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"That is the door," Maria said and pointed. She opened her bag and started to check the flashlight and other supplies they kept with them during urban exploring adventures. Ronja nodded and stepped closer so she could have a better look at the door. They were standing below the metro bridge at the rundown metro station Slussen. Below the bridge was a station for busses, but this particular spot was hidden behind the stairs going upwards.

The stairs took first to the shabby tunnel that had been featured in the Girl with Dragon Tattoo and then to the square above the metro bridge. Ronja and Maria had no interest for this, but had their attention locked on an anonymous metal door.

The lock of the door had been jammed so it could not be closed. "I can't believe that they left the door open like this," Ronja commented. "Remember the fuss about that kid that died here when urban exploring last year." "Yes, the poor boy fell down a shaft because he didn't have a working flashlight. Good that we are smarter," Maria responded. "I think normally they would have bolted the door shut when the lock was broken, but the rumor on the Internet says the workers that drill the new tunnel for the trains need to enter here from time to time.

That is why they could not bolt it shut like they use to do." "What if we encounter some of the cute bubblekush flashing ass on live webcam webcamshow masturbate Ronja wondered.

"Construction workers actually working on a late Friday afternoon?" Maria wondered. "You can't be serious." Ronja laughed and checked that both her flashlights were working. "If I didn't know better I would think you were out on a date," Maria commented.

Ronja blushed, she had indeed, daring clothes. The idea to go urban exploring in a miniskirt and a tank top without a bra or panties sounded ridiculous. Trouble was just that all her normal clothes were gone. She could only find the most daring clothes. She still had no explanation for this. Perhaps her mischievous stepbrother John was behind it, or maybe she had caused it herself with self induced hypnosis. Normally, she would just have confronted John about it, to learn the truth. Things were not normal between them, especially after yesterday when he had found her nude masturbating in his room.

Everything felt awkward. The subject of her masturbation had been a magic vision of Maria using the ivory dildo they had found in the Beckomberga hospital. Ronja blushed. She knew it had been no simple fantasy, but something real because in her vision she had for the first time seen Maria's new haircut.

Luckily, Maria had not yet asked about how Ronja could know about her haircut so Ronja had not needed to explain herself. Maria must have forgotten about her confusion, the previous day, when she knew about Maria's brand new haircut. Maria was eager and had went inside. Ronja hastened to follow. "Looks like it might be many corridors, better use the chalk," Maria said as started to make chalk marks on the sunny leone x storys sex stories quality online porn to mark the path.

They continued on in silence investigating the corridors. It was not just corridors, but also stairs and empty rooms. They often had backtrack when they reached a locked door or an empty room. In most cases it was impossible to say what the room had been intended for. Every few minutes, they could feel massive vibration of the nearby metro. It seemed plausible, the rooms where connected to the construction of the subway more than fifty years ago.

"I suppose the construction use some of the locked doors to reach the area where they work," Ronja commented. "Yeah, they could never leave an open entrance to where they are constructing the new tunnels with drills, explosives and stuff," Maria responded. "Rumor goes, these tunnels connect to just about everywhere in this part of the town," Ronja said.

"I wonder if they also connect to the tunnels below old town." "Wait, I thought I heard soundthing," Maria said. Ronja paused to hear what it was, but everything was drowned by the sound of the subway passing by. Ronja paused to wait, when suddenly Maria pulled frantic at her arm. Maria was pointing her flashlight forward, a few steps away a man stood half naked.

Not with a bare torso, but shamelessly curvy body karlee grey auditions and fucks lexington steeles bbc dropped his pants. He was jacking of in front of them, his lean muscular arms filled with injection marks. The silly looking grin on his face gave a clear hint that he was high on drugs. Ronja and Maria didn't need to say anything over the roar of the subway.

Both just turned and bolted. Most of the homeless were harmless, but it might not be true when they had taken drugs. Ronja took the lead since she was the fastest runner. Normally she would outrun Maria any day, but finding the chalk marks with flashlight was not easy. After a number of turns, she reached a junction with no clear chalk markings of what direction they had arrived from. Looking from the marks they had arrived from the left, but forgotten to mark this with an arrow on the chalk mark.

It looked like they had not investigated the corridor to the right. Ronja rushed into the corridor on the left, eager to put more distance between them and the creepy drug addict. "No, didn't we come from the right?" Maria called out behind her. No, we never forget to draw chalk marks so this must be the way, Ronja thought. Should she return and urge Maria on or call out for her?

Ronja train of thoughts was interrupted when she suddenly found herself in a small rectangular room with a door at the other exit. On the walls there was a number of hooks used for tools. She thought she recalled the room, but didn't remember them passing any similar door. Had they really closed any door behind them?

She rushed forward and felt the handle of the door, it was locked! Looking around bewildered she tried to make sense of the situation. She did recall them seeing the room on the way in, but she could not remember that they had entered through this particular door.

If her memory was correct they had arrived to the room from the sexy lingerie lesbians fucks on casting stockings interview direction as she had come now.

It is a dead end Ronja realized and turned back to the entrance as Maria came running. "No, it is a dead." Ronja began saying the moment before she realized the person approaching had no flashlight. Maria would never drop her flashlight while underground exploring. The drug addict came rushing into the room, now completely nude. Ronja did the only thing she could think of. She tried to bash him with her flashlight. She hit his head, but the impact was far too weak.

Laughing, he just brushed the damage off, in his drug induced haze and smacked her with an open hand. The impact sent Ronja tumbling.

His hand had hit her on the throat, making her gasp for air. She had dropped her flashlight, leaving the room in mostly shadows. "Time to fuck little pussy," the man groaned as he stepped forward with his hand pumping his hard cock. His lean muscular form was barely visible in the faint light from discarded flashlight. Still dizzy from the impact, Ronja struggled to her feet. She desperately needed to get away.

Moving quickly, she feinted to the right. In the bad light he fell for it and dived to intercept her move. With a sigh of relief Ronja ran past him on the left. She only got two steps when suddenly her skirt slipped down. In some impossible way, the tight button of the miniskirt had become undone.

Tangled with skirt around her legs, Ronja dropped with a surprised yelp. Somewhere tammys big tits jiggle then her pussy drips from double creampie p, she could hear feint eerily sounding laughter, but she could not place the sound. It hurt like hell when her knees hit the hard concrete floor. Any concerns about this were quickly gone. The man had grabbed her and pulled her close.

His filthy fingers grasping her ass and digging after her exposed sex. Ronja screamed in panic as she tried to get loose. It was no use, he was much too powerful.

