Xxx classic alpha french movie

Xxx classic alpha french movie
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Allia lived in a diverse world full of monsters and creatures. Her home, a massive city, had defenses to keep the evil out, but that didn't prevent her parents from mistreating her and using her like a toy. They fed her various body modification potions starting at the age of nine; which warped her into a bizarre creature. As a result, the poor girl was a freak by the age of 18.

The strange potions made her very chubby and grow dull brown fur all over. She grew oversized breasts and long cow-like tail, which constantly got in her way. Her cute fuzzy face mostly kept human properties: large dark green eyes, small pouty lips and puffy cheeks. Soft tan fur covered her freckled face, but people never saw it because she hid behind her long brown hair.

She strongly resembled a cow, and that wasn't too bad. However, Allia's mother really wanted a son, and decided to feed the girl plenty of cock growing potions. The result: a leathery monster cock that grew down to her knees. The shaft was thin, thus not too hard to hide; she tucked it down her pant leg where it stayed out of site unless aroused.

And yet this still wasn't Allia's biggest problem. Due to the large consumption of strange brews, the teen had an unusual tendency to fall in love instantly.

She couldn't help herself from giving warm long hugs and undressing herself in front of everyone she met. Allia was never allowed to leave the house, so she orders things online to meet the delivery drivers. Being too shy and awkward, she never got to say more than a few words or maybe flash the guests before her parents caught her. Getting caught usually meant more weird potions. But today story porne pornsadmassoumise sandy baise au donjon the end of all that, she started a fire in the house and made her way outside, then she kept running forward without looking back.

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The young timid girl realized that she far from home and in a strange part of town, before too long, she warm teen pussy marica hase 4 tube porn completely and utterly lost. ---------End of Introduction---------- Allia was shivering from the panic, fear, and cold. This was the furthest she's been from home, this was probably the most she's ever disappointed her parents, and in her hurry to escape the fire, she forgot to put decent clothes on.

The lonely teen was wearing baggy pink pajamas and very open tank top from her father-daughter movie night the night before, the skirt had a visible cum stain. A cool breeze passed by, giving Allia goose bumps as well as stiffening her dark young nips. After her senses came back, she got a sense of her surroundings; She was in some dark alleyway in a broken down part of the city. The ground was covered in thick mud and the buildings were old and breaking apart, this was not a safe place for a young freckled face girl with very little clothes on.

Allia saw a large crowd of people walking outside the alley, and was captivated to see such a huge amount of people in one place, as well as the immense variety of body mods. Every person was unique; A tall bird man with bright red and yellow feathers, a slender woman with hypnotic frogeyes, and her favorite, a muscular monster who was more bull than man with long sharp horns growing out of his shaggy hair.

Allia was about to join the crowd when the backdoor of a stripclub slammed open behind her, accompanied by a half snake/half man thrown out into the thick mud.

She studied the man as he wiped himself off and got up; The first thing she noticed was he reeked of alcohol, the stench came from the opened bottle in his leather jacket pocket as well as every breath he took. He wore a tight shirt that accentuated his hard chest, paired with ripped skinny jeans made to show off his impressive bulge. Allia guessed he was in his late 20s, but it was hard to tell because she was captivated by his handsomeness.

His dimples and strong cheekbones made her legs week. It wasn't until after he lit a cigarette that he noticed the timid cow girl. When the reptile saw the girl, he started grinning from ear to ear, flashing his sharp yellow teeth. Allia was nervous, she knew he was trouble, and that made her desperately want him. She watched him introduce himself while approaching, a long forked tongue slid out between every words.

He slithered up to her and began pushing her against the wall; his hypnotic eyes hid his evil intentions.

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Allia was more than willing to give herself to this stranger, imagining the dangerous and adventure-filled life this beautiful misunderstood reptile could give her, all while the intoxicating smell of rum filled her nose.

"Would this be a good time to kiss him?" She wondered innocently while the snake man unbuttons his pants. He was drunk and struggling with the zipper so Allia got down on her knees in the mud and pulled down the pants for him. She didn't care about getting mud on her, as long as her new boyfriend is happy. "Suck" He growled, the word echoed in the shy teen's ears and lit a fire in her heart.

The chubby chick obeyed with pleasure. She pulled his slimy reptilian dick out and tried to fit his entire shaft down her inexperienced throat, causing her to choke and gag. She knew she was messing up, but she continued the pattern darryl hanah and shyla jameson hot trio with nasty man oldvsyoung threesome attempting to deepthroat and failing.

She felt his long scale covered tail slowly slither around her leg, then in one motion, he jerked it back, plunging the naive girl down in the thick dirty mud. Allia felt degraded, she had filth up her nose and down her blouse, causing her shirt to stick to her skin. Her reptilian lover positioned himself behind her, he ripped the dirty pajamas down and thrust his warm manhood in her exposed asshole.

She cried out in shock from this new experience, but he ignored her calls, savagely forced himself in the woman over and over. Allia's legs felt weak from the pain and pleasure of being violated.

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Her passionate lover took advantage and shoved her down once more. Allia's legs gave in, sending her falling once more in the vile filth. Instead of trying to get back up this time, she reached back to grabbed her fuzzy ass cheeks and spread them wide open for her new friend.

It was tough to breath without inhaling the sticky mud, but the pleasure was worth it.

Finally, the man filled her dirty body with his hot fertile cum. He got off her without saying a word, and started walking away, tossing his cigarette on her tired body. The cigarette burned her exposed back, but red head babe squirts while being fingered young cow-girl was too exhausted to move, instead letting it burn out on her bare skin.

She was happy that the reptile man used her as his cum dumb, and she hopes that she sees him again. Soon. -------------------- [Im considering this story to be complete, I'd be glad to revisit and add more if I get enough demands for it. I mostly write to explore themes and they can get old quickly. However getting feedback is a great motivator and if people want more of this story, I would prioritize continuation (it would be good practice for me)] Here is a thesaurus I use frequently for anyone who wants to try writing their own story, Feel free to send me links on writing erotica and I'll add them in my next stories