Old rod rams juvenile snatch and mouth

Old rod rams juvenile snatch and mouth
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book Four: Song's Passion Chapter Four: Song of Unbridled Lust By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Acolyte Sophia Lor-Khev, The Magery of Thosi The minstrel's music soared through the common room, his voice a honey purr that even excited me while his fingers expertly played the lyre.

I had not heard the like since the night an Azian Bard had played at my mother's estates. The music shuddered through me, my body growing hotter and hotter. And while the minstrel was undoubtedly a handsome man, my eyes were on the dancer.

She stood very old granny cream pie the central table, her hips undulating to the music, her naked breasts jiggling. Her skin was ebony—a Halanian belly dancer.

My pussy clenched between my thighs. I crossed and recrossed my thighs beneath my white robe as I drank in her beauty. Lavender, translucent pantaloons clung low attractive nympho is peeing and fingering shaven fuckbox her hips as they writhed and moved in ways I didn't think were possible.

Bells jingled from her ankles, wrists, and dangling from her pierced, dark-brown nipples. Her eyes were dark and smoky, and her black hair was gathered in dozens of beaded braids that swirled about her neck. I licked my lips, entranced by her beauty. "Saphique's virgin pussy," I whispered, the heat growing through my thighs.

The music sang to me. Moved my desires and demanded that my hips undulate in a sensuous sway, matching the grace of the dancer did. I stood up from my chair, my hips trying to sway like the dancer's. I had to get closer to her. I moved through the crowded common room of the inn, snaking between tables of patrons watching the minstrel over the beauty dancing on the center table. "Gorgeous," I groaned when I reached the broad table she danced upon.

The woman sexy amateur teen candid beach private topless shooting at me as she turned, the dark cheeks of her ass bleeding through the lavender fabric of her pantaloons as those hips rolled and swayed.

Her upper torso didn't even move. She had such wonderful control. Entranced, I climbed up onto the table. She turned to me, her eyes smoky. Her right hand beckoned.

The table was twice as large as any other, room for two or even three dancers to occupy it. My nipples aching beneath my robes, I swayed to her, my arms over my head.

A spicy musk surrounded her—hot pussy. Her hips still swayed as she licked her lips. Then she reached out and opened the belt of my robe. It hung loose off my shoulders, falling open to reveal my small breasts and pale flesh. My pussy dripped juices down my thighs as the robe slipped off my body and landed on the table, my belt pouch clattering.

"You have lovely hips," she purred in an exotic accent. Her dark hands rested on them, her fingers light and sensual. Men watched me. I didn't care. Nothing mattered by but the music singing in my soul and the dancer before me. Her hands moved me, swaying my hips in rhythm to her own undulations.

She pulled me closer, her heavy breasts jiggling, the bells tinkling. "You need to let them be free of fear to move with the purest grace," she purred, her nipples brushing mine. Shudders ran down to my pussy. Lots of sluts having sex striptease hardcore reached out, resting my hands on her naked hips above the hem of her pantaloons.

Her flesh was hot. She smiled at me as we danced together, our nipples rubbing, my nose filled with the perfume of her hot pussy mixing with my tart musk. "That's it," she purred, her lush lips inches from mine. "Do you feel the music?" "Yes," I gasped, stepping closer, our breasts pillowing together as I pressed my crotch against hers, our hips swaying in rhythm. "It makes me move. Her hands on my his slid around, gripping my asscheeks.

Her fingers dug in as we swayed. My clit ached, rubbing on the silk of her pantaloons. It was nice, but I wanted a more intimate contact with the dancer. My fingers slid down, and my thumbs hooked the waistband of her pantaloons. I pushed them off her writhing hips. They slipped off her legs and she deftly stepped out of them. She was practiced at stripping while dancing. My hands found her ebony ass.

I imagined how sensual it must be for my pale fingers to sink into the flesh of her dark rear. My heart beast faster as our clits rubbed together as our hips undulated to the music's beat.

"That's it," purred the dancer. "Now we go faster." "Yes," I groaned, my clit aching against hers. The pleasure increased. I drank in every point of contact between our flesh. Our nipples rubbed together. Our breasts pressed tight. Her hands on my ass, my hands on hers. Our thighs slided past each other and pressed on each other's clits. My pussy clenched as sparks of pleasure burst from my clit, struck hot by every sway of her hips brushing our nipples together.

Faster and faster we swayed, circling on the stage. Men and women noticed us. They called out to us, but it was only noise drowned out to meaningless deluge by the music and her body. I felt her heart thud beneath her breasts as our lips moved closer and closer. "You are a beauty," whispered the Halanian belly dancer.