Her feeble attempts to hit him didn't affect him in his drug frenzy. His hands pawing all over her body, Ronja shuddered in disgust as his hands pawed all over her body. She felt two fingers digging into her sex; they were actually inside her! To make things worse his thumb was probing her ass. She could feel this hard cock pressing against her lower leg. He took hold of her hips and pulled her closer. To avoid getting hurt she had to comply and allow him to get closer.

His cock was now pressed towards her upper leg positioned close to her exposed pussy, far too close for Ronja's taste. She felt bile rise in her throat.

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Suddenly she heard the man gurgle in pain, his fingers inside her pussy twisting in a spasm and was pulled out.

Confused she looked up to see Maria recovering her balance after a roundkick. Her friend had quietly came up behind them with her flashlight turned off to prevent being discovered. "Come!" Maria ordered as she pulled Ronja up. The drug addict was still stunned, struggling to breath with a broken nose. Crying Ronja pulled her skirt up, Maria gave her no relief and dragged her away.

Ronja got the skirt buttoned up and followed as best as she could. Behind them was Ronja's flashlight and she fumbled for the replacement from her bag. "Somebody fooled with us and erased the chalk marks," Maria vidya balan real sex with three person. Behind them, they heard the angry shouts of the man, but it took him too long to recover. When they finally heard him come rushing, they had reached the exit.

When outside they quickly rushed up the stairs to get some distance between themselves and the man. Following the stairs, they reached the tunnel connecting the Slussen metro station with the district island Gamla stan. It was a desolate place, made famous from the Girl with Dragon Tatoo movie. Like most of the time it was empty, but it felt rather reasonably safe for the moment compared to the darkness of the tunnels.

Below them they could hear the angry shouts as the drug addict had been seen by the crowd rushing from the metro station to the buss station. Apparently he had missed the fact that they had used the stairs. It would just be moments before security guards arrived from the metro station to apprehend the man.

Ronja and Maria slowed down their pace to try to get their clothes in order. Maria was a bit dusty, while Ronja found herself in a real mess. There must have been some oil or something on the floor because Ronja's skirt was covered in oil and dust.

Even worse were the many fingerprints the man had left on her top and naked skin. Nobody that saw her would doubt that she had been manhanded. "Poor you," Maria said as she used a handkerchief to try to wipe the worst away. She was only partly successful. "I have never been so afraid in my whole life," Ronja mumbled. "Thank you, thank you." "You need hot water to clean up. What if you follow to my place?" Maria suggested.

"That would be nice," Ronja responded with a weak voice. She felt so exposed and violated. By walking along the waterline, they could avoid passing over the busy square. A few minutes later, they arrived at Maria's place at Bellmansgatan, a few blocks away. The apartment was empty, but it felt very cozy compared to the outside. "My parents are on a easy milf black suspect taken on a rough ride this weekend so I have the apartment for myself," Maria explained.

"You had to be home at what time?" "They will deliver Mark's dog Roy today. I am babysitting him for the weekend, but that doesn't start until seven," Ronja answered. "Good, then we can hang for a while." Maria said and gave Ronja a supportive hug. "Want to take a shower first?" "I would love too," Ronja responded. She felt so very dirty after the encounter in the tunnels and it was not just oil and the filth. She shuddered at the memory of the fingers digging into her unprotected sex.

"If you take the bathroom in the hall I take the other one," Maria suggested. With hot water flowing over her, Ronja felt herself relaxing. She still felt lots of discomfort about the memory of the man's fingers invading her, but Maria had saved her before she really got ravished. Never before had she ended in such a trouble.

She had always been a too good runner to be caught. All the trouble today, because some mysterious idiot had fooled with their chalk marks. How could it have happened really? Where had veronica vain first dp ever alex legend prankster hid after removing the chalk marks?

After the shower, Ronja hesitated about what to do. She had her dirty top, but no panties. Her skirt was far to messy for her to even consider to wear it again. Hopefully she could borrow something from Maria, but leaving the bathroom with only a top would make it very obvious she had no panties. Luckily there was a big bathing towel there and Ronja wrapped herself in it. From the sound of it Maria was still in the shower and Ronja decided to wait in Maria's room.

Trying to spend the time Ronja opened the drawer to look for some magazine to read. The top magazine was some kind of martial arts magazine and Ronja flipped it aside to look for something better. Below the magazine there was the ivory dildo that had kept Maria so captivated the last couple of days. It did indeed minnie likes to fuck in the kitchen massive and long, longer than she recalled from her vision of Maria using it.

Maria could not possibly have pushed it that far into her pussy, could she? Ronja shook her head, who would ever have thought that she would see it first hand again. Ronja picked it up wondering if Maria would have used it without the spell.

If anything, Maria had been the one complaining about it being filthy and uninteresting when they found it in the old psychiatric hospital. She wondered if the spell did cause lust, or if it just let the user see what happened by the dildo. "Oh, you found the dildo," Maria said as she entered the room covered in a nice looking red satin robe.

Ronja smiled at Maria's blush. "Sorry, I was looking for a magazine to read," Ronja responded. "You, reading any of my magazines?" Maria said. "That's a new thing." "You can always hope there would something other than martial arts," Ronja replied.

"By the way I was wondering, when did you decide to use the dildo? You promised to tell me the dirty details, right?" "Yea, I recall us making such a deal," Maria said. "Actually I can't really say why I began using it. I was cleaning it up wxxx storys bchong nang dau com investigating it the night after the visit to the psychiatric hospital just so that it would not soil my drawer when I suddenly felt the urge to test it.

"You found it to be good?" Ronja asked. "Very good, much better than the lousy sex I had with Henrik two years back," Maria responded.

"Bad sex?" Ronja wondered. "I recall you back then giving a much more positive deion." I thought you lost interest in experimenting sexually with me because you fell in love with Henrik. That you had very exciting sex with him, but that you later grew apart, Ronja thought. "I was embarrassed about making bad choices about guys," Maria responded with a constrained voice.

Ronja did not know to what to say. Never had Ronja thought that Maria hid such a thing from her. They just sat there at the bed looking at each other. Ronja tried a smile and got one back, but the smile looked forced on Maria. Everything was just feeling awkward with no obvious way to pick up the talking. Suddenly Ronja felt a tingle in her loins. She inhaled deeply trying to calm herself. It only made it worse, her sex was on fire, begging for masturbation.

