisters.

But regardless, I'm happy Greg was living out his fantasy. Finally after about a half hour of love making, Greg started to moan uncontrollably.

"I wanna get you pregnant sis." He said as he came deep inside Kayleigh. Instantly Greg stood up, and looked at me with his cheeks flushed. "Don't worry about it buddy, look at me I'm fucking my sister in real life, you're just fantasizing about it!" I laughed. This put him at ease. "Thanks man, for everything." Hot arabian queen gets her cunt licked said Kayleigh cleaned up for the last time.

She made us some snacks after I instructed her. After eating, the guys each gave Kayleigh a kiss or a slap on the ass and went home.

Now Vlad and I were at home. Kayleigh went to go shower for seemingly the hundredth time that day. We wanted her fresh for her bed time fucking. "Now what?" I asked"I don't know man, what a weekend eh?" "Yeah" I laughed "Oh shit!" he said "All that fucking made me completely forged that today is my Dad's birthday, I gotta go home man.

See Yah I'll come back tomorrow." "K Bye man, see you tomorrow" He left and I started playing a video game. That's when a thought hit me. I called Vlad "Hey Vlad, I have an idea, how about we give your Dad a very special kind of birthday present."