Flash handjob hair blowjob im so glad i get to archive all my messy deeds and deepest

Flash handjob hair blowjob im so glad i get to archive all my messy deeds and deepest
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Eryk had shown up to Vice-X two hours early. His oldest brother had demanded his presence.

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He despised Rory sometimes; especially when his orders messed with Eryk's partying plans. So just to spite him, Eryk partied while following those ridiculous orders, as long as those orders didn't require Extreme focus and concentration. As the late afternoon girls finished their sad, desperate attempt at scraping up enough money to pay their bills or getting their fixes, Eryk pulled a vial from his pocket.

He didn't care where he was, he was going to enjoy himself. Laying out 3 tiny lines of pure uncut cocaine on the mirrored surface of the table in front of him, it would be more than enough, he listened to the D.J.

announce the next girl. "Thank you, Gentlemen, for coming out this Thursday afternoon, that was our Delicious Duo, Cinnamon and Sprinkles!! Now let's get ready for the always Tantalizing, always Savory, and always Exotic Sparkles! Don't forget about our $4 Sweet and Spicy Wings, $3 white Russians, and our $12 Budz specials! Once again here is Sparkles!!!!" Sparkles was his next target.

He had lucky guy takes on two hot sluts here, to his brother's business competition, for 4 months. Watching this dirty little cunt strip for a room full of wealthy scumbags drove him mad, and that made Eryk even madder. He didn't want a girlfriend, he didn't care for relationships. To Eryk women are pieces of meat that are only here to please and serve every wonderfully sick twisted desire of their masters. He wanted to make this slut know her place.

She didn't deserve the false security she had. Earlier he had slipped back behind stage, it was amazing what slipping $100 to a bouncer could do for you. Eryk didn't have to grease palms, he had a unique skill that could literally open any door that he wanted, he just enjoyed exploiting everything in his power. He had lingered outside the open door to sparkles dressing room for a bit, not long enough for anyone to notice, but definitely long enough for him to know exactly how he needed to work this little plan of his.

It was about time he gave that bitch what was coming to her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Brooke couldn't shake the feeling of someone watching her, it had been happening for about four months.

She knew it seemed crazy, a stripper worried about being watched at work, but this was different. She shouldn't have anyone watching her back stage. She was supposed to be safe and protected here. So why didn't she feel that way? As she Pinned her long Strawberry Blonde hair up, she thought about the only noticeable change that had happened in the same time frame. There was a new patron to the clientele. He was tall, had long red hair (even longer than her own, and hers went all the way down to her waist), and she wasn't 100% but, she believed he was one of the Thorburn Brothers.

They were a very scary bunch of people that she only knew through reputation and distance sightings. She believed herself very lucky for never having jacqueline macinnes wood sex on porn site misfortune of running across any of them personally. "Sparkles, you're on in three!" came Layla's voice as she passed the dressing room. "Thanks for the heads up!" she yelled back over her shoulder.

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She quickly applied the whore red lipstick that had somehow become her signature color, as it popped against her winter skin. Capping the lipstick, she checked herself in the mirror, she made sure she was perfect. All the way to the tips of her lashes framing her electric green eyes.

Brooke was a fox and she knew it.

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But in two minutes Sparkles had to be the whore in every mans dreams. Especially if Brooke wanted to make her rent by Tuesday. Pleased with her appearance she went over to her closet and grabbed the matching skirt for her set. Wrapping it around herself whilst securing the Velcro, she headed for the stage.

6 inches of heels didn't slow her down. Sparkles was ready to bring home the bacon, she always raked in more on a Thursday night than any of the other girls combined through the weekend. Sparkles didn't miss a beat as her music started and the D.J. cued her to ascend the left side of the stage. He had picked some new song about the money flowing and bottles popping.

It was catchy she'd give him that. The crowd also appeared to love it as she began her routine. Halfway through her set she didn't have one stitch of clothing on, not even a pasty. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leaning back in his seat, Eryk absent mindedly stroked his cock through the outside of his slacks.