She blushed and raised her gaze towards Maria. Maria's gaze had lost focus as she rocked forward and backward with an open mouth. Her legs was tightly pressed together and her hands griped the folds of her bathing robe tightly. It was a vision of sensuality, so very far from the shamed look she had moments before. Ronja looked down at the dildo in her hand and found it incredibly inviting. She wanted that pale ivory taking her virginity.

John said the spell, Ronja realized with dread. There could not be any other explanation for the change of mood so soon after their adventure in the tunnels. The spell must indeed cause lust.

Her stepbrother John was at the very moment looking at them magically and seeing Ronja sitting there with the dildo. "I want to fuck you with that dildo.

To show you how wonderful it is," Maria said with a hoarse voice. "You don't know." Ronja whispered, trying desperately to decide if she should try to convince Beautiful blonde babe swallows a hot load of the reality of the spell.

"I deceived you, let you think that I was not attracted to your sexy body because I was afraid it would not work. That our friendship would be busty blonde mila milan shows her bigboobs and rides drivers cock if the sex did not work out well. I went for that idiot Henrik as cover, but hated it the whole time," Maria said. "I don't care anymore.

I want you now. I want to hear you scream in pleasure as I push the dildo into you and make love to you." Ronja could not make up her mind about to run or to stay. Hearing Maria made the urge between her legs even worse, but she was also so very aware of John getting to magically see what they did.

Maria, oblivious to her concerns, took hold of the bathing towel and pulled it down. Ronja's upper body was suddenly stark nude.

The towel was down enough so that the dark patches of wet hair around her pussy were visible. She got a moment more to hesitate as Maria threw her bating robe away. Ronja's attention was caught by sensuality of her friend. The moment after, she was caught in Maria's nude embrace, her pulse was racing. "You gonna love it," Maria whispered into her ear as her hand probed between Ronja's legs.

Ronja's bath towel had slid apart, exposing her pussy for Maria's hand. The embrace left Ronja precious little room to move, her legs had been spread wide and her best friends hand was teasing her clit without mercy.

She could only gasp in pleasure as she tried to decide what to do. There was no escape as her best friend made love to her, with them both being ruled by the magic. Or was it only magic? Maria had pretty much admitted she hid her attraction about Ronja because she was afraid of their friendship. Ronja surely included Maria in her erotic fantasies. With this thought, Ronja gave in and stopped resisting. No matter if her brother could see every detail of what they did, she would make sure Maria got what they both wanted.

They both deserved this and her brother would see them no matter what feeble attempts Ronja did to overpower the stronger Maria. Ronja caught a kiss from Maria and the act somehow took Maria by surprise. Moments after she met Ronja with a long wet kiss, their tongues just barely touching and dancing. Ronja spread her legs the best she could. She needed more stimulation than just Maria's teasing fingers. "Take me now," Ronja whispered. Maria responded by directing the dildo into her pussy.

The cold ivory stretching Ronja's pussy made the sensations even more intense. Was it magic that kept it so cold even though her sex was burning with desire? Maria started a steady pace as she again and again pushed the dildo into Ronja.

Ronja could not contain herself and started to respond with thrusts of her own pelvis. Maria caught the idea and increased the pace gradually.

"I want you to scream for me," Maria ordered and when Ronja came, she did it so hard that there was no option but to comply. Time felt frozen as Maria continued to pound the dildo into Ronja, finally Ronja motioned Maria to stop. Her sex needed relief from the stimulation.

"Thank you beloved," Ronja said. "I expect you to return the favor, use that dildo on me," Maria said with a proud voice. "I will, but I might want use my mouth also," Ronja responded as she pulled the dildo out. The dildo was of course included in her plans.

Ronja's mobile phone rang, Maria grunted in disappointment as Ronja stretched for it. Seeing it was John, she wondered if she should answer. She glanced towards the ceiling, wondering if John was seeing them from the same viewpoint as she had.

Ronja decided to not answer. Why ruin the moment when she had Maria with spread legs in front of her? Ronja took the dildo and pushed it into Maria's eager pussy. Licking Maria's tighs she made Maria squirm with pleasure. Slowly she let her mouth come close to Maria's sex as she kept the dildo still inside pussy. Ronja's mobile phone beeped as a sms arrived. She started a slow pace of thrusting her dildo in and out as she checked the sms just in case it was something important.

The sms was from her father. "Damn it, they will deliver the dog in half an hour. My dad need me to be there," Ronja complained. "It is okay, I can finish myself," Maria said.

"I don't want to leave you," Ronja said as he increased the urgency of her dildo work. She bent forward again and licked Maria's clit. Every touch of her tongue made Maria trembled with desire.

"There will be more chances to be with your girlfriend," Maria responded in a husky voice. "Girlfriend?" Ronja asked. "If you want to," Maria responded. "I was a fool to wait for this." Her pelvis gyrated as she matched the thrusts of the dildo. Ronja didn't know what to say, her whole being trembled with desire.

How she had dreamed about hearing those words from Maria. "I want you," Ronja finally breathed. As on queue Maria responded with a massive the fucking in the wilderness part more videos on hdmilfcamcom. Ronja continued through it all with steady thrusts with dildo and sucking intensively at Maria's clit. Finally it was over and Maria lay collapsed on the bed with the ivory dildo on her lower stomach covered with their joint pussy juice.

"Leave it there, I might need it to cover your absence with it," Maria said. "Okay if I borrow some clothes?" Ronja asked.

"Sure," Maria responded and managed to get the response filled with lots of raw desire and lust. It took real effort for Ronja to leave. * * * Ronja finished the essay she had to write as homework for the weekend and leaned back in the chair.

Roy, the dog she was babysitting was curled at her feet and she absent minded rubbed his neck as she let her thoughts wander.

She still had not decided what to say to John. Should she forbid him from using the spell since it targeted Maria, or should she leave it up to him to decide? Could she say that it was unethical for him to take advantage of Maria without also condemning herself?

The magic dildo had much to do with her new relationship becoming real. Ronja sighed deeply. Having Maria as her partner was such a dream come true that she had problems staying objective. She really wanted to explore this new relationship with Maria and the lust between them could not just be the magic, could it?

On the other hand, it was also the concern that she exposed herself to the spell if she happened to be around when John said it. Was she okay with him getting to see her having sex with Maria? Ronja looked at the mirror on her night table and paused her line of thought.

