Mom and cronys crony special massage first time ryder skye in

Mom and cronys crony special massage first time ryder skye in
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When your young and are still just a kid, nothing really makes sense to you. It was only when Jack Matthews became 18 that he realized how different his town was from others. It all began with one thing.

The women. The women in Dayton county were some of the hottest ladies you could hope to see, let alone talk to. This wasn't bragging. From the 18 year old girls at the local high school to the mature married milfs who lived in the neighbourhood to even our very own police force which had at least 25 female members were as hot as hell.

Secretaries, 2 judges, the 70+ married women still in their twenties, the 90+ single women still in their twenties, the 100+ mature Milfs, the High school Nurse, The 9 female doctors at the town Hospital with their 50+ nurses, the local rich town heiress, the High school teachers.

Hell! Even the now integrated kids of any immigrated couples from out of state or country. All of them. As long as they had been born and grew up in Dayton Town, they had acquired bodies made for sin. Firm F-Cup breasts, nice fit and trim bodies, facial features of the muses, if not Aphrodite herself and Asses that just wouldn't quit no matter what. That described them to a T. Now how did this involve Jack?

When Jack turned 18, his mother (who now resided in New york) had told him to get a medical check up to make sure he was 100% fit and ok. He had gone to the Dayton Town Hospital and after a few minutes of waiting, was called in to see the Doctor. He walked in to find the 27 year old Doctor Sharon Hill bather and sister hlpe me xstory for him as she went over some notes on a clipboard.

Sharon was quite a looker. And in Dayton that meant at least Supermodel good looks. Long blonde hair that flowed down to her shoulders, pouty lips and emerald eyes that could turn you to mush with a simple gaze. All the local sperm bank had to do these days was call in sharon to 'inspect' some samples and just the sight of her would send any person donating into an orgasm.

Jack could see that the red blouse she wore under her doctor's coat were straining to hold back her knockers. "Hi doc. How's it going?" Jack asked as he lay down on the observation table. Sharon just gave him a smile that would melt great fetish lezzies toy movie pantyhose and lesbians freezing heart as she replied. "Same old Jack. Just making sure the drunks and the hicks of Dayton are alive to get drunk and be hicks all over again." Jack, having grown up in Dayton, was what one would call the 'Town darling'.

Everyone knew him and shared a like for the young boy. Add to the fact that he hadn't skipped off to the cities as soon as he turned 18 like the rest of his male friends and the people in town saw him as a great kid. It wasn't a wonder that Sharon treated him better than the rest. Sharon began the usual tests on him while chatting lightly about the day. She drew some blood, felt his heartbeat and temperature and was just about to release him when she remembered something else.

"Oh Gosh Jack. You have to have a prostate exam. Don't want you getting any piles in your young age now do we?" She paged a nurse to come and help her with the tools for the exam. In walked Sarah Page, one of the usual hot interns at the hospital. Her long black hair was in a tight bun and her bright blue eyes shined when she saw him, her pouty lips turned up in a smile to reveal her beautiful white teeth as she giggled slightly.

"Hey Jack. Down with your pants and ass backwards today, huh?" Jack grumbled slightly but began to teen teacher hd teen faye was supposed to meet her dealer in a new spot he found his trousers and turn away when his zipper got stuck in the front fabric of his boxers. With a tug he tried to get them loose when the unseen happened. The ripping sound of fabric filled the room as with a tear from the boxers front and a flop, Jack's 8 inch thick cock and huge balls came out of solitary confinement to the sight of two stunned women.

"Oh my god&hellip." Came the stunned whisper of an awed Sarah while doctor Sharon just mouthed a curse, licking her lips as Jack just looked embarrassed as he tried to put his package back in its confines. There was a silent click as Sarah took a quick pic of the hard cock as Jack left room as hurriedly as he could after stuffing his man meat back into his trousers.

There was silence between doctor and intern for some time before the silence was broken. "You got it all in that pic?" "All eight fucking inches of it, doctor." "You pissloving babe vacums and toys her pussy connected with most of the women in town?" "Facebook, viber, whatsapp,Twitter, instagram and Telegram yeah, why?" "Start sending it out.

It seems our dear 'little" Jack ain't so little anymore. Time to get some good action out of him." "Yes ma'am." #################################### Jack drove quickly out of the hospital in his red pick-up truck.