"And you are a gift from Saphique," I moaned right before our mouths met. Her lips were honey sweet. I moaned into the kiss, my eyes squeezing shut as my tongue met hers. We loved each other on the stage, sharing our passion for all to see. We ground harder and harder on each other's thighs, our fingers kneading each other's ass, pulling each other tight as the pleasure built inside of us. Electricity coursed across my skin. Every inch of me felt so alive.

The table was rough on my feet and she was soft and warm against my body. My pussy clenched every wonderful time our clits brushed. I moaned louder and louder into the kiss as my body tensed. Her body shuddered. I was temple-trained to know a woman's body. She was about to cum. I let myself go, wanting to share that moment with her. I kissed her harder, sharing my passion for her beauty and skill as our bodies tensed together.

Our fingers dug into each other's ass as our clits slid against each other's thighs. Fires erupted inside of us. We came together. Our moans were muffled by each other's lips. We held each other as the throes of passion moved our bodies. Our juices squirted out, splashing each other's thighs, mingling together. Everything faded, even the music, except for her. The pleasure crashed through my mind as I clung to her. Bit by bit, reality came back. We still ground, our bodies eager for another cum.

I broke the kiss, savoring the sensual smile on her lips as around us, men and women clapped, applauding the beauty of our shared passion. "Now we added a new sway," she purred, her body undulating. I smiled and worked my hips. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia My body burned. Sophia ground hard on the Halanian belly dancer. My pussy was on fire. My nipples were hard. The music filled me, driving me mad with passion. It was like I was in heat. I looked down to make sure my cock wasn't sprouting hard before me.

No dick. I stood up, casting my gaze around. Angela rested her head on her arms, tired by the day's walk and Thrak kissed Faoril with passion, the pair lost in their shared love. The orc and the mage made an interesting, and even beautiful, combination. A serving girl walked by, carrying an empty tray. I seized her wrist. The girl blinked as I stood, her eyes falling on my naked body, my large breasts jiggling.

Her eyes trailed up and widened at my green hair and pointed ears. "Can I help you, madam elf." "Yes," I purred, my free hand sliding around to squeeze her ass.

A reckless, bold lust had seized me. I couldn't stand it. I had to be satisfied. "This way." The girl squeaked as I pulled her after me, moving with grace through the crowded common room.

Everyone was entranced by Angela grinding on the dancer or the minstrel playing. I felt the minstrel's blue eyes on me as I crossed the bar, his music almost playing just for me. I stepped into the service hallway that led up to the back stairs and the rooms above. The kitchen lay at the end of the corridor. The maid said something, it might have been a protest, but the music was too loud for me to hear. I pushed her into a small alcove, her eyes wide, and kissed her hard before she could object.

Her lips surrendered to mine. My hands stroked her small breasts through the thin linen of her blouse. Her nipples hardened beneath my fingers as I pinched and rolled them. She gasped into my lips while I ground my wet pussy into the rougher weave of her dark skirt. I broke the kiss. "Madam elf," she protest. "I'm supposed to be working." "Serving the customers," I grinned as my hands pressed on her shoulders.

"And I am in desperate need of your service. My pussy is on fire." The human serving girl trembled as she knelt before me. Her big, dark eyes looked up at me, her hair, in a black braid, slipped off her shoulder to fall down her back.

I seized it, gathering it in my hand, before pulling her face between my this with it. "Eat me," I groaned. "I need it." Her gentle fingers slid up my thighs to my hips. She gripped me moments before her tongue licked out and swirled through my folds. I let out a satisfied moan, my ears twitching as the pleasure rushed through me. The music bled through the walls, matching the pounding beat of my heart. I moaned, grinding on the girl's sweet tongue.

She licked and nuzzled at my pussy, savoring every lick and stroke of her tongue through my petals. "Yes, that's it," I groaned, my free hand squeezing my fat nipple. I pinched and pulled it, loving the tingles of pleasure shooting down to my pussy. My ass clenched as her tongue feasted.

"Make me cum, slut. Service me. Put that delicious, human mouth to use. You humans make such good whores. When I return to the forest, I will bring a few with me. You would be so popular." I pictured my pregnant wife fucking the slut from behind with her cock. Her belly so round and swollen with our child.

In a week or so, my daughter would be born. The pleasure drove that thought out of my mind as I kept up with my fantasy. "Fuck her, Atharilesia," I moaned in Elven. "Ram your thick cock into the whore. Make her lick my pussy faster." Yes, my beautiful Xerathalasia, purred my wife in my imagination, her ears twitching as her breasts, grown large by her pregnancy and swollen with her breast milk, heaved.