The mirror was located at the same hideout as the dildo and the paper with the spell. What if it is magic also? Ronja thought. She picked the mirror up and looked at the text at the backside again. "Hic incipit potestatem absolutam," she read. She googled the term and realized it to be Latin. After some effort, she decided the most likely translation was "Here begins absolute power." Not that this translation helped to satisfy her curiosity.

A pretty weird thing to etch on the backside of an ordinary looking brass mirror. "Hic incipit potestatem absolutam," she said aloud to see if they had any special ring in them that might explain their presence. Suddenly she did not see her own face in the mirror, but an unknown male face of a middle aged man with a long beard. She yanked back in surprise, looking over her shoulder, but there was not anyone there.

Looking at the mirror again she could still see the man there, her own reflection was gone. He gave her a sinister smile and then spoke. "So.the little slave finally realizes the truth," the person in the mirror said. The voice was strangely faint and impossible to locate in the room. The lip movement gave away that the person in the mirror had been the one speaking.

It reminded her of the faint laughter she had heard when her skirt accidentally dropped in the tunnels below Slussen. She was beginning to understand that using the pregnant alyssa fucks her pregnant pussy while smoking accident to describe the event was incorrect.

"Who.I mean what are you?" Ronja exclaimed. "When I thought I was about to die, I imprinted my soul in the mirror. When I died my soul traveled to the mirror to become a ghost. In truth my memory of it happening is a bit foggy.

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Only my memories before I attached myself into the mirror are totally clear. I suspect that there must have been some time, possibly months or years, before I really died," the person in the mirror said. "I thought I ended in trouble since I fucked up with the hypnotic triggers, but it was you messing with me all the time, wasn't it?" Ronja asked.

"Yes, remarkable what can be done if you have hold of the persons soul, can do telekinesis and have learned their hypnotic trigger," the faint voice responded.

"What did you say about my soul?" Ronja whispered with a constrained voice. Inside her there was a storm of fear, just hearing he knew her hypnotic trigger had made her near panic. If he knew how to put her into hypnosis trance, he could mess with her in infinite ways. "You don't recall holding the mirror when you joked about binding yourself to a magic item? A foolish thing to do while holding a magic mirror. I hold your soul, this is why you, and only you can hear my voice," the mirror image told her.

Ronja felt nauseous. She recalled that she had indeed said such words. The repeated accidental exposure of naked skin to her brother, the missing clothes, the purchased bondage gear and so much more made sense now. There was little doubt her tormentor had a very naughty imagination. "So, do you got a name?" Ronja finally asked. "Actually I do.Tomas Andersson," best friends share everything this is why these beautiful college gir ghost being responded.

"That was a mundane name," Ronja responded. "So Tomas, you were a mental case locked in at Beckomberga psychiatric hospital?" "Actually I was not mad," the ghost responded. "I learned about the magic mirror and stole it from a mage since it is the key to gaining marvelous power and holds the ability to transfer your essence to a new body.

Problem was that I got greedy and I also took the magic dildo since I thought it would be fun with the ladies. Unfortunately the mage knew the spell of the dildo by heart and could recite it without the inion horny brunette babe wants cumshot on her cumshots the spell.

He used the spell to force me have sex in public. It is impossible to throw the dildo away by force of will so I was stuck with doing this again and again even when the police arrived.

Only I was touched since you must have held the dildo in your hand before the spell is uttered to be subject of the spell. Eventually the authorities decided I was mad since they thought no sane person would degrade themselves in that fashion." "Oh," Ronja mumbled.

The whole situation with Maria and the magic dildo suddenly got a very different twist. "At the hospital, I was forced to have sex again and again. After a time, the compulsions of the dildo stopped and it was then I realized the mage had decided to come looking for me.

I decided to imprint my soul to the mirror and hide it in case the mage turned up and managed to kill me. By doing this I could work at finding a new body and escape death," the ghost explained.

"Are you trying to take over my body?" Ronja wondered filled with worries. "Since I am male it only works with a suiting male body. It is also the matter of me not really being sure about the correct spell to use," the ghost responded. "What happens if you find the right kind of body and don't know the spell?" Ronja asked.

"I suppose I force you have sex with the owner of the body to increase the likelihood the person stays around until I cast the spell to transfer my essence to the body," the ghost said. "I might not agree," Ronja objected. "Too bad I learned your hypnotic trigger then," the ghost responded. Ronja had no response to this. It did indeed look like she was screwed. She shrugged at the double meaning of this word. Ronja's mobile phone rang and she picked it up to answer.

"Hi," Ronja answered. "Hi my sweet," Maria said on the other side of the phone. Ronja beamed at hearing the words, deep inside herself she could feel herself relaxing. She had been worried about how Maria would react when she was not affected by the spell anymore. These emotions had intensified a lot during her talk with the ghost. "I have been missing you," Ronja breathed into the mobile, putting every part of her lust and longing into her voice.

"Oh, so nice," Maria responded. "You makes me wish you were here again." "I wish I was there too, but I am need to take care of Roy," Ronja said. "I suppose the dog need a walk.

What about if I could meet you then for a kiss, or possibly more," Maria suggested. "You mean a kiss in public?" Ronja asked teasingly. "Oh, ummm, maybe," Maria said, clearly having second thoughts about the idea. Suddenly Ronja's computer speaker burst aloud with a long massive moan. Bewildered, Ronja stared at it wondering what had happened until she understood that the ghost must have started a porn movie. "Ah, take me, take me hard!

I am your bitch!" the woman in the movie moaned as a large dog kept pounding away at her. Ronja stared at the movie, caught by surprise, trying to sort out where the ghost might have found the video clip. "What the hell is that?" Maria asked over the phone. Ronja blushed deeply as she understood the sound of the porn could be heard over the phone.

"Oh, it is just some Internet porn I stumbled over while surfing," Ronja lied and silenced the sound. "You were looking for inspiration for our next encounter?" Maria asked in husky voice. The ghost chose this moment to turn the sound back on. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me!" the porn actor on the movie chanted as the dog kept drilling the love hole of her. "Nah, more the intrusive Internet spam kind," Ronja responded as she fumbled after pulling the plug of the speakers.

What if the porn actor say she is being fucked by a dog, Ronja realized with dread. "I see," Maria responded. "I thought about googling some, you seemed so more experienced than me when it comes to girl on girl sex." With a relief Ronja got the computer silenced.

To be safe she shut the computer down. "You had lots of experience with that dildo. I have never had any penetration before this afternoon, but I have had sex with a girl before," Ronja responded. "You make me so curious. Who was that girl?" Maria asked. "Actually, I promised to tell you the details earlier, it was with Mikaela in a store room outside the gymnastics hall earlier this week ," Ronja replied.

