Hot slut gets dominated by some lads

Hot slut gets dominated by some lads
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Julie, a 30 year old blonde and former pornstar, watched her Tv and saw the latest video of the new superhero " Blue Rod". He worn sky blue bootswhite shorts and tee shirt without sleeves and had a sky blue belt. On his chest was a blue rod. Julie had saved her money from porn and invested it in IT and as a result was able to retire from the porn industry and had lucrative contracts with the city. As a result she often came into contact with BLUE ROD. Over a huge titted blonde lesbian got her cunt handled by friend of time she had informal discussions with blue rod and gradually she delevoped a closer relationship.

She had found out his real name was Steve and that his powers arose from mental abilities. Thus he was able to produce a force field around himself and fly or hold object away from himself. The relationship developed so that they had intimate dinners and he would fondle her breast and finger fuck her and she would give a hand job,altough she only did this while his cock was still in his shorts.

One day she told him that shwe had been in porn and showed him some videos of her. He was clearly aroused.

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Came an occasion when shw asked him if he would undergo some tests on his abilities. He was asked to supend a one ton iron away from him. He suceeded. The doctor in charge asked him to strip and lowered a device over his head that produced images ,at first these were country scenes then gradually they became vidoes of Julie fucking. On seeing these the weight fell however his cock grew to 12 inches.

Julie knew she now had a way to tame a superhero. Shortly after Julie asked him to a party where there were a number of porn stars. She asked him to come to the beach with them. On arriving they all striped except him however his swimmmers showed how horny he was and he attracted a lot of interest in his cock.

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One blondeElizabetha teacher appraoched and asked : " Would you like to fuck me after you have grown tiied of Julie?". He returned to the house confused and horny. A few weeks later Julie sent him an emergency message to come to the house. She told himmthat a sex education film she was doing has lost its' male star and could he stand in at short notice he agreed. The scene was set in a college. A nocie nun led the class and the girls were all about 20.

they worn no panties or bra. The nun began :" We're very grateful to BLUE ROd for being here today to assist us in a demonstration class.

Would one of the girl help him undress" (A brunnette came forward and helped him out of his clothes.) " Blue Rod would you stand with your leg apart?" He did his 10 inch cock flacid and hanging down between his legs and curly blonde pubic hair. " Now girls I want you all to have a good look at his cock so you will recognise one.

Youn may touch it or even kiss it if you like." The girls came forward and he tried without success to stop his cock hardening. " Now girls waht do you see on the end of his cock?" They answered " Precum" And what does that mean?" " He is ready to fuck" "And what can we do to help?" "We can give a blowjob" Immediately a busty blonde sucked him, blue rod thought he would screm hopwever he held his voice in.

Next what can we do to relieve him." FUCK HIM "came the answer and the blonde nun gently eased his hard cock into her pussy and fucked him standing. The scene was all filmed and became an instant popular video. Blue Rod decided that he would move in with Julie and for 7 days thay fucked every night either in doggystyle or missionary.

Steve was in heaven. At the end of that time Julie asked him:" I have 3 favours would you do them?" Steve agreed. " The first is to have youe pubic hair shaved" He agreed and it was done. " Second would you be prepared to have your cock tatooes with the wordsTHIS IS THE SOLWE PROPERTY OF JULIE.?" He had this done although he was somewhat concerned what the 3rd matter would be.

timea bella amp rossella visconti pure anal fucking nasty sluts prefer pussy sz Next I have decided to employ 3 maid and I want you to foole their tests on you?" He agreed and so next night a bruneet about 22 came into him room at night they were both nakedshe ahd a black bush. She said"I know that Julie is your first love and real fuck however I am her to teaxch you all the sexual position and so you will really be bonded to me.

By the way my name is Rose." Over the next few night Steve was fucked till he balss became drained and his cock was sore at the endof it he collapsed in a heap. When he was asleep he was wakened byn a blone about 25 and with a man that age. She said to him "My name is Skye and you will fuck me. However not until after my boyfriend does so." steve was so horny he agreed. He saw Skye fucked until her pussy was filled.

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Then Skyesaid" Now fuck me hard blue rod and tell me waht it is like to have sloppy second. I reckon you are a slut for pussy." After that Steve went to sleep and he awoke to a 20 year old readhead clothed and giving him breakfast.

he was suprised she didn't seem to fuck him. She said " My name is Emily and I have always wanted to be with a superhero and I believe you will please me.

I only want to worship your cock which i believe will give me infinite please. However first let me rub you." (she than applied a creame to his cock; little did he know that it would produce an effect of a flacid cock)" Please fuck be blue rod" He entered he slowly kidnap rape fuking story com he was hard like steel." Please fill me with your cum " and he produced some but then his cock went flacid."Oh " she cried in mock sorry.

" I guess you don't have a supercock after all." Next day Julie called Steve to her bedroom and announced that she would only be having sex with him once a week and that every day her maid Rose, Emily and Skye would handjob him until he almost came however he would not be allowed to come.

She or they would fuck him at enchanting idol presents oversized booty and gets butt hole reamed end of the week however since she would need to be fucked more that that she would still be seeing other men. After the first week she announed that she would opnly fuck him, evey 3 montyhs at the end of that only once a year and then the time period would be dioubled.

Needlees to say Steve's superhero duties falted and he seemed to leak cum continually even in his superheros suit ,which caused some interesting scenes with female villians. he was also forced to wear a cock cage at other times withn the names Roseemily and Skye on it. Jule had given the blue rod blue balls.