Couple enjoys fucking in the hotel room

Couple enjoys fucking in the hotel room
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Misty and Roo part 3 Mollie knew she was speeding. She'd lost too much time enjoying being humped and the melon size of her dog Clawed's knot filling the entrance to her pussy as he'd squirted his hot seed into her. And now she was late.

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Her concentration was shattered by the squawk of a siren behind her. The blue,red and white revolving lights on the cruiser lit up behind her, stabbing her eyes in the rear-view mirror, so she lifted her foot off the gas pedal and coasted to a stop on the shoulder of the road. She waited, heart racing a bit while the officer probably used the cruiser's radio to report Mollie's license plate number. This, Mollie knew, was standard procedure to check for outstanding warrants, or even unpaid parking tickets.

The cop who exited from the cruiser looked like a poster-girl for female cops everywhere, except for the dog leashed at her side. Mollie love story classic xx full movies her to be about five foot ten inches tall.

She filled the khaki uniform she wore as if she had been poured into it. Eyeing it in her mirror, Mollie couldn't see a single wrinkle in that starched khaki uniform. The basket-weaved double-clasped "Sam Brown" leather belt around her trim waist slanted down on her left side, and supported a holstered semi-automatic pistol and pouches for spare ammunition and regulation handcuffs.

Her blonde hair was tied back, as per the regulations, in a ponytail, that flowed out of the back of her baseball cap.

Mirrored "aviator" Raybans hid and shielded her eyes from the desert glare, making it hard to estimate her age. "I clocked you at seventy six miles per hour, Ma'am. The speed limit posted for this section of the freeway is fifty-five. May I see your license, insurance, and proof of registration please?" the cop uttered in a no-nonsense tone of voice.

The dog at her side sat at a perfect "at heel" His intelligent eyes following his handler's every nuance. He was brindled black and almost gray mostly Shepherd, Mollie guessed. Naturally, the dog interested her as much as did the cop. Mollie handed over her driver's license, registration and insurance card. The cop peered at the picture on the license. Mollie had recently undergone a major transition and the year old bleah sexy lingerie lesbians fucks on casting stockings interview license photo nowhere bore almost no resemblance to the pretty elfin exciting girl sitting here in this expensive Mercedes Benz Coupe.

"Ma'am are you sure this is you?" The woman on this license is in her late thirties, and obviously not you!" She peered into the window suspiciously, adding"Will you exit the vehicle please?" As Mollie slid off the leather seat, her short skirt rode riskily high and she tugged down the short hem. The dog at the policewoman's side alerted immediately, pointing his nose at Mollie's thighs.

"My dog is alerting for narcotics Ma'am. For both our safeties I'm required to restrain you. Please turn around and I'll cuff you. This does not mean you are under arrest I am merely detaining you for both our safeties! There was the glint of steel in the sun, and a ratcheting sound as the cuffs embraced Mollie's wrists firmly. After Mollie had her hands cuffed behind her the cop continued, "Do you have any objection to me searching your vehicle?" Mollie was trying hard to remain calm.

"No, go right ahead. The car is a week old, I don't think I have any form of narcotic in the car!" she exclaimed angrily. The dog was led to the car and after a desultory search lasting all of 2 minutes, the dog sprang from the car. The cop had been encouraging the dog with 'Zoek Herman zoek' (commanding the dog to 'seek') but the dog showed no interest in any portion of the new silver Benz.

Instead, he once again 'pointed' towards the handcuffed Mollie. The cop straightened. "Ma'am have you any objection to me searching you?" Mollie was too flabbergasted to speak, but totally aware that beneath a very short cream designer skirt and candy striped halter she was naked! After a moment's consideration, Mollie shook her head. She was thinking, "Well fuck her!

Let the cop search me! I've literally nothing to hide." She needed to respond verbally. "Go ahead officer!" she said angrily! "But try not to muss up my hair and makeup too much!" Mollie stood stiffly, with her hands manacled behind her. The officer put on a pair of rubber gloves as she approached. Mollie was close to boiling point, but the cop remained perfectly professional. Her hands lightly slid over the handcuffed woman's shoulders, breasts and tummy before checked her back from her nape to her waist.

She went on to gently pat both her ass and the front of her short skirt. Her fingers slid up inside the hem of her skirt. "Do you object to me checking your intimates, Ma'am?" the cop queried. Mollie's demeanour belied her rise in blood pressure.

She was standing on the side of a highway in handcuffs, while cars passed, slowing to witness this humiliation. Much to her chagrin, her body was responding to the woman's touch. The rather large load Clawed had deposited during their earlier romp was beginning to ooze out of her, since she was lubricating furiously. The latex touched the warmth of her still slightly dilated pussy and puffy lips, and entered, probing.

As the hand emerged, the pungent liquid was clearly noticeable on the finger tips of the cop's gloves. The dog broke form from his earlier police dog stance. His tail was wagging and if the officer hadn't been holding his leash, keeping him at her side, he would have undoubtedly leaped on Mollie.

This unexpected behaviour mystified the officer even more. However, at that critical moment, the radio on the cop's shoulder squawked, "Sierra Oscar 14 from Central.