"I don't believe it. You were having sex with our teacher when you skipped from the lesson!" Maria exclaimed. "Yes, but I did not plan on it when I left the lesson, it just sort of happened," Ronja mumbled. "I am getting so horny from this talk. I want that kiss we spoke about before," Maria said. "What about if you take Roy for a walk to the park behind the school.

Should be pretty empty on the weekend, right?" "You mean Pontjärparken?" Ronja asked. She could see Maria's reasoning. The park was located at the backside of the hill where the school was located. In truth, most of the park was a small cliff covered in bushes. Besides from the school itself there were almost no spot where you could get a clear overview of the park since the cliff was pretty steep and almost as high as the nearby houses. "I think we have a date," Ronja replied.

* * * Ronja stepped into Pontjärparken with eager steps. In front of her, Roy was busy sniffing around. She had Roy on a leash since she was not sure she had enough control of him if they ran into an aggressive dog.

Looking around, Ronja wondered if Maria had arrived yet or if she was first. The park looked deserted this late in the evening and Ronja directed Roy up the hill.

Above them she could see the impressing silhouette of Kungsholmen Gymnasium built in red bricks with artistically applied sections of white plaster. I wonder if the building had been built when the ghost was taken to the psychiatric hospital Ronja wondered. It always made Ronja feel peculiar when she recalled that the school had been built when there where barely any houses busty bonded sub roughly rammed by maledom big tits and fetish this part of the town.

Small wooden cottages had been the standard up to the beginning of the previous century when Stockholm expanded greatly. Today, it was part of the trendy central city where people had to wait for years if they wanted to rent any kind of apartment.

An attractive apartment might take a decade of waiting, unless you had the money to purchase it. Ronja arrived at the upper part of the park and walked around until she found a suiting shrubbery.

None of the paths of the park were directly beside it. If they kept a low profile, they would be pretty safe from being seen from neighboring houses.

Obviously a person standing by the railing of the schoolyard would see everything by the shrubbery since it was located some meters up. On the other hand, there was little reason for somebody to be in the schoolyard in the evening.

You could not get down from the schoolyard to the park below, but had to walk by the nearby street and then climb the hill again if you wanted to reach the park. To pass the time Ronja started to play around with Roy. It two big booty ebonies licking in the gym fitnessrooms and instructor her how many times the dog could brunette milf with huge natural tits on webcam it interesting to run after a stick.

All in all it was great fun, but Ronja kept looking for Maria. She longed for her to arrive Finally she arrived and Ronja beamed as Maria hurried to her side. She looked lovely in the evening light with her tight top and shorts that fit snuggly over her trim ass.

They hugged tightly and then distanced themselves from each other so they could look at each other. "Didn't know what to wear.

Sportswear seemed safe in case I get warm and sweaty," Maria said blushing, she paused to look at Ronja. "That corset and miniskirt is sexy as hell. What I was thinking when I picked my clothes?" Ronja gave her a look. It did indeed look like Maria had went for a jogging exercise. A more pressing question about the clothes was if she really meant they should have the kind of sex that would make her warm and sweaty?

"I think you look lovely," Ronja said. Bending closer she gave Maria a kiss. At first Maria responded with a half open mouth, then she broke the kiss and turned her head away. Confused, Ronja looked at her, Maria was blushing deeply and looking around nervously.

"I don't know about this," Biker girls going crazy part wayne enterprises mumbled. "What if somebody comes?" "It was your idea with a public kiss, but I think you picked exactly the right clothes," Ronja said.

"Yea I know.but maybe I only said so because I was so horny.because I wanted to see you," Maria responded. Ronja felt longing stir within her, How disappointing that Maria had second thoughts. "I want you," Ronja answered. Trying to get all her longing and lust into her stare, but also keeping her distance so that Maria would not feel pressured. Looking at the reaction from Maria, the flutter of her eye lashes as she returned Ronja's gaze, it was clear Ronja had succeeded.

Still there was some hesitation left in Maria. "What about the dog?" Maria asked. "If we get distracted it might run away." She turned towards Roy who stood some distance away and had his interest locked at them.

Also, quite visible, was the long dog cock that had come out of its sheath. "Look at that!" Maria exclaimed. "The dog has a hard on!" She stood perplexed as she tried to adjust passionate beautiful chick gives a great blow the situation.

Ronja did not know what to do either. Should she acknowledge that the dog had a hard on or try to distract Maria from it? Suddenly Ronja heard the ghost whisper into her ear. "Try to seduce your girlfriend or I will use a hypnotic trigger to make you drop all your clothes," the ghost threatened. Ronja felt a stab of fear, the ghost was with her even when she did not carry the mirror.

Thinking of what had happened earlier it was really no surprise, but Ronja had forgotten about the ghost during the passion of the moment. What would Maria do if the ghost made Ronja do weird stuff, would she freak? "What do you think would happen if I hypnotized you and had you sit down with spread legs in front of dog?" the ghost wondered. Ronja had no doubt she did not want that to happen. Maria might, as a safety, know Ronja's wake up phrase, but she would definitely freak if she saw Ronja approaching the dog while falling into a trance.

Ronja slid behind Maria and wondered how they should do this. She realized they must make quite of a pair. Maria in her sportswear and Ronja in her corset and short miniskirt.

Ronja hugged Maria from behind, feeling the trim curves of Maria fitting snuggly against the curves of her body. "Forgot about the dog, we are female and it is only natural that it smells our sexual excitement and get interested.

I doubt it has any inclination to run away. I desire you now." Ronja whispered into her ear. She pushed her right hand up below Maria's top, catching a hold of her breast. Maria did not have a sports bra, but a regular bra. Ronja smiled, she had full access when she pushed it aside. Her left hand she kept outside the clothes, tracing circles on Maria's trim lower belly. At least she mostly kept her hand outside, she let the top of her finger slid below the shorts and follow the panty line.

Maria tensed for a moment, but then relaxed as she felt Ronja fondling her nipple. "I want you, I want to caress you, I want to worship your body," Ronja whispered into Maria's ear. "This is amazing!" Maria responded.

"You touching me like this, it makes me so hot!" Ronja let her hand slide lower, pushing past clothes to let fingers get access to Maria's moist pussy. "You make me hot even before we touch," Ronja whispered. "So many times I have masturbated thinking about you naked. So many times I have followed you to practice so I would get to watch your sexy, trim body exercise.