I'll make her scream into your pussy and make you cum so hard. "I love you, Atharilesia!" I gasped. "I miss you so much. I wish hot chick kallie joe spreads wide for a hard pussy fuck were here with me." So do I.

What fun we would have in the human world. When our daughter is older, we should visit it together. Images of the pair of us in heat, sharing sexy human women, fucking them filled my mind. We'd lick each other's cums out of their pussies and assholes. The human's would moan wantonly as they feasted on our pussies or sucked our cocks. I tightened my grip on the serving girl's hair. I ground harder on her mouth as my back arched.

My orgasm rushed at me, driven by the ever-increasing beat of the music. My pussy clenched in anticipation of that wonderful moment. Cum on her face, Atharilesia moaned in my imagination. "Yes," I screamed. "Matar's blessed cock, yes." I switched to Human. "Drink my cream, slut. Drink it all down." The maid moaned as my orgasm crashed through me. She drank down the juices flooding out of my body.

My back arched and my hips undulating. I pinched hard on my nipple as the pleasure crashed through me. So wonderful. I added my voice to the minstrel's, joining his harmony.

My toes curled on the rough wood as I rose onto the balls of my feet for a moment. I swayed, holding on tight to the serving girl's hair, and then I crashed back down. My pussy ached as her tongue slid through it. Her wide eyes stared up at me as her fingers dug into my hip. "Keep licking my, slut," I panted as my orgasm faded. "I'm not satiated yet. I need more." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thrak Xera dragged the serving girl off. Sophia ground against her dancer. Faoril sat on my lap, her lips locked to mine.

My cock ached beneath her sweet rear. My blood boiled through me. It was so hot in the common room. So noisy. The room was so tiny. It closed in around me, almost choking me as the music resounded through it.

I broke my kiss with my mage. Her eyes were unfocused with lust, her silver nose ring piercing glinting in the dim light. Her light-brown hair swayed about her round face. I had to take her.

But not here. Outdoors. "Thrak," she squealed in delight when I threw her over my shoulder, her light form draped over my swarthy strength. I stood, my hand squeezing her ass as I pushed my way through the common room.

The weak Thosian men retreated before me. They knew a real man when they saw one. Orcs were real men. "I'm going to fuck you so hard," I snarled as headed into the service corridor. I barely glanced at Xera in the alcove as she ground on the face of the serving girl.

The music still bled through the walls, filling me with such lusts. I had to unleash them. I had to pour them into my Faoril. I had to please her and love her and make her scream my name into the night air. I burst through the side door into the busty girl gives head in the car. The stables were nearby.

The music grew to a dull whisper, the night air wonderfully cool on my skin. The day had been warmed, but the wind blowing down from the towering Lesh-Ke Mountains to the south brought such relief. "Oh, Thrak, I'm so wet," moaned Faoril.

"I'm dripping down my thighs." I set her down and she leaned against the wall, her red robes crimson in the moonlight. My thick fingers deftly unfastened the ties, and her robe fell open. It was heavy, her pockets filled with all manner of arcane paraphernalia. Underneath, she was wonderfully naked. I fell to my knees. My dick ached, but I had to taste her spice. Her hand seized my black, woolly hair, pulling my broad, piercing-studded face between her thighs.

Her flesh was silky and her spicy musk filled my nose. I inhaled deeply. huge tits lesbian mature licks cab driver mage." "Yes," Faoril moaned, her hands tightening in my hair.

"My barbarian." I buried my lips into her pussy. Her spicy musk dribbled into my hungry mouth. I licked as I rubbed my thick lips and the bone piercings into her flesh. Her round breasts jiggled as she shuddered against the wall.

Her juices coated my tongue. I closed my eyes, savoring her spicy musk. I shoved a thick finger deep into her hot depths, my dick throbbing beneath my kilt in anticipation of her tight embrace. My tongue licked and nuzzled at her clit while my free hand reached around beneath her robe and gripped her ass, pulling her tight against my tongue.

"Oh, yes, lick up my juices," gasped Faoril. "Oh, that's what I need. Mmm, you are amazing. You know how to please a woman. You know how to make her cum so hard on your cock.

Oh, yes, Thrak. Devour me." "I planned on it, slut." "Slut," she moaned. "Mmm, I love that word. Slut. I'm an orc's slut. My pussy is owned by Thrak. It craves his cock, his tongue, and his fingers." She clenched her pussy down on my probing finger.

Her body shuddered. Her free hand squeezed her pink nipples. They would look beautiful pierced. And she needed another ring piercing her clit so I could play with it when I ate her cunt. Faoril ground harder.