Subject has no warrants. Address confirmed. Vehicle is registered to her. VIN and home address confirmed. No outstanding queries or warrants. Subject is not cleared of search or pat down. Repeat not! Suggest subject be allowed to proceed if cleared." The police dog, reacting to the radio sounds from dispatch, returned to his proper stance, momentarily wiping the incident from the cop's mind. The cop mumbled into her radio before turning and addressing Mollie. "You're free to go. Please keep under the speed limit!" she ordered Mollie.

"My apologies for detaining you." She unlocked the handcuffs and turned, stalking to her patrol car, bringing her dog to heel with as much dignity as she could muster. Once there, she let the dog hop into the back of her patrol car before she climbed in behind the wheel, revved the motor and proceeded, with a squeal of rubber, to make an illegal U-turn over the painted median jtbp lexi diamond from all american cheerleaders head back the way she'd originally come.

Mollie could still feel the smooth, slippery touch of the cop's latex gloves inside her wet pussy. She waved casually as the patrol car sped off in the opposite direction. Easing herself behind the wheel of her husband's latest attempt to pacify her, she headed towards her lover's apartment. Her adrenaline was still spiked, so she carefully parked in her spot next to metallic silver Genesis G70 and, with shaky hands, used her key card to access the elevator to the top floor.

Her lover was waiting impatiently at the elevator. "You made it!" she exclaimed. With a frown, she complained, "I've been waiting for hours!" Still, she was happy to see Mollie, so she grinned impishly at her elfin face.

Mollie looked abashed, and admitted sheepishly, "I got pulled over for speeding, by a pretty cop and her very handsome partner, and got cavity searched!" "You got cavity searched?" Misty asked incredulously. "For speeding?" Mollie squinted a second, crossing her eyes by peering myopically at her nose, before raising her gaze.

"Evidently, I don't look like the picture on my license anymore! And, her partner, who's a dog, seemed to sniff narcotics on me," she explained. Misty looked at Mollie, and exclaimed, "That's bullshit!

We don't do drugs!" "I didn't even have a bottle of Tylenol in the car." Molly paused, then giggled. "She didn't come up empty handed though; her gloves were oh so wet when she pulled her fingers out of my pussy.

Clawed wanted to make sure his bitch's womb was full before she left." Misty was pensive for a second. "It's possible the athletic tall teen ass fingering on webcam reacted to Clawed's 'deposit' that could've caught his interest." She stroked her chin in more thought.

"You know, it's possible the cop and her dog are more than just 'partners' if he reacted that way." Misty gave Mollie a warm hug as her demeanour changed. "Cummon! Some stuff arrived for us!

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We have to try them on!"She exclaimed happily, gripping Mollie by the hand and leading her to the bedroom. Misty's bed was covered in boxes. "Happy second month Anniversary Darling!" Misty was almost dancing with excitement.

"They arrived!" Mollie eyed the box strewn bed suspiciously, "What arrived, Misty?" she asked. "The stuff I ordered for us to wear tonight, silly." She pointed at her bed. Lifting a biggish box, she handed it to Mollie. "This first," she demanded with a smile.

Looking mystified, Mollie unwrapped the box, and opened the large rectangular box within. Inside were a pair of Lucchese Classics boots Women's Fiona-stud Scarlette Cowgirl boots. The expensive designer boots had mother of pearl inlays and tapered 2 & 1/2 inch heels.

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In the box was also a matching leather vest. "We can wear those with or without anything underneath," Misty explained conspiratorially.

Mollie looked a little panic-stricken. "Misty, I'm not going out with you wearing just a vest and cowboy boots!" "No, silly. I got us denim skirts, too." Misty handed Mollie another package.

Mollie ripped open the packaging to reveal a front-buttoned denim skirt from Naked & Famous. Holding it against herself, she noted that it would barely cover her pubic mound! "Good god, Misty, this must have cost you a fortune!" Mollie complained. "And here's the final prezzie." Misty handed her one more package. Mollie wasted no time ripping it open to discover a Katrina Kaif sheer blouse. With an expression like a kid on Christmas morning, Mollie began to undress, intent on trying on the new outfit.

As Mollie pulled off her blouse, Misty sprang like a red haired puma, tumbling them both onto the bed! It didn't take much persuasion for Molly to widen her thighs and lovingly grip Misty's long red hair as Misty began to lick the insides of her upper thighs.

Misty's teasing avoidance of her pussy drove Molly wild and, when she couldn't take any more, she bucked, using Misty's hair to direct her face over her aching and needy clitoris. As she guided her lover to her hungry pussy, Mollie widened her knees. Misty's own knees spread Mollie's thighs even wider part as she pushed her fingers into the wet, warm waiting pussy.

Her first thrusts were deep and almost brutal, causing Mollie to whine ecstatically. This was not going to be soft and gentle, she now knew, and it was exactly what she needed.

Her need for Misty to fuck her was almost primal in its passion. Her nipples ached so much that she squished her own breasts harshly. Her perspiration flowed and acted as lubricant there. Soon, her breasts were almost as slippery as her dog-cum-filled cunt, whose lips Misty was now licking, consuming the 'cream' on them.