To see you, but never to touch you, not touch you in the way I wanted to. Not like this." "I want you to touch me," Maria whispered in a hoarse voice. Ronja took the chance and undid Maria's shorts and pulled shorts and panties down at the same time. Maria cringed some, but then stepped out of her panties. She turned around nusty stepmom amazing threesome with teen couple in bed Ronja caught her in tight embrace.

Maria's fingers was caressing Ronja's ass, lifting the skirt up and revealing to the world that Ronja had no panties. "No panties?" Maria asked with a playful voice. "Still too many clothes compared to me." "I seldom have panties these days," Ronja responded.

It felt awesome to grind her body against Maria's body. Moments later Maria had undone the skirt and Ronja distanced herself enough so that she could step out of it. The slightly chill night air played over their naked skin as they hugged in the park dressed only in a corset, a top and shoes.

"Mmmmm.a shame I did not bring the dildo," Maria breathed out as she traced lines over Ronja's ass. All the time coming closer to Ronja's sex, but each time dodging away when Ronja tensed.

"I have something in mind," Ronja said as she recalled one of the girl on girl photos she had received in her mail. "Sexy, please tell me," Maria purred as Ronja's finger teased her sex so lovely. "Showing is better than telling," Ronja responded. "Sit down on the lawn." Maria did not hesitate but sensually leaned down by the shrubbery. Ronja did the same and let left leg slide below Maria's leg so that their pussies faced each other.

From this position it took no explanation, within moments they were grinding their pussies together. Rhythmically rubbing their sexes together in a very intense dance of passion. " very nice," Ronja moaned as they increased the pace. "So very wonderful," Maria answered as she responded in kind. "A shame I did not bring the dildo, I think I should make a habit to carry it around in case we get into situations like this." What about the spell? If she does carry that thing around it could easily get out of hand, Ronja realized with dread.

The thought blunted some of sexual bliss she was in. "I want to do the sixty nine, now," Maria said and pulled Ronja forward.

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Ronja did not understand how it happened, but Maria somehow had the strength and control to turn her around in the air and a moment later she landed on top of Maria. Before she knew it Maria's tongue was entering her sex and Ronja could do nothing but to moan loudly. She was already so damn close to an orgasm. She was on the way to return the favor when she heard Roy growl some distance away.

She raised her gaze upwards and saw a person standing by the railing on the schoolyard with a mobile phone pointed in their direction.

The person was using the phone as camera to record every detail of their almost naked sex. "Seems like your gym teacher gets the pictures is getting those picture she wanted," the ghost said. Ronja realized that it was true. It was indeed Mikaela who had blackmailed Ronja into having sex with her, by threatening to show masturbation pictures. Ronja did not know what to do, the stimulation was too much. Maria had somehow manage to push two fingers into her sex without Ronja expecting it.

"AHHHhhh," Ronja mumbled as an strong orgasm ripped right through her. Maria worked eagerly below her to jada stevens gets a taste of mandingos bbc interracial big cock the excitement and it worked marvelous. Ronja did not know how to stay still, the sesnations was simply to great, she was pretty sure Mikaela might be close enough to even collect the sound.

The orgasm was over and Ronja blinked in the post orgasmic bliss. Mikaela was grinning widely with her hand busy working inside her trousers. Has Mikaela manage to get us both on tape, or is it only me that can be recognized? Ronja wondered. Below her Maria moved a bit impatiently, thrusting her pelvis upwards.

Ronja realized that any moment Maria might speak up complaining about the lack of attention and thus revealing her identity. Ronja saw no other option but to dive into giving Maria what she wanted. The fact that Mikaela had recorded her every expression as she climaxed and now got to record her licking Maria could not be helped. Ronja considered to use her hair to cover what she did, but then decided against it. Mikaela had enough to identify her anyway and if she made the show interesting enough Mikaela might forget about recording who Ronja's partner was.

Ronja gave her all in worshiping the sexy pussy below her. Licking the cute clit, tracing the opening to the pussy with her tongue, letting her fingers spread the pussy so that it would be visible on the recording.

It felt shameful to expose Maria in this way without her knowledge, but Ronja hoped that Maria would have agreed if given the choice. Looking at how Maria buckled below her as Ronja teased her sex, Ronja very much doubted that Maria would been able to say no to continued sex at this point. She was begging for more attention. Finally she noticed small movements and tension of body that suggested that Maria was close.

Without abandon Ronja started to suck on Maria's clit and this was enough. Maria was crazy with lust below her as the orgasm made every part of her tremble. Slowly Ronja raised her gaze to look after Mikaela, but to her surprise she could not see her anywhere around. Even more alarming Roy was also gone.

Worried, Ronja pushed herself off the still worn out Maria that lay trembling from post orgasmic bliss. "Roy!" Ronja shouted and looked desperately around as she pulled of Maria. "What?" Maria mumbled as she struggled to gain the energy to sit up. Ronja was on the way to respond when she saw Roy come running to the railing, the dog was up on the schoolyard.

He paused circled around, looking at something Ronja could not see. Roy looked towards Ronja with a questioning look. Ronja looked down on Maria who was on the way to sit up. "Yeah Roy!" Ronja shouted. The clever dog did not need more encouragement but rushed away over the schoolyard barking. In the far distance Ronja could hear the teacher's yelp in panic as she turned and ran in utter panic. "What? Was there a person that saw us?" Maria wondered alarmed.

"I don't know if the person saw us," Ronja said, carefully choosing the words so that she was not lying in the literal sense. She did not want to ruin the moment by talking of the voyeur. "Roy seems to have kept guard on us." "This was awesome, you are the best," Maria said.

"You too," Ronja replied. * * * John sat in the couch watching television when Ronja got down from her room. He made a quick glance in her direction, but then blushed and looked away. "We need to talk," Ronja said and sat down on the opposite side of the couch. Pulling her legs up and folding them in front of her. She did not want any accidental flashing of her nude private parts since she still had no panties.

She pulled her legs below the skirt as good as she could. At least this time it wasn't a miniskirt but a more modest one.

She had borrowed it from Maria the previous day and forgot to return it. "I suppose we do," John mumbled. "After you said the spell. You saw us, right?" Ronja asked. "I had no idea you were present," John mumbled. "When you say the spell old rod rams juvenile snatch and mouth see everything as long as you keep your eyes closed. When I realized you were there, I decided to try to skip the vision.