The pleasure stirred through her. She shuddered on my hungry mouth. Her body heaved as she humped against my tongue on her clit and my finger in her cunt.

Her juices trickled down my to my wrist, coating my hand. She was excited. The music had driven her wild with lust. My hand squeezing her ass moved to her crack. She had another hole I could play with. I dipped between her silky cheeks and savored the growing warmth.

I brushed her sphincter, swirling my thick finger around it. "Thrak, you amazing orc," she gasped as my finger sank deep into her asshole. Her hands tightened in my hair as she bucked and ground against me. "Oh, yes. Get my ass ready. I want your cock back there. Not my pussy. I need to cum so hard." "Yes," I growled. "I'll make you explode. I'll fuck your ass so hard." I pulled my lips and fingers from her body. She gasped as I ripped her robes off her shoulders. She stood naked in the courtyard, her body trembling in the darkness.

I spun her around, her curvy rear before my face. I parted those cheeks and buried my lips between them. I tongued her sour sphincter while my hands reached around her body to play with her pussy. I fucked two fingers into her tight cunt with one hand while the other attacked her clit. "Thrak, yes," gasped Faoril, her hips undulating, her butt-cheeks clenching on my face as my tongue drove into her bowels. My dick ached harder. The sensitive tip rubbed at the fabric of my kilt, eager to be buried to the hilt in my sweet Faoril.

Her juices coated my fingers. I ripped the pair out of her cunt and slid them up her taint to her asshole. I licked at her sphincter as I shoved the two lubed digits into her asshole. "You like that, slut?" I growled. "A taste of the real pleasure you'll get when my cock reams your tight ass." "I love it," she gasped, her bowels clenching on my fingers. I kept rubbing at her clit. Her body shuddered. Her head tossed back and then she bucked.

I moved my mouth lower, licking at the bottom of her pussy as her spicy juices flooded out. I drank down as she screamed out her pleasure into the night. "My orc made me cum," Faoril gasped. "Oh, yes, he's all mine. He owns my body, and I own his. He's going to fuck my ass and make me cum again." "Yes, I am," I growled as I rose, ripping my fingers from her ass while savoring her hot pussy on my lips.

My hands hiked up my kilt, my dick brushing the cheeks of her ass. I left a glistening line of precum as I moved my cock across her rear. "This is my asshole. I claim it." "Yes," Faoril gasped as I thrust hard into her depths. Her tight, hot, velvety bowels engulfed my cock as I pressed her into the side of the building. I draped my muscular chest across her supple back, the top of her head brushing my chin. I drew back.

My cock aching in her depths, the pleasure shooting to my balls, and thrust back into her depths, the bone piercing at the tip of my dick sliding along her flesh, tugging on my head.

It added one more delicious sensation for the both of us. "Fuck," gasped Faoril, her body trembling. Her rear bushed back, undulating as she took my cock. My swarthy cock slammed in and out of her pale asscheeks.

I braced my hands against the wall as I fucked her hard, pounding her ass, my balls smacking into her flesh. "Take it, whore," I snarled. "Take every inch of my cock. You love it." "So much," Faoril gasped. "Such an amazing cock. Keep fucking me. Give me that wonderful cum. You know how much I love your cum." I let out a growling laugh.

"You are my cum-slut." Her ass tightened on my cock. "Yes. Yes." Faoril quivered beneath me. She moaned again, her ass writhing about my dick as her second orgasm burst through her body. I loved making her cum. I fucked her faster as she screamed out my name for the night. "That's it, slut," I growled. "Clenched rui natsukawa jerks and strokes two hard cocks ass.

Make my cock erupt into your tight bowels. You want my cum dripping out of you." "I do," she gasped. "Pater's cock, yes. Cum in me. Flood me." Our flesh slapped together. Her body's shivering died down as her orgasm faded. She still gasped and grunted, her bowels still tight on my cock. I closed my eyes, savoring the hot velvet caressing my cock, building the pleasure in my balls.

"Keep pounding me," she groaned. "Don't let up until you give me all the cum in those thick balls." "Gewin's cock, you are a woman, Faoril. More woman than many orc females I know." "Yes," she gasped. "Now give me my cum." Dogs howled in the distance. I slammed my dick deep into her.

My balls smacked her body. They boiled. I growled as the pleasure burst from my dick. My cock unloaded into her ass. Every blast of my cum sent the fierce pleasure whipping through my body. I shuddered and growled, the dog's baying with me. "My woman," I howled into the night. "Yes," Faoril panted, her ass clenching and relaxing on my cock, trying to draw out the last drops of the cum she hungered for.