Misty felt the twitches beginning to build in strength and regularity, both along those lower lips she'd been dining on, as well as Mollie's inner thighs. She lifted her face to watch Mollie's as she began fingering her with even more force. Mollie gasped loudly as she felt Misty's fingers fill her, shoving out so much of Clawed's cum that Misty's wrist was now slimy and sticky. She hooked her ankles so that each sunny leone x storys sex stories quality online porn forced Misty's fingers deeper and deeper inside her as she arched her back, the hand inside her jerking forward and retreating.

Mollie responded, pushing herself upward with equal force in time with every thrust of Misty's deeply satisfying thrusts. Already slightly dilated from being knotted less than an hour earlier, and conditioned to engulfing a knot the size of a pair of welded golf balls, Mollie's entrance opened greedily.

Misty's hand was swallowed up to her wrist! The resultant stretch on her puffy labia caused them to spread grotesquely, exposing her clit lewdly, as nature intended. Misty sensed a subtle irregularity in Mollie's breathing. Her lover's eyes were closed, and each breath had become a soft grunt. The instant she began quivering, Misty closed her hand into a fist. Mollie arched and groaned in ecstasy! Her cunt contracted. She squealed and began to spasm.

The electrical tickle, which had begun as jerky little convulsions along her inner thighs, shuddered out of control and she came with a practiced intensity that made Misty's heart sing. Mollie's eyes had rolled back in their sockets as she shook at from tutoring to anal sex facial cumshot cunnilingus end of Misty's arm like a hand puppet. Minutes later, as her breathing and racing heart resumed a more relaxed rate, Mollie whispered, "Fuck, that was good, love!" Misty knew that she'd never tire of this wonderful woman who lay half beneath her.

Mollie's eyes were closed now, savouring the sensations. Slowly Misty pulled her hand from the wet cloying walls. She slid up to cuddle her lover.

As their bodies cooled, the drying mixture of sweat, combined with intimate juicy secretions began gluing their bodies together. After a bit, Mollie cracked an eye open and murmured, "My turn to go down on you, love. On you back, and open those thighs. Soon, the room was filled with the sounds generated by Mollie's mouth and tongue, slurping wave after wave of fluids, both precum and cum, from Misty's honey pot.

Time passed in a mini-nirvana for them both. The sun was setting by the time they left Misty's bedroom wearing matching blouses, vests, skirts and cowgirl boots. The sky to the west had a reddened glow, which mimicked the sexual flush on their cheeks and throats.

The short drive was to a Bar & Restaurant called the '-X-' or 'Bar X Bar'. The place served great Western food in a relaxed atmosphere, and was also known as the best place to Line dance in Texas. Mollie managed to struggle into a booth without flashing the entire restaurant, she hoped.

With practiced ease, Misty slid alongside her. The server left the pair a set of wooden menus and took their order for a pitcher of Misty's favourite beer from a local micro-brewery. Taking in the atmosphere as she scanned the room, Mollie suddenly grabbed Misty's knee. "Don't look now, but there's the cop!" Misty blinked rapidly. "Huh?" Mollie explained quickly, "From earlier, the one who frisked me." Misty's eyes became narrow slits.

"Where?" She turned her head from side to side. "Over by the wall, second table from the end, straw colored blonde with a pony tail, wearing jeans and a blue paisley shirt. Don't turn around. Look in the mirror." Mollie raised her head and surreptitiously stepdaughter sally gets hardlybanged in all fours, using her chin.

Misty stared in the mirror. The woman indicated sat alone at a table. She was staring at them covertly over the wooden menu that she held, covering her lower face. Without seemed to, Misty watched her intently, and still had the woman in her peripheral vision as the server brought their drinks.

She asked the server to give them a few more minutes to decide on an entrée. When the server smiled and departed, Misty rose up and made way over to the lone woman who was obviously watching them while still pretending to study the menu. Misty bent over the table. "Are you following us, or why are you following us?" she hissed. "Do you know how much you embarrassed Mollie?" The blonde looked up, and stammered, "But.

but. Ma'am. my K9 alerted. I mean my dog gave the signal for narcotics!" "So! You figured you'd follow us? Cus your dumb dog alerts falsely?" Misty countered. "My dog isn't dumb, He's never wrong!" Even though they were both hissing, the encounter was getting spectators, since their noses were practically touching as one glared and the other looked defensive. Mollie walked briskly over to where Misty was bent over the cop's table, resting both her fists in a belligerent manner on the table.

"Officer, why don't you join us? We have a booth and we can talk with some privacy. None of us here want to draw attention to ourselves. Do we?" She nudged Misty's hip with her own, hoping to break the spell.

"That sounds like a good suggestion," the cop replied, rising from her seat and following Molly to the privacy of their booth, stalked by a still-seething Misty. Mollie slid into the booth first, followed by the officer, who therefore ended up sandwiched between the two women.

Mollie waited until everyone was seated before speaking. "Well, hello officer. Nice to see you again." It was difficult to tell if her voice carried any sarcasm. "I'm Mollie to my friends, and this grumpy girl is Misty." While trying to keep a stern façade, the cop introduced herself. "Evening again, Ma'am. I'm Officer Brady." Mollie answered softly her voice barely over a whisper. "Since you've had your hands up my genitals, I think we can dispense with last names and use our first names.