Unfortunately you can not stare forever so I kept seeing flashes of you two. Finally I gave up and watched it to the end. You were so incredibly sexy as you two were doing it." "Do you realize what would happen if you said the spell when Maria was with some other person?" Ronja asked. "I think the spell only works when she is close to the dildo," John responded.

"How do you know that? Also I must ask, so what? Her parents might be there, couldn't they?" Ronja asked. "No, she would not.not with her parents.," John stuttered. "Of course she would not, unless you force her with that spell," Ronja said. He stared back at her with a pale face. "I thought it was voluntary," John said.

"It looked like you two enjoyed it." "Sure we did," Ronja said. "I desired her for so long, and she admitted to have thoughts about me too. We are a couple now, but still the point do apply. The spell would have made her do it even if she hated the person." "How do you know this?" John wondered.

"I just know. You have to trust me on this," Ronja said. "You can't continue using the spell. If you use it at the wrong occasion then Maria could get into real trouble." "So I am to stop using spell, but you don't want me to tell her, do you?" John asked. "You want to continue doing what I saw you doing and if I told her it was all magic induced she might not want to do it." It was Ronja turn to blush deeply.

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"No, well Steamy sexy pussy loving action hardcore massage does not believe in magic anyway so it would be hopeless convincing her," Ronja responded.

She swallowed deeply and then continued, "Yeah I admit it, I want to continue exploring my relationship with her. Don't tell her it, please. Even if she does not believe it, it would be awkward." "A bit selfish, aren't you?" John said. "Remember that I have a crush on her too.

What is in it for me?" Ronja hesitated about what to respond. Could I allow John to use the spell at some time when I am there so I get the aid of the magic when I make love to Maria? Still that would let John see me having sex again.

Am I okay with him seeing. The ghost interrupted her line of thought. "Yes, what could you possibly offer the lad?" the ghost asked in her ear. Only she could hear the ghost, but suddenly she was also aware that the ghost had used its telekinesis to pull her skirt up.

The skirt was assembled at her hip and she was showing her stepbrother lots of nude skin. His gaze was locked at her, directly at her legs. She had kept the legs spread below the skirt. He stared directly at her exposed pussy! What the hell do I say now? Ronja wondered. Should she close her legs and claim it to be a accident? What would John think of bondage anime cutie hard poking from behind by her master display at this moment?

The ghost choose this moment to use its telekinesis to probe at Ronja's pussy and the sensation almost made Ronja moan in pleasure.

At the last second she managed to contain the moan, but she could see on John's face that she had not kept her face totally even. "Is that what the last days been about? You are offering a trade?" John asked. He adjusted his position in the couch, his growing member was obviously causing him discomfort below the clothes. Ronja did not know what to do. What naughty things would the ghost do to subvert the situation if she tried to save it somehow? In the end she did the only thing she could think of.she bolted and ran to her room.

Luckily her stepbrother did not follow her. Breathing deeply she closed the door to her room and greeted an impatient Roy that had been waiting for her to return. Ronja turned towards the bed, the hated mirror lay on the bed table. The source of all her problems, how things would have been different if she had not joked about binding the object to her when she first found it.

"Ghost, tell me what happens if the mirror is destroyed?" Ronja ordered. "No idea, my essence is tied to the mirror but beyond that I have no knowledge of how the magic of it works," the ghost responded with its eerily voice.

"I am fed up with you playing tricks with me, I will put an end to this," Ronja said. "Wait!" the ghost objected. "If you destroy the mirror it might happen that I disappear, but it could also happen that you loose the only possibility to make me tied to somebody else." "I take my chances," Ronja responded. How could she ever pass the ghost forward to some other poor soul. She picked the mirror up to throw it at the wall.

Suddenly felt a sense of vertigo, when it cleared she was not standing with the mirror on her hand. She was instead kneeling nude on the side of her bed constrained by the bondage gear. Her hands and neck caught in the board with holes, legs spread by a bar attached to her ankle. She tried to straighten up but found there was a chain attached between the board and the bar between her legs.

To worsen things the chain was looped around the legs of her bed. She was caught with no hope of escaping unless she could lift her massive oak bed without the use of her hands.

Directly in front of her on the bed were the keys to the padlock. Not that it was any help. She could pick up the keys with her hands even with them constrained by the board but there was no way she could reach the padlock on the side. Her pulse was racing. Previously Roy had started to lick her pussy just like that, she was pretty sure the dog would do much more than lick when it had her with spread legs like this.

"I get your point totally," Ronja sobbed. "You control my hypnotic trigger so you can make me stand still as you tie me up. I can't rebel. I will be good from now on, so please, please, please let me veronica vain first dp ever alex legend now before Roy do something unpleasant," Ronja begged in a frantic pace. "I don't think you have learned your lesson," the ghost responded. "No, I do totally understand.

There is no way I can get loose and you can put me like this every time I disobey. I won't try to destroy your mirror anymore," Ronja squeeled. Suddenly she froze as she realized Roy was directly behind her, sniffing at her exposed sex. With the spreader bar at her ankles there was no way she could close her legs. Chained to the corner of the bed she had no option of moving away.

She was at the mercy of the dog that had been so very interested in her sex the previous time. "Okay, this awkward, I totally learned my lesson," Ronja pleaded. She jolted as she felt the dog tongue lick her exposed sex. It was embarrassing as hell having the dog licking her private parts. "Lesson just started, can't have the fans of Hypnoslut be disappointed," the ghost responded.

"No, you are not taping this!" Ronja exclaimed. The ghost responded with long rumbling laughter. The dog had climbed up on her back now. She felt something probing her sex. It must be the dog cock seaking her exposed sex. Could she yank sideways to make the dog roll off her? Possibly, but what good would it do? Until she pleased the ghost she would be down there on the floor with her sex exposed to the dog.

Ronja hesitated about what to do, It was all that it took. Roy had found the right spot and suddenly she had a dog cock invading her insides. She could do little more than a groan caused by different emotions as a hard, so very hard, cock pressed into her inch by inch. It all happened so quick, one moment it was probing her opening and the next the dog was pounding into her with a frantic speed.

It felt so incredibly good as the dog fucked her so very hard. Ronja did not know where to turn. Caught by the bondage gear she had no escape. Maybe she did not want to escape. The act of being forced to have sex with an animal removed some of the responsibility from her.

The dog pulled off her and Ronja moaned in disappointment. Why had it stopped when she was so close? Roy was behind her again and sniffing at her sex again. How she wanted the animal to return fucking her, spreading her pussy so very nicely.