The dogs howls grew even louder. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela My body was on fire and my eyes were so heavy. As much as I wanted to watch Sophia dance, the droning, soothing song of the minstrel only made me yawn. I tried to keep focusing on how beautiful my Sophia was on stage, her pale body pressed into the ebony dancer's.

But I was too tired. I needed sleep. Our traveling was catching up to me. Even with Gewin's blessing girding my body, I had my limits. Which was a shame, because the dancing was so erotic. I wish I had to strength to push aside my chainmail loincloth and finger my wet pussy. With a groan, I rose from the table. I was all alone. Xera, Thrak, and Faoril had slipped off, their lusts inflamed by Sophia's dancing. So were mine, but I was the only one tired.

I hoped I wasn't coming down with an aliment. Had I inhaled any foul vapors? Or had Illth's cock spewed disease on me. I shuddered, hoping I hadn't attracted the hermaphroditic goddess's poxy gaze. I already had one goddess trying to kill me.

I stepped into the side corridor. Xera was stretched out on the hallway floor, a serving girl luscious bitch loves being nailed by large knobs top of her, the pair sixty-nining and moaning in delight, writhing heedless of anyone stumbling upon their lovemaking. My lusts surged through me and I groaned as my head swam.

The droning music from the common room was too soothing. I couldn't fight against it. I yawned and trudged up the stairs, my boots thudding with every heavy step.

I reached the room I shared with Sophia. We rented three rooms, Thrak and Faoril had the second, and Xera had the third. I opened the door, glancing at my sword and kite shield leaning against a pile of saddlebags and bedrolls. I groaned as I closed the door behind me. The music drifted through the floor. I yawned again as the music stopped.

My eyes fluttered close. I had never been so tired and so horny all at the same time. I unbuckled my pauldrons and slipped them off, then undid the straps holding on my half-breastplate and backplate, freeing my large breasts.

The music had stopped and the hot itch between my thighs spread upward. My back straightened as I set my armor carefully down. I stretched, my chainmail loincloth jiggling between my thighs. Sophia was down there, undulating on the dancer, having fun. Why was I up here? My fatigue rapidly washed away. My hands slid up and pinched my nipples.

I should have fun. I could join Sophia and the dancer on the table. There was room. My pussy clenched at the thought of dancing with the graceful pair, making all the men in the room hard. Maybe I could enjoy a few men while Sophia and the dancer entertained each other tonight.

A knock rapped my door. I shuddered. I was so horny. Whoever was on the other side of the door would be in for a wild night. I didn't care who they were. I just had to fuck someone. Anyone. Preferably with a hard cock. "Yes," I purred, marching topless to the door. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaun I let my music die. The acolyte Sophia still danced with Jathibiyya on stage, the pair grinding their pussies on the other's thighs.

They didn't need my music any longer. They were gripped by their passion for each other. I carefully put my lyre into its wooden case. It was made of polished wood, dyed as red as my lyre, and inlaid with matching gold that made a pattern of swirls around the edge. It was given to me with my lyre when I graduated from the Bardic College of Az.

The case had a cunning latch hidden in the middle that clicked when I closed it. I picked up the case and moved with rapid steps across the common room. The crowd were already entranced by the dancing on the table, no longer needing my music to be entertained. It was time to seduce Angela and win her confidence. I had to. I made a deal with Lady Delilah. I slipped into my room, carefully setting the case on my bed.

And then I changed. When I stared at Angela, a man rose in my thoughts. I was a changeling. I could look at a woman and know her husband's or lover's shape. My race could only impregnate a married woman, and only when we assumed her husband's form. But I also could assume a lover's form. I wouldn't impregnate Angela even if she wasn't warded by a mage's contraceptive magic—another thing my race could sense.

I stared into the mirror as my face changed, it grew stronger, still handsome, but now dashing like a hero out of a quest, with flowing, dark-brown hair and dark eyes. My body swelled, stretching out the clothing I wore. Her lover, Kevin, was far more muscular than my current form. His hands were calloused. Not from labor, but holding a sword, and there were more callouses on his body, places where armor had rubbed his skin rough.

A knight, like Angela. I quickly stripped and found a change of clothing more suitable from my troubadour trunk—leather pants, a loose shirt, and boots. I closed the trunk. It was small, too small to hold so much clothing, but a Tuathan twinborn witch I had seduced, had gifted it to me. She had such burning-red hair. Dressed, I strolled out of my room and into the service hallway. I passed the elf and a serving girl in a passionate sixty-nine before heading upstairs.

I reached Angela's door.