He'd be on his death bed before he ever got the courage to return to the hospital. Hopefully those two would be professional about the whole thing and not mention it again. He was somewhat into the empty country side when he was pulled over by a police vehicle. He stepped out of the truck and gulped and who he saw coming. Red hair in a tight bun, Brown eyes hidden behind huge dark shades, huge breasts straining against the tight black officer's uniform and ass showing off in those trousers.

Mrs Melissa Vaun. "Hey there Jack. Nothing to worry about, just a routine inspection. Kids carrying around a lot of guns n ammunition these days, can't be too safe now. Hands on the hood please." "Sure thing Mrs Vaun." "Oh please. Just call me Melissa." She began to pat him down as he put his hands on the hood. After some time though, he found her pressing her soft female body into his back as she felt his crotch. What the……? "Ohhhh. You got a concealed weapon in your trousers Jack?

I gotta be sure it ain't something dangerous." She said with a sly smile as she gently but firmly made him turn his body to look at her. She unzipped his trousers as she bent down only to have her police cap and glasses knocked off of her hair and face as Jack's 8 inch cock came out into the free air. "Ohhh jack. Where have you been hiding this monster?" She said, awe filling her voice before a call on her police radio in her patrol car shook her out of her dazed state.

She stood quickly and walked over to answer it as Jack tried to squirm away back to his car, only for a sexy yet stern glance from Melissa to stop him, her brown eyes telling him to stay where he was.

A couple of minutes later, she was finished with the call. Jack watched as she released her red hair from it bun and shook her head a little, letting her flaming locks flow down to her mid back as she took out a little mirror from her glove compartment and applied some red lipstick to her pouty lips.

She then unbuttoned her uniform and took off the white shirt underneath it to reveal her f cup tits in all all their glory. She walked over back to a dumbstruck Jack who couldn't believe his eyes. The Melissa who stood before him wasn't just a cop anymore.

She was a cop with the body and face of a Goddess. She smiled at his shocked face. "What you think Jack? You like what you see?" She asked. Jack could only nod in agreement as she took his arm and led him to a nearby oak tree and knelt before his thick shaft which she held gently with both hands and began to slowly Jack off. The sight of her expensive diamond wedding ring was enough to make him think of how taboo their actions were and make his cock begin to spew thick volumes of precum.

Melissa finally let her precum costed fingers leave his cock and dropped her head suddenly ,impulsively plunging her young lovers gigantic cock between her red painted lips. She nearly choked on it, taking his throbbing prick as far down her throat as she could, until her mouth was stretched to bursting around the blue veined stiffness of his aching 8 inch prick. The horny cheating cop wife started sucking off the 18-year-old, puckering and bellowing her cheeks to create delicious suctioning pressure around his cock-meat.

She sighed and redhead teen alex harper get her pussy eaten on her knees on the soft grass, as Jack was contentedly watching one of the hottest women in town giving him head.

He dropped his hands, curling his fingers in her long, red hair, silently encouraging her to suck his prick as hard as she liked. Melissa immersed herself in the blowjob, thinking of nothing but Jack's hard young cock pulsing in her buttery mouth, oozing jism onto her tongue.

His pre-cum was delicious, every bit as rich and salty-tasting as she'd expected it to be.Her face reddened brightly with the intensity of her cock-sucking as she swiftly began to bob her head on his hair free crotch, fucking her mouth with his eager young prick. "Unggghhh, fuck!" He moaned, a load of jism building rapidly in his swollen teenage balls.

He clutched her head tightly as he ground his hips, helping her fuck his thick prick in and out of her mouth.

Melissa sucked the boy's rock-hard cock as hard as she could, repeatedly caving in her cheeks around the blood-congested hardness of his large-sized 8 inch thick prick. His cock swelled even stiffer, pulsing rhythmically on the roof of her mouth, telling her that he would soon be filling her throat with a salty load of his hot, thick protein rich sperm. Her hand tightened around his thick, throbbing shaft and began to jack him off, her fist complimenting the tight, sucking rhythm of her mouth.

Soon, her long, slender fingers were moving in a blur, as she shamelessly pumped Jack's cock up to her cock-sucking lips. Her tongue constantly licked his spongy cock-knob, eager to lap up every delicious drop of the boy's oozing spunk.

"I'm getting close!" Jack moaned. He gripped her head very hard, his hips lurching off the edge of the bed. He moaned and panted as his jism churned in his packed balls. Melissa whipped her hand wildly up and down his swollen prick, tirelessly jacking his cock up to her sucking lips. Her blowjob was very loud and sloppy-sounding. The half naked wife continued to feverishly bob her face on his crotch, fucking her mouth over his prick as her fist squeezed the root of his cock.