Roy climbed up on her again and Ronja smiled widely. Within moments the dog cock pressed into her and this time there was no resistance.

Roy could take her like a bitch, like his bitch. The feelings were amazing. Ronja had stopped caring since there was no escape and only rolled with sensation. The sensation of the dog cock stretching her inside.

She had started to pant when the dog once again pulled out of her. She groaned in disappointment. "You seem to be enjoying yourself," the ghost commented. No emotions could be read in the cold voice. "It is nice," Ronja mumbled as she again felt chubby kim the real bukkake cum bucket gangbang and brunette dog sniff and lick at her cunt. "What do you enjoy?" the ghost wondered.

"This." Ronja mumbled as she tried to wiggle her ass to make the dog take her again. "Talk dirty," the ghost directed her. Ronja refused to respond. The fact that she did enjoy the sensation did not mean that she wanted to take part in it.

She could live with that she loved the sensation of the dog fucking her, but to admit it openly was something else. What if somebody was watching the live stream from her cam? This thought was enough to snap her back to reality. The thought that people might be watching her enjoy being taken by a dog was mind numbing. Of course Roy chose this moment to push into her again.

It did not feel anywhere as nice even though the sensation was still something special. Ronja tried to roll with the emotions again, but the magical feeling was gone. More like simple masturbation than the mind numbing sex she had with Maria.

"What about if we make a deal?" the ghost suggested. Roy had pulled out of her again and Ronja struggled with about she should acknowledge the ghost's suggestion or not. "If you talk dirty I give you three days off when I won't mess with you?" the ghost suggested. Ronja froze, the offer seemed to good to be true.

Three days days of freedom when she could work out her new relation with Maria and what to do with her brother without the ghost messing with her. "Yes, I am serious. I promise not to do anything for three days unless you ask me; this provided that I hear you beg the dog to fuck you now," the ghost said.

"Deal," Ronja said. "Stick that cock into me," she pleaded. "Use that long dog cock of yours to fuck me like I am your bitch," she said blushing deeply. She was glad her face was turned away from the camera. "I am your bitch. Fuck me hard," Ronja said as she felt the dog lick her again. Actually it was not so bad talking like this, kind of sexy.

She better make sure the ghost got what it wanted so it could not say she cheated him. Did the ghost intend to sell the video of her and needed her to talk dirty to be able to make it convincing? What would it matter with the talk if someone she knew saw the video? Strangely Ronja realized that she did not care. Anyone watching could see that she loved the sensation of the animal taking her without her doing any talking.

Nobody would consider the possibility that she had been forced into the bondage gear against her will. "Yes take your bitch hard. Fuck me! Yes!" Ronja exclaimed. Roy was up on her back again and Ronja felt the so very hard dog cock probe her opening. Actually, it was probing the wrong opening. "No lower down!" Ronja objected. It was by her ass instead of her cunt. "Not in my assssssssssh!" she exclaimed, but there was no use.

The dock cock slick with their juices was pressing into her ass and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Frozen in fear she felt the dog start in a frantic stabbing into her virgin ass. Constrained in the bondage gear there was nothing she could do. She could only whimper as the dock pounded away. It did not exactly hurt, but could not compare to having her sex spread. "See what a little direction can do for the dogs aim," the ghost said in chinese porn sex and zen mocking way.

"This is your punishment. Remember that you are totally at my mercy." Ronja was too caught up in the moment to respond. At first, the dog's cock felt small when german amateur pornstar sexy cora fucks with step brother entered her virgin ass, but suddenly she could feel it growing.

The dog cock was feeling massive, so massive that Roy was not able to continue pushing into her. "Ah, you know dog cocks grow a knot when they climax to prevent the bitch from pulling out too early," the ghost commented. Ronja only vaguely knew about this. She had heard it mentioned sometime before. The sensation in her ass left little doubt. The dog had really come inside her ass and they now were stuck together until the cock got smaller.

The feeling as the dog tried to pull out was mind blowing. Ronja did not know where to turn. She was overwhelmed with feeling of pain mixed with pleasure as the the dog pulled to get free. She cried in shame, from pleasure, from the humiliation, from the pain. Finally the dog got loose and Ronja felt a massive load of dog cum flowing out of her ass. She could not believe how much the dog cum there came. Ronja wondered what would follow, she was still bound by bondage gear. At least the dog seemed more intent on licking its cock than fucking her for the moment.

"Getting loose would be nice," she tried. "Forgot to include that part in the deal, didn't you," the ghost responded with a smirk. "Very funny," Ronja said in constrained voice. "I can reach the keys, but not the lock. Help me to get loose." "Why should I?" the ghost wondered.

"I can not get free. Please get me free," Ronja pleaded. "I think your dog lover deserve to cum some more," the ghost said. "Roy does not seem very interested now," Ronja said. Unfortunately, the dog had recovered by now and was back sniffing and licking at her sex.

"No, no more dog sex. I need to sleep now," Ronja pleaded. "I promise that when the dog lose interest for good this night, I will get you free," the ghost said. "If you want to get free earlier you can summon your brother and ask him for help." Ronja felt faint as she thought about the humiliation if her brother found her covered in dog cum and bondage gear. It was simply not an option.

For all that she knew, he might have heard her cry out earlier and stood outside listening at this very moment. Still, asking him to come in and see her in this position would not do. She felt Roy's dog cock stretching her inside again.

Luckily it was her cunt this time. There was little she could do but to try to enjoy the fucking. The sensation as the dog banged into her was marvelous. How could she enjoy the act so soon after her ass had been raped? Ronja did not know. She did not care. For now she was locked in the moment. Taken again and again couple smoking cigarettes during fucking an animal.

She had lost count how many times the dog had pounded into her, both of them so wanton with lust. Yet again she felt the dog cock banging into her and suddenly she felt a new climax hitting her. Strangely she realized she had lost track of how many times she had felt another climax hit her, surely it must be more than two.

How else could she had been reduced to this horny state of sexual bliss. Her whole body trembled from the sensation. There were no relief, no escape. The dog cared little for her feelings. Continuing its maddening fuck as her sex trembled. At least her trembling sex had some effect. She moaned as she felt the dog knot up and yet again spill its load into her sex.

The knot that bounded them together so very tightly. It felt wonderful to be in the afterglow of the climax as the dog struggled to get free. Ronja wondered if this was the last time, or if she was in for more fucking.

She expected it would be more sex. Even in her exhaustion she enjoyed it, if the ghost wanted her hooked on the sensation it had succeeded. End of chapter 3