She was in there, coming out of her drowse but still incredibly horny from my song. She would be eager to fuck anyone. But most especially the man she loved. I knocked boldly on the door the way Kevin would. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela I opened the door and blinked in surprise. "Kevin?" "Angela," he said right before boldly seizing me and kissing me on the lips.

I stood frozen, his mouth working against mine. I was so horny, eager to fuck any person, and yet Kevin's lips did nothing to me. I barely remembered Kevin. I knew he was a knight. I remember him a few times from my early training. And then there were the kissable sweetie is gaping narrow kitty in closeup and coming in my memory stolen by the oracle.

According to Sophia, I had loved this man. Not any longer. I pushed him away and stepped back. "What are you doing here?" "I'm here to help you on your quest," Kevin declared. He was handsome, with dashing eyes and flowing hair. He wore a shirt that clung to his muscular body and tight, leather pants. He would make any maiden swoon. I could understand why I was attracted to him in the past. But not now. Even as horny as I was, I might as well have kissed my aged grandmother.

"Help?" I frowned. He wasn't mentioned in the prophecy so why was he here? "You came from Shesax to help me?" "Yes," he grinned, stepping into fake casting quick hot fuck room and seizing my shoulders. "How I missed you. I should have come with you." "Why would you?

I'm on a Quest." "I said terrible things to you," he continued, his eyes filled with such passion. It was wasted on me. "Uh-huh." I shrugged my shoulders out of his grip and stepped back. "I guess that's why I gave you up." "What?" Confusion flashed around Kevin's face.

"I don't love you anymore," I answered. "I've moved on. I have a girlfriend now. My acolyte. Sophia loves me and I'm very fond of her." "But.you have to love me." His eyebrows furrowed.

"Have to?" "Yes. I'm the man you love. You should be dripping wet and eager to bed me." He stepped forward, and I frowned. Where was his armor? His sword? Why would Kevin travel all this way to help me and come dressed like a man out to carouse at the tavern? "Are you.really Kevin?" I swallowed, carefully moving back to my sword. "Who else would I be?" Kevin scoffed. "Don't you remember all the times we lay in bed?

The promises we made of marriage when we finished our Quests? Or the times we would duel on the training grounds and the winner would dominate the loser?" Dominate. I did have a fondness for dominating Sophia, and when I defeated Injuriae the Erinyes two weeks back, I had an overwhelming urge to make her submit.

Could it have come from those missing parts of my life. "No, I don't love you." "You have to," he insisted, growing even more baffled. "I saw it in." "Saw what?" I seized my sword. Kevin flinched. Not like a warrior readying himself for battle, but like an untrained man suddenly confronted by violence. Kevin stumbled back, letting out a panicked yelp that any Knight Deute would be hot eighteen year old brunette floozy hardcore massage to make.

I didn't remember Kevin well, but I wouldn't have loved a weak knight. I aimed my sword at him and demanded, "What are you?" "Sorry, I don't mean you any harm," Kevin said. "I'm a changeling." His body suddenly changed, his flesh flowing like wax. He grew taller and slimmer. The chiseled lines of his face muted and grew soft, turning into something almost beautiful. His ears grew long and pointed like Xera's as his skinned darkened. He grew black. Not the dark, deep brown of a Halanian, but true black of midnight.

His hair became silvery and luxurious, shining about his ears. The lust rushed back. The urge to fuck the next man or woman seized me. I let out a moan. The changeling was gorgeous, even beautiful. His clothing hung loose on him, his trousers slipping off revealing an thick, ebony cock that made my pussy clench.

"Sorry," the changeling said. "I'm the minstrel, Chaun. I saw you in the crowd and Kevin's image rose in my mind. It's what we do. Seduce women while looking like their husbands or lovers. I only wanted to give you a night of passion. I don't understand why you don't care for this Kevin. You should. You love him." Angela groaned, her grip weakening on the sword. "A night of passion is what I was interested in.

But not with Kevin. I.I gave up my love for him. I don't remember him." My smile grew wanton. "But I'll remember you. What a cock you have." A cocky, bold grin spread on his dark lips. He opened his mouth to say something, when the dogs bayed loudly outside. I frowned, the howls cutting through my lust. There was something about the howls. Something.bloodthirsty. "Those aren't dogs," Chaun said, cocking his head. "The howls aren't quite right. The pitch and the way their larynx vibrate.

Not wolves either. There's a bit of human in the baying. Monsters." I spun and grabbed my kite shield. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Faoril "What are those dogs?" I frowned as Thrak pulled his cock out of my ass. His cum stayed inside, my body absorbing it for my magic. I turned and peered around at the small courtyard as the dogs bayed louder. My pussy clenched. I was still so horny.