His new pet was dancing her last dance on this stage and he fully intended to enjoy it. As Sparkles first song ended so did her relationship between her nipples and the pasties that had miserably failed at concealing them. It drove him wild. He needed release. Sadly, he couldn't take her off stage without notice, every eye in the joint was on her. So instead, he pushed out a little bit of his power, just enough to get a weak-minded whore in front of him. At least that was the plan.

It worked perfectly. Twenty or so seconds passed and then a honey blonde with small tits and a fat ass appeared in front of him. If he was properly recalling it her name ebony babe with nice ass gets doggystyled Layla. He decided she'd be perfect for this in more ways than one. She was always with Sparkles.

Both of their daddies were big time judges, so they basically grew up together. Oh violet starr sharing the siblings part 2, he had been watching his prey for quite some time, it was always fun breaking a princess, or two.

"Why don't you lose your panties, come over here, and give me a very special dance blondie." Eryk insisted as he simultaneously pulled his throbbing cock out of his pants and grabbed her thin wrist; tugging ever so slightly.

Layla stood there, unsure of even her own existence as his command enveloped and easily dominated her fragile coked out mind. She women seek woman touch and a nice lick stop herself as she faced away from him and pulled her panties down to the ground. Bending over in the process so that he received a perfect view of her well used cunt. Slowly she tossed her underwear into his lap. Tears were slowly running down her cheeks as she backed up against her will, lining her back door up with his eagerly awaiting dick.

She wanted to fight it as her body obeyed his every thought. She failed miserably as his power guided her delicious untouched ass balls deep onto his 13" monster cock. At this point Layla wanted to die. Eryk kept his eyes on Sparkles as Layla gave her least used hole to him. As her pace quickened, it elicited a low growl from the primal part of his being. Watching Sparkles be a whore for the crowd had him ready to blow his load.

He didn't want to make it last long in the random slut. He had better plans for his night. He grabbed her hair at the nape of her neck and pulled the toy back to him. "In about two minutes your friend Sparkles is going to fall off of her pole." He growled into Laylas ear as he drove all 13 inches as deep in her ass as possible.

"You're going to go and make sure that she makes it back to her dressing room." He didn't try to stop it as his seed began to fill her ass. "After she make it there, you're going to leave her there, naked, helpless, and alone." His cum was too much for her ass it was beginning to spill back onto him. "Then you're going to go and quit your job." He shoved Layla to the floor as he pulled his softening cock out of her worthless body. "Report to The Silk Stocking in the morning, Tell Tuva that Eryk sent you." A loud crash on the stage pulled gasps, laughs, and boos from the crowd.

"Now off with you Cunt I gave you orders!" He Growled as he tucked his snake back into his trousers.

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Layla tripped over a table and three chairs, hitting the ground hard, in her frantic, pathetic attempt to follow his orders quickly.

He chuckled knowing everything he had been planning was falling perfectly into place. "Go now Whore! You're spilling my cum all over the floor." He roared at her. She made sure not to fall again as she did what he commanded, this time slightly out of fear, and fully out of her control.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As she spun upside down on the pole, in her third song, that creepy feeling washed back over her. Goosebumps ran down Sparkles spine, causing her to lose focus. Which in turn caused her to rapidly slid down the pole landing her head directly on the stage.

After the initial shock escaped her, she quickly grabbed her money from the stage floor, and swiftly headed for the right exit of the stage. The boos and laughs fake taxi blonde cop suspect and accomplice were caught by lp officer after suspicious the audience mocking her the whole way.

Layla was suddenly there, supporting her on her way towards her dressing room. Brooke was so grateful for Her best friends help. She was always there when Brooke needed her, like when she set her up with this sweet ass gig. Otherwise, Brooke knew she'd probably be working for Rory Thornburn at his club, and no one wanted to work in those conditions. "Honey, you fell harder than you think, you're bleeding." Layla told her as she helped Brooke sit on the sofa in her dressing room.

" You wait right here, I'll be right back with some help Brooke." She didn't stay sitting up long enough for Layla to leave the room. The coolness of the leather on her skin, and the image of Layla walking away were the last things Brooke knew before succumbing to the darkness……&hellip.