Don't you?" The officer's cheeks reddened to a skinny teen uma jolie fucks hard and gets creampied pink, and her shoulders drooped. "I'm Sara, and I was merely doing my job, Mollie. No disrespect intended." "Is that Sara with an 'A' or with a silent 'H' like 'you have the right to remain silent', Officer?" Misty asked, her anger still visible, obviously not prepared to back down one bit.

"I'm Sara with an 'A' and yes, I was following you unofficially. My dog has never alerted wrong before, and I was curious." She saw the look on Misty's face and quickly added, "Not in a malicious way. I can see that that you aren't drug dealers hookers perhaps." She noted Misty unconsciously curving her hand into a fist.

She held up her own hand in a 'stop' motion. "Again, no disrespect intended. But every male under ninety, and some females here, are imagining you both naked. Not that it needs a lot of imagination." She grinned wryly. "So why are you following us?" Misty asked truculently. "We aren't drug dealers or hookers. Mollie has a trust fund as well as a very rich and powerful husband. I work for a bank. Neither of us has the need to resort to crime or knowingly have anything to do with criminals!" Her veins were standing out on her neck and her face was flushed with anger.

Sara looked startled. "Wait. You have a husband, Mollie? I thought you two were a couple?" When neither answered, she continued, "Anyhow, my K9 alerted, and he's never wrong." Seeing Misty open her mouth to argue, she added, "But because I searched both you and your car, Mollie, I can confirm he alerted wrong. It's never happened before. He's actually quite famous in the PD for being the best drug dog in Texas.

So I followed discretely to see where Mollie was headed. Then I went home for my own car, and changed into civvies. I followed you on my own time, trying to learn why he'd alerted." Misty's demeanour had softened somewhat.

With a twinkle in her eye, she grinned. "How well do you know your dog Sara, without the 'h'?" she asked quietly. "Because I can smell dog cum in and on you!" Sara went pale. "You can?" she asked in barely a whisper before continuing in the same soft voice. "How can you tell its dog cum?" "Mollie gives off the same scent, and mostly so do I. Admit it. Your dog fucks you, Officer Brady. Maybe even when you're on duty on long shifts alone with him." She thought a moment, then added, "But I suppose if you're on duty, you'd have to take precautions not to get knotted to him.

It might delay your response time." Sara sat stunned, she had been intent on solving something of an enigma to her, only to be accused of bestiality, and guiltily, she blushed profusely. She knew her reaction was giving her away, so, summoning some bravado, came back with the almost inaudible statement, "So what? Recent changes in the law have made it legal!" Sounding like an attorney, Misty stated, "Well, then.

you're not breaking any laws, Sara.

and neither are we." Mollie couldn't resist. She leaned close to Sara's ear and whispered, "I bet Herman has a great big knot, doesn't he? And I bet you love feeling it swell inside your pussy. and feeling him fill you with his hot seed!" They both saw Sara clench her hands and visibly shiver at Mollie's whisper, as her words vividly painted the scene in Sara's mind. Seeing the cop's reaction, Misty leaned past Sara's face to whisper to Mollie.

"What did you say to her? Look at her shaking!" Mollie winked impishly. "Guess. but I'll tell you her dog is a Shepherd named Herman, if that helps you guess." Misty's eyes widened with understanding.

"OH! You made her think about being mounted, didn't you. two monster cocks for a kinky slut mouth and anal imp!" Now Mollie's eyes were twinkling merrily.

Sara was now giving off a different, even more powerful scent, and she squirmed between the two women leaning against her from either side. The server returned to take their orders. Mollie, determined to keep the peace, ordered a soda with her sirloin and fries. Misty ordered a grilled sole, and, having done so, slid out of the booth and wandered off to the table of salads.

That left Sara, who had been spying over her menu earlier rather than reading the extensive menu itself. Caught without much of a clue, she followed Mollie's example, also ordering a steak and fries. Between Misty and Sara the pitcher of beer was emptied. Mollie stuck to sodas, wanting to keep a clear head in case trouble erupted again. Luckily, the meal had been eaten in relative silence, but friendly contemplation.

When they went outside, Mollie almost bullied Sara into the back seat of Misty's car, explaining, "I'm not allowing either of you behind the wheel after a whole pitcher of beer. We can fetch your car in the morning." Figuring that she'd be spending the night with Misty, Mollie stopped by her house to pick up Clawed, rather than leave him alone overnight.

As Clawed got into the back seat of the car, he greeted Misty with a sloppy kiss on her cheek. Ever the perfect gentleman, her lovely Weimeraner cocked an ear at Sara, looking at her inquisitively. "Friend, Clawed," Mollie informed him. That was good enough for Clawed. He stretched out on the back seat, placing his head in Sara's lap.

All the rest of the drive to Misty's, Mollie noticed Sara petting Clawed's head rather tenderly. The woman truly loved canines. Mollie parked next to her Mercedes and used her key card to summon the elevator.