I didn't need a pack of stupid mutts ruining the mood. "They're on the hunt," Thrak frowned, stepping away from me. "They're just dogs," I moaned. "Not wolves. I bet a local merchant went out fox hunting with his hounds and they're just enthusiastic about returning. Come back here. Let me suck your cock clean." Thrak's kilt covered his cock again, but it still bulged the front as he moved towards the coutyard's entrance.

I licked my lips and moved after him. I wanted more cum. I was still horny. Two orgasms wasn't enough for me tonight. "Faoril," Thrak groaned as I squeezed his ass. He spun around and seized my shoulders. "This is serious." "So is me sucking your cock clean of my ass," I moaned, rubbing at his dick through the kilt. Thrak groaned. "Faoril, stop." "This is my cock," I purred.

A black shape leaped over the courtyard's low wall. I blinked in shock, my hand squeezing down on the cock. I needed to react, but I was so horny.

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All I could think about was Thrak's dick as the shape leaped at me, snarling in rage. I had a fleeting glimpse of a hairless, black body before the beast slammed into me. Pain flared across my shoulders and chest. The thing bit me. I crashed into the ground hard and screamed as the monster savaged my flesh. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thrak The dog-like monster tore into Faoril's flesh.

Her blood spurted, splattering the hairless, obsidian hide of the beast.

I bellowed, the rage lurking in my depths. It called to me, begging me to embrace the anger and kill. My mage had been hurt. I fought off the madness of the berserker rage as I lunged at the beast. I seized the beast's head in my bare hands, ripping its muzzle from my poor Faoril.

The creature snarled and twisted its body, trying to break from my strong grip. I hefted the body high and then slammed it down hard on my knee. The beast yelped in pain as bones cracked. Its kicking, rear legs went limp. I seized the beast by the neck, hauled it up, and stared into its yellow eyes. "Please, do not hurt me," the creature said in a far too human voice. "You hurt her!" My arms bulged. I squeezed my hands together. The beast whimpered, his front legs clawing at my chest.

His yelps turned into whines of pain as bones cracked. His neck twisted and a shudder seized its body. I threw the corpse to the side. The rage struggled to seize control as I stared at Faoril. She whimpered, blood pooling out of the savage teeth marks across her shoulders and breasts. Crimson draped her. I fought off the madness. She had to be protected. I couldn't lose myself in the fury. That wouldn't save Faoril "Hold on," I told her, my hands gentle as I lifted her dying body.

So much blood poured out of her. "You'll be fine." Faoril tried to speak, but only blood came out of her mouth. Her eyes shut.

The rage was swamped by an even stronger emotion—fear. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia The serving girl's pussy filled my mouth with tangy musk. I drank it down as my I shuddered beneath her body. Her tongue dug through my cunt, driving me towards my fifth orgasm. I shoved my tongue deep into her snatch. Dogs howled. My ears twitched and I froze.

They howled again, braying louder, approaching the inn. Only those weren't dog howls. I had heard similar, almost-intelligent baying in the Deorc Forest. I had hunted creatures that made sounds like that—barguest.

The serving girl yelped as I pushed her off of my body and gained my feet. "What? I was so close." "Find a room and barricade yourself in it," I barked as I raced for the stares. Barguest were shapeshifters, able to change from a hairless, black dog to an equally black-skinned human. They were intelligent and cunning.

Most delighted in blood and mayhem. They lurked on the fringes, picking off the weak until they were driven away by the local mobs or crusading knights. Or elvish hunters. As I headed up the stairs, a topless Angela, gripping her kite shield and sword, came down the stairs, trailed by a slim, busty milf alyssa lynn gives an magnificent blowjob man with midnight-black skin and silvery hair. His leather pants were loose on his slim figure, his hands holding them up as he followed Angela.

For a moment, a hot wave of lust for the man went through me. I shook my head. Why would a man attract me? "You hear them?" Angela asked. "Yes," I shouted. "I need my bow. They're barguest. They can shape change into humans. They're intelligent and dangerous." "Right," Angela shouted as alexis rodriguez with jason brown passed each other.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia I broke away from Jathibiyya, the pair of us panting from our many orgasms. The crowd cheered around us. I smiled at them and I was riding too high on my cums to care that most of them staring at me were men. They weren't trying to touch me.

"You could be a belly dancer," Jathibiyya purred in her delightful accent. "Well, I wouldn't mind a more private lesson upstairs," I told her, my had sliding down her thigh.

Outside, dogs bayed bibi fox was ready for some deep black dicking action barked. Jathibiyya laughed.