"I'm cumming, Melissa ! Swallow it! Swallow myfucking load! Ahhh, shit! Fuck! Here it cums!" He screamed in pleasure at his very first bj cum.

Jack pulled her hair and jerked his hips off the Oak tree he had been leaning on, choking his lovers cock-sucking throat with the bulging thickness of his cock as he stuffed it even farther down her gullet.

The long-awaited explosion of cock-cream erupted suddenly from the boy's dilated piss-slit, squirting down the horny wife's throat in a veritable torrent of backed up thick teenage spunk.

His cum was quite different than what she was used to, the best-tasting load the female officer had ever sucked out of a man's balls in her life. Melissa fought back her gag reflex and clung to Jack's squirting cock, continuing to suck and jack on the twitching, jerking pole of flesh as hard as she could.Spurt after spurt of hot, sticky jism welled up from his balls, filling the inside of the gorgeous cheating wife's mouth and splashing across her licking tongue.

Gratefully, the redhead nursed down all his thick cream, sucking on his huge, glistening prick until she'd lapped the last drop of sperm from its swollen tip. She opened her mouth and showed Jack the leftover thick, milk white contents of his balls before swallowing the whole precious load down her throat and licking her lips.

She bent lower and kissed each of his seed filled jeez balls lovingly, leaving bright red lipstick hot girlfriend first time anal action and caught on cam on each dangling orb.

Her brown eyes gazed at him with such immensity that he began to feel self conscious before she spoke. "Jack…" "Yeah&hellip.Miss Va.&hellip.I mean Melissa." She giggled a little at his confusion before she smiled. "Do you wanna be my man?" She asked as she looked at him. The question finally broke through his mind and made him attentive.

"Say what? Melissa…you're married." He said though the redhead just shook her head, making her fiery hair move around her face. "Fuck that bastard. He hasn't touched me in years. All I've got are my toys to pleasure myself with. And then there's you&hellip.I've gotta have you. I'll get a fucking divorce and marry you if I have to&hellip." She said as she removed her belt from her trousers and upholstered her gun before placing it carefully on the ground a few feet away.

She slowly removed her trousers and kicked them to the side as she approached him, her shaved and bare pussy now visible to Jack's eyes. Melissa Stepped closer to him. "I'm ovulating right now baby. Do you like the sound of that? Do you like knowing that I'm fertile right now? Does it make you want to fuck me?" "Yes. It makes me want to fuck you so bad." Jack whispered, thinking about having such a powerful and sexy as hell woman as the town cop Melissa Vaun bear his child.

"We don't have much time then&hellip.if you want to put a baby in me it better be now." "I don't need much time. I'm really close from just hearing you talk fuck russian woman and boy at home alone me knocking you up. I just want to cum inside you." She took his cock in hand once more and rubbed the soapy head back and forth across her wet tummy.

"There's a probably an egg traveling down one of my tubes right now . all ripe and fertile . just waiting for an eager sperm ." "Fuck! I think I'm in love." He said looking at redhead beauty."Is this how you talk to your husband?" "No, never to that stupid loser. And anyway ," She said softly, cupping Jack's balls in her hand. " You're not my husband, are you?" "No. I'm not." "Do you want to take what belongs to him?

Do you want to knock me up? Claim me as your own woman? Have me mother your children, you thick dicked stud? Imagine what everyone will think when they hear that at 18 you already had a 28 year old redhead slut who just happened to be a cop, knocked up and your woman." "Oh god hearing you talk like that is so hot." "It's a good fantasy, isn't it?

Or maybe a reality about to happen" She said. The blowjob had made his balls hang loose and low in their sack after releasing such a heavy load, and Melissa gently fondled them, savoring their weight.

"Your balls are all still full of cum,aren't they? Full of sperm ready to shoot in my unprotected cunt." "Fuck me now, please.

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I can't wait." "Sit down on the grass." She said. Jack sat down on the soft grass and Melissa straddled his thighs.

His thick 8 inch cock was sticking straight up, all red and ribbed with veins. He puts his hands on her hips and guided her so she was hovering just over him. Slowly she ease herself down an inch at a time until her swollen lips just brushed the tip of his throbbing cock.

He gasped at her actions, and she smiled. "Tell me what you want, lover." She said. "I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you so bad." "Do you want to make me pregnant?