Mother hen Mollie then bundled her 'brood' into the lift. When the lift opened, Roo, as was his wont, was bristling in defence mode. True, he recognized the mixed scents of Misty, Mollie and Clawed. But there was also a scent foreign to him, so he was prepared to act.

Misty immediately told him, "Roo, this person is OK. This is Sara. Be good." That was all Roo needed to hear. They were now greeted by a pair of very human-like blue eyes and a wagging tail. Sara whose defences were completely down by the time she reached Misty's luxury d mmd sakuya fucked in pov lamb, compared her small house with the sumptuousness of Misty's home.

She'd been introduced to Roo, and without further ado, he introduced himself more intimately by pressing his nose into the crotch of her jeans. For some reason, it didn't occur to her to mind this behaviour. The group proceeded to the sitting room, with its vista of the city.

After everyone sat, Clawed lay at Mollie's feet, and Roo lay at Sara's feet. Misty, nestled against Mollie, laughed, calling her canine lover a traitor. Sara blushed scarlet. Mollie was clear headed, since she refrained from any alcohol, and got an impish notion. "Turnabout is fair play," she thought. "Sara embarrassed me with that overt body search alongside the road." Thinking back on that moment, Mollie had to admit to herself that she'd actually found that humiliation stimulating.

but, of course, Sara couldn't have known that. So it might be time for a little payback. Reaching down to pet Clawed fondly, Mollie spoke. "You know, Sara, I clearly remember my first time with a dog." Sara perked up, and focused on Mollie's words.

"It was with that very dog that's at your feet. You see, Misty had to take an emergency trip and asked me to care for Roo." Roo, hearing his name, swivelled his head to look at Mollie for a moment, then went back to resting his head on Sara's foot. "As Misty headed for the airport, she asked me to give Roo a pat and a kiss, and explain that she'd be back soon.

He already knew me, so I figured all would be fine. When I got here, I stooped down in front of him to pet his head and give him a smooch on his nose." She thought a moment. "I suppose it's important in this story to say that Misty and I had made love and showered together that morning, using all the same toiletry products.

So, I must've smelled a little like Misty. And Misty's such a good lover that I'm lubricating virtually all the time, with my scent emanating from my swollen, parted pussy lips. And the two of us never wear panties anymore." She was deliberately sharing these intimate details to paint a vivid, lewd picture in Sara's mind.

As she stopped to give Misty a loving kiss, she noted that Sara was staring at her transfixed. a little bit like a deer staring at headlights.

When their kiss ended, Mollie continued. "Anyway, I stooped down in front of Roo, and to my surprise, he bumped into me, bowling me over. I scrambled to my hands and knees, and my short skirt had ridden up, uncovering my ass. Before I knew what was happening, Roo had planted his front paws on my back, and his cock was in my pussy! I froze, not knowing what to do. But he knew what to do. He fucked me hard and fast!

I'd never felt anything like that before! You know what I mean. I imagine Herman fucks you like that too." Sara's eyes looked a little glazed by this point, and didn't seem aware that a tiny trickle of drool was on her chin. That bit of moisture was nothing, though, compared to the wetness that was now evident at the crotch of her jeans.

Roo had begun noticeably sniffing the air. "Roo fucked me so intensely that I got dizzy, and had to rest my cheek down on the floor. Right about then, he dismounted, leaving my ass up and my pussy gaping.

Naively, I thought he was done, but I stayed like that, trying to mentally come to grips with what had just happened. After all, I'd only stopped down to give him a pat and a kiss." Misty again interrupted Mollie's story with a long kiss, tenderness mixed with passion as she too was seeing that scene in her mind. "I we caught you perving around in our room wrong.

Roo wasn't finished with me. I was his new bitch, and he hadn't finished breeding me. He mounted me again, and began humping even harder. He was thrusting so hard that I started sliding across the floor. So I instinctively braced my hands and pushed back. Which was just the impetus needed to force his partially swollen knot into my pussy!" Sara was unconsciously licking her lips, and giving Mollie's story such rapt attention that she didn't toying lesbian teens finger pussy on webcam that her right hand was kneading her tit through her blouse.

The wet patch at her crotch was growing. "Oh lord! That moment!" Mollie exclaimed.

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"I thought something like two sizes larger than my largest dildo had entered me! I knew nothing about a dog's knot, then. But I learned. After a couple of thrusts of that half swollen knot inside my tunnel, Roo stopped moving.

And then his knot really inflated! It stretched me so much that I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my skull!" Roo, sniffing furiously now, was using his large paws to push Sara's feet apart from one another. Mollie knew he was smelling a new bitch in heat. Her plan was working. "I was gasping for breath when suddenly his cock erupted inside me! Spurt after heavy spurt of hot semen shot from his dick, with nowhere to go inside my sealed cunt but right into my womb!

And every throb of his knot pressed against my clit from the inside, sending me into a carnal heaven of one orgasm after another! I lost track tai phim sexy dung luong thap time. I lost track of everything except the bliss of those orgasms, and the warm fur of Roo's belly pressed against my back.

I was hooked. From that point on, I just had to have more sex with Roo. I just had to!" By this point, Roo was up on his feet standing between Sara's legs, furiously licking at the wet patch at this needy bitch's crotch.