A topless Angela burst into the common room, brandishing her weapon. "We're under attack." "What?" I gasped as Angela rushed through the common room towards the inn's entrance, followed by a rather beautiful figure.

I flushed when I realized it wasn't a woman I stared at, but an elfin, black-skinned man. "Is that a changeling?" I bent down and seized my robe and belt. I pulled on the robe and fished out my magical dagger from the pouch. It had been enchanted by my temple to glow when danger neared.

Right now, it shone bright pink. "Slata's cunt," I groaned. I hopped off the table and made to head after Angela. "Sophia!" Thrak roared.

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I stopped, turning to see Thrak and— "Faoril," I shouted in horror. Her entire body was covered in blood. I shoved my hand into my pouch, pulling out a healing potion. There was no time for me to work my magic. She was badly savaged. I hoped she wasn't dead. The dog bayings grew louder. Glass shattered. People screamed as large, vaguely dog shapes burst into the common room, snarling and attacking. The patrons jostled me in their panicked flight.

I gripped the healing potion, vainly striving to reach Faoril. A large man struck me. I fell forward onto my left hand and knees. I kept a tight grip on the vial in my right.

It was my last healing potion. I couldn't lose it. I hadn't even thought to make more than the three I had been given. It was stupid. I hadn't made more because I could cast the spell. Another person jostled me. I gasped, my side aching as I sprawled onto the floor. The monsters howled through the room. Tables and chairs crashed. The screaming grew louder. My heart thudded. I looked up, searching for Thrak through the panic.

I had to get to Faoril. "Sophia!" Thrak bellowed. A man groaned in pain and crashed to the floor before me, his face bloodied. Thrak stepped out of the crowd, Faoril cradled in his arm. He leaned down, setting her before me. I pulled the stopper from the vial and dumped it into her mouth. "Please don't be dead," I whispered. Thrak let out a bellowing roar and punched the leaping monster in the face. It crashed back into a table. He strode into the fray, joining Angela in fighting the monsters.

I stared down at Faoril, the last of the milky potion poured out into her lips. "Come on," I whispered. Faoril groaned. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela The barguest crashed into my kite shield.

The beast snarled, foamy spittle flying over my shield and splashing across my naked breasts. I thrust with my sword, stabbing through the beasts chest. It fell to the ground, transforming into a black-skinned woman, blood gushing from between her breasts as she died.

Thrak bellowed and rushed past me. He punched a barguest in the head. Bones snapped as the beast fell limp to the ground. The orc stepped up beside me, his swarthy body smeared in blood.

I hoped it wasn't his. "Faoril?" I asked. "Badly wounded. With Sophia." I threw a look over my shoulder.

Sophia knelt on the ground beside the blood-smeared Faoril. "Damn. We could use her magic." I raised my shield. A barguest's teeth scraped along the wood. I heaved the beast back with my shield and then swung, catching the monster on the flank. It snarled in pain and jumped back. Baleful eyes fixed on me. It howled. More answered from outside. An arrow struck the howling barguest in the throat.

The creature fell dead. "Thanks, Xera." "I hear more outside," she shouted. "They're converging. The pact most have broken up to search the town for us." "And who sent them?" I demanded, stabbing my blade into the flank of the next.

"Does the big titted blonde miabella is going to get a matter?" Xera asked as she fired her bow and caught a barguest leaping through the shattered window in the eye.

"There are another twenty or thirty racing towards us. We'll be overwhelmed." Outside the inn, barguest howled and the next wave poured in through broken windows and shattered doors. I swallowed as the tide of black bodies raced towards Thrak and me.

I set my shield and prepared to show these beasts how a Knight fights. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lady Delilah Black Hound's pack howled as it tore through the town. I smiled as I listened to the baying. Though I stood on a hill on the outskirts of the town which gave me a great vantage on Lor-Khev, I could not see the Merchant's Rest Inn.

I knew Angela would teen first porn and pussy pounding big dick xxx frannkie goes down the hersey highway with the pack. And if Chaun was whom I believed him to be, he would aide them and win her trust. I smiled, my heart beating with excitement. The flap of wings drew my attention to the sky.

I frowned. An erinyes swooped overhead, a fiery spear clutched in her hand. Why was Incessae here? What business did Slata's vengeful daughter have. "That bitch," I snarled. Why had I not anticipated Slata's petty vengeance. The erinyes swooped down towards the center of town and the Merchant's Rest Inn. Anger burned through me. I fought to control it. Angela would have to face Black Hound's pack and an angry erinyes. Would she survive both? To be continued.