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Make me your baby mommy?" "I want to put a baby in your belly. I want to make you a mommy. Claim that body and pussy for myself." She smirked,"Good answer." She let herself sink down onto the hard spike of his cock. The head pressed up between her slick lips, splitting them open. She slid all the way down, shuddering as she went, until she was fully impaled on his thick 8 inches.Taking his head in her hands and staring at him with both lust and love, she kissed him full on the mouth and started to move, fucking him with long, slow strokes.

Jack's hands played with her F-cup titties as his big round boobs milf and teen slut trio on the couch played in her mouth "Oh, God," Jack said, "You're taking me so deep." "I want you deep inside me when you cum," she murmured. "I want your cock touching my cervix when you shoot that thick load inside me." He moans at her words and starts thrusting up with his hips, pushing himself even deeper into her.

Melissa's hands were resting on his shoulders, and her flaming hair was falling all over her face. He let one hand fall down to the cleft where his clever fingers found the throbbing ridge of her clit, strumming it in time with their strokes. "Oh fuck, you naughty boy." She said, arching her back. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fucking fuck. That feels so good. Tell me what you're going to do to me Jack!

Fucking tell me!" "I'm going to make you a mommy," he said. "I'm going to plant my thick seed in you. Your belly is going to get all big, and your tits are going to get all swollen and full of milk for OUR baby.

And when you go into work at the station, everyone will be thinking about how you got like that, mostly the other female cops. When you stand up in front of your friends, they won't be thinking about anything else but how you became a unknown guy's sleazy cumsleeve and got knocked up with his baby." Melissa couldn't help but moan at the image he was creating as they continued their fucking and his words got even dirtier. "They'll all be thinking about you naked and flat on your back getting a big load of sperm in your unprotected cunt.

They'll be thinking about you down on all fours with your tits hanging down, moaning as you get plowed bareback by a thick throbbing cock. They'll be thinking about what one of the hottest cops in dayton must look like with her bare thighs spread wide open and cum dribbling out of her gaping bare snatch." "Oh fuck," Melissa said.

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"You filthy fucker. That's so hot.

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You make me sound like such a filthy slut for you and your cock. Damn I need a divorce soon." "I'll fuck you in the station when you're on duty and everyones gone, while you're pregnant with our baby. I'll make you strip naked for me and get down on your knees with your big pregnant belly. I'll make you suck my cock while you play with your swollen milky tits.

I'll make you sit at your desk naked and pregnant with your legs open, rubbing your dripping knocked up pussy. I'll fuck you down on your hands and knees with your belly and your tits hanging down, with your red hair in your face and milk dripping out of you onto the floor." Melissa started to moan. She could feel her orgasm building. She arched her back and started grinding hard.

Jack's fat cock was so deep inside her. She could feel the head rubbing right up against her cervix. His hands were all over her, sliding everywhere on sweating wet, slippery body. He was moaning too, grunting as he thrusted up into her. He was beautiful diva gets ass and mouth gangbanged too, she could tell.

She reached down and fondled his balls, all heavy in their huge sack, his big balls all full of thick virile sperm. And that pushed him over the edge. With a deep shuddering groan he started to cum.

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She could feel the spurts deep inside her, the gush of his load right up against the entrance to her fertile, ovulating womb. And pushed Melissa over the edge too.

She was so fertile. A fertile field. And Povd outdoor pov fuck with juicy facial was plowing her, claiming her high class body, making her bear his superior offspring. He was seeding her. Male and female. Cock and cunt. Sperm and egg. Perfect. She threw back her head and let out a long guttural groan, her slick pussy pulsing tight around the jetting shaft inside her.

Milking her teenage lover with her pussy. Milking all the cum out of his cock and taking it inside her fertile womb. "Oh . oh my& knocked me up baby. I'm yours now baby. Me and our child. From now on, you're MINE!" Jack looked up at her and pushed her fiery hair out of her face and kissed her on the mouth. It wasn't a kiss of passion. It was a kiss of love, soft and gentle and sweet.

Melissa kissed him back, eyes closed, not caring about what it means.

She already knew that now she was this hung innocent boys woman. His hands gently caressed her back and she touched his face tenderly. When they finally came up for air, they looked at each other in wonder.

For Jack, it was in wonder that in such a town of overly endowed and lust driven women, he had bagged one of the hottest and as for Melissa it was that she had finally bagged a guy worth a Fuck. Or was it the other way around.

But she would have to fight to keep him, for she knew one thing held true. She was his first&hellip. In Dayton Town, filled with horny, fertile and lust filled sluts all looking for a quality man to keep, she soon wouldn't be his last. To be continued……&hellip. (Please comment)