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She finally noticed. She also noticed that his gorgeous cock was distended out of its sheath, dripping with his precum. Groaning, she slumped more in the seat and opened her thighs even wider for him. Mollie could tell by the expression in Sara's face that she wished she wasn't wearing those jeans tonight. "Looks like Roo has amateur couple have anal sex at home that he's found a new bitch that needs to be covered," Mollie pointed out to Misty.

"And it looks like that bitch desperately needs his cock inside her, as well. Is it OK with you, love, for Roo to fuck Sara while we watch?" Misty looked over at the pleading expression now displayed on Sara's face, and felt her residual anger at this woman evaporate. She smiled and wave her hand in a gesture of permission. "Go ahead, Sara. Get naked lovely aleixs sits on a stiff boner big tits cumshot get down on the floor.

It looks like Roo's quite eager to breed you." Sara almost popped the buttons off her blouse in her haste to get it off. She wore no bra underneath it, they noted. Her petite, but yet pert and well formed breasts needed no such support.

Roo broke off licking her and moved back as Sara stood up to unsnap, unzip, and start wiggling out of her jeans.

He pranced around, a little impatient for her to present to him, and his movements made his cock bob and weave in the air beneath his belly. As Sara's jeans moved down to her knees, Mollie and Misty were treated to the sight of perhaps the world's ugliest pair of granny panties!

Sara, focused on Roo, was oblivious to the looks of mirth those panties generated in the onlookers. She whisked the sodden mess of cotton off herself and with practiced skill turned her back to Roo as she sank to her knees. Leaning forward, she planted her forearms flat along the floor and tilted her pelvis, presenting the impatiently waiting Malamute/Airedale mixed canine with exactly what he sought.

With alacrity, he mounted her, and his cock speared into her pussy, disappearing completely out our sight. Sara shrieked with joy as she felt Roo's entry. "Come on, you beautiful beast," Sara crooned. "Fuck me silly!" The alcohol and Mollie's salacious story had completely dispelled any inhibitions Sara may have had.

She kept mouthing words of encouragement as Roo rammed her over and over, battering her cunt with his mighty humping action. Sara quickly became incoherent as Roo's cock action forced her to begin cumming.

and cumming. Misty, Mollie, and Clawed gave this carnal display their full attention. Mollie's hand crept under Misty's skirt.

Misty reciprocated. They fingered one another joyfully, and were soon joining Sara in orgasms. Caught up in the exciting sights, sounds, and smells, Clawed moved near Roo. He knew better than to interfere in any manner, but he began dry humping the air alongside Roo, who was thrusting faster and faster.

When Roo stopped humping, and Sara screamed, "Ohhhhhmyyyyfuckinggggggawddddd!" they knew that Roo had knotted her, and was now pumping his hot seed into her depths. He was doing his utmost to breed her, they could tell from his posture. His front paws were lodged in the notches between her shoulders and neck, and his hind paws were up off the floor, weaving in the air on either side of her hips with each convulsive spasm that spewed semen into her womb.

He was anchored to Sara by only his front legs and knot! Misty lovingly called this position his 'jockey position' and that might have found it to be ludicrous if it wasn't so damned erotic! When Sara became untied from Roo, perhaps fifteen or twenty minutes later, the exhausted woman slumped to the floor. Misty and Mollie helped her to her feet, led her into the bedroom, and tucked her into bed between them.

The three women slept like logs until the sun was well up the next day. The sun was painting the creamy stucco of Misty's bedroom walls a rosy pink as she opened her eyelids to find Sara snuggled against her, grinning in her sleep.

Being the lightest sleeper, Misty slipped out of bed first and padded naked into the kitchen, followed a few minutes later by Mollie, who was still rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. She curved her still sleep-warm body around Misty's whispering, "I love you." The lovers kissed and fondled silently waiting for the complicated coffee machine to finish its mission, delivering them some intricately blended coffee Misty never intended making. "I really need to teach you how this thing works love!" Mollie exclaimed as she shuddered, tasting the weirdest coffee she'd ever tasted.

She handed her mug to Sara, who now stood in the doorway of the kitchen staring at Misty and Mollie with a mixture of awe and anxiety.

Her eyes were frantically darting around, trying to locate her jeans and blouse from last night, obviously not used to being naked in broad daylight in the house of someone else. The way her expression changed when she absentmindedly sipped some of Misty's coffee concoction was priceless. Since Misty had to head for work right after a hasty breakfast, Mollie told her lover, "You go ahead, darling.

I'll drive Sara back to where she left her car last night." The morning sun still painted Amarillo a pastel pink when a now dressed Sara followed Mollie down to the basement garage where her car was parked. Sara seemed silent almost sullen. "You must think a lot of Misty, to pay for all this," she remarked without stopping to censor herself.

Mollie blinked and looked almost as if she'd been slapped. "You think I pay for this? You think I buy Misty's love?" she asked, getting angrier every second. "Well, yes," Sara murmured, realizing she'd stuck her foot into her mouth. "OK. Maybe not buy. But how can a young bank clerk afford a place like this?," Sara asked keeping her voice very neutral, as they reached Mollie's Mercedes. As they climbed into the luxury car, Molly spoke.

"The only person who'd laugh about that question would be Alice, after that she'd probably get you transferred to some god-forsaken outpost in Alaska. Misty manages the biggest bank in Northern Texas, silly. She doesn't need my money she earns enough of her own. That lil redhead has juice!" She smiled, thinking about her wonderful lover, and feeling a little mollified by Sara's look of chagrin. "OK, so where's your car?" "I parked about a block away from the restaurant." As they pulled out and started the trip, Sara felt she'd better try to mend some bridges.

"Mollie, I'm sorry I assumed you were paying for Misty. Being a cop I make judgments based on my experience. She seems awfully young to be a Bank Manager." "She might look young, but she has a very old soul. She's generous and lovable. If you get the chance to know her better you'd see her like I see her." Mollie chucked, "OK. Let me ask you a personal question now," Mollie said.

"Sure. Go ahead. I'm an open book," Sara stated. Mollie giggled. "What's with those awful panties? They look like something my grandma wore." Sara bit her lip. "I wear a uniform, right?" She shrugged, blushing. "My uniform pants are tight. Unless I wear either a thong or these 'grannie panties' as you call them, my underwear lines are visible though the pants. It's not much of a choice, because quite honestly I feel that a thong is a 24/7 wedgie." She was gratified that Mollie gave a friendly laugh at her explanation, and joined her in laughter, feeling that her earlier anger had dissipated.

Nearing the restaurant, Mollie slowed to a stop. "Which is your car?" she asked. Sara pointed to a white 5 year old Honda Coupe. "That's me there." She put a hand on Mollie's arm to get her attention. "Tell you what. Since you seem interested in my panties, follow me home, and I'll show you the kind of panties I wear when I'm not on duty." Mollie's eyes grew as large as saucers, hearing that. But then she grinned and said, "Deal." Mollie easily followed the white Honda, since the morning traffic had thinned out.

Mollie parked her Benz outside a ranch style home near the Cemetery. The house itself had big windows and a pretty garden. They were met at the front door by a pair of intelligent brown eyes and a wagging tail.

The tail stopped wagging as his snout mashed itself against the crotch of Sara's still crumpled jeans. Herman growled softly as Sara kneed him away from her crotch. "Auf, Herman!" she commanded. Mollie was shocked at Herman's reaction. The dog darted forward, gripping the knee of Sara's jeans with his teeth, and then quickly rolling under Sara's leg, forcing her off her feet. Immediately, and as fast as only a dog can do it, he reared up as she sprawled.

He aggressively sidled behind her and began to hump her right through her jeans! Mouth gaping, Mollie managed to close the front door just as Herman pounced. Sara's muscle memory kicked in. She pulled her knees up under her while fumbling with the button of her jeans. Tugging them over her hips and down to her knees, she used her other hand to pull at the leg opening of one side of her baggy panties.

Her rampant dog thrust and growled at her. In seconds, his penis slid into the leg hole of her stretched panties and into her waiting pussy. Herman growled even louder as his bitch's pussy accepted his hard thrusting penis.

The dog was relentless! He humped Sara hard and fast for about a minute before ripping his fully inflated knot out of her swollen pussy. Backing off slightly, he arched his back, his 11 inch cock and knot hanging down, giving him an almost apologetic appearance, belying his intent. Herman edged closer again and rubbed his furry muzzle along the cleft of Sara's exposed ass.

He growled softly, threateningly before resuming his mount. If Sara hadn't managed to hastily pull down her panties, Herman would've fucked her right through the thin material. He mounted her in the same aggressive way, again and again with short, almost vindictive, thrusting fucks. Eventually he drew back and began to lick his handler's pussy, consuming the copious rivulets of his and the previous dog's cum now running down her inner thighs.

Mollie's jaw was still gaping. A little spittle drooled out of the corner of her open mouth as she watched the onset of this savage mating. But that tiny stream of fluid was nothing compared to what began escaping from her panty-less crotch as her lubrication kicked into high gear.

When Herman felt he'd completed his subjugation of Sara, he licked himself. But the scent of a bitch in heat remained in his nostrils. He turned his attention to Mollie, who'd stumbled onto a chair in the small entrance hall of Sara's suburban home.

Herman shook himself and lifted his nose in an almost wolf-like manner to scent the air. Sara had managed to roll over and sat, wearing only a rumpled paisley shirt. She was still breathing hard, her ravishing bombshells get nailed in an orgy and temple throbbing in harmony with her still twitching pussy as her dog approached Mollie, who was sitting with her thighs spread open. Her short skirt had rucked up, exposing her tops of her thighs and her knees were wide enough apart for Sara to see the wet folds of her pussy, before Herman's movements obscured her view.

Herman began to lick Mollie. The dog licked in earnest. His long tongue swirled and probed her core. Her breath became shallow, and she instinctively widened her thighs as Herman became bolder. His snout slapped Mollie's knees and he pushed. Mollie recognized the dog's not so subtle gesture. He was asking her nicely to get down onto her knees and present herself to him. Without really thinking about her actions, she hurriedly complied. His mount was flawless.

He began to thrust, his cock sliding wetly between the twin orbs of her ass. He reared higher, as the tip of his cock slid wetly into Mollie's well lubed opening. The wet warmth of Mollie's pussy absorbed every inch of Herman's throbbing cock.

He immediately began to thrust his cock in and out of Mollie's body, faster and harder than she'd ever experienced in the short time she'd learned to accept the sexual pleasure that a dog's cock could give her.

This had all happened so suddenly that she hadn't had time to lower her shoulders onto the wooden floor of the entrance hall. Looking between her swaying breasts and past her lewdly splayed thighs she saw the entire length of Herman's cock rip into her, then reappear, only to plunge back into her pussy with wet pussy farts. His precum mixed with her own secretions, coating the impressive shaft with each mighty thrust, and fluid rivulets coursed down, out of her pussy and down her inner thighs, Partially from lust, and partially to prevent herself from skidding over the wooden floor, Mollie began humping back against the thrusting cock, meeting his thrusts with ones of her own.

However, the pleasure started to turn to a familiar and expectant pain-pleasure as his knot began to swell and wetly slapped her pussy, almost punching at her pubic mound. Mollie felt her pussy begin to stretch, trying to accept that knot with each fast, furious thrust until she felt like she was going to be split in half!

Never had her pussy been opened this far before. Herman's knot was felt immense, the size of a watermelon. Sara's ability to take such loving punishment gave her new respect in Mollie's eyes. Mollie shrieked as her body suddenly gave in, and Herman's knot slotted home with a soggy sighing sound and expanded to its maximum. Herman growled, his almost scalding cum beginning to pump into her with every beat of his heart. Mollie's orgasm couldn't be contained, exploding in her depths as Herman's hot cum filled her core!

It didn't end there, though. Mollie's orgasm wrenched a primal squeal from her, and throaty whimpers filled the small entrance hall as her body was subjected to a sequence of mind blowing, body shuddering, multiple orgasms, driven by the many sensations she was experiencing.

The combination of Herman's fur and belly on her back. his bone hard knot slotted beneath her swollen clit. the swelling pressure of the large knot pressing not only upward, but also its pulsations rubbing against her rubbery G-spot.

the softening tip inside her touching the entrance to her cervix. its opening absorbing the hot seed directly into her waiting womb. It was no wonder that she was cumming like the finale of the 1812 overture! After about 15 minutes of being tied to Herman, she felt him begin an almost reverse thrust. Moments later, Mollie felt the sensation of a semi flaccid knot being slowly pulled out of her abused pussy. She relaxed as best she could.

Familiar with the feeling of a dog's knot being pulled out, she noted the still wedged but softening knot being tugged outwards by the dog's back pedaling. First one side of the knot, and then the other side slowly slid out. As the knot cleared the opening, even though his cock was still in her tunnel, the seal was broken, and she felt a gush of his seed and her own secretions lewdly began spewing forth.

Her minding spinning, Mollie fancied she could feel the withdrawal of the rest of his long and still massively thick cock, accompanied by an embarrassing series of wet, loud pussy farts. As Herman's cock finally withdrew completely, gushes of cum poured out of her in a long stream, almost as if she was peeing.

Physically and emotionally exhausted, she looked over at Herman, who'd moved to Sara and was licking her. After Sara'd regained some modicum of dignity, she led Mollie into her bedroom where, exhausted, they laid down to rest, facing one another. Both women still had swollen breasts with stiffened nipples.

If asked, they'd probably have claimed they were completely sexually satiated from their multiple orgasms. But, on impulse, Sara leaned forward and gave Mollie a long, deep kiss, pleased at seeing how well she'd submitted to her beloved Herman.

Mollie returned the kiss with a quick dart and swirl of her tongue. She could feel Sara's moist heat, radiating from her body. Her friend's scent was intoxicating. Perhaps reacting to some subtle signal, Sara lifted Mollie's upper leg moved her own thigh between Mollie's.

This brought her trimmed bush up against Mollie's pubescent-like bare pussy in a loose but intimate contact.

Mollie reached down, cupping Sara's trimmed pubic mound. Her fingers noted that Sara's hard hot clit was actually throbbing. She tight legal age teenager ass is drilled feel the moisture Sara had begun to ooze, saturating the place where their pussies were touching, and wetting the bed sheets.

Then, by tacit agreement, the two women began the first tentative slow movements of tribbing leg between leg, clit against clit. Rapidly casting any remaining hesitation aside, they eagerly pulled at one another.

Drawing as close as physically possible, they touched each other, tasting with their tongues while their lips tightly pressed together for long moments. In a wave of lustful heat, they were soon writhing, curling around, and caressing each other. By mutual unspoken consent, their bodies move apart just enough. Their hands reached down, feeling the other's heat intensify as they stroked their partner's swollen labia, which opened, and began to secrete the residue of dog seed still inside each of their vaginal channels.

Their fingers gently and easily began to thrust inside one and other until the gentle thrusting became more forceful, striving, driving deeper and faster. Unable to contain their need, they'd reached a fever pitch, both convulsing in a mutual orgasm. Those majestic releases only slowly subsided as they fell asleep in each other's arms just before noon, finally totally